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Audio: Manny Ramirez hits his first home run in Taiwan

Apr 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni listen to the highlight of Manny Ramirez hitting his first home run in Taiwan.

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Today but if there -- social. They should not that the utility -- and long days on CDO -- TV cynical position but -- that CNN Saturday. -- -- -- I. And I. It's. They need it. -- -- -- That's what a home -- sounds like in Taiwan. Taiwanese. But -- 937 and understood doesn't Japan and getting the same similar thing right ending. -- Taiwanese but then all of a sudden in the middle estimated mirrors -- to run home run. And you back to speaking Taiwanese would. But what they -- to run home run on a home run in any language to. Don't you realize that two run home run home run as a home run is a home run in Taiwanese Japanese English sterling doesn't matter. What language your split were all run meets all run around the globe with the words to Enron. Went toasted and Taiwanese. You know what we're over the words it's whatever whatever whatever home run Manny Ramirez invective that when he went to run moment in English. That. -- -- -- Call this guy up it's supposed to -- -- out there in Taiwan what is the prison. Golf course. -- -- you don't buckle. -- -- Fans are fired up -- -- might feel. The graphics on this video are often -- I just waited out the video that mocked and UTW -- yet. He's the best in the home run grass. Is this the play by play the yeah. -- -- Lead with a two run home run -- -- Current -- -- is a home run as a matter what the languages that guys concerned about that guys. The outstanding -- act follow me on Twitter at -- and UT WEEI a just weed out the video couple minutes ago and Joseph is right when he says the the graphics are too. Be seen to be believed. When you see the home run graphic in the middle looks like something straight out of old school sixteen bit Nintendo game. Yellow home run big block lettering. Right there in the middle on Taiwanese TV apparently is made. Like you may have seen way back in the day he could see that on Twitter at Mott and UT. WEEI can follow me checked out. Of him and it got to golf shop the balls like a foot off the ground. And -- out of the park we liked that. Buffett what didn't you like -- well right -- it's two games into it sucks to know you get it starts from Lester Buchholz they found it. Yeah. And any zip no homers of love and everything salt the new approach the Danish. Yeah I mean everybody the kids strike Lacey is Bradley picked the Reno get off to a good start Ellsbury making some catches. All -- lights out.

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