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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, talks Red Sox and Celtics

Apr 4, 2013|

The veteran Boston reporter joins Mut and Merloni to discuss both the Red Sox and Celtics.

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Steinbauer my load on a 37 WEEI every week at this time we talked to Jack McMullen of ESPN boston.com Jacqui joining us. On the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possibly bunch of Celtic issues to get into -- -- today. Rather face would they rather face the first round of the playoffs but -- Since you're there for the debut of future hall of Famer Jackie Bradley. On Monday Jack -- I would start with. Your initial take away of not just the player but the feel around this Red Sox -- you buy in the that the different feel in 2013. Well I do. Bennett and you know right -- it would just so obvious right away. In eagle on the field for the game for opening game that the guy that plays kept up to do to get that and they're locked in their they got to concentrate. But I would let the healing. Last year went around a lot election but even the year before that there was sort of this imaginary line that the media -- crops on the field and which we have very kind of tense atmosphere in. Well don't like that at all. At Yankee Stadium opening day players are coming up in seeking knocked out -- Malone. I'm introducing themselves McCain victory you know entity can already introduced himself -- -- like you've got to be kidding you know. There's just these guys I think there are a lot of them have a lot to prove. On the guys that are coming in don't wanna hear about what happened in the past. And there they're right in this sort of a wave of good fortune and you know I think it helps -- win when expectations are tempered and and they. What they were before the first few games. Just keep in mind guys that -- really depleted. I think demoralized yankees team that I couldn't believe how did it work. Before they even got up to -- even one time. Yeah I don't think that's a good team either but remember -- you're famous -- -- guys watch around the horn. They wanna introduce themselves you Jacqui they want -- Give me your thoughts of going into the season we talked a lot about is winning gonna be enough and right everything you said just sort of echoes what we've heard that in spring training a while even the short time always pierce are two guys that haven't been smiling smile now. I think that's a -- well. You know -- I just have never -- -- -- animated and you know when you when Gomes came home from second in Tibet very theatrics flight home and -- debate -- out that you know not a great hit but it's an infield -- nonetheless. I've never seen him that animated and you know for him to say it was the most fired up I've ever been in my life and not a credible. So you write in you know and -- it felt very that's something I've wanted to see how much you. Not quite teenager like but yes I did want to see that it's nice that. You wrote about Bradley as well in just the impact he had. On the game and god didn't have a hit. And seem to be everywhere and and what they've they've set -- he set the bar high himself because the way Poland spring train these first two games but it feels like. If there was any thought Jackie and then sending him down at some point this year that he's gonna make dad very tough on the Red Sox -- Yeah and you know that it's the mother in me -- a -- worried about him Marty worried about him because he's so genuine he's got a little bit of old home field on the head on a flannel shirt on opening day he was just a kid you know where to go to dinner Applebee's you know there's a real innocence about him. But he's also obviously very savvy baseball player that steady became steady hitting. You know you can see that with his plate at the plate in his willing to wait out account -- -- I thought he showed so much -- that I think that's what sort of impressed all of us. But I worry about him because he can -- the build -- -- -- that nobody nobody -- ever live -- -- what happens when someone -- built -- that much and I just don't want to -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know he's gonna have moments just like any ball player so I worry about it a little bit and that's just the Miami against. You know it's our vote difference this year what they needed and it's -- as an organization as a whole need to be humbled and I think that. They have I think from their manager to the start to you name Mitt these guys have to come back from from down years from injury plagued years from disappointment. And I think he's I think you see that that's why I think you see a big difference right now on an attitude. Yeah I think I'll let them do with that Lou I really do I think it helped so much. They had a positive experience with so many of these pitchers the forehand he was in here for that the debacle so that was good. -- debacle in Toronto and any but he had he had -- but the trust with these pitchers. And they need that they were down they were discouraged I think a lot of a lot of confidence so I think it was a nice pairing at the right time really do that I think you gotta give out some credit here. After last -- the expectation was might take awhile for fans to come back you know we I've seen last couple of days at least eight. A much quicker than expected return from from any Red Sox fans and and you have the a really good temperature on this panel with -- teams are up and down you feel like this is a team built the way they played. Not just when the play this way are really talking about say -- year fans back -- actually excited. At these last eighteen months of baseball about the Red Sox -- I think about the Red Sox and -- -- but that. They need transcend. Sports fans they only have. I -- the only friend the don't know anything about sports but always wanted to go to the Red Sox game and knew the Red Sox players and then up pink cat. They're they're different than they grew up with -- because their dad their moms of the Brothers and the sisters or whatever. And so where which some of them disgruntled disappointed absolutely. They turned away because they almost had to not because they wanted to. So I don't think it takes very much to get those kind of people back in the fold in fact I would daresay that this does sellout streak that we that was an end game to. May not now. Honestly I think people wanna say hey don't let it Jackie Bradley. And he's a big part that he cut it to me personified. This new hope this new approach now obviously two games again against a dead at Yankee team that I think is in big trouble. Although if you get granderson back in and Teixeira back that'll help you. Jeter some of those guys so let's not get carried away here. But the early but it's so important for that ballclub. For that team I really feel that way and they're gonna open up now next Monday to cheers instead -- years. That's just a good thing for them think about it acoustic open night -- thing from what we know we're expecting. -- -- Celtics now while we talked before ball concern about Kevin Garnett now here bone spurs I know you know them very very well. Does that change your outlook in the -- more concerned with KG. Well -- a dark night I was asking -- the knicks game that Sunday. After the game instead I was worried about pierce pierce looked you know just really wiped out to me and now we can understand you're about to be a dad that the uncertainty that and he had played -- not a lot of minutes just played a lot of hard minutes. Until that plan after the vote they -- and doctor -- you are worrying for nothing I'm telling you this isn't like the other thing. It's a bold something at the bone stern I select -- -- if he needed to play right now he could and you know let we I believe them. I do believe him he's -- -- -- guy know when it comes to stuff like that if he didn't know -- get that. That can help the Stephen Vance a couple of rounds of what's the expectation once he does return Jacqui will play with that injury. Well that's so that's that's the real question is not we don't know that and you know I think they're hoping that the threat get them all that. And that you guys know it won't hurt you remember last year with with -- that old bird hit but was moving all around and -- all sorts of problems. And so we don't know for sure I do notice that Garnett to gamer and he'll play through it -- -- a lot less about it and rated. You know so I think he'll be out there and he'll do it. Edit and you know now here's a question that -- green revert back a little bit. The duties stay as aggressive as he's been this Brandon Bass who -- there and KG you know on both ends of the floor. -- he revert back you know what you hope is. That these guys. That the moto that they generated can be extended. No I didn't -- to put at the same numbers on those guys to back but you you get your doc you're hoping that. You know -- woken up finally and that maybe get green can consistently. Gives you a big night offensively like he has and -- that public -- That opt -- to dunk comment without a -- You know after that was slang seemed to offers of dunks from Jeff Greene remember for almost every other night -- every every night what about the the matchup difficulties for other team to get pierce and Garnett both on their core together. Delicate it's just defense I go back to defense -- because that's what they're predicated on they struggle offensively they'll struggle offensively whether it's the -- But the -- to -- because of the nature of the way they played a game. But defensively you put Garnett back in there and you start locking people down in your rotations. Start tightening up again you got Bradley hockey guys on the ball and you got Courtney -- I think is that is pretty good perimeter defender you know you like you can't -- little back but you know. Who matches up with a -- I'm still not sure what you gonna roll. Well you know -- -- he's been great which would you in this minute operation between. The pacers and expect and really going over the Celtics with what two and a half game lead with six to play a Milwaukee date. They feel like they are the sentencing right now most of the Celtics in the seven -- that -- and your get in the two of the three you're gonna get the next you're gonna get the pacers one. What's the better matchup for the Celtics and Celtic fans in the first round. You know. I I still an MIT trade in -- probably and I don't think it's the next. Does that still think that KG hold the mental edge over them a little bit I think they've got a long way to take care some of that and the like instead. -- -- -- -- I Indiana. Hasn't played as well I mean the hotter team is the next. But -- you guys know the tiebreaker goes to Indian here. And the knicks got a long road if you look at their final games are almost toppling captain -- play they play oh I think cattle Oklahoma City that played Oklahoma City that played. They do Indian and a knicks played and so. They've got their work cut out form. But I just a look at the -- And I look at the Celtics. And when everybody is right on both teams I think it's an incredible series to maybe I'm just wishing for something that I hope will happen as opposed to what is best for pot. I just looked at it as you know with core with Danny Granger Al for the year. And it in the no he's not gonna come back in a first round who can like I like Carmelo can have that series were no matter what the Celtics do maybe he will -- around I. Is there a player like that on the pacers they're good they play great team defense and boy they cry and ally game do they go to they have a -- mellowed a -- And eloquently -- series. They're Paul George electing to -- pretty scary good player and and they have Hibbert and the big body and get things done now of course. Does the knicks have gotten Taylor -- -- Yeah you're right there at the -- kind of look a lot more mortal in recent weeks but but to me honestly -- Danny Granger. I want to announce that he's very talented player but you know they've been trying to trade him for three years so he wasn't going to be a part of the nucleus of their future anyway. So it. But the the pacers. -- -- public to play there in Indiana and their home on home court and and that defensive style is needed here is a lot of what the Celtics still. -- you are we still would did Derrick Rose who still the point where he needs certain thing to be on the court to play. Mentally yeah. I mean I I I'll look opened their growth that he doesn't try to here and that he commuted to sensible and he'll definitely. The -- need to be right he's such a talent. And it's -- -- mental struggle that he's going through with a making that next step back on to the basketball court and and I know he's been criticized for an execute to do it until he's ready to compete feel ready -- we can count on that need. I don't think he should come back and you're getting to a point now where if he does come back how much time you have -- to bring him back into what you're doing -- any coach would love that problem I understand that. But you can't expect him to come back after a year off the year plus now. And and and just jump right and indeed the old Derrick -- that's that's not good for him and it's not that enables. I almost hope for his -- didn't they they reconvene next year. You said your motherly instinct kicked in when he talked about Jackie Bradley and see what he's gone through what. What instinct kicked in when he saw the Mike rice video of him abusing players at Rutgers Jack. You know that just made me sick to my stomach because up -- So let's take a physical part of it first the long ball that -- head. That defeat she doesn't mean I mean really -- them means that a little bit of an exaggeration but probably not pushing and shoving and all that. That's me alone just alone is desirable sent. Then you -- the verbal abuse. The homophobic slurs. The the immigration to be his international players that did the -- it would have been -- we demeaning to limit. That's separately in the Bible -- how on -- the two of them together. Wasn't an immediate fireball offense and we called instead. Quote unquote. It first offense. Are you kidding me I mean that they be -- be gone already let's. The follow up tempered -- still be -- -- record them over -- shoulder any cats as saying that the coaches search. Is on hold until they figure out what to do with -- adding my question is. Figure out what day what -- wanna fire and how does he still Jackie. Having a job after this thing was a lot of be considered a worthy every three game or three week suspension. In this day and eight on that campus where freshman student. Kill themselves three years ago. Over something being leaked in the fact the -- a job to me he is a joke epic proportions. Well you know I'll tell you the answer because the president Archie. Released that statement saying that he was fully apprised of what was going on. And and signed off on that three game suspension and the fine now here is the thing that I'm not clear on what Archie and I still haven't gotten that that is very factory answer. He -- he said after reviewing the film today this is unconscionable bubbled up a -- okay when he did reviewing the film does that mean he's. Viewing it for the first time. We're DD DDQ. Previously. When this all happened back when the suspension was handed out you know he's only seen it for the first time that's one thing. If -- previewing it and in it for the second time what did you see the second time that you didn't see the first time the end of my dad. Why did you actually see the video the very first time if you didn't why did you not at this. Yeah when you knew he had to cry on him get doubles after his wife he'd either the president still -- yeah I should doubt. I got a tough time -- that the president would allow his AD to fines suspend his basketball coach. Without knowing why without any evidence diet of Emily when he suffered a first time yesterday. So that's why -- that's why I'm particularly because argue that -- ago. They both have to go. Boy it's gonna go Von Jacqui appreciate the time is always a jury week it'll -- you next week right that we academic quality SP in boston.com joining us. On the ATP -- when Jackie joins is of course brought to you by HSA insurance by Newton -- dental partners and by -- -- -- bottom of the -- 1230 you'll here. Yeah -- or younger speak for the first time or Bruins practice a forty hearing at that access. And just just little bitty little bit -- news still people in -- just look at some people on Texas going to edit them apparently. Universe -- Ireland has been shut down. Possible shooter knew that JP senator state police is no evidence of an active shooter but they have shut down the university. Done Kingston right now so we'll we'll keep an update on that hopefully. Everything is. Everything is -- down in Europe and to follow up the school they're like you said there's not a report of a shooting yet but -- could be a shooter and you all right active gunman and -- center there urging all students staff faculty members to take shelter on that you -- campus right now on the sending emergency text via phone calls text message. -- and emails and as we get any sort of news on this race or confirmation of some of the -- are swirling. I'll pass along to you but to no URI right now keep night. On that you'll hear you talk about the hour 1230 some other Celtic follow -- notes to wrap up here we come back in ninety seconds including. Good Brandon Bass has been in recent.

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