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Jeff Green, Celtics Forward: 'Don't want to believe' actions of Rutgers coach Mike Rice

Apr 4, 2013|

Jeff Green joins Mut and Merloni and discusses the Rutgers Mike Rice scandal, his play with KG currently out, and the playoffs.

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They win a game last night locked themselves in per playoff spot. -- Lining up to rebuild. Who's right Stuckey was right here -- isn't actively blocked it to the floor are separated for three. As -- Max on the call joining us on the AT&T hotline it is a Celtics Thursday. Celtic for Jeff Green Jeff like a little -- talked again let's get this out of the way right now OK it's going to be the hardest question you have to answer today. Had you heard of Florida Gulf Coast before they knocked off your Georgetown -- a couple of weeks ago. For courses. The -- a -- -- I don't go to. They put a great game the other group. -- -- Called the wrong in the dorms. Or two seed one of the top teams in the tournament and they lost to a school. That nobody at heart out if Jeff. Now they have this they're American -- do you think actually this. That's a tea I thought they were junior college team I've never heard myself so it's no big deal that lets talk about. Your play right now especially recently and as the year has gone. It seems -- your competence has grown where you're at right now. There were confident that -- You know just think what the defense gives you much news. You know fun -- in transition or going in the improvement purposes is that the intricacies of the shuttle from which most of. Defense is giving it an elbow jumper Reese recently I feel like you become. Jeff more aggressive there are more proficient at it be willing -- to pull up from that elbow extended. And take that shot has that been a part of this stretch for you is being able -- hit that shot make defenders more you know more aware of that in your arsenal. It -- zeppelin because of the -- committed to three now and they -- everybody knows Vick due to a -- and so I think there are also on the amendment quote the pain whenever the ball and -- -- to take charges are being pulled out of personal. He's confident we'll be reformed these I figured it didn't make their consistently. Though the wind woke America. Go back a couple of years ago when you first showed up on this team in street in this and guys that Ray Allen we're still here and in Rondo in the house and how difficult was that now compared to where you are now on be more than focal point with a -- These. Whenever the song. Pivotal bloc formed over the ball. Ray Allen compulsive. In the government so you know we try to per Euro zone where you could be. You know the threat on the scene. -- delegates -- to the prime minister John -- right -- especially corporate community that. That you were big part of you get the ball security gains in another county to do some. The first pictured here there's no. My role I didn't know what to expect I didn't know were involved -- be able to do before laughing now. Compared to now I mean it forces slot open -- think you know more aggressive and we'll read these news. Part of our world you know of one of -- We've talked about this team all year and we've talked about your game Jeff I I've used the word aggressive and you hear that or a ton from the media. After games about I brought you being aggressive and more -- grasp why wart you. Aggressive. The way you played recently it's been consistent and it's been their throughout was this something that clicked for you. That just allowed you to play this way because it seems like the game has changed last couple weeks. I mean indoors outdoors the game was incurable. The be -- games. First year. Actionable appropriate human -- constantly your heart it is good demeanor on to change your outlook on the game when you come from a system like the principal office. That it took awhile to get used to. In aggressive -- play the Leo -- is the way he has selfish. He's put him as it took awhile for me to get aggressive with. Really -- In this in this certainly not mean in the shooters you'd portions you know tournament play makers seem better. And nothing now I don't know when it -- -- now do you know more culpable. With these little selfish. It aggressively to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know doc has talked openly about in your struggles early on you know everything to do this and dad played an entire year. What kind of role as he handle all those conversations early on to get the most out of view into what you're doing right now. Dark green -- overthrown with all the officers. Not known you know how my body to react and -- -- better the -- years -- certain. Are told but also you know first Clinton is his first four minutes or minister because nobody can take that -- -- -- No confidence in the polls and you know and a development courses alone and those who took -- while -- You know over you know nobody uses you know ground the ability. Travelman. The practices everything in my body -- -- -- to begin you know most of the good rhythm of the you know come back from our practice and that they come back with him is also on the on the economy -- -- The people in the -- media and if you want to stated. I don't know of openness I think everybody's -- abusive. You know the curriculum -- for them to give birth to remove a publicity. Celtics forward Jeff green is joining -- city feel like now here and in April and on the the doorstep because qualify for the playoffs you'll start. In a couple weeks do you feel physically Jeff back to. Where you were before the surgery. -- In still heard from our biggest cities. Now it is not that easy. Put them aboard the decency for. -- in the Lipton the travel in this part of the bigger than that on to different time zones and not eaten right. Because you don't have the opportunities they're. Put in there's a lot better than the vacancies. But about. -- that Miami game 43 points national TV kind of really open up a lot of people's eyes and so what you're capable on the -- expect you put up 43 every single night but take me through that game because -- seen a group. Not not this Jeff that's great that it seemed like you though the brought to recover you appalling to on the court the same time and have been evidence or four. They're very -- just in the that they in the dark look forward to have a minute Paul what percent most of them utopia. Put those in the bond I don't know we -- people who will. It is normal for that is because I don't know what to do it together. You know create groups of people. Was speaking a good looks looks lock up that line up last night you know -- -- in a -- he's not act UN Brandon. A brand and it KG up front you and hauled away team like that was affected seem like they had a hard time trying to figure out. -- -- cover Geoff did you like that one of -- something he wants to go forward. Almost that the but that was recovered -- Good not a lot of -- on the mismatch as part of it and you know minister Lagarde well you are. You have. Oh great issues in the vehicle with Kevin -- Among total poker mismatches down low in the polls or on the perimeter. And -- -- -- the ball it can -- I mean who'd you come off well. And investors. In the -- -- that is going to be but we'll open. You know KG not out there right now only look at some of the games that you've had this year he hasn't been on the court is that just. More responsibility from you or you've played differently with KG out there more things go through him. Are nervous early in the more responsibility of the efficacy. We just in the terms because. You know what we can't -- so in other sort of you know to stay aggressive. Mean the fourth movable open it was -- -- you know he's going to be our go to -- about what you get back. That you get the ball. But I just got to continue to be aggressive New Orleans does that open up things for him in the polls in the case and -- -- because -- -- the weapons plant. Insurer question. Those little Brooke -- computed and I have the confidence to make it. Can you compare them. He. You can you compare your game last night that Miami gain distrust all around was it similar was one better than the other. We want yes it was more what happened. That the that the differences that things from the mine in the last month. You guys qualify for a playoff spot your a couple of games ahead in the walked looks at the seventh seed. Like where you land here Jeff have you looked at all and -- can be New York or Indiana as their team he wants you there that first from the playoffs. Amended the bill which are really haven't looked. Pieces school. -- the government -- everybody became an two games and took them. Eight games seven games. It is contained within the next -- -- something you can -- In these six. We can move I mean you never know I don't. Off beat and who oversee newsroom -- policies as to when you go over there are things that amount. You know look 100. Let's get you out on this stock was on the station's morning -- EEE commented on. The Mike rice video that's circulating on ESP and the coach former coach rockers and his practice habits were stole the ball the heads of players and kicking players Jeff and and pushing players you've had a long career from from -- to college to NBA. When you saw that what did you think about the coaching tactics and Mike -- Our first thought. I mean you don't want to believe it it -- you don't see it they -- Those. Those are now is nothing you can do -- -- in this in the past we've got to move off from the corporate. -- effective. And his players and you know mounties or suffering the consequences for. You've seen anything like that in your day up. Never seen anything like this. You know personal for me not want to see anything like that. It is hard to look at. But I heard two. They're on an event assert your circle -- If you were in -- city on lost the first over certain in but the and one you know wanna see anything like. In northern cities suffering across -- consequences for an Allen. You know it was just go more prominent. Was that the language always that the physics. There's a -- with displays attracted the most. I think everything. And we've built -- do you -- you know give -- confidence. And I think he did that's a lot of where. With the language verbal abuse and with in the physical abuse from. No question in football you can shoot with confidence -- nothing. -- You know Carmen you know but I can -- with the pain because -- -- -- Zone just and there that you're it and then the minute biggies so it's not seen them play. Because they're adequate source he's not seen in the -- into the group and you have video and penalize. You don't play it would quote of like. But the majority of the terms. Of the together due to mobile. We gonna see any Florida gulf go skier and he -- similar -- -- All of our Albany. Jeff for ago I. Appreciate the time today congrats on you in the Celtics make in the playoffs so we'll talk -- down the road. Jeff great Celtics for joining us on the AT&T hotline at the AT&T forgy LTE. Speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible pretty telling stuff there with Jeff about. I get sick of the word aggressive but then I think you asked about. His issues in terms returning from the heart surgery. And so I told -- playing for minutes at a time for a -- that Thomas -- and don't get over the wolf you know I mean into. We think about first cup mr. -- and you miss a shot to -- -- disappear for the next couple in Europe. Let's do this get a break jacking that ball join us in the celtics' top of the hour more your phone calls on. Through tumbled four Jeff the Bruins and Bergeron concussion what these lines are gonna look like 617. 7797937. It's not Lou don't go anywhere.

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