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Stephen Drew or Jose Iglesias- Who do you want at SS

Apr 4, 2013|

Mut and Merloni debate what John Farrell should do with the shortstop situation with the Red Sox.

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Yeah he's doing an outstanding job you know we. Early on knowing how tough Kuroda is on on right handed hitters would you know we put -- -- in his first at bat and traceable information. But after that says much like the songs from turning his back that aggressive swings the poolside and total bases inside a third base but I but defensively again very strong night almost makes -- highlight reel type of play I'm on overbay but. He's doing an actual job at this point you you can't put you can't really measured or provide a lot of amendments. He's right in mobile offerings both defensively and offensively and you know again we talked in spring training on I think he had something to prove a little bit. After Stephen -- sign -- -- the opening comes because of the concussion and he's done -- Fallujah. This John Ferrell after the game last night but -- -- 37 WEEI your calls. On the Red Sox to an all -- 6177797937. That's the phone every can text us. On the AT&T tech -- at 379837. Jose Iglesias. Pretty darn good start hot through -- year five for nine. Superb defense at short talk about the double play last night base running through pretty good he's aggressive. And he is seen as the guy that. Was odd man out based on I can tell you I got exam -- Zander Bogart's waiting in the wings. Who is at least right now a shortstop. The minor league level he's probably a year away right so. They look at the off season Stephen Drew is available Stephen Drew had a kind of a down year last year was hurt. But is not like his brother ought to get that conversation on the way right now he's not like J. D. Drew there's not in those same stories of late in the day health skip I can't play that Steve -- been hurt but it's not like JD. But the give nine million dollars one year nine million bucks. And to me that signified we don't trust the ugliest used to be or stopgap while we tend to be our defense to play or not your right he had done nothing. Offensively to make you feel that way three infield -- And the question becomes when Stephen Drew does come back. Does Jose Iglesias make it tough for John Ferrell to decide -- shortstop and a night in at a pace I would think it would based out of play and right now. I would think that would Iglesias is doing is opening some eyes in the Red Sox organizations say boy this guy did work the -- the results of that hard work are paying off. Not all are getting gold glove shortstop and a great double play combination between he and Pedroia. But a guy offense with not embarrass himself as a get a hit a 556. Call. But he shot more than capable -- me with a bat adding makes things very interesting all the Red Sox do an opposition it was. No question about it that he has matured. He has gotten stronger he'd he'd looked better at the plate. I don't know he's ever gonna have the approach to -- again these are comfortable guy getting deep and accounts with two strikes. Give -- that you know quality of -- draw walks things like that -- -- We go back to the offseason and you know after couple games are considered -- signed JD and Steve rather wild ego why he signed Steven. Throw to shortstop to what. He had a kid up. So nobody can do we know is great defensively but he won eighteen. And it's not 118 with a three turn on base you know it's it's 118 and he's not drawing walks. So you put yourself in their shoes again this offseason -- criticized this team is witty fell short. I've felt and put this team together was number one defensive first baseman. Some -- Casey Kotchman got to -- behind Napoli got the money to pay him put on your bench. Well spring training -- -- from my car -- -- got to play first base behind Mike Napoli the other spot was a -- and hitting outfielder. They fell short. And you can't tell me that. After the season double way they felt Jackie Bradley was the -- that they shocked shocked everybody knows only they've done a nice job kind of fill those two spots -- the news short stuff. And in which are tucked but the line up early on. -- predictions of what what it's gonna look like I had Stephen Drew on his team -- one of the record get this player. Because what they sign him you -- gives a good. Player hurt somebody caller earlier DNC when you're that quote from John Ferrell saying it was sunny premium shortstop in the offseason he laughed that it. Well Stephen Drew was. Knew he was and he was hurt last year in a year before the same injury. Gruesome injury at a collision at home play her fractured his ankles awful look in his -- amateur problem problem read about his ankle was awful sorely missed. The second half of 2011. Then missed the first half of 2012. Wasn't the same guy when he came back off for obvious reasons they missed the year. By requesting his health it will round shows up as well. At this kid is a good player of the year before he hurt his ankle 2000 but ten is one of best years he had. Unit to 78352. On base hit fifteen home runs 33 doubles twelve triples. When a 2008 my view of the better. -- you go back 2000 you -- -- go back and you wanna go back to 200820102007. Whatever it is. The kid is -- eight and pretty damn good career to get a four year stretch -- is a double digit home run guy in sixty RBIs every year. And didn't play terrible defense he got for whatever reason going to be people three years straight to television just holes yeah. You know it's. He's a good player and that's why you sign him and that's -- game when you're nine and a half. If he never got injured he probably -- got a lot more than at a more years especially he put him here for one year ago what their play well and that's abortion does well. And it Iglesias comes out -- five for ninetieth at the start and I'm saying there should be controversy John Ferrell squash is that last night yesterday. But he says we're certainly got -- gonna take away from what do -- -- has done. We signed a premium -- the offseason to be our starting shortstop we're not one a look at an injury to cause him to lose his job. I John Ferrell is as hit it. On every single angle so far right -- he's been great spring training but it was good yesterday with Michael I'm like. Part body injuries and and trying to be honest without giving way too much information. I hated that he said that lastly I'd write him enough I hated the Ferrell said this to -- -- Stephen jurors got a rehab opportunity. You'll see what happens when he's available what makes decisions don't tell the world that no matter what a Iglesias does between now it looks like Monday. He's not gonna play which party don't tell Lacey is that Anbari told them we -- you told them when they sign Stephen Drew for nine half million dollars he told the day he walked in the spring training. Told Walter camp it and Stephen Drew got hurt he said okay. You know because of the weights there was a place is -- about his business. It didn't care -- what the outcome was -- shortstop for this team he knew he need to improve himself as a baseball player offensively. Anyone out there and had that spring knowing this Stephen Drew was a starter knowing that he was gonna triple like he -- -- So what are we afraid of hurt his feelings night off to good start should be happy with himself. He earned it big should be proud of him because he put forth the effort to make himself a better way to put himself in a better position ourselves as -- that true. The bloody -- ordered his feelings for starting he's known that from day one. Because I think there's an opportunity for him to now think in the back -- -- no matter what happens -- gone -- same thing affects a guy negative for fifteen spring training I'm going back down but he -- it out in actual games -- -- -- to feel differently now they usually the result of their Major League game vs -- did you feel better spring training -- should feel better -- so there's no question about it. Because it looks like he belongs. You know around -- said that before with him and it's a two game sample but so far for two games he looks like he belongs. The deductible. Deal was a glacier is a guy that knew we was gonna go down what about Stephen Drew. Who's recovering from concussion is going down seven day rehab whatever it is a full five games to come back up and also in the years after two games the contract that he signed. -- a sudden he's no longer the shortstop. That's why don't say anything to say -- played great in wool dress that Stephen Drew is not available play. What is -- play make decisions and on the scenes drew at a glitzy Davos anyway. I think public -- that situation -- from day one a Ferrell Saturday he's been great he's not going to be the guys I think John Ferrell does Katie carries dole -- farm. From what -- he was with the Cleveland organization out there -- -- for Eric Wedge the manager. Okay there is gay wanna spring training -- day one -- to a lot of techies sit down and you meet with each and every player he tell what you expect. From day one -- -- is -- he's -- xxx. Ended and you opus Stephen Drew was signed as a shortstop so. Then it turns into -- The last thing you say -- but anything can happen. Injuries can happily you'll we want you to improve as a player that's the hard work comes in court -- improve yourself and show us in camp -- you're gonna be up here in the big leagues everybody knows. Injuries do happen. But from day one when you communicate. With individuals. When you deal with human beings and you talk to them and you tell them what the situation is. They know what to expect -- like to hear it but they know. The biggest nothing to lose this -- levels English -- I think he's going to be starting shortstop. Gavel of the from day one. Edit the -- was ready to play at this level before he's shown now in couple games he's better prepared. We don't know -- package yet. Great defensively -- -- defensively yes there's no question about it it's Stephen Drew was not a liability defensively either. You know he is a good. To slightly above average or above average shortstop. In what he brings you offensively from the left side. You know is needed. Pick a Buddy -- Victor Reno and gold crush lefties. You know now you've got a Bradley kind of came out of nowhere which is nice is gonna sit there and you can picture right east in your Nava. Again different player from the left side I'd like him. But the guy that can hit seven -- -- from the left side who can work count who can hit with power who can give you extra bases and is a that's a slightly above average shortstop. The overall package is that better with this team offense of -- to think you need -- 61777. The guys today say maybe it's a platoon situation is no wait they're gonna keep ugly -- here. When drew comes back you can't have him on the bench his biggest weakness is not getting now he's got to get it back somewhere I hope to be at the Major League level I love the -- Stevens. I think his defense makes the pitching staff better. I think that double play combination with -- -- in center field. And then a catcher is catcher not a great defense minister for this team Ellis Ross is in the air. Up the milieu are damn good. Yes if he's not here -- talking about a guy 23. Came up pat success to begin a year and a -- -- okay now Fata for tripling yes. What does that do for guy 23 years ago he struggled his career money -- two good games. -- murder book report indicates. -- go down a AAA. Becoming better player we'll talk about that it's your phone calls next.

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