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Shane Victorino postgame press conference

Apr 3, 2013|

Shane Victorino spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Yankees 7-4 to go 2-0 on the season.

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It's different. It. Was our best to help. You start. To complain you know -- me out. You know ever -- of the -- -- -- run the bases well over. You know taken as an extra races. You know we're playing and swing the bats. You know pitching well you know playing good defense and that's was Tony Romo into some things even went as far as our first you know. You know it's it's always this. -- you compliment. Important thing you know for so long we've. You know this is again responding you know -- actress -- yourself you know going to situation but. Yes it was you know put to dozens of on missed two games into it by. You know I work hard. I don't want -- -- car. Coauthor and have fun doing it. You know -- 700 budget has run at sports you and we sports other. Pessimists thought it's not about chemistry you know Zito were -- game. -- fun doing it you know -- -- winning Al cent but you know it's about the were perennial I think that's what you are playing with amateurs have no right -- -- They're taking extra bases and good defense good -- you know honestly -- You're either going to. -- darkness and the team seems a lot of shifts situationally hitting a big is that just kind of get out of the game. Oh acerbic you know -- -- he -- Barack somewhere some Ausmus into situations. You know they'll count. You know sometimes sees little harder owners and us into Austin you try to do too much and sometimes you're unsuccessful run. You know things as you want -- you know continue to do it that's how you went you know -- -- kodi gets his worsens like tonight then you know first and you know criminal its audits it is very important and look back and you know chart Burlington and that's what did you -- you know -- -- situations over Vegas. -- -- that uplifting view may be deeply.

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