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Clay Buchholz postgame press conference

Apr 3, 2013|

Red Sox WP Clay Buchholz spoke to the media after the Sox beat the Yankees 7-4 to go 2-0 on the season.

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I know it's always good to get off. My right foot first or the year to go all the way. And you know especially here this -- -- and against here's this team you know it's never. It's never an easy task from their own business and it was you know early -- was a rule book has some fastballs and and we wanted to minimize damage. Got away with a couple pitches that were of -- will play a bit. Through our principles and how it. -- Coleman. This protocols have been. While I was pitching. I think it was that went long and sit down and by equal Lofton after another and wins. That's what got me was when. You know they -- get through it in. That's it's and says that the -- Yeah I mean that's me even if it's really -- outside I would do that is the not. Body not just so -- -- you have to -- you warm up all over and so I don't want -- -- Sport that. Yeah you know like most in this lineup there are guys that that take a vengeance mistakes up in the zone. -- knows that and I was. That was -- Key going into this game was I was the target two seamer Thornton's own little bit in the ground. And a couple and got him up there but mistreated defensive plays out there too so it's you know all the we're all we're only in their lives it was awesome. It. -- -- -- you know I mean. Relative matter who -- was against first game this season it's. Last couple years it's been it's been tough and started in. An effort for grown that's what it is and team in the game. And -- have any added pressure or anything go and and film feel good for changes definitely. -- Auburn and -- the victory. It. The last couple starts Marreese. Many goals in Rome doubles and they'll both sides. And an oval arms actors it. You know thrown to receivers in the last season in the context right season -- -- -- there was it's. This world so.

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