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John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 3, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Yankees 7-4 to go 2-0 on the season.

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And I'd get that thing that struck. Well tonight another good fortune performance by by clay a lot early strikes forced from the spring the fact that he was extremely efficient. With all his pitches and called the seven innings of work force tonight so we've ever negates what with two solid games here in New York can. Back credit and against more night. Yeah we we've been able abortionists together we've worked some deep counts you know we've taken walks and we when we've had our opportunities but today you can't say enough about some two out. -- suited to drive in some runs. On a cold night. There with a long innings and went down through some of the cage from tournaments just to keep himself loose -- -- Under the conditions under the circumstances they're an outstanding job to continue to put up zeros when it's four. They're Republicans. No I think he's continued tonight third. When he's been done we've been doing all spring training. You know he threw some good teaching resentful left is to finish them off thought he had four pitches for strikes tonight particularly his change up against right handers. And again I think the biggest thing was just the overall efficiency. -- -- -- -- It's -- well I think we've got a number -- professional and personal and not afraid to hit with two strikes. Not trying to do anything extreme in those types of situations I think you see a number of pitches in the middle field. Good plate coverage. With an -- -- and against. And it. Through it and yet he's doing an outstanding job you know -- early on knowing how tough Kuroda is on on right handed hitters really you know we -- -- -- on in his first at bat than he tries to bunt for base hit. But after that says much like we saw spring training -- back that aggressive swings the poolside in. Probably sits inside at third base side but defensively and again very strong night almost makes one. Highlight reel type of play on on overbay but. He's an excellent job force. At this point you you can't put you can't really measured or provide a lot of other limits. He is right and -- of a lot of things both defensively and offensively and you know again we talked in spring training on. I think he had something to prove a little bit after Stephen assigned here so the opening comes because of the concussion and his stomach hurt would you with it kept going and. --

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