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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 3, 2013|

Doc Rivers spoke to the media after the Celtics clinch a playoff spot by beating the Pistons at the Garden, 98-93.

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You guys doing back here which which which like. -- remind us. Happy birthday. I love -- it's all right thanks for supporting us. Now you're gonna have to -- what I have to deal with every day I'm going. Well as try to edit no it Michael -- -- -- when I was walking in that you -- Long going in. And then lyrics both privilege they wouldn't of Wales. So. We've seen. I just think he's been aggressive these the cover more efficient you know. I think one part of his game that's opening up is to make -- shots you know. More than his career even most this year is basically proves you corners. Or to the basket and now we start make shots ovals which have been under your. For us and you -- -- being is aggressive but he's also being patient as well. And Benjamin. Paula trying to figure each other out and who has the matchup. You know we don't know born in the game that small errors smoke or one. And so you have to figure that out and take all com and we don't wanna get -- him once our little Rochus and like always like. Here's what I do you think. I do bomb you know it's -- is we've practiced it all year. But. -- just wouldn't -- honestly. Four defensively. You know sort of liked that line. Yeah I just think he's playing -- I don't think -- words anymore about who move on the floor with them or anything like. I do think that takes time though you know when you play well Paul and Kevin and -- the early in the year. I think that's heart you know you see those regards. -- in the think you know -- I should I be aggressive. There was 21 in the -- ball more to him when he rebounds you know he did at the one -- the deployed force. You know I think we have more far more we started could have done -- and so we got to work on that but overall he's been great for us. -- And well no -- in this. That's -- fire officer is the fact we're we're wanna game when a team that runs toward the with a little things rebounds. 22 more shots than us. And they have more free throws than us when you when you just look at the numbers that you have. We shut it felt a little while ago we are over 50% and they didn't shoot the ball bear they shot thirty. 7% so that's why we -- you know it's funny. Defensively. You can make -- case we have a unbelievable defense tonight. They took 22 more shots. Than you did and you still outscored. I mean you had to do a lot of good things defensively. And then offensively you have to be -- efficient -- are everywhere. Well. We do -- given back because of the moves when they go work. You know. We become moral. Efficient offensively. Which cuts down some of the penetration that is happening. And the rotations and guys are in the right spots but you can't chalk up 25 -- I would say this we were. We wrote bad -- and I and they are buried here. You know we went zone. And it changed to enforce because. First Florida allows the small. Which we start scoring and then it's tough. You have to match up you know and that's going to be in the lineup and we're small. We're scoring every time down in. Seven vestiges of them know the date they went small and to me that was the difference -- -- Jordan had a great quarter. The second quarter what is pass it. Often floppy stuff but it did a nice job Terrence was terrific. I think terrorists as -- just terrific basketball for us right now you please kind of taken who. It's. Position he understands that he's a point guard. Maybe took for seven in his life and -- -- -- wants to be that and his indifference. And -- It really is you know armed you know -- maybe the blessing is without Kevin we removed the security -- And Brennan's you know yes do. Either the talker on the -- now yes do the things. It's it's great he was upset someone earlier in the day because they were in the wrong position. Notes that while that's revision there and that's really nice now. That's good so maybe it's it's a blessed. Yet -- -- I don't wanna -- adjectives have known him since it grade seventh grade at that. -- it was that -- forces have been put it. Yet in this in my hips Brit was here. And and so I've ever Ross and oil it. -- Yeah only works on it mean when you see him he knows she's he's almost dead the corners so alarming he still takes -- ton -- shots from there but he. Puts a lot of time. You know. -- they're shooting. And you know that is awful. There -- Resolute us via -- us. You. Know I like it I think we better whatever comes back quite honestly. You know there will be some teams I don't this is one of the games -- -- word about it too quick guards. In the -- going to work curtains a little bit. So you know I'm gonna to Baltimore -- -- this we counteract that because that is -- When Jeff and all trying to guard the Brendan knights of the world it's no fun. And when you try to post him up in the trap and at least they have just felt you know so. But on those nights we can go back in the old line up and then move around -- -- it's a Smart you know and these are -- -- from the other night for so. -- strong do. Yeah I think a lot of guys -- -- one where jokers to. Our leaders on who you hate each other. You know -- an opponent and when a guy goes down you really want to get back healthy and well on beverages. Stolen Tyson chairman and night when he heard and in Europe others. -- in the -- opens no no that's your opponent I don't think anybody wants to win network. You know you wouldn't play the best and Cynthia. Secret question terrific job. Did today if your credit. --

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