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Daniel Nava live from the dugout with Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish

Apr 3, 2013|

Daniel Nava joined Castig & Rish after the Sox win the 2nd of 3 from the Yankees tonight in the Bronx.

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Daniel your first started the year in the second game of the season and you. Score the first -- get a base hit a ball the walk in a prior pitch with a bases loaded and -- walk that's pretty good start at that. He knows is your game for us but went out to a they're really gave us I think that I instituted tempo and everything after that you know -- gets runs in the things have waited -- as big difference a big part of the story tonight was the cold weather it did it affect you at all how does it affect players up there. Yeah I think it's -- little different since I was TH -- It didn't sign a little bit of post cold warmup I know that the guys out there and make -- to stay warm so at least for me edit them prob with that but. Look at -- answer as you guys we saw some guys -- vehicle. As a good night at the age you can't tell us about. Your ability to get hit by a pitch and not get hurt that you broke that are running in so doing. You know I don't know how that happens this is one of those things where you know it's -- you know it's trying to get hit him get hit me in touch any other way of somehow does that mean. You know take him fuel taken you know we'll get around or whether that's good news. One of the things that's really eye opening I think for a lot of Red Sox fans Monday and now again tonight the power arms that you guys can bring out of the bullpen -- Hanrahan close it out tonight. Some of these guys you have out there can really throw heartened to -- got. We have a really couple minutes ago as a senior first first two games and obviously you spring training and that's just that -- we got guys like you say you throw hard and that decides that they gather your secondary pitches which. They're just as important as you know bring some velocity is there so. You know I think everyone this clubhouse was pretty confident that our bullpen can go out there and do your job you know and that but it basis -- so hard -- games and you know what -- result. And play picked up -- left profit spring training was very efficient yeah -- but did a great job and a you know I think that's as you Gasol last year you know the services two thirds of the season that's for -- -- -- continues through us through training. The same thing tonight so you know hopefully we have a lot more -- that -- the season. Okay and congratulations go get warm for a you guys have a go and thanks and you are right -- not our -- he was on base. Four time to single a double it was hit by a pitch and draw a walk.

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