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Paul Pierce talks about the birth of his first son, Prince, with Grande & Max

Apr 3, 2013|

Celtics captain Paul Pierce joined Grande & Max after the win over the Pistons. While he does discuss the game, he also breaks the news that his first son, Prince Paul Pierce, was born on Tuesday, April 2nd at 8:21 p.m.

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We -- live at the garden after the 1993 win for the selfless clinches a playoff spot for the tenth time in the last twelve years. Captain Paul Pierce joins us we've got a game to talk about we've got playoff spot talk about. But you got to settle this issue because -- -- arguing about. Max doesn't believe that you never changed at night. And I I stood up for you and I said that you UT's more than your -- It. Must. On the or. Nature of that now. They expect that you'll -- job you've got to grab your front door. -- I. Applaud you think about it pavement you know you went we -- talk about Cuba. The book about how chip Reid is kind of the man right now at the players that you look to go to make the game. All of them completely mutual love for. You confident he's going on since the second half -- all. -- -- it upon himself to take more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- read -- its involvement. We're talking Jason Terry -- variety of these are dog days and every in every possible way don't have a full lineup. Kind of know where the playoff thing -- going to fall but our nights like Jeff is happening here at nights like -- -- Terrence Williams Avery getting shot back a -- the little things that are huge headed down the stretch going into the playoffs. -- Team. Well wolf one get one way -- team has to grow though Paul is definitely a picture of the -- -- other. Guys yet gave a 26 -- -- rebounds tonight. Yeah how many -- were small and -- so we have to do a better job boxing now. Out of him to do movement -- -- use my quickness -- into the ball when our bodies -- people. Let's go to these guys were inside so it's not a war until some of them use our bodies and cars have to -- The team effort on the rebound. You've done this a million times now getting ready for the playoffs that -- -- -- you -- your mind how many teams you like to play how often you'd like to play how many minutes to get your body where it needs to be to going to clean and Japan for game one. I'm not sure who normally go to the coaches and that his children would -- practice in the rest and probably won't practice tomorrow my who's gonna bother me sort of you know -- rest but I believe the subconscious. You know personal enough. Maxine Simpson on the year to make sure we have evidence complaints about of them with a -- Smart -- -- happy that they -- Rosie -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- give us you know a -- looked at camp gate you know utopian -- payment now what do you opportunity you know it is that you know. Europe may have to shout -- the -- you know you have the maybe the next generation of like a ball use company -- There. -- So. Rules well. But now. I think that's that's gonna be spelled -- -- -- civil -- right that's gonna pass. Is gonna actually be spelled. They can't remember we were -- -- Milwaukee after your first five years -- but let's face -- -- experiencing -- the first it's -- Really something to be with you make them grow your family is grown obviously for all those guys.

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