WEEI>On Demand>>SI's Ian Thompson at halftime with Grande & Max: The league wants to do "something" about teams resting players

SI's Ian Thompson at halftime with Grande & Max: The league wants to do "something" about teams resting players

Apr 3, 2013|

SI's Ian Thompson at halftime with Grande & Max: The league wants to do "something" about teams resting players

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Obviously the best thing that I have 5444. In marquee NBA contest with playoff caliber defense being played on both sides a lot of drama building. In this so Paula keep yourself achieving 54%. Or back a little early tonight to a -- differently tonight for a variety of reasons but. To celebrate our return to AM dial tonight because you know. -- the Red Sox game we decide to buy one of our favorite team Thompson Sports Illustrated joining us here -- -- I applaud your Twitter but. Was sort of a -- like I consider myself a very reticent. We maybe once or twice today and I don't always like sitting over -- you know now going to be too much -- -- perfected the idea of the minimalist. Week. You have as much of a chance to see each week is you have brittney griner plays. Details that sparked -- business. If you don't -- it off a half I thought it wasn't recover that but that you part of those extort them talked about earlier Mark Cuban you know making waived its rights it's strange disease such a wallflower. You want -- ways we're talking about drafting. Brittney griner but the funding is dominated she hits and it's amazing college great she will destroy him the next level she's going to be great WNBA career. Infant when it happens let's say for the sake of the art. It is good -- it will be a woman's of the poignantly and it's not going to be it's going to be shoot right and it's not an idea to open it up post. I mean actually I do think there will be worn him being. 2009 an interview with David Stern I asked you think the view that's how this whole thing started thinking he said yes I think there will be well. Yeah. As a high probability of and -- -- at that time when the owners can says they think will happen and I agree with you that it never happens it's going to be. That is going to be because. It's can be submitted grows up in this environment where -- heard about the possible skin because stern says it's -- Do you Dorian says that was not possible. Some is that growth played against guys. And she's still barely meets the -- -- leagues -- 2030 years from now some. To it that I enjoy -- do you say it has to do with -- audio of course not -- -- -- looking gauntlet I got there. No no it's gonna be something like that you never -- so heavy -- three freak of nature. Just like LeBron was on the manageable ten players 3040 years ago. Let's Macs are their great shooters who played the NBA who he or who physically have struggled on defense and now look at. Don't think that is the type of -- you don't think that one day statistically percentage -- they'll be a woman who could shoot it well enough. While personalize things that you have to look at different because it also go look at the thousand woman's basketball. And the ball that the women's league right now with actions all right. Sold you're talking about a woman who has to physically -- the -- Turkey. Even with the equipment that you had to fill up I think it is impossible that the probability that we see so revoked. And I've seen people euros which -- -- what those guys. Woods Joseph's not a platoon would -- human -- -- he was a scorcher -- is describes driver's course it was the shoot which they Cooper was. She was -- You know what's it it was a good show that's so we're always up to ask you what do you look at the players from the ninety's it would invest something and if you go to the general recently evolution I listener. Well I think it's healthy it. I mean that's about what they want but it points to play pro pro football. But I don't think that's the same thing it's a visit plus it's -- I think I think he has a chance because. There are owners that actually want this to happen all the other changes happen. In spite of -- one. That's what the owners want -- because -- can make money. We've got sidetracked so I wanted to talk to you because he wrote something. That we have been talking about a lot which is the fact that although it seems impossible to figure out. I'll believe he's going to legislate. Clearly the issue of teams resting players. The end towards the end of the season. Is going to be addressed because this is a fan. Personally. And even Doc Rivers I ask me of my point blank when he wouldn't -- Minneapolis tonight Garnett. Until it -- you see all the jerseys and the kids Wear jerseys for teams only appearance of that city that your. -- I don't know what to do which some things the right. Right and I think if a coach decides he has great players -- -- than it was to coach. -- players were so much work done -- When you. It's such a long season and on the playoffs are so important. You know and look the coaches resting tonight Nolan could still lose that game so we rested. Well if my point it's always been death. At tape player. And I'll go back to. San Antonio when they did not play that players was able with a we get. Miami. My point was that everybody talks about pop the quality of the things. I think players the first thing I do. And I used to play was look at the schedule. And see who want to play. And if we win the world champions. Us schedules they -- but let me and that's what would be a great -- I've recently so. Or even if it is in about the entire. -- -- -- -- that -- Now I understand what you're talking about because the five bucks fans about what I've players cubs the game that they feel a -- view of -- but. You can have all the -- don't legislate that real quick before that's going and I think all of us that are pretty preconceived notion. A month ago I have a Seattle Sacramento think it's gonna play out. And obviously the one of us in New York today but we're reading everything is going on that there clearly this is gonna go deeper in overtime that we thought. Yeah. It's not always wondered. Who among the owners can step forward and say you -- -- to -- if he wants right. But maybe it changes fundamentally it's the balloons and decide if they would rather someone somebody else maybe some vehicles around them says. Maybe there's some kind of agreement being beaten moves that that keeps teams sacrament and now this this is truly something they haven't seen before and it's actually. Great problem for the -- great. Of these students. Wrong when it's not super sports Illustrated's -- -- we appreciate it -- And now you're always welcome and time. If we have banana bread spokeswoman approximately. A commitment that's exactly what it so at this this is the -- -- here and section when easily. And stuff like that. It's not a Sports Illustrated so it's my tenth third quarter next on the WEEI Celtics radio networks.

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