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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/03/13

Apr 3, 2013|

Don't mess with Marines. Plus Jagr's bringing back the mullet, and Jack attacks Salk.

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-- That's so rude I can't believe that -- so again it's no. This is around you are friends. -- -- In life unfortunately all good things come to an end beats my job with songs can holly I. I have been unduly influence. OK okay -- -- Mountain View high right now you guys. Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't Clark. I go to. Floor for a first if you get in now Mike Dunn and you have a problem turn off his nation -- Along with solid enough. -- don't front you buy AT&T EWE I live available on -- -- iPhone android device brought you by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. The most four G coverage in New England. -- ripped for muscle memory text message real salt muscle memory. Land the plane. Just because I normally scratch one hand. As -- meaning and -- -- -- the other than these players are professionals working out I don't know many top athletes -- -- while walker yeah about etc. so why. These guys talk about muscle memory constantly that because what they do is -- If you want it to be autumn is now I think you don't ever want to think about where my supposed to be. And -- what he's thinking about his status is in one way I don't wanna think about the sort of finished at opposite -- Tyler's again I think right now. Right now or maybe this past year and a half two years he's been thinking because he's playing from positions it used tell him that your -- veteran game. Then there's less thinking involved with a guy who's done that is for most of his life -- your muscle memory walk you to the art house. On Monday -- two were going to be your house panic and more square this one. Start or a stock that's what we're gonna have to artists are we want to get to know you guys to please come and now we may even buy you beer. We promised divide them and indeed yours may -- will buy wanna do for you as well. I'm not a -- I'm not afraid to buy you off future a charity especially when I wanna buy I -- care about your chair. -- -- on Monday will be there by about 7730. After the home opener and it got. I'm really -- And -- but all. End. I hope people start -- -- the party back -- we will -- -- I don't know if I can really can't Dodgers. Since lost -- -- -- can barely have hair anymore man. -- -- -- He had a big hit a big time all hit me. The reason why it began brought -- that -- But it would probably -- in the morning -- people you know horrible weather. We want to BRITTNEY GRINER and the NBA don't like what box. -- I gotta give ESP and credit. This whole Mike rice thing. Happen because the good old fashioned reporting a story once the story have been out here for allow outside the lines went deeper. The governor is involved. Everybody's talking about it and the athletic director was forced -- To make a decision that he probably should -- three months they affairs joining us -- Outside on -- Really what is sort of have a favorite but it's -- outside the lines because. And it's it's at times you know -- -- the funny games it's it's pretty series had a serious tone. All the talk about when it's with Jeremy she actually if that is -- Special as a -- to thirty years as -- -- -- I don't went for don't play the -- -- -- -- thirty for thirty's good. Did you guys -- I haven't heard anybody say they -- thirty for thirty's are angry with -- -- -- first -- Like for six numbers never lie but boy Michael Smith never get to see okay. Killed my golly good trip buddy got it wrong when it -- Well it for the first couple weeks. Good body every day with my mom got arrogance you know this. You set them. You said it -- you know how this works its on the radio it's no I didn't. I didn't know the guy that got some guy called Mike -- that is why it bothers import guy. Feel sorry for. Not quite hear you talk about it like -- -- -- all of these other hot weather and on line. Exactly what -- is your wife get back into the -- Not good enough. Not that -- -- long -- -- that's a good Virgo all. Are you you know what I have and I spent two years apart. When I first -- to live in LA when I first moved back to Boston. Which was in Michael for we spent almost two years of -- in the year two years yeah. Lots of lots of visits we've got to face time -- goes I total almost once a month up to cross country not for you. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we talk -- coach what have waited sense of order and stayed away or are are because he's told guys. But -- -- it was more cars are -- bill while gradually. You can go to that. Makeup artist -- Give a good hair stylist but c'mon. And he's not happen you know. He's got to got to deal with the reality of the situation. Can't just here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had I don't my wife. We just weren't living in the same city give the character is it to you like definitely your experiences that the -- Boston I don't know. But chemistry -- Great looking innings. Where. Texas as you guys -- called -- -- it's Monday Night Football that's the Dutch audience and backward thinking about it right. Is that daily show us Alex and and I baseball like money by Monday Night Football if we're talking about anything that overtures on ESPN. There is like AWA wrestling from leading news. Well probable that you love it pro beach volleyball so. In my truck you seriously invited mr. immigrant quicker tomorrow that you. But -- about eight -- but we're just people on the air jet from going in the calling from Bridgewater. We see it -- from Everett. John -- is a different -- that Joey and north wolf and believe that after all you really have to think this through future. And we'll personal not to money's not tomorrow night until Monday it's -- hasn't time depressed and also. This is this is gonna help you understand writes the audio yes this is Greg -- but it won't just be these regular callers who we mentioned I hope they'll. Lot of other people which is listen mr. Odom never called in my combine -- -- you're in the Fenway area come join the art house someone. They have all just sit on a -- you're gonna need to -- the -- the way beer you know to be bodies. At full price. And net and it it was about tech culture. It'll take it happened okay and message somebody really wanted to buy a car. -- don't -- car that's in like a bit stupid but what character is that. Jack -- drop back. And don't act out more about it -- it -- -- it -- happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the idea that part of your -- order totally myopic in your blinded. By the NFL I -- it I know. I think you dramatically as an issue this is. That the quarterback position doesn't have to stop anything except when you wanna dance around and signal to freeze all we want to remind me. Come on and that. Jack was on his game that Jack was fired up today and we asked him what he was taking he said he took it for medicinal purposes only. Yeah and you've got the part -- Bob Costas at the fourth floor and got -- hail core rap lyrics. Believable is that there were clear and hold -- -- I've be Roland torpedoes. Get blunted with crossed us for a hefty fee up on your racquet like Bob Costas. And that -- of. Brian -- and Harold Reynolds laughing which I -- you guys had to I'm Bob Costas actually -- Quoting ludicrous to Bob's overrule the torpedo. Sounds Mikey knew what he was talking like -- has -- us regularly with his rec rec recchi. Get a -- bigger question about my diet this story. But now questioned by FaceBook -- that don't -- -- proper terminology. -- active duty come August 96 -- may 2005. There were no exploring it. There are active duty marine reserve its web site -- and former Mercury I don't know how many times they told us there are no ex Marines only former. You know I have a question somebody -- My new -- -- autumn the coma beta till I might delegate don't know what I'm on my doubt but I got up the ideal way I get a DVR and. -- -- And that thanks for the service apps are little chemical called my favorite color and woke up. Well again these -- fire. -- mean lol well lol -- it's very easy. Here let's call them back. -- -- -- -- hit a baseball crossed into the scene so bullets may need to clear and cream. -- Cy Young in the end. He made those bricks you buy from him angry chant. Randy junior behind machines in the hot year it's Jack he. -- and injuring him fire the saloon there. He accused Jackie Bradley junior used steroids. Are you heard that had a cream in the clear. I didn't hear that I heard the cream and the clear there. All right John Farrell secrecy that say nice things about ticket -- -- they like got to write back I don't want flexible little bit. It is a commercial on TV weather go up at least eight people and all like I'm -- -- -- obviously anyway. They get the unemployment -- golf medical and I'm glad that way I'm Glenwood place. And just. That was a bad did it out it just me why would you do colleges would come up plus he -- is -- contest. -- -- -- a to balance our budget opportunity this is what he did what did he say after the first -- EB. Supplement if you. Look at him pitch the first game. That's my -- today its power by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. With the most four G coverage in New England seriously listening to -- today and we had our first of what will be weekly interview with John -- every Wednesday at 230. And look good news on Ortiz if he's back within about two weeks. I like that. Now I was sort of what you said earlier might we both sort of expecting in May not be until May first at the earliest that we would see David Ortiz if you're gonna seem in the middle of this month just a couple of weeks. I don't know pats certainly helps within this lineup blogs. They'll be good news but just keep in mind with Ortiz you got to be very causes him and he came back before. He he went out in July came back in August. Play the game had a couple of hits and then he was done for the season and we're still. In wait and see mode with David Ortiz so you -- see him not just come back and in the middle of the month but. To play a few days in a row and see how he feels that he played a few days in a row and -- is no soreness now you're all set up by the reds when this -- in this. Before the break reading ESPN Boston. Right now he has been boston.com. A free agent receiver Julian Edelman is visiting with the giants today and Thursday. So. Some Julian -- free agent have you in your mind if you said goodbye to -- -- settlement does it bother you at all. It wants to Danny Amendola sign that was sort of where the focus was for me that doesn't mean I've officially you know moved on from the idea that settlement and that hurt you at all but -- but clearly they're they're willing to he's not a priority for them so they're willing to let him -- -- remain in lock them up right away so. I understand and -- do you Q are you worried that -- the the team doesn't look the same that a settlement especially after they avidly on Washington for kick returning. I am not worried. That'll have many things to worry about like all this work I don't think worrying about Julian element going to -- real quickly mentioned some of the good news Ortiz could be back within a couple of weeks also Peter sure releasing Chris Kelly could be back very soon. Declined to give it time to kind of smiled and said he was very happy about the progress the flip side the bad news Patrice Bergeron it is a moderate concussion. Not sure yet how long he'll be up and on and again I mean I don't know but it sure sounded like he could be some time before he returns. Yeah I think it you know he can I do they not know -- safety belt for the rest of the regular -- Which is not a big deal. You know LSU LSU think the Bruins need to be -- certain. Position in the conference to make you feel comfortable in round one of the playoffs I just think -- You look at this team the team needs to be arrested and healthy going to the post season. Whether the third seed fifth the seventh seed doesn't really back into the question -- next major questions text him eighteen to text like 37937. At -- Ali and WEEI.

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