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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 04/03/13

Apr 3, 2013|

We tackle four sports topics we normally wouldn't focus on during the show. Today featuring Rutgers coach firings, Arrington vs Asomugha, chicks shooting bricks in the NBA, and more.

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-- And and he sold in the police are poor and -- export -- for. Fun cleaning. -- Actual vote we'd still continually. Collins -- three -- you guys want to look it up. Mike rice has been fired as basketball coach -- Rutgers after video surfaced of him throwing files and players and verbally abusing them. Do you feel like the video. While that was Mike -- -- the video exaggerates what really happened. Characters go -- the video probably leaves out some more crazy stuff that happened from this nut job. I'm glad it got fired AD next and possibly the president as well. I don't know whether it exaggerate or not because. Wasn't there would love to be able to know what was really going on beyond that whether or not those were a couple of choice moments. Or whether or not that was the norm it sure makes it beyond that what he had been the norm big guy could be heading. God what is important that do very good enough lie and -- on the court could have been anything. Easy enough job he certainly comes off that way and the other hand like coach is the yell and scream I really did that did not that I was any great athlete fact quite the opposite bud. I'd like coaches yelled and screamed temple he did you at -- spoke those of the guys that often got the most out of people. But this seems to be going above and beyond our -- in the name calling. But but coming -- that people seems a little stress it I don't mind me I don't mind the yelling and screaming that's what coaches do but ultimately coaches are teachers. The best coaches are great teachers. And he doesn't seem like he talked all that well. -- putting has -- up Bob Costas. I like Bob Costas I'd love Bob got Bob Costas. Is the best in the business. Perry never blinks is that weird to you that he never blinks he's focused he doesn't blink did you just sits at the camera stares at it never bullets. -- older and he's just that professional that he is that why. Well there's a video and -- we played for arena. Rapper and days he's got to be -- York. You know why I have got to give props to ludicrous because although it's not the only one I think he was the first -- to name checked me. I. Leave. That website like this. And for you youngsters out there we're not encouraging this behavior. -- -- you are saying you know any rebroadcast reproductive. -- now kids this is just Eric and I'm just quoting it. And it's -- talking about it itself. I'd be Roland torpedoes. Get blunted with rosters just for a hefty fee ammonia racquet like Bob Costas. Well did that change your opinion at home of Bob Constance. Legendary status he is now he is on the idea that he's he's made it to Rushmore regarding the values like that. You've got to a bigger bust there with. Bob McKenzie. The Pentagon appear right Joseph Hagerty had an Adams after orbit of the probably columns that I had electric. Let you have Chris and Adam on the head I got some other stuff. Around the National Hockey League I'll give you the boss Kostis is definitely on the mount Rushmore of studio host Melanie who's better at -- in studio host than him better interviewing him against the best who's more smarmy. You think he's all right -- Studio -- you literally to a little studio little interest sanctimonious -- I like he'll let me get a good night and a prominent -- good manners it's hard not to be. And all right mark -- edit again he said he'd consider drafting the Baylor center brittney griner. To the Dallas Mavericks. Good or bad move well good PR move and should be entertaining deterrent watcher summer league game whenever I would love to see what happens -- The idea that she could handle the physical play in the NBA the idea. That she could be any. Productive player in an NBA situation doesn't make any sense and it's not not sexism I just don't think that. The -- physically strong enough to be able to to match up. Those. Which she in here here's you know he had. Preferences and and and dance around it. Which you go into the NBA that WNBA right now in beat the best player in the WNBA I would assume so but I don't know tomorrow WNBA I wouldn't assume tell you know that I thought you -- the best thing ever. Archie was great initiative great college basketball career hit bottom imported 300 -- it -- it was not enough or account earlier just dumping isn't that enough now Mark Cuban. Arms I understand why you edit your team's probably not gonna make the playoffs you wanna stay in the -- The hype machine goes but -- He's gonna have -- shark tank. Idea probably. And all -- And the AT&T question of the day yesterday the 49ers signed Nnamdi Asomugha to a one year three million dollar deal earlier this offseason the patriots resigned Kyle Arrington to a four year sixteen. Did the patriots make the wrong deal. -- assume. That they know something about these guys and and that they judged him differently in the name and would suggest. Because obviously now the awesome ones that team and couple years ago when he was a free -- he was being number one free agent out there. Now suddenly signing one year deals worth just three million dollars as -- someone like Arrington is signing. The biggest money the -- I'm certainly for years sixty million. Is significant. So what is it that the patriots like about Arrington more so than Nnamdi Asomugha is it is the quality is the ability to -- what is. You tell me. I would say that I would say to the television but to me just look at it and you just went over the numbers. You've got to get a you've got the chance of of getting a guy at her with a guy. -- three million dollars even if he doesn't work out. If Philadelphia saw some things. That nobody else in the league saw and that he has just done. And he was he was protected in Oakland -- for a three million dollar investment. And -- a quarterback who was very he's not as bad as you look at double PI a refused to believe that. And Kyle Arrington at his best. Is still not Nnamdi Asomugha I don't think so so I would I would rather have him if a ship that know her. That's today's sport for -- -- fall upon -- and just say that obviously. Obviously -- the awesome isn't the player that he used to. Obviously Nnamdi Asomugha was -- is no longer that guy but. Are you sure you could have even had a -- three million dollars. Usability go to San Francisco at a -- cornerback who doesn't like to hit who really just likes to -- more than any I mean that's what he's good that. He Culver speedy wide receivers and really do much else on the football field. Where -- wanna take might have yet to offer for the exact same money to while wanna play in the team -- got all the Smith and Justin Smith and everybody that they have coming off the edge or -- -- wanna play for the patriots who have had -- let's face it not a great defense. Over the last couple years -- I know it's the chance to play for bella -- was one of the great defense of geniuses in the history of football. Rudd certainly with San Francisco's doing defensively right now is significantly better than what New England is doing why would he choose the place. Yet defensively he went to the super -- I did you but that the patriots went the year before. And still not or not what I wanted he went to the team last year that lost a Super Bowl as opposed to Clinton team the year before that lost the Super Bowl. And a team that consistently contend for. Conference championships and Super Bowl championship he really can't go wrong I think the number was what was that whether it was -- for Cisco. The giants. The patriots and Steelers I think the number's going to be somewhere around three million dollar. It was assumed that Belichick likes Arrington more than it -- are Smart that he likes -- game that he likes the physical reality and at that that position is more of an interior exactly right -- you're looking to cover the interior guy that usually someone has got to be able to -- Asomugha is not that doesn't wanna tackle on he's Deion Sanders ash and inning when it comes to tell you wanna do and ask us. Obviously he's out literally and figuratively has a bigger name but I think the best thing. Is. He -- he has limited in what you can do with the he's limited. -- ET's. Better on one side of the field. He's better in a certain type of coverage. And you know the patriots love versatility and moving guys around so although Kyle Arrington a look at that Kyle Arrington telling -- to vs Nnamdi Asomugha. That's not really much of a debate for the patriots they look at everything that a player can do and I think they like the versatility of Arrington over -- AT&T text line Belichick would have demanded he take two point 85 million imparted ways when he wouldn't agree to that I like -- are coming up next either Lane Kiffin is going blind to the patriots have a very good replacement. For Wes Welker will explain the story -- alcoholic WEEI. I'd be -- torpedoes. Get blunted with rosters just for a hefty fee up on your racquet like Bob Costas.

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