WEEI>On Demand>>Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We just need to find consistency for the playoffs

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We just need to find consistency for the playoffs

Apr 3, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We just need to find consistency for the playoffs

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Celtics are present in my Lexus continues from the garden. Back at the art for game homestand begins tonight for the Celtics and it goes Doc Rivers joins us refusal by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- harbored no health care. Count us in what is topped your list of what is the most important thing too costly. It's over these final two weeks it's religious just cuts that would. This is this a board game we have so many. In parts. With guards injured in this game is coming back from injury and guys. It's just we just try to. -- much continuity of the group as there. Are you comfortable with your level of trust with the new additions over the last few weeks. And I don't really narrow some. But the war between group practices with the -- so. I trust them in the fact that. Floor and work and I'm not upset if they make no mistake because you know I don't expect him to know ourselves. -- well. How many strategies that you run the first place bravery. -- five or six there strictest retirement came through. And it's it seems the you know in video game world in which everyone assumes guys shoot 40% in every two out of five shots that make you forget to human element. About confidence that was shot it was the second 13 when he took and it winning it. -- in its shot he's missing any kind of pumped his fist. As -- one finally -- form and I can forget that human element that relieves the kind of game even lost it again and they'll. Yeah I just never. See the ball go where earth you know like -- it would percentages and derided. You know -- two with Rico and patents. It's more difficult when you were shooting 50% or thwarted thwarted by certain -- account number. Because that -- -- a lot and so. -- This is look different late in the year obviously there -- it Don Young anyway that guy a couple of young bigs which a lot of teams don't have lately but it's really funny I think debt. Guys go through this -- could become good players never talked about maybe because of where they play but Jose called room wherever he goes. Things seem to be a lot more call you guys it's a good player. It is solid player. Never going to be the superstar. But the players at their one -- it was low more. The longer you know you have coaching runs the board to different people -- to trickle in and out of your staff over the years it's been. I've really enjoyed the years that Lawrence Frank was around here you don't really get to know somebody obviously with a run the team to travel with him when you're around -- what did you learn about -- in the year he was here that you might not. Well. Always thought he had great knowledge. But I. You never know or did -- -- you know a guy and indicated -- -- that knowledge to his players and I thought he was phenomenal and that. I thought he prepared himself but spirit. To put old dish as far as he's lived this in sleek. -- -- -- -- his mouth with his dirty and that is what. What UN need to look at is -- look at this guy and it looks like an accountant. And he swears -- retirement Kevin Garnett should have been -- countless obstacles that they didn't know about Orange right. -- Well it's funny regular coaches to ever Sunday we talked in the immediate aftermath of the capital where injuries and ask you as a coach as a player it's his father what your reaction was to. -- -- -- Seen on college basketball world rally and 48 hours later we have the story on the opposite end of that scale with Mike rice Rutgers and again I can't think of an original question but of that it has as a coach -- As a player. As a father. When you saw that tape and seen what was going on workers how did you react. Or I don't know -- had a reaction. Woods this out of shocked. There's some news news at the -- which she's really have to watch. You know I've. Noticed players you know it's such an emotional day and but that just when. Just chips unit over in different practices excuses -- that's with immediate right take you know media there. That would. We should do -- Starting next game bird -- Celtics and pistons next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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