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NESN's Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley

Apr 3, 2013|

We talk all things Bruins hockey with the incomparable Jack Edwards. Where does Jagr play? How does Redden fit in on the defensive pairings? Plus an epic battle between Salk and Jack about the toughest position to play in sports.

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The trade deadline has come and gone. The Bruins made a deal we won't know yet. Waiting for the paperwork to be filed with the league we do -- Jack Edwards with -- though for this hour to break out any movement. The bees make beyond just adding -- -- its saucepan still with a saucepan. -- let's go lemon I you know I I know that while you're going to be seven feet tall and smoke a lot of Wheaton high school you really weren't paying attention to the 2000 NHL draft you know the third overall pick ones in the 2000. Posters don't tell. That Marion. -- -- It's a -- well that's our. If are you. This is yesterday when I -- to Rome. -- here's here's the thing he he comes from the same hometown. As you're Bruins captain. So -- is try to tread carefully on now I got to know whether or not sausage knows who the Bruins captain isn't that Miller well Howard delving well that's another rate now we brought it up job one is Marvin Zaza and Boris can use it on it is able. Exhaust manner with the captain the -- Is that a serious questions -- yes well -- -- hockey player of all time tells radio announcer -- -- -- thing that -- guys across all categories -- or are you're gonna make me embarrassed myself by saying but god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And days you got economically you know once -- got Julian on the other. And everybody say like -- -- from news hockey game Ellis and -- themselves like man that was a bad -- and in his native wanna see their team give up. You know what fifty shots allowed by now 147 allowed by the principles shots and an NHL game. I think TS cents scrambles to weeded through the information provided to him by Elias Sports Bureau most shots and NHL game in twenty years. And it happened last night at the -- Not to look at the games with saint you see it through that a lovely and in. We all of our listeners get drunk every time you say it because we got the drinking game going to go. When you see games against last night opponent which was the Ottawa Senators have a law. We don't you just expect the Bruins to win. I -- no matter what have you look at you know look at how they played against this team. Is expected victory. The funny thing was our senior associate producer Patrick -- put up that graphic early in the games like you know -- What it's like 91 of their last ten or something ridiculous like that and I -- I almost that you but the law of averages is gonna come home to roost tonight. Every time they play out -- expect the Bruins salute I don't know why I really. I'd be you know maybe it's the the richest guy I respect Alfredsson too much maybe yourself but I I keep thinking that I was gonna win. I really like Robin -- 21 year old goalie. Obviously they liked him enough that he punted and bishop the guy they acquired from saint Louis the former University of Maine six foot seven inch goalie. He's Chapman not weak and they wheeled -- -- Tampa Bay and they got Corey caught occur in the deal. Tampa Bay even threw in a fourth round draft choice so sold this Ottawa team when it finally gets healthy. All like gosh you know people are talking Markota like you might win the -- in my rookie of the year in -- basic. You know we need Ben Bishop -- we need duke is our goaltending stinks. -- -- -- -- conquer the player off real pleased he's like a mini Marty Saint Louis and whatever -- Saint Louis but he. -- let me let me read -- the tweet from Joseph -- couple minutes -- sources -- Bruins -- still -- -- trade they -- waiting to become official -- -- does not sound like -- a major deal. However that's from jail -- -- couple minutes ago so it's not a major deal assume that it's a -- this defenseman. And not and not to be a big time puck moving defenseman. And that this is the team are now going to watch Jack down the stretch -- -- could quite possibly be that and you know the dirty little media secret that no consulates in unease is that. There are very few. Journalists in Boston who have those kinds equality sources that they do it CBC in and TS and where you know they pay those guys really large dollars to the Peter Gammons pastoral league types and get the inside information you better and you better reference -- after and and Palestinians -- -- -- -- this guy. You know and and you know Michael party before he went executive -- you know I mean real real good contacts -- part of the reason for that. Is that some guys who represent. Players as agents also represented the on camera people in Canada and they want their guys on camera electorate. Itself when they agents find out. They notify them and everybody's doing a trade deadline show Boston is just. Monitoring the Internet watching it on satellite and then repeating it often without attribution which. Is journalistically foul play. You know so way it's done it's you call people out there right here. It's like we're like Simon Dyson right you know if you don't if you don't name the source of your information you're not be responsible aren't. That Federer and you know what if you get it wrong and you haven't. -- haven't said that you know were running on this guy's story. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We don't know what's wrong with Patrice Bergeron or how long he's going to be out if he's going to be out right we're not entirely. Doesn't. Well maybe eight iron nine -- are cut it we did talk to some Bruins last night after the game. And they did mention -- had contact with virtual console wasn't as if they rushed animal he's not locked in that room that they have to -- them -- little silicon and questions on the initial the initial reaction has to be that. You -- did suffer another head injuries that. His teammates who've been through this before with them. A sense that it's not the major bright that you never well you never know I mean you know -- -- a -- Crosby. Let's say he's gonna miss a couple weeks and now you get younger in their what are what are your lines look like now. -- power you juggling things if you now have jogger. But don't have Bergeron for few well that'd be the knee jerk is to move Sagan center but I don't know if you do that because he hasn't played center in the NHL. You. You the other automatic reaction is that since -- she and you -- of played together. Guy in the Olympics in national team. Competitions for the Czech Republic. That they know each other but. You Blige with that line right now the way they're producing Nathan Horton had been on election night for a long long time. And -- you know to me. Part of it did joy of of the yarder trade. Was that there was a significant amount of discomfort with the Boston Bruins on the ice last night and you could see it. Rich partly skated harder and faster and more recklessly that we've seen him skate all season long that's good because every one of those guys know. It's somebody who has a pretty decent player is going to be watching the game from the ninth floor from now on. And it's gonna be a different angry man every night. Unless. Somebody becomes Wally -- And and -- Maybe it's one. Yarder in the third line just to get his feet way -- -- I don't know if you when you told us what a week ago there we played a cup yesterday and -- he may not be wild about that not a thing right. But but on the other hand depending on how they're gonna use them I would imagine. That this is going to be as as old -- candlelight as a basket like a use of a player on the power plays we've seen long long time in Boston. He might just go out there for the whole two minutes on the powerful. I wanted to ask you this -- iPad just thinking yesterday. Wish I could see Jack Edwards right now with this news. Yeah armor yarder coming to Boston. I know he had a strong -- response when you thought all know what they don't play neighboring and it's 41 year old guy and possibly get a first round pick. Or it could have been a Jack -- situation where you're jumping up and down thinking this is a great move which one was. In the buffalo game it was and we went back 215 games because it had been 215 games since Matt -- assassinated Marc Savard. And and Savard number it wasn't the that was an assassination well. He hit from behind. He was trying to hurt him any did any ended his career Savard came back played a handful games. Was never the same was never the same guy and then this little ball from -- public ends his career okay. So. You know I I. If you look at what the Bruins power play did in the same sampling of games. From 215 games before Savard got her to 215 games that followed it. Power play goals were down. Gosh arm of the number right with me but I think power play goals in the same period were down 55%. For the Bruins in that same period. It's a personnel issue the coaching staff does the same many of the players were the same. But the problem is that they haven't handed pitcher they haven't had a guy who functions as the catalyst. In a power play and -- younger you can go look at the numbers. Everywhere he's gone he has benefited his team's power play. This guy as as one -- buyers said earlier today on this station. People under rate this guy's ability to hold the puck he's 64 east to four. This guy's a large man you know people think of -- players as being little guys. This is a large -- you cannot knock him off the -- until you play since 1990 -- and his ability to control the pocket and still lake feathery passes were still look as if he's gonna make the past have everybody Biden and snapping into the corner of the goal. Is it. Almost unparalleled since Mario LeMieux retired I mean he's got a marvelous combination of skill. So how much does he affected the Bruins going for how many extra games do they win in it because they have the army or younger on their team last Jack that question. In ninety seconds it's all -- Jack -- in the building WB. Paulino but what -- what my. Thinking was. Was to say nothing and I let you guys figure -- out you can write and write all the line combinations tomorrow. Maybe a look at some of those and maybe semi guys will be winners. My get a price get to practice with the Bruins. You win that prize you don't have to get run over by lewd teacher someday just gonna say keep her out on a swivel. Was that in organic left tractor and -- at a members of the media really tickled by close comments. I was real I was really dislike being mentioned by him I think real quick I have a question on the table for Jack Edwards. Who is with a solve this -- quickly give you the Red Sox lineup for tonight against the Yankees one change in it from. From what we saw on Monday Ellsbury still leads often -- but the number two hitter. Daniel novel will DH in its second and Pedroia and Napoli Saltalamacchia. Middle Brooks is Victor Reno drops down and plays right field Bradley junior left nick Lacey is still your shortstop -- -- -- on the -- of Daniel Nava. -- DH instead of Jonny Gomes that's the change as they face the righty instead of the left the in game two -- Jack the question on the table for you as we wait to see whether or not the Bruins did indeed make a last second deal before the deadline. You -- -- -- here. Regardless of what line he plays on the how many picture wins is it worth. Two in the regular season into the playoffs. -- Because. If you look at how. Strapped this team is for office and how well it can play defense. If it can have a power play. That doesn't set the team back which has been so often the case this season. Which is really what is so critical about acquiring somebody who can make the power play were better. Your power play shooting at the very least hire -- the other penalty killers tax the other team and pump up your team. To follow the power play if you don't score with a really good couple shifts. Just to change that that vibration and to produce. Some goals is gonna help the Bruins a lot substantially. And and immediately and get into it -- -- give via trade here just as you reported on Twitter now is on Twitter. This is from Joseph Hagerty and we had a conversation earlier but this is from Joseph Hagerty on Twitter -- source Comcast sports new England's reporting the Bruins have traded. For Wade Redden. In exchange for draft. Okay defenseman former -- partner in -- yeah wealth and Peter surely knows threatened very very well from surely stays as assistant general manager in Ottawa. Six million dollars a year is an awful lot to paid for in depth defenseman. So you know maybe maybe they. Haven't liked enough of what they've seen with the mix and match -- Elton working his way up and down. The three Paris and they're always on the top two pairs but I think a lot of side Berg's. Not great start to this season is attributable to the fact that he was -- with a rookie and it's not the -- Lee Hamilton he's been exceptional for nineteen year old defenseman. But it is I do contend it is the hardest. Position to play in all professional sports to play defenseman in the NHL and and Hamilton has struggled at times so. -- is is a good pick up but that heats up the rest of the cap space some -- gonna go to some parts LT IR money. And if they do that then that's fine they got another four million left but. That was a disaster signing for the New York Rangers -- -- like would you like you like the player you like the player on the Bruins and so you with. With the addition of written -- in the addition of yarder. I'll -- you just ask you. How many wins is yarder worth in the regular season play opposite to. Are above us that -- keep the math going. -- read where does it take you. Britain to me is an extremely the expensive edition who will at first blush. Help Cuban isn't going to be a first star of any game for the rest of his career. He's he's going to be he's going to be a good solid player he's a good three and a half million dollar defenseman but the Rangers game one -- 666 or six and a half right. Right so alive you know that that was an eye popping contract when they gave it to. And and they ended up sending him to DHL to try to Barea but. It via -- I wanted to back a -- just as quickly he's 35 years -- -- -- and that is at his player page 35 years old six foot 2205. Pounds as of today. He's a minus two in the in this regular seasons got two goals three assists five point obviously in minus two with just eleven penalty minutes. Do you consider him to be more of a stay at home guy Jack more of a pop moving a guy an offensive defenseman in defense of guide. What is Wade Redden in terms of his type of game. That that's what he has he's say eases their -- -- pretty much. Now I'll look at it NHL numbers dot com which. Makes its entire global view of the world it's. Ability of the peg guys' salaries and I guess as a result of threatens buyout. His cap it is only 800000 dollars of that is the case RX that no different at all if that's the case. That's that's fine that's your bargain depth defenseman right there. Are you guys are you wanna -- -- -- -- and how well the -- -- -- -- I sent -- notice about a three and a half -- he's been around for awhile you know his name -- he's played with -- he's familiar to surely he's a -- that I think most Bruins fans will recognize instantly and you know paying them and and -- this is really what we've -- stand for for about a week now during Bruins games is that there's there's a disturbing. There was a disturbing level of comfort on that team. Where they were twelve plus 601246. Defenseman. And they were really good if you look at their twelve plus six. Maybe with the exception of Chicago maybe with the exception of Pittsburg they measure up to any other team in the initial twelve plus fixed the problem is is it. Go into the playoffs you need to be like fourteen plus eight. And the benefit of being fourteen plus eight or in the case of Pittsburgh where they kinda go like. Wendy and hand because they keep shuttling guys back and forth from Wilkes-Barre in the HL. There is continual pressure on the guys who were not identified as course superstar players. That if they go cold for three or four games they could be the next -- kept. And that is a beautiful thing you have to have that in the NHL and one of the goals of the Bruins over the last couple years to build institutional depth. They have not been able to it yet this year. The guys they bring up from Providence are not threatening enough. But if you put -- in there and I got seven maybe eight you know our cal ski stays with the team if he survived the deadline. With like -- we've seen from -- -- the last couple games you know maybe they'd Google -- deep. On the and that's good because somebody who's a good players got to get scratched on the every night. And now somebody who's a pretty decent players can get scratched from the top twelve forwards and that's a good thing. When asked about -- Because the only issue I have with the deal is. That if -- if you advance to rounds in the playoffs you losing first round pick but where is. It's gonna be like 2426. OK if so what I believe what that but I can't live with that because. We've we've we've mentioned this yesterday the only time you get upset. About losing draft picks. Is is when you have executives were good at using those draft pick up. So because of the respect. That I have. Where this organization and how they have drafted in the they've come up with some really good ones including -- on in the second round I believe in the same draft is that Phil Kessel. They've they've drafted well. Do you would that have been a deal breaker for your area -- aren't you surprised that a -- I'm restricted free agent 41 years old. In you have to give up perhaps a first round pick your hole -- give up a first round pick it means you may be Eastern Conference final I don't expect that anyway I did. I don't know what's I -- -- not after the not after the way Washington played last year which created a model of how to play against the ball on the way the Bruins know playing the last three won't have that the but the point is is that slightly to what exactly is Euro. That's what dale hunter elected to do played zero become like a point -- every single game and sure enough the entire series came down at what point flip. Overtime in game seven. Mike Knuble runs over Tim Thomas Jewell ward flips in the rebound and good night this -- on and the caps advanced and the caps finished. Seven and seven in the playoffs they played is Cyril throughout that team was ready to hate -- water which is part of the reason you went back to junior in Canada. And does that team was ready to quit on him about October 15 of the season that started on time. The the the fact of the matter is it that. I don't know -- the Bruins have drafted well in the first round when they've had other picks when they've had the high picks and they've you know castles and no I mean nine -- Kessel line Sagan was a no brainer is who's going to be you know if Edmonton took. Took Sagan the -- gonna take all if -- Edmonton took all the -- and -- say can't go wrong there there was no thinking involved in fact the Bruins Bob Beers at this for a long time the Bruins had the better of the two next is there's no way they can be wrong. It's not survive now okay first not a huge dropped -- being the there's no way they expected him to be available query once. That was a fortunate -- Doug. Also dropped but that wasn't their pick that was -- suspect that he there was no way he was supposed to be available at nine but again that wasn't their -- -- -- Jordan Koran. We haven't seen it yet flashes yes consistency no you know Zach Campbell was a complete disaster at number seven overall. And they ended upped his dumping so you know. It I don't know if they've drafted that -- give up an unproven potential it's eighteen years old at the number 24 slot in the first round. I can live with given that up for something that you know what you're getting -- and that's or. In exchange for Wade Redden who heads to -- -- comes from Saint Louis. To the brought to the Bruins made. The NHL trade deadline credit man it delivers may be better than July 31 does that this day in age from baseball baseball teams haven't all kinds of trouble dealing their prospects. The NHL delivers on its trade deadline Bruins make two deals I guess three because they also added that. Added the kids they rob Flacco I would admit I don't know much about but the two big deals that we will know about adding our Mary jogger. Adding Wade Redden what kind of team are they now heading into the playoffs more Jack Edwards nexus rockaholic WE. -- Jack -- sort of the -- Graham -- wants to do that would be NBC guys every single week you know. I think -- every self respecting sports bar in New England should have a yard bomb on the menu pop -- done and our gratitude to us you know whatever four dollars and 68 -- they've been planning for disease in 1990 York. -- -- a challenger on the AT&T to excellence -- yet that you guys can not let Jack Edwards get away with saying this without -- to -- How do you let Jack -- David playing defenseman in the National Hockey League. Is the most difficult thing to do good sports about hitting a baseball college quarterback comes out. About it a point guard. Okay here's the thing when's the last time a quarterback had to make attack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Soggy area. Not talk hockey sorry that. All that is not right -- Hasn't put the let's put Tom Brady's athletic ability. -- -- Watch this are -- let's take a -- a football field watch him throw a football take my chances are I don't know that I would but what they have much chance the I I I bears took. Doing well that is not what I said about defense Jindal let's start that is Iraq to start with the fact. Let's start with the fact that we take hockey player's ability to skate completely for grant. Completely for -- restaurant and and -- so you can start with that kinda. Now guys coming that you at thirty miles an hour. And if you don't make the play you'll look like an NFL corner OK if you do like the play. And you make the wrong -- you're -- -- and you get Hillary and -- don't throw matchup from the 700 level a guy. -- -- I'll go toe to toe with you as long as you wanna go if you look at what it takes to play defense in the NHL. And you consider. How great defenseman get undressed and embarrassed about once every 45 games guys were going to hold great defenseman are there in the unit and the image. Right let's start with Chara they're more than -- -- shut down defenseman of his -- Idea impact there's. Like eight guys in the NFL -- good -- quarterback there's like eight may be twelve. Players they can actually play that position in the league level at a very good level. There's like thirty to forty really good NHL defenseman and arguably -- will not -- that level not on now -- or there's only or you guys who can me your list and email it to me talking about guys who play the position as well. Just guys who play the position well every team has at least one defenseman plays the position well and many teams have multiple guys every -- the the play well may -- nodded and nor snores level but it -- play at well. Every team got somebody plays well it is good quarterbacks. The statement on the -- and that's a statement you made those is the hardest thing to do sports that you define hardest position to play exports and you've defied -- difficult because. You're on ice and you're going backwards against people learn who have the advantage over you. Who were going forward and you've -- and you have to play both sides of the line out of sight out of the -- you know you're not only have to stop the other guy. You have to be the guy who starts it. Or -- team I think you could make I think you could put its second on the list and have a very strong argument for it but the idea that part of your going to order totally myopic in your blinded. By the NFL I -- it until. I think quarterback position is is that the quarterback position doesn't have to stop anything except when you wanted to answer on a signal to freeze. -- -- It's like -- seen a quarterback takes stitches and come back within five minute while Ben Roethlisberger will tell you all about it every single time he -- -- and natural -- let us move on Friday because that is what Jack just keep recorded just regulating you're doing well without -- -- big day the body part of some larger there. -- lied about the station and its history at the blog about all. This is great. Ticket -- how much better the drones how much I wanna move how much better the Bruins you guys can jump aboard -- well 61 couple off seven times 79 victory seven how much better or the Bruins now than they were two days ago after adding Jeremy -- younger and adding now wait. Well they improve the worst part of the team which was the power play the power play's been pathetic it's been awful for more than a year. It was bad enough the -- the only team in the history the National Hockey League. To win a seven game series without having scored a single power play goal is in the first round 2000 all of against Montreal. It is not substantially better since that in fact he could make the argument that it is worse. You auger is a guy who has exactly 1000 career assists he's in the top ten. Of the all time scores in the NHL he's not as fast as he used to be but he's as clever as he ever has been. He has made every power play that he used joined better and more dangerous. He is the holy -- guy when he swings his legs over the boards. Everybody on the other teams tuned in at number 68 every single time he's on the ice the Bruins haven't had an X-Factor player like that. Four for probably since -- important. They have not had a guy who'd actually strikes fear universally into the other team Phil Kessel. In fits and starts yeah okay when he was super hot but but really. Was that a guy that they were like you know if this guys on his game we can only limit him we can't really stop them. Okay who we've -- said we said it many times yesterday people work. Even calling to say this is a great deal they all said this they'll have this -- well we know he's not the same guy was when he was 31. Okay what is the biggest difference. Obviously there's the birth certificate only 3141. Big difference in ten years. How do you see his game changed. In the last ten years. I did just doesn't win races that's it he doesn't win races but. We just flat speed yeah yeah but he is. As as tough and Smart as he's ever been along the wall. He wins and controls the puck. He can slow the game down and speeded up as well as he ever did. And and really heat that is what the Bruins lacked the most since. So Marc Savard. Was hit by Matt -- the Bruins have not had a guy. Who could either shoot or dish the park and they they have just. Had this crying need for it. And clearly it was a personnel issue there are some guys who can there some guys who can't -- she's had every opportunity to prove that he's a guy who can. But she has the numbers show that he cannot. And -- -- the numbers show that he can and does and they expect him to continue to do that and you know you look at the trade history. A Peter Schroeder what was -- supposed to do carbon lately even always that France would still -- puck moving power player running defenseman. Didn't do it in that area. He was -- in game sevens you know he really wants him and he helped the Bruins when the Stanley Cup. It's popular to bash him but you know what he helped the Bruins but he wasn't what they're looking for why did they bring in Joseph Corvel. The book on -- -- was you know he's got a heck of a shot he's really gonna help the power like complete washout absolute disaster. Well you know they keep looking surely keeps looking for ways to fix the power play this has been. Of these three acquisitions. Undoubtedly the best that the best pedigree the best chance. -- -- finally -- -- trying to find a defenseman to fix the PowerPoint to find a guy who's always fix pout power plays and -- -- from the four positions so fine. Play coach for a minute Jack and and know now that may be Bergeron is going to be back maybe not what are your line combinations look like if he's there or if he's not there. All right in order not to mess up the egg crate she line which is playing really well right now Nathan Horton is on terror. If it. If are put together lines I'd call up Ryan Spooner I put him between brand awful left and yard or right just for starters. Civil works. -- can make Spooner a much better player. Have put Beverly up between Marchand in Sagan. Keepsake ongoing -- I'm not sold on him as an NHL setter yet since I've never seen him play against NHL defenseman as a have to depend golf on the -- going to be this this you know given arguments character documents that I had enough dog events -- you as much as an awful doesn't in terms of penalty killing. And and here's the thing. -- Giuliani's record is very very clear. He is hesitant. To assign trust to a player now yarder is gonna change the equation. Give -- would have changed the equation because the guys got the -- okay Casper is documents you don't look at the -- -- -- like -- -- -- automatic he's gonna have to earn his spot. And when he shows that he is. He has an understanding of closed system which handle those all the way back to include his coaching in New Jersey. Then he's gonna win that trust so maybe it's the arguments but if you put together dog Vince left -- -- -- yarder right. If you're asking for trouble cassettes three guys who never ever played together and as it is you're gonna have while you're gonna have three guys who never played together. Either but at least Boehner knows the system. And awful definitely knows the system and you figure yard is going to be Smart -- figured out but but it'll. Just because you started game with certain lines doesn't mean you're gonna stick with that mail last hole one shift. I don't -- you know who knows though maybe Bergeron walks into tomorrow's. Morning skate and everything's earlier. I got two quick things were you one policy after the break an accurate Jason Varitek tooth comb through the toughest position player in sports news. Major League Baseball catcher -- America -- -- -- very -- bearcats Erekat told Vera Katz says that if you do realize the quarterback has to know every other position appropriately the quarterback the mental acuity what route we'll continue on about how you're paying more for their myopic I'm talking outsmart. Quarterbacks of actors get mail fired Tony Romo Smart I didn't say that he was one of the -- out. Excited. Edwards -- so it's all good call on media. -- -- Bruins -- couple deals and their final 24 hours or so before the deadline you do obviously the army jogger was coming that happened yesterday today. They -- we'd written he defenseman 35 years old the one time one of the better defenseman in the league Ottawa decided to protect him. Instead of Zdeno Chara obviously that was the wrong decision and he comes to the Bruins after spending some time in the AHE on has been with that -- with Saint Louis. For the last one year or so Jack Edwards is with a subject to protect -- -- -- you know of moderate or Daria yeah from -- oriented. Sex line yes before you ask me the question -- ask don't somebody in in an area code finally. -- work for Fox News because this is brilliant distortion I said playing defenseman in the NHL's hardest position to play in professional sports. And now disguised as soldier and stoking -- about roughly in TP twelve. Stupidity whose -- is no longer run lead us beyond. No don't you. Go to New York it'll work for fox okay because here's what I said. If batsman in the NHL it's the hardest position to play in pro sports I didn't say that. Every NHL defenseman was better than every NFL quarterback so you wanna start distorting bulwark for -- Are you saying the cost -- is a better athlete than Tom Brady yesterday Europe -- yes sir no you got her Wideman to Brady chants Jack whatever you had to dale wants whatever it is was -- -- there was for medicinal purposes on -- -- -- -- -- Our oil and got the prescription of Venice Beach -- that's a few weeks from now just sort of yes or no with the Bruins ended up doing at the deadline. Was close to being as good as acquiring -- again not. Not because. At least that way I see it now totally opponent I thought he -- was going to be the perfect. Fit for the Bruins because he could slot among the first line on the second line on the third line he creates that wonderful discomfort that every forward would have. She was the ultimate. Example of a team player a guy who would block a shot. Like for anybody on his roster even if there was a fourth line left wing. It didn't matter to him a true captain a great champion. A guy who's desperate for one. Last run at the mug as he got to game seven in 2004. If you wanna see what Jerome Gillis may have go back and look at the shift that he had to win game five in in the Stanley Cup final in ninety and 2004 absolutely incredible. And that's why I wanted to ask you about two roaming camera always interested. In you know is Jack from from being around players and traveling with them. When you hear executives. And coaches talk about players that's one thing when you hear players talk about other players -- get tremendous insight into who was really good. Who was overrated. They don't respect. What are those players have to put a name on them but what are those players in that room but the Bruins saying now they thought they had again look. And now they don't have that netted him are they mad at management are they mad at Greg Cheryl for stacking the deck there and Pittsburgh what do they say. What the vibration is in that Bruins -- and it's much different than it would have been twenty years ago or 25 years ago. Is that. This was the right that he earned as a player to only know movement clause and while. It ended up being awaited Jerome -- wanted it and nobody be grudges Jarome Iginla. The opportunity. To determine his own fate and choose to play with Sidney Crosby. And with have game locked in which again will said straight out at his press conference when he was leaving Calgary that that was the deciding factor. He can't pass up the chance the play with the best two players in the world who happen to be on the same team. That was a magnet that took them to -- I don't think anybody in the rose room. Be grudges. That. And and there are really happy to have yarder because they know I mean the players know the -- like you know over the last few years we've heard so much buzz about. You know respect. For for for players and and how players need to have respect for one another. And brick of I've I've been dying in this around for a little while I think we ought to have an award. That goes to the non brawn that has won the most respect from the Bruins each year have the players vote on it. And who who is the player that has played. The most robust game with the most respect in or in other words in relative borrow that the phraseology of of Mike Milbury in all. Not a guy who has advocated the war sophistication of hockey who is played that brand of hockey that is filled the building for so many generations in Boston. But still plays it man up face to face and doesn't hunt you from behind and try to -- career. You know that that's -- respect award that would be. -- -- might be easier to find this year than -- player -- I don't know who that's going to be I don't know -- the -- that is actually exceeded expectations. Don't -- open yeah I mean other than I mean can you give it to your backup goaltender -- I guess you might have to because I don't know who -- will be by the -- text message here AT&T text line Jack relieving -- the better or. Why I don't think I. Jack Edwards that is a future talk radio enemies of freedom -- great to have you in we talk to you again next week it's -- -- always good to have Jack Edwards even if he's totally -- as a quarterback thing which I will be willing to guess we will continue that debate over the ensuing weeks coming up next. The patriots make a decision to sign a quarterback. Who significantly. Less popular than a guy who signed for a whole lot less money yesterday did they make the right decision it's in the fourth for all -- WB yeah.

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