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John Farrell: Middle of April could be a realistic timeframe for David Ortiz to return

Apr 3, 2013|

Our first in a series of weekly interviews with Red Sox manager John Farrell. We discuss the return of Ortiz, the pitching staff's debut, Jackey Bradley and how Farrell will feel upon his return to Toronto later this week.

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We don't mark this down in your calendar every Wednesday. 235 to get the opportunity to talk to John Farrell will be with us when he's in town in person and when they're on the road to. On the phone brought to buy our bell insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises. Skipped right down. Doing great -- just a little colder than they were doing fine. Well we we are preparing ourselves for night of dawn and Jerry talking all about the whether it's going to be hit by a series of -- Q -- -- saying that that Don and Jerry are all over the web obsessed. Well hopefully that's not the main storyline tonight. Well what Pedroia what what is the story line Mary he appeared to injure the hand at the end of the game sliding into first base on Monday is he OK -- play today. Are right now he's ago he went through full exam. And you know the doctors cleared him. And it's going to be to tolerance. So that's the status he has today -- and will get some early swings. In early BP here today just. To see how he's doing what combatants and put as of right now he's lineup. What do you think about gas line and for -- -- just gonna ask that has special order. They see it it's it's a great question because there's a lot of evidence says you know what it's it's not the right thing to do just from sheer speed first base standpoint that the risk of injury. But the one thing you can't do is take away the aggressiveness the attitude and and the intensity that that he has. And so hopefully this isn't. You know more than just a ball. And just to get the injury news out of the way David Ortiz before the first game of the season said he finally turned a corner he was feeling positive he sprinted. Didn't have to ice. Think he's gonna take semi swings in Florida and then do a minor league rehab what do you expect to have Ortiz back. When he's ready and I know that a general statement general responsible -- sometime middle -- the month has a realistic timeframe for him he'll return down at Florida. Tomorrow. To begin that progression of at bats and hopefully in the game down in Florida by Monday. So everything is moving in the right direction and certainly his presence of a lineup certainly speaks for itself so. He's on the -- and has the right direction and that Stephen Drew. Is getting closer he's losing games yesterday and extended spring training so we're hopeful that he joins -- pocket here in the next couple days. It if Ortiz comes back. Does that affect the the the presence of Jackie Bradley on the roster. Well you know the best answer to that is let's let's get David back first -- those other things put you know in the meantime -- You know I know one game on the stage of Yankee Stadium important he handled himself great. No different than what we saw in spring training so his status he's here for now an animal you work goes -- -- -- get back. What do you -- what do you you make of the fact that he has this great debut no one can help but talk about it certainly we have as much as anyone because it was so. Fun to watch him his presence as you mentioned but he goes off for two in the game and yet it was it was one of the better debuts any of us have ever seen was a say about. Well I think what does -- it is believed polished. A young players have been around and when you see his ability to command the strike zone not chasing pitches out of his own. Like you said it was what we saw 46. -- seven -- two games and spring training. And you know I think more importantly -- more impressive is the comment that he made with all the you know maybe the hype and everything that surrounded me he's very grounded. Comes from a great family. And he's been able to handle all this in stride and it it was what's been really interesting is -- the veteran players have come -- welcomed him with open arms not just because of the talent. But with a person it is. Very early as spring training the reporters would ask you about Bradley and and if he would make the team and you've always got a good question or hasn't been determined yet. Tell us now -- when did you know that there's no question he's going to be on the team went wounded when that moment happened for you. I don't know I don't know there was one defining moment certainly that injury situation has played heavy role in this. But you know early on I can't put that question was poses like -- -- -- There's no reason to. Put a ceiling on a young player but in the situation they came in. You know I guess who's coming to come to a dinner party nationally when you leave and it's. I think as we got to the midway point games it and then Stevens situation with a concussion David not gotten over the hump sort of speak. It became pretty clear that not only does -- improve our. Outfield defense. But the quality that perhaps he was putting up every day it became pretty clear -- in those last three or four days of spring training you know we gave him clear direction on -- you're going to New York. Red Sox manager John Farrell weather says he will be every single Wednesday at this time here in WEEI. It was -- a moment you mentioned that he did the other players. Seemed to like him and respect him immediately and think that he belongs. What does he do to endear himself to the veterans. Utterly carried himself and his work ethic hit his. Is played between the lines so sure that was that was very visible very evident to everyone. But he's all ears and eyes and these you know asking great questions and veteran guys around them and to some of the nuances of the game particularly at the big league level which. We're talking about somebody who's had a couple of months that the double -- level as the highest it's played. So I think just the way you Iraq -- his teammates and weigh about one about his work. I spoke volumes little person. Asked about Jon Lester in his first start menu had your ace going the Yankees had CC going. And both guys. I've struggled a bit although -- Lester was able to come up with a victory obviously. And and give you five innings in 96 pitches that CC. It didn't look like himself what did you think of -- performance overall and did you take him out of the game. Because you thought that was a right time or did he have a pitch count. Well what are the first couple things. I apologize on the first three innings you've got into a pretty good rhythm early Johnny when he was down the strike zone -- the long fourth inning. Probably gave us every reason to think -- six -- was going to be. Maybe a little unrealistic didn't wanna get 210 -- 115 pitches in this first outing and after five innings in 96 pitches. I thought at that time it was probably pretty cleared up to go to the bullpen. And wasn't so much because we had. You know the depth -- -- -- the guys have a bullpen that was just looking at John where we're at a lineup. You know didn't wanna bring a guy and out of the pen in his first public. Was you guys some basic but you know what he's got to work it was a good starting point. John didn't wanna come out of the game but I think it was important to just. Get the five innings in two runs yet he could have been a little more efficient. Did he show more consistency that was curve ball in spring training -- we did the other day. But I think just a good starting point form on the season. You mentioned that bullpen kind of weapon what kind of weapon is that -- Well time will tell but you know we can in the camp knowing and that and pretty good feel that this was going to be one of the strength -- -- team it was on display the other day. The fact that we can go to a completely healthy Andrew Bailey and in a key moment whether that's in the seventh or eighth inning is a luxury for sure. And to know that you can go to our guy like to -- which you know maybe some people around the league don't fully recognizes abilities but we do. And to know that they were using Andrew in the in a tight spot that seven to turn to two dollars. Who you know what even in the young career we've got a lot of confidence in him the depth and a link to those power arms as she is really pretty impressive. As does our guys you can use anywhere mean you could use in the sixth or use them in the eighth. Is is he kind of like that like Bard was when he was going when he was going well. If he is and I think the one thing that. You know he's got that split finger which can really close and left and -- -- down and between he and -- To have to right handers that can attack left handers look what success that's a luxury because. -- you're gonna get that late in the game where you know opposing -- gonna look to match up and if you don't have to make another pitching move to a -- a left handed hitter. And I did know that speaks to the versatility of tests and certainly the the overall talent to really -- war. And I wanted to mention barred -- I want to ask you about him because you were here you saw when he came and the organization. Holly transition from a starter to reliever in an and its dominant reliever. You saw that from the other side and from the other side you saw him. Kind of -- it for awhile what happened how would Daniel Bard and and what are the expectations form now that he's a double. You know Michael I think the one thing that we recognizes that -- he's he's best suited for the one inning stints more frequently you know a lot of times guys it. The other and they can they can struggle as a starter because of the downtime in between the four days to maybe. Over think some things today and maybe that works against them in some ways so to simplify the approach to be more aggressive inch shorter -- which we saw. The annual merging -- up from your late inning reliever. That's the role we've obviously. Identified is best for him. What we've got to do is we've got to get it back to being a little bit more north himself in his delivery driver in the east and west and what do mean by that is when he gets side to side that's when you start to cut the ball he loses velocity loses overall command and those of the main points that are being addressed. While in Portland right now. The typical Red Sox win look like this year. -- -- You know I think this team is probably until we get our. Our roster back in our lineup completely healthy. You know we maybe in some of those -- run games and I think our pitching has the ability to keep some opponents you don't have to three run. Runs allowed so. You know. The one thing that's encouraging is that with the make up -- the club right now we've got a couple of ways to manufacture some runs that's not to say we can't drive the ball ball park -- we will. But this is a pretty diverse offense right now that's aggressive on the base -- and we know we're looking to put pressure on the defense and I think that goes to the type of players that -- and others were brought in here. As Cilic I think that it's not a one dimensional or station to station team. But it -- we can do some things -- -- given game. They seem to be pretty fired up about that reading -- -- quotes today saying he was fired up about Gomes coming around to score from second -- saying that that was the type of win they liked his guys out there playing hard. It seems to be a mentality and a club. And I think if you look at the track records of the individuals -- you -- the free agents are trying to organize or brought in here. That's been proven over time it I don't think is because they've come together here in Boston. That all the sudden they've changed or change the mentality of who they are individuals. That that's what we set out to move to bring in to bring that type of passion or that type of aggressiveness inside the game. And that's one that. You know that the player like you mentioned the dome scored from second later score from second base of the guys feed off the energy of one another. I and that's why I think this will be a fun team to watch for for everybody who's paying close attention to -- talks. Are about is how we talked to you next week John you will be well into the Orioles series. We will be able to talk to you before or during the blue jays series so I got to ask you gotta be asked with a lot onshore. After Thursday. Returning to Toronto lots of things there. They're the favorites now it's on paper everybody's talking about Toronto a did you have any idea that they were planning to make such dramatic changes. In Toronto do you have any. Any strong feelings about returning there. -- a strong feelings and looking forward to going back you know it and it's going to be a different environment I recognize that and you know what. It's fully expected you know that there's a lot of interest there's a lot of growing into a growing anticipation for what the blue jays have done over the over the offseason so. I know will be a lot of energy inside the ballpark. But as far as. Acquiring that many players or or jumping payroll to that extent so quick. It was always talked about at some point in the future. I didn't. Didn't know that it would be so quick. Because the in the number prospects were in that system which they were number of them in very good ones you know they were highly valued in and really. Projected out to be the next group of players at that the big league level Toronto and then when the -- came down it was a little surprising. That it was -- push the chips and little table let's go for right now. He's Red Sox manager John Ferrell he will join us every Wednesday at 230 brought you by our bell insurance town fair tire and celebrity cruises. We will see you Wednesday down at Fenway we'll do an impersonal -- You look or Marc thanks a lot our jobs ago there is John Farrell a Red Sox manager who will join us every single weekend. Seems pretty happy about esteem why shouldn't he be after one game used one phrase that I like tell you what that is next alcoholic WE yeah.

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