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Mut and Merloni attack DnC and Minihane

Apr 3, 2013|

Mut and Merloni fire back at the morning show after they took shots at them earlier in the day about stealing guests.

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Whenever a sort of happy behind the scenes everyone gets along things are good. Which would -- at this. What the hell's going on between our show on the morning show. While it happened I tune in today and there ripping us ripping us for having Curt Schilling -- Or -- Schilling is one of cork board they are guys are our guests. We want to thank John Ferrell Dustin Pedroia had Joel Hanrahan and Ryan Dempster. And Jonny Gomes Pedro Martinez Jackie Bradley junior Alex -- rob Bradford Jarrod Saltalamacchia Larry Lucchino. David Ross Bob Sweeney just pass and Chris medics and Marc spears thanks to Mike Lupica thanks to Doc Rivers thanks to. Gary Peterson. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One day that was one -- -- surely complain about our guests noted here Schilling there in your shot rest he should anybody's guess. It -- just call him up wandering you know as a nice there raised kept TV hair went over the years. The gel with a -- is kind of seeped in and blocked out certain things they -- like I don't identifying the difference that's let me I don't think Dino and Gerry Kirk on the same group. The difference -- -- scheduled weekly gas. And I don't like her children with appear on all three show itself shows at least -- -- show morning show afternoon show. Credit Larry on Saturdays I've heard and their multiple times. The colander regularity. That at bat the ball flight you guys. Of course that is a fake -- -- real fight. You want a piece of schools of slowing him. Or did to a normal. And who's got much. I'll take -- and royal Shiites which she so when the votes in light of the bar of the failed yet OPEC will -- there right now because they know it's never gonna happen. That that -- that it thought I was born in what the fake emanate like. 11. I think that -- stopped after like -- -- it's stoppers there was so much fun and -- and tornado writes two days a week two guys to match as the leader of offs on. Some of the good one. It is that they check usage goes on everywhere. They keep it -- is the ball in the law are. Guys been on this show every single Friday this Friday and the other -- different the other -- -- As far as I know Joseph Courtney wrong blog was scheduled that day with a suitable more -- at noon. Adults -- for -- 88 -- -- directly from -- and MLB network went -- -- -- most all of us at -- that we -- on in the morning alike as an -- until -- -- Mike -- people called up today you want the eagle on Leo we want when you -- not -- they wanted to promote them but I said it was a regular guests and our guys say -- a regular -- every right to -- Home relief equipment like month or minute man bites him. Famously says I've never won a fight in my life right. He's a -- month I would I would. I mean let's be honest. On this guy who would be well I'll have some really like that really -- -- hairs and does it amount to start this release both. Only one out of these priests he's always. Those guys they're now he's talking about your -- you Jerry that that they're they're talking about like. In hand talking about the -- there like fake fights aggression was weak and and and -- like odd weird. Analysts sex life. Feel like it will. -- in Georgia put it to requested for Jackie Bradley. With a simulating -- you put in question project you want to go you go and cry about it in -- went on the morning that's what works. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now he's your guy can you sign guys in spring training yet among yesterday on we got this picture says minute hand sent -- was crying. You selves -- in the morning -- of that. -- with a -- you. Know that's the point these guys don't abruptly while. But it surely in the that was like you know we currently on and stole Schilling from shall raise Havoc on this week yes the producer knew -- knew it. Andy what do you think surely that's -- got this rat move by god this rat and show that show makes me wanna vomit. 1009. Start -- at fifty you know we don't trust. It's across today and she'll I don't want and cannot allow without alienating those crossover asked over and over -- anyone -- we brought over. This rat anyone knows about a threat to that Kirk all of them if they didn't wanna go supple -- -- -- document. So annoyed bind and -- -- last fall this. No you know how to talk I mean. Can't do looking at least change shows he would do it anymore it's all -- -- -- now that would happen. I'm not -- not allowed a high level meetings. On the ice at the little kids daily UN -- make the big global decisions that I sit over here to talk Mike and sent the break every commercials that's all here for. My final point this is is less I -- -- how this happened we Schilling. Nobody held a gun -- said we -- hold his -- hostage to come on the -- with us Woolley came on because he -- -- in baseball us. And could do it. On a regular on their show on -- beyond the NC very soon they'll be -- sultan Ali then all of writer and Mikey. Then on with something to weaken program and some numbers out on the weekend the red Red Sox season. -- -- and screaming each other mobile -- -- in -- there were tears in his eyes he cried he was welled up with anger that we animal are on. Now they take Schilling from from marsh. Then it. No problem whatever -- Schilling who we will wait and it sparked calls back as kimonos Monday job. So it's a much. The public -- -- week is no in my believing volume Beck and call us right back what does that say about those guys. That your regular talk with a -- it was politics. They bring a Rhode Island again and again we talked -- -- it'll bring up. She -- And -- using these were about crowd has written about as I know it's time they want they talk Jackie Bradley was asked because I wanted out wanted to find out. Along -- work on his autograph I wanted to find out he practiced that means you don't have all the great questions lined up. They beat me to. Do many unhappy about that he hates and -- when he wants and are. Not fair point. Settlement and we partly due to the becomes its -- it's it's an office chocolate milk. Yes or no big immediately both sides Eagles on a radio talk about is crime and he comes in our office doctor Baltic pride in everything else. Yeah he's really tough on the radio UEU he wants the fight muddy with the place sauce CA basketball. That's any has ever happened wants -- -- Hagerty with that that's as it is it crisis that is midlife crisis or something when -- fighters now. I wanna fight. Pretend fight though Oprah and -- -- -- enemies and still looking for the -- bean town beat. Minnesota not into that bracket -- super light lightly slightly ball. I mean I am I admit it my -- is terrible but it does not know much better you'll want to talk about the two years of my -- Look at Amir Al Monte burns ski break. City air bag on my hair played -- a bag on before but -- the the same -- I -- -- I still outlined grow you shape I'm gonna get that point holdings at a gulp. Holding all like a -- to -- block all holding until last minute possible. Until we -- Boston media day. Here -- Disney's competitors. -- -- Kelly and things didn't look -- we have it easy anybody could book -- amid days it's easy do you think the big show is also spoiled the FB after news producers they are rolling around them. And they say OK here I'm sure we -- you know anybody does call Roger Goodell really -- and his offers the -- morning show has its so hard we can never get an NBA player because they're all nocturnal bright afternoon baseball players they say one thing it's funny though isn't it -- when the morning show actually tries to get some guess they don't do too badly for themselves. Our guests John Farrell Dustin Pedroia schedule Hanrahan Ryan Dempster might do. Pedro Martinez Johnny Gomes Doc Rivers Jackie Bradley junior Gary Peterson italics here Greg Bedard rob -- Darren thank you Eric Saltalamacchia come -- Larry Lucchino Gary Matthews David -- -- Adrian awards announced he loves Sweeney just passengers medics and Marc spears. Wow there's a lot of guests for a show who claims they can give guests. Instant -- up against it. Just give firms are very high level source here. At this radio station month -- 937 WEEI. We -- -- he was Curt Schilling to only appear on our show that the want to thank everyone who made that happen behind the scenes. And look. We have been showing on every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday we're gonna let him beyond the must have been Johnson show what's love got to share amount.

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