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Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice fired

Apr 3, 2013|

Mut and Merloni talk about Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice and his disturbing coaching methods. They also listen to the coach make an emotional apology.

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You know the problem is is that you know whenever Ted Kennedy came into the engine migrants on the best paid. You know scrapping its positive. You know some distance and any leads you know -- -- his -- bits of and you know and. What they call EMT time Murdoch with -- up problems related. It's not -- ID 37 WEEI your phones all day -- only at noon. Trade deadline coverage of what happens or doesn't happen in the NHL sixth -- seventh. 7797937. The AT&T text line 37937. Open the show Tanya. About the breaking news as a Rutgers university in the wake of the video surfacing. The ESPN outside lines and Jeremy shot yesterday at a basketball coach Mike rice. Abusing its players you know it was not -- abuse of real physical torture. But it was the head coach at a major university throwing basketball to the heads of players. It was the head coach of the university you'll be rating -- players verbally. Head coach of university that dealt with just a three years ago. Off freshman Tyler committed lament today jumping to his step up the GW bridge. In committing suicide after Germany outed him online this prank gone wrong videotaped him. You kiss the other guy -- -- one out before it can tell anyone on the -- kills himself. Just three years ago calling his players on video Mike rice was caught yesterday caught months ago. -- leaping in British cigarettes bleeping fairies. I completely get fired EST this big serves I got there when he saw this thing out -- -- at 3 o'clock yesterday my thing was ominous account for supper at 6 o'clock. And it's going to be across the bottom line after sports or -- exports and a breaking news Mike rice fire. Instead. -- the that the athletic director. Is -- all of -- SaaS and on FAA and what out some aligned to the media around somebody over there let this guy. The media around and say. I'm OK what I did this was wasn't -- a first time offense. I don't like the idea that people were saying what we release it on him. And I'm like it acquired in the -- on the air panel one today -- fired record university. -- to be the next -- ago. You know we have people say out assists this happens -- icicle would mean again it doesn't make it right. Does it happen throughout shore is that extreme. Probably not maybe it is who knows the bottom line is we've talked about this before. Where -- the B suspensions or fines lol whatever it is. And it's unfortunate but it's true how much of media attention -- yet. Sometimes dictates. Weather will no matter what happens right how good a team right of Rutgers was a sweet sixteen team this year. Or you know there were at this video came out universe is taking -- like this I still think it would have happened. I really do. Etiquette because again I guess -- when a video was released and everybody gets to see it the year you put your year your university. School whatever might be in a bad light and in you have to address it. The more media attention it gets the more severe gets its. The weight of the latest -- it's embarrassing for the university that he he gets fired today Mike rice should have been fire but he's fired at the wrong time when when -- -- -- -- back in December. And the response was suspension in three games right that's when he -- fire it's it's sad to me. That it took to this and it's not -- then and he can make the argument. Many say OK it was really port in the school Rutgers last three years Mike rice as a coach. Fifteen and 1714. And 1815. And sixteen. So -- peacekeeper and a guy around. It's been that great of a coach -- Rutgers the three years a conference. Five and thirteen -- six and 125 and thirty career sixteen of 38 team. In the big east they're all of the Big Ten next year. And they got to deal with this this recording is going to be impossible. So we'll get a pretty heavy here and a second. -- about an hour ago is we were talking handy a brick we talk and LB. An emotional Mike rice who's just been fired by Rutgers. Spoke outside of his hold on to ABC am New Jersey about the firing this morning Byron. Can't say anything right now except. I'm sorry and and there'll never be a time or I'm going to use any of that as an excuse. Or will there be any excuse. But -- so many people down. My players my administration worker university the fans. My family who's sitting in the they're -- just huddled around because the fact that. Their father. Isn't was an embarrassment to them and it's. It's troubling but I will. It some time maybe I'll try to explain it the right now that there's there's. There's no explanation for for what's on the film because there is no excuse for I was wrong and I -- -- everybody who who's believed in me. Then. -- deeply sorry for for the pain in in the hearts of that I've caused. Well people just two months him deeply sorry for -- caught. Mean you know really -- -- for getting -- That's what he is and instill his actions right. Who's deeply sorry when he first did he publish -- realized then. That it wasn't right bomb Sherry coached you up to one point today he got a slowdown probably broke putting Murdoch yeah you gotta just take it easy I mean listen as one thing of if you wanna put your hand on a player during practice at one point getting dumped that happens let's let's face guys -- a -- spikes and grab a Jersey big you gotta be here. When you wanna use certain language and practice that happens. When you come out now to give me the sympathetic I'm sorry let a lot of people down. You -- sorry you get caught is already the tape got out you sorry you got fired you're sorry get addressed this public because it's embarrassing. -- sorry in the fifth and what -- -- did it if you really were so are you would stop the. Hundreds of hours of video folks we played a little clip of it. Earlier Mike rice practice ESPN outside the lines put together you're 202 and a half minutes guys of a half hour video. The Affleck director got back in December. Outside line's -- in their story -- not their investigative reporter really good reported to be dealt thing. Couple weeks back and is now ESPN's -- watchdog and and watch out this -- good. He said there are hundreds of hours of this. So I understand rice emotional today. And it's -- -- like him credit for not trying to say. You'll defend his actions maverick guys worse than that defend their actions as coach -- player he says look no excuse sport. Says sometime or I'll explain but right now not gonna try to explain because it should be on that it shouldn't be there I should know what I did. All we learned that lesson but for now he rightfully in my opinion lost his job. Gyms in Dorchester talking about the Mike rice -- rockers and they would sub Jim. You don't do what we have. Apparently. Were accurately hit a terrible word Florida is not in the locker room amongst. I mean. It was an occasion are all over again. Jim I said the words -- the problem the words final would -- the language I get it it happens. You see the video -- yet and it. -- probably got on a ball guy's face. -- kids that aren't that language this edit and Jim get off the language is not about the language did you sleeves sun and -- all the defense learns that yeah. Ever that -- Columbia let the I mean maybe something approaching apparatuses you know chill out you know it's just that camera that they catch these guys it. Jim -- he knew -- running the tapes Jim this was not like hidden camera candid camera these were practice. Things that rockers was using when he table practicing go back a look at he knew the cameras there when he was pushing players shoving players hitting players kicking players how. How do you defend that you. Believe me I think because of all the but at the same time we'll make it healthy kids to be like only god put them via -- have never heard that language. All I don't get the the language the engineers are stuck on this language when -- get a physical active hitting its players and kicking his players. -- I mean. Radio is on I don't and I wanted to finish raising miceli villain -- my rights that are focusing on the language I don't give. A damn about what language a coach uses in practice they're all big boys they've heard those words before I really don't. I regret that yes maybe should be the more sensitive given what it happened as much set and directors. In -- month prior but still the awards don't bother me. I don't mind I don't mind the words I don't -- language but watched a video. The ball off the guy's face is kicking guys he's grab -- him he's pushing down his own balls and everybody I mean it's it's extreme. This is not the was suffocation of America this is -- a coach that it's taken to lecturing well the question becomes will will try to answer we come back. Does this. -- Mike -- your brother shot to coach in college 6177797937. Or your calls buster only in --

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