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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Jagr to the Bruins

Apr 3, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Bruins acquisition of Jaromir Jagr and Patrice Bergeron's injury.

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-- firing their basketball coach Mike rice this morning after the videos. Mahan became public yesterday of him abusing his players -- verbally and all of a physically Mike rice's spoken outside his home. In New Jersey hero Mike rice had to say later on this hour month -- 937. WEEI. Bruins and senators last night will throwback very offensive gables the hundred shots. Andy brick that was in the Booth called game on -- alongside jacket in Berkeley joining us on the ATP outlaw anything. Think -- and at some point neck and club a -- some heart palpitations about how much offense was called back and sports in those two teams. Yeah probably elegant it's are you obviously but he's been craving rockers like the rest of us from the team -- a lot of -- last night. And I think the mistakes that they continue to make differently. Are -- correct. In generating offense from the group so. Take the good with sugar and fix the bad and I think that's their approach will. -- -- dots on yarder real quick -- ever talk about the power play and where. He might fit into the addition of him losing on the Duma. Yeah I. A little fight to compare the parade because I try to take them separately grew. If you look at it in Latvia are bought and offered far more than what Pittsburgh did that really became a decision by -- player. And they either management in your ownership team of account reform and RPI is concerned. Pretty good news -- really last week so it's. This what bought it needs to what they've identified thirteen -- -- -- the first nine forward. Obviously they get a guy that could top six talent. The couple two meeting a team purse whatever it takes to win type player that they want its annual they got that -- I go to the top two criteria that wanted to bring that top twelve actors. And understand what role is here whining when I -- I think you'll be a good fit. And he has enough versatility that you played with. Let's multiple. Players and actually in multiple positions so -- also asks -- when you look at that. A team like Boston and how they feel they need to play to win because they like to have that balanced political life. Yet LB said the same thing you know these first -- why -- anybody Miley argument would be Rick I think the place they should plays alongside David -- whether or not. He'll do it every single shift I don't know where do you think Claude is going to play him. A what line you think he'll be on the start to -- passengers. Article have that kind of discussion with with Peter -- this coaching staff. And the player. So players. They'll come to some resolution on -- triumph CEO goes I think it's only natural that they gonna come up with David preaching. But sometimes but this sort of work -- the other thing that we that we secret logical you know sometimes you go to work hockey at. I think it should be prepared to see there's no chemistry there that you know -- -- and increasingly played well it certainly shown us that they are capable of being a dominant line. I think about -- -- Michael Ryder I would never make at all. The analogy that Ryder every yarder -- When right that was acquired by blocked in the expectation was that he would play with a popular sentiment that was Bergeron and their great GR -- marks a lack of that mattered. It probably is most image in the playoffs playing on the third or with with Kelly and internally so you don't know kind of chemistry and yet. When you look certain players. I'm with you likely that you -- -- but when I -- Yeah and that eggs -- the ball crisper promises couple options right before he was injured in and now we don't know what's gonna happen but. In your mind is it is yeah at a point now would you for a couple put it's taken back at center or -- more areas. Well -- like Alienware years you know leak articulately -- thought he looks like little and analysts say -- -- -- someday you will be a sentiment I think you'll be in actual sentiment in -- now. I wouldn't want start making that transition now the Bergeron situation long term may be forced to go that direction because the other alternatives not. Part satisfactory -- If you go to perpetually in the middle you can still bring up the order and you know the playoffs are winding down over in Europe and maybe soccer here. You know all gonna happen -- hole for matches -- nation that there won't start Bergeron last night was -- short term situation. That's everybody's hope and a unique I don't watch him make his way to the stage -- was pretty -- like it mechanically over there is it like it is it like immediate reaction that we try to watch him make his way. To the bench and down a runway but it looked pretty solid on the streets and undertake that it could start. Rick was there any buzz coming out of that game because the Bruins you said he's out for the game they've said today it'll be no player availability they've not talked about the injury was thirty speculation behind the scenes on. If it is would be a fourth concussion potentially suffered his last one to 2011. Yeah no there was no indication and I are honoring quite a while on a quick here. -- talked to somebody that collectively give me some insight even which from my own personal gratification. But no I got no feedback which -- ever going to pretty pretty solid when it comes to protecting that and information that you and it's an injury like. -- Patrice is important that history so we can only hope that short term and and that you know he's back playing with with no side effects. -- wondered -- we it's just early stages right now of some kind of goaltending controversy immune nobody has looked good. Just early stage -- the next couple weeks play out. Not the sort with a broad wanted to and that is that nobody has created more competition and more sense of urgency for -- that you. Continue to not play only to the level that it played most the year quickly get that have a culturally it's like -- All because of the content schedule there's a lot of unique qualities that this year. And I think it's real benefit for this -- that that we -- and is playing the least funny they identified him you know several years ago when he was with another organization with a disorder. This on this -- the American League level and they needed depth that the golden position in the organization and what got on the actually. Probably -- even a little bit to keep them with the rewards when you are not opportunity in the critical factor here from make a move. So they identified him as -- I wanted to in the organization they wanted to develop. He certainly developed -- he's got his opportunity to compete. You know he showed a little. Again we used to freeze let you know a little Timmy Thomas -- at times the -- plays a little bit aggressive than sometimes a little out of control. In the country has yet to good luck he'd come to him but. I wouldn't call controversy I think it's a good situation they have. You have with the save him getting it's and it's against awful couple lights back released slid across into -- one. He looked at -- most goaltenders give -- the goal there and he's able to get that right -- -- brick and make that save I guess. It has got a goalie controversy must follow up question would be what do you think place Thursday because he's golden now has had a nice little stretch here on the grass so the number one but. Do you stick with the hot hand pretty go back to -- and and let him get another chance here Thursday against New Jersey. They're my expectation with Google vacuum between that site so you know I don't want him getting into whether you want including two long but the that's really possible at this season. But I think it all right back to. Sit him I think -- -- culpable -- to being the number one guy it would be the number one goal and put it there in the situation. They didn't they're tremendous meeting in New Jersey there in trouble right now a lot so that they're -- article chuck. They need points they're in danger slipping out of playoff structure so. All -- should be highly competitive game and the expectation is that your goal number one goaltender except for a couple of game got to get right back and. By the conditional second round pick could be first round pick -- that make it more difficult for relative -- may be. Added defenseman knowing teams analyst connection to only be a second rounder. I don't think it makes it more difficult I think to cap number that yarder still allow plenty of flexibility financially we'll get a -- guy that carries some big numbers. You have to. To deal current accident that spot any future first round pick if the expectation is that conditional second turned into first. In the deal for darker. I do like it's that it rewards are willing to those kind of traits when you take a look back at history at the -- and how they constructed at 2011 cup team they dealt first round whether they or future first this. Well our first round there were some point in their development in the -- he leaped up like it -- got you first round along with Karsums. -- easily dealt -- church that would -- The port Campbell BO that Weidman in Broward even Catholic who you know lucky or disappointed that performance. I was -- for routers Colbert in the future first round so. They've shown that they will they will you beat me particularly target certain plays in order to edit or group. Maybe you have to deal current assets and not their future first -- Because one party go on and I'm unsure of your inventory not only this summer but for 2014. Yeah we talked about adding defensemen the feel like between now and 3 o'clock you'll be lecturing brick or necessity to add a top six defender in the trademark. Are there. If you pick a third bottle have a good option that you pick the third one -- comes Sar. All all it had -- Steps to picnic is still pretty strong team that everybody out there and and I don't know elect street I think it's somewhere in between I'd like to see them and I think everybody. Would like to see the earliest that -- players in the room. Certainly would like to see another defenseman -- HL quality that somewhere in the top five. Ours they're rating because you know what injuries alike in -- grind and that will to win that's required to go deep into June when the Stanley Cup. Like beat the expectation that the -- will it added management. And not really try to -- two big assets -- their -- locked in order to get -- feel that because. Themselves in that position. Have the flexibility to make these kind of positive decisions. You know the commerce trade. The Savard long term injury situation. But signing up the core group to bring everybody back. These -- the opportunity. That's been presented to them and I think it's the due diligence and responsibly to add another essentially to give them their first. Rick how much you think of future contract -- and maybe the guy that target in a guy like Whitney strike me on restricted or got a boy it was that six point six next year. How much does that play into. It's plate and what little no question. Multiple years -- just a -- you know what people outside the -- who reached their when you know what they were -- at a percent in light -- You know you gotta consider it that -- He's got two years or six or have lost seven million dollars. It's exactly one year. We still have that in the -- -- in your back pocket it's things don't go the -- you want them or you just -- injured in the contract extra additional caps going -- -- you definitely practical look at. Player his age. His cap number not only hurt the remaining you know two months of the credence. But what it'll look like the next year possibly two years ago. Other any other name's -- kind of strikes a guy he talked about this last week the UC that are available and oh yeah and allow they're just names that you see -- boy. If they can get it done the salary is not an issue in the prospects -- not gonna give up that will be good this year for the Bruins -- -- 3 o'clock. By local street names not that you just mentioned there and when you take a look at those streak. You know it'd be in the vehicle on time could be a local kid you know pull them out oil proven winner won a Stanley Cup -- image shot it would fit -- on -- power play. I'm right now -- that animal and it's really you're really you're only write in shot put on the back in the complaint for fortune in -- can run a pretty good I'll play. But I think straight because that's probably the most attainable when it's not about what you gotta give out -- to get what you want. And those renamed I think that are that are pretty tracked the Boston. Brick great stuff enjoy that coverage as always we'll see -- very soon UN it jacking a lot of new. New team to look at this -- -- gets back on the ice tomorrow night. Yet cubic pretty excited -- in a bit earlier. Thanks Rick Rick -- Andy Berkeley joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible break joins us. He's brought you -- friends at Toyota of national recovery. Bob Jaipur the entire crew Toyota -- -- sponsors. Of any Berkeley on our show ninety seconds we talked about a little bit with brick. But the goaltending situation what is exactly going on. PG -- Goldman and Rask is very true number one we'll talk about that next.

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