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Buster Olney, ESPN, "little or no chance" Ellsbury resigns with Sox

Apr 3, 2013|

Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox opening day win, Jackie Bradley Jr, the expectations for the Yankees, and Jacoby Ellsbury's future.

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Every Wednesday at this time we talk baseball. With a great pastoral only of ESP NE joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds at ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible this time a year bustier you're allowed to make. Ridiculous claims of proclamations and only a couple of baseball games I've seen Clayton Kershaw deal I saw -- Yu Darvish. Come with a one out of a perfect game against Houston is pitching officially back in Major League Baseball 2000. -- yeah without a doubt I'd been back for that few years to meet every year can Blake. The number runs are scored each game -- goes down and on top of that. Navigate to get a sense this and watching the game that I didn't watch threats such yankees who were held up as a standard in this category. But the pace of game actually seem to be pretty good in the game that I watched. That are up that did the pitching -- you know maybe those meetings and spring training -- means something. But -- it's been phenomenal and by the way last night I had put about 75% that -- -- Darche put about 25% of it on the Houston editor. We're really really not very good. Yet only came on they won they'd be opener with Houston how much -- how much are gonna win is that one of the main reasons why you might look at that Weston's that is a good chance the they can get three teams and every other division just have to win. Allied victory came through that division. That -- -- that would Oakland and the angels in the rangers'. But every reason and I think that when you look at the National League east you could almost say the same thing. -- -- from the Marlins are gonna be so terrible that the top. The other three teams that divisions to -- is gonna be done them and I was talking with a scout before that opener any -- now. That's going to be a situation where if you're playing the masters and you lose. That it's gonna -- like a double Lott speaker that the game that you almost sure it wouldn't. Watching that game -- I don't know if you guys dedicated the leading candidate you know pitch -- pitch. But I -- really loose just sort of shocking how bad they -- war. -- so bad that swings late neck and obviously good news. -- fourteen of the 26 doubt that dead Darvish register last night went pitches out of the strike zone at 27 that swing that. The second highest total in the last two years. And a Bud Selig is announcing he's OK with the way Houston's approaching this which is basic punt on this year. I was gonna get to appoint their sole bad buster where he kind of rethink what I want to let teams in this day and -- on how to play for a high draft pick. Well it when you talk to people involved tell you that's not what's going on okay just let's get that part on the record. I think that's exactly what's going on that's my opinion I think that. It's you know -- position to be at the top of the draft in the end. You know what the incentive for doing something like that it's actually gone up because not only talking about draft position. But you're also talking about the dollars to catch the draft picks. So it -- give you more flexibility when you're in the draft. The worse you are. And what's interesting is that spoke with general managers with -- that seems to privately will tell you. If you are trying to rebuild became this is that right -- it's the perfect way to do it. Couldn't see what the rays had done -- their top pick to -- what the nationals had done speaking at the top of the draft with the guys that they got. The problem is guys if you actually had more than one team employing this strategy how embarrassing would that be down the stretch. Where you literally had 45 teams. A unit trying to build -- team is situated we give them that the most chance for losing. And that's why I'd be concerned as they say everyone abducted that they don't think that's that the estrogen doing I personally think that's exactly what they don't. Yeah I think it's almost a landscape -- baseball right when you look at the free consider hitting. The market now that are being tied up that are hit the market 3132. It seems like a bad way to go about it. And it's -- team that trend even more so deadlock and guys up so the way to do is to draft. Our she again mid to draw the on the nationals as an example. And where their two best players Stephen Strasburg number one in the draft Bryce Harper number one in the draft now that. Positioning grew organically where -- staying at you know we're a bad team because they made poor decisions but we saw last year with the Astros. That you today I think -- were 26 and 34 to start the year which is Elwood it's not good it's about it the same time that terrifically bad. And then they traded literally every movable piece on that team and when you talk with the executives without it seems that don't think they got that much in return. They won and I think their record from that point now with something along the one to twenty and 73. Okay and today we're losing games did an unbelievable rate. They pop up and they get the number one draft pick again and by the way you know but Norris started. For them on opening day and the perception of the general managers is that the teams did. You can call the essar today trade for him I mean there's still a net absolute cut down mode. And -- filling out their roster now -- in a journeyman on two or three years that type contract -- guys like Ricky keel. Carlos Pena at the players who really probably didn't near the very end of their careers and again. It's easy strategy that privately people the united that -- but I don't know how you necessarily condone that because. I mean how is that any different than Peking. If you build maintain. -- too loose and to repeat the Astros that that relative bill. -- the Sox opening day a good win for them and I think there was. Important for this team to kind of get off to a hot start obviously. But it was against the bad but I think is a real bad Yankee demand them actually last. In the American League but it does seem to be more hope I think for Red Sox -- -- feel that way. Minor league is coming up financial flexibility any different attitude what did you see out of this team in camp. Everything we saw the other day potentially one of the best bullpen. In the American League in a bullpen that -- have to win I judge unless you cease to be reborn. We talked about that you know leave camp that it felt like it was going to be camp could buy dot. Where they are all going to be happy to have a Mulligan after what happened last year and it Jon Lester potentially was going to be a guy who would benefit most from that. And we -- Jackie Bradley junior who when you see and Lou -- be this far better than I ever could. And this is what jumped out at me with a spring training numbers. When you're drawing walks OK and spring training games as opposed to be at a young who's anxious and fired up. That says a lot about your personality. If you're drawing three walks on opening day. -- -- first game in the big league when you're taking pitches off the -- It actually what I think about this morning and it was gonna come on that you guys I was thinking about John have a check okay. When they would take him out of big games when he played with -- Celtics they would check -- heart rate sometimes -- would be about forty. Which. Separated him from just about everybody else who played. That seems likely Jackie Bradley junior -- -- that absolute. Calm and understanding. And if that continues and there's not some gaping hole. I have to bend you're talking about a player who's a difference maker but you're talking about for the here in outfield with defense different making. The the Yankees have back got buster to watch them play through opening day in a -- sabathia hit 92 twice I I guess our immediate reaction here was polite. They're in trouble they don't have that young player to rely on long term. -- And you know I still would give sabathia more time because it's he's an older players still building up arm speed and -- Do you think he'll rebuild their arm strength don't get is a lot to be out. But I told you got a little I picked the Yankees have been flat two widely agree with you and it seems crazy. Are you talking about it he -- finish out of the playoffs once in the last nineteen years. But they just don't have it and anybody think Derek Jeter's gonna come riding at a white horse. -- anytime soon forget it you know identity as the Yankees have acknowledged. These -- real chance that a market shares suffered a setback he'll miss the entire season Curtis Granderson. Can be really good when he's hot but he's also -- -- streaky player there's not a guarantee -- necessarily gonna come back and get them. They don't have that young player which is why Islam. GPM. -- -- and Nintendo are feeling pretty good about my leverage dealing with the Yankees right now. They both Scott the Boris right now man looked at this offseason some his clients and yet in my -- -- more years but the average annual wasn't there and guys like lotion missed some parts of the season. A guy sort of looking at that right now with the way the offseason is that the compensation same maybe this is the best way to -- body waiting till February norm gonna play. I'm gonna be curious to talk to you could know at some point about what this decision was about because there's a lot of possibilities about. How why he made this decision one image what you named it is no doubt Scott did not have a good went to well you know Lohse. Lou when you talk with the executive you talk with other agents they -- -- to come -- the board early rather than -- it -- didn't get the money Michael -- they feel like same thing. That while Scotty is he said he's not happy with the system that perception of people around him is he misplayed the market and that was say in their -- his mistake. I also wonder about the impact that you know and Alex Rodriguez whose clothes would rather -- Had in this because Alex to walk away from Scott. There really get along that well anymore in there today -- what I've heard about Alex. Working on behalf of. That other players trying to lobby them to lead got Mark Teixeira left Scott as well he -- those voices were factors well. Work you know it is just a case where. Robbie eat like the idea of being wooed by starlight -- Buchanan and Natalie can help them with -- marketing. There's no question the last six weeks at about the same time that we heard that the Yankees had an offer on the table and that they had made any traction -- offered. That -- -- started talking with other agents that spoken -- And looking around for alternatives. We've talked a lot about Boris because of of Jackie Bradley junior and not need 20182019. -- free agency. I guess rebels -- look at the -- client listing Gulbis is now a marquee client it. And there any rumblings that -- Barry is feel like -- always that. And the Red Sox have made some offers -- we still convinced busted Ellsbury plays out this year and gets to free agency was up ports. I haven't heard any grumbling that he's unhappy and I can tell you that the perception of Jacoby among other players is that he strongly tied to Scott. Bad and if that's the case and he will play -- adoption. And he's probably going to be guy who's going to be out of the market -- long time that during the course this winner Scott will play it out. And he wants to have those guys on the market to use the leverage -- That's why I think there's a little to no chance that he resent the red dot. Buster where we stand right now with bio Genesis battery is not even into reduced. A Yankee Stadium seems that they still -- distanced themselves I know MLB is not happy with and they Phillies a kind of a pied piper of this whole thing. Where where's MLB right now do you think you'll be suspensions will come out. I do I do think they're going to be suspensions there in the process of investigating. And you know Alex is not the only name Brian -- that the only name Nelson Cruz isn't the only game. It might be somewhere in the range of twenty players who -- being cured I think I'm sure you guys saw. How Major League Baseball father's lawsuit is that ten days ago where there essentially trying to position themselves to gain access to some of the documented by Genesis. It's -- at those documents they gonna -- two players and I can be sleeping very well. Muster great stuff is always appreciate the -- -- -- next week. I -- Levy SP and joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible boss who joins us. He's brought you by cola space by Toyota of Nashua and by ERS restoration specials they all well almost all most. It really special night last night Major League Baseball would have been the 24. Perfect game. You are part of an almost due back in the -- highlights -- -- -- -- almost it's Mike Mussina where you're -- almost there it's Mike Mussina I helped them almost get -- we'll talk perfect game next.

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