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Jerry Remy liked the Red Sox win but hates off-days in New York

Apr 3, 2013|

Jerry told the guys that the most impressive aspect of Jackie Bradley Jr's debut was his walk vs Sabathia. Jerry also said that the Yankees are simply not a good team right now and that he hates off days in Manhattan.

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Welcome back garlic the conversation -- Jerry Remy has brought you by Lexus of watered down new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of watered down dot com. And as always the red dog joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE and there's the -- likes better than an off day in New York City I just spend on dog. I had a hot bat on in my room because -- construction going on right outside so. I just glad to make sure I was safe here but it's I have a lot you know especially after a win like that is sitting on top of the world of middle of Manhattan. No it was funnier than when -- Doug said it was really quiet New York City and Easter Sunday and then or sell low and I believe Jenny that they teamed up poignant said. You don't know how it was in New York City and never left the hotel. Ballots so I guess. I'd that we go to LA as a restaurant about a block about apple block away. And I gave -- I didn't see many people wanna let the rest but that was about 130 in the afternoon so. I guess it was pretty -- is that one of the busiest days of the year but I'd I'd -- Not about you where you were red dog and all -- matter it's a parade they had in the city didn't go by your room by a construction AJ maybe out and -- a perception of this team in this team's new attitude and chemistry because we've been told since December it's going to be -- going to be a different vibe in the club house. A different vibe in that dugout but -- seem to be watching that first game I understand it was just a -- of one game there is -- different feeling about this ballclub. Yet every -- and at all status spring training you know we talked about that Al. You know everything in spring training -- nice and calm and cool and and they were not a lot of things we saw a lot of those things in the first and the hustle going first of birds you know second home. All things that we worked on and it was nice to see a lot of those things come to the forefront. You know in game one and you know you're right it's only the first game they haven't lost one yet. But the fact is is that that's the type of play that I would expected to honestly. From this group then you know it's it's it's a good group that. You know -- that want to play. Very they don't seem concerned about all the outside attention maybe you know they just focus on what they've got to do. And it was like to see and get a win -- you know on the first game I mean everybody. Everybody gets nervous up for opening day everybody that ballpark is nervous and it's always good to you deference what do you belt now you know we kind of get into the flow of the season a little bit. After having an off day yesterday and you know play multiple games there Roosevelt. Yeah it was he knows what to watch I mean they've they've played a very nice game. All right you're here a long term got a big picture guy baseball guy. We're not we're gonna talk radio guys so what I don't think until they -- dog Jackie Bradley in the three hole he would mailman. After a couple of but the right hander let let let movement that moved too quickly you know. I think I think it's a perfect spot -- right now let him get his feet on the ground. -- you can imagine -- -- it was going to go on opening day you know it is the kid out of double a baseball. Bond that he made the club on the way up -- Leo hockey developed very I think when he was going to be on it but not Shula. It goes with the Yankee Stadium to play his first game in the big league. Interfaces CC sabathia you know so I mean there's a lot of pressure on this kid you know right out of the -- and he had a tremendous game. In the in the first game that he played but the you know -- but let's not push please the rookie he's coming out of double a baseball. Let's let them grow let's let them you will see which he can do. And you know before we get too excited which a lot of people have you know let's let's see more. -- level and let me ask -- this what was your favorite Jackie Bradley moment the wait now wait now to walk in his first -- -- taken four pitches from CC sabathia a couple of Portland -- beating the throw to second on Iglesias grounder or the catch in left -- -- of the canal. I'm gonna say the walks in the reason I say that is because you know on opening day everybody's stepped up and and you have a tendency to probably take some pitches that you may be normally wouldn't chase area -- -- fifteen games into the season. And when you think that'll let you liked about he would -- gave low light up those breaking laws you know I think I I I said during the games and trying to a couple of games that we saw. When it was -- to let these people behind an account to be take about wrecking ball away. And he was right on right on target on and in the eye on those particular place and all the things he did was good comedic touch. That dug out there he might have been a little -- yet 67. When he made -- -- like that bill and you know go deep -- -- -- Yankee Stadium and then. The big apostle of the -- that. Which we've seen all spring training from all of them. You know all good but would that but the -- to pick one I picked the walks it and it's great you -- you know walks but. When -- that excited you know in the press let me get up in the big leagues. Electric and and and to be able stand up area and have and have the patience in the eye hand coordination you know not to. You know not the case those pitches with a pretty nasty pitches by about via but that was pretty impressive. Jurassic Justin yesterday at the biggest surprise was the up not reading up the rookie in favor of the superstar almost two borderline pitches. Yeah exactly you know and and not enough to get the reputation like that that because they operatives who are a lot of walks because. You know that's like umpires value they know guys -- -- you know that probably got to make some calls -- times that that. You know probably not strikes but if they don't got a patient. It's not the -- right to a but that's that's all know that the process and that's gonna take some time I mean you know he might politically that it is -- I who knows but the fact there's. You know the game one it was awfully impressive -- A kid that composed. Are in that setting. Yup it's funny to say that because -- is exactly the right word he's wired just right for this game in fact he was on the bush yesterday. I asked him that first at bat when he was and also walked up against CC sabathia on a scale of one to 1010 being like really really nervous and one being not at all. Where were you on the nervous -- he said about a two. Really about to blow out a player that's pretty oppressive because. I can remember Mike wrote about about fifty. I think that he said he went to celebrated Applebee's -- dug in and I'm sure you see nothing wrong with that. Well they -- that'll change in time. Here -- go up maybe a couple of notches and got nothing against Applebee's -- A great place to have a post game meal but you know Leoville. He's -- say he's very quiet. He's very calm he's very self assured and and you know that that's a good sign for a young player he just he just didn't seem an aura of everything. And you know like he does -- -- going to get -- -- and opening day you know but he's -- a -- well that's pretty darn good. I can tell you a little nervous Jerry amok again to that though I could tell you whether it is open that's fine that's okay I was too. Let me ask you this -- a throw cold water and opened the one thing that frustrated me you -- -- explain me why guys still do this you might have done. Why is Pedroia diving head first in the first base. He just can't help himself but media always -- he's always done that. And you're always taught you know not to do that to run right through the back it is quicker but some guys just can't help themselves I mean they feel like BBC that bag. And they just wanna get there as quickly as possible and I don't know it's proven -- not proven you know whether that's the quickest way to get the of people say the quickest way is running through the bag. But that's just the way he goes about things we see it. We see him do that a lot of ground ball right out of the infield where you you know you say geez why he -- after that you know. It's just it's just his natural way to play in the game and unfortunately for him in -- causes some injuries and and the you know you look the first they'd say oh my goodness you know. It comes bad wrist of something or about bomb. But you you know you can't change his style. You know I it's like when guys have gotten her in the past you know I'm I'm a guy like Paul Boller might not need to be dropped and all lanes but. You know that he came back from leg injuries and they told me you know just just don't run the first base -- can't help all -- while -- not to run on different days. He -- -- to replace all the time. So it's just the way they play in the and -- and they just can't change. Are obviously John Ferrell did it in Toronto on I guess who wants to do it here that's been aggressive on the base paths in your estimation Jerry. Besides speed what makes a good base runner a good aggressive base runner efficient. Well you know to get out for a space knowing where your populous going to knowing this threat that Iran. Knowing their positioning that's that's so important. And then reading the ball up the bad and and you should RD avenue and in your mind you know whether you can make third base and not. And if you know follows then -- pay attention to detail. You gotta be successful are a lot more than you're not other examples ground ball went feel with a man on second. You know you brought hard all the way you just don't take for granted is going to be the third out of -- right you just run hard all the way to look coached by a Q. I mean those easy things you know vote and not difficult but exit bill. Those -- things that you have control over. You know like this in you don't have control over an -- but one thing you do have the effort you put into it and all that is is putting effort into into base running. And you know that's not been made they release pressed very very very -- spring training. And you know -- it -- kind of paid off in in the first. Major besides Jackie Bradley junior performance what impressed you the most about yesterday at about that game but Lester getting it done with just two pitches in command a law or. The perfectly balanced efficient use of the bullpen what. You know what I was impressed with the Iglesias. That's what I mean you don't isn't that the bottom line -- probably not going to be a very long. But what I've got to believe like three hits in the blog yes. Played played good defense which -- about. And he impressed me quite a bit he was involved in the a lot was going out of that game so. He impressed me luster impressed me he had the one -- -- -- where he came out of whack a little bit. But he was able to get through that would only a couple of runs. And the bullpen it was you know absolutely lifestyle which which I think it's going to be all -- long -- -- -- -- so. There are a lot of good things but you know glaciers and oppressed and that -- because. It all talk about him as he can right in that we can come up with three that's knowing that it has even grow in the background waiting to come back. Do you think he can win the job Rem dog I mean I -- They're gonna give you the -- yeah I think they've got to give it to grow and see how he goes in and but what the at all glaciers is done during spring training and what he did and I'm. And I it was -- Monday. He you know he committee showed people like he's a better offensive player that he was a year ago. View think the yankees are gonna. I'm gonna struggle all year -- hard to believe this team won 95 last year but they do now have Kevin Youkilis and clean up and Vernon Wells in the five hole. Yeah those -- there not a very good team right now the -- you know they they they can't win without. Without Jeter Teixeira and and I granderson and those guys who you know wouldn't you look at the lineup on opening day it was almost like -- a game. Of them coming up from Tampa play at Fort Myers in the spring training game at the lineup look like. And you know that. -- because the buried them early before those other guys replica back in and the question is you know went out they got a cup come back you know nobody really knows us and around the other day Al. Different guys are doing and nobody really had an answer florist so. Right now there's not a very good ballclub it and and to be good kind of barrier early in the season. Such a long Johns for -- 46 degrees southern rim -- yet. Because it was called -- -- it is cold here again today but you know that's April but April baseball so. Will will fight with some. -- -- instructed us we appreciate the conversation. Guys -- -- brought you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of Watertown dot com.

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