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NESN's Barry Pederson on the affect of the Jagr trade

Apr 3, 2013|

Barry told D&C that he agreed with Claude Julien that Jaromir Jagr may end up being a better fit than Jarome Iginla in Boston. He also quelled any rumor that Khudobin may be able to supplant Rask as the number one goaltender, Barry said that it is Tuukka's job for the remainder of the season. Lastly Barry said that a loss of Patrice Bergeron would be a crushing blow to the Bruins

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- and trade deadline show starts at 2 PM today. Dale and brick in studio not -- at the garden Barry -- on the AT&T hotline good morning Barry how are you. I want -- you don't do it very very well hate each erratic from the NHL network told us earlier this morning that while giving up. And younger are two very different players he said he could make a case -- might be more valuable to the Bruins Vatican Dugard that. Yeah I think so I think the other reason why it may be more valuable he didn't have to give up as much. As you did get a get left for you gotta give Peter surely a lot of credit here mean first of all he gets say like sixty had to deal with -- blood. Calgary screws up that deal and all of a sudden he's sitting there -- -- trying to quote get another top line -- he doesn't yarder he didn't give up a lot. And I think -- thing for people to remember is that when you hear that GM like Peter talked about difficult it is to make a trade right 'cause. Because of the the so we teams still in it right now remember next your salary cap goes down. You're gonna have -- compliance by all the opportunities but all the sudden these draft -- these young players that you have accumulated would be worth a lot more over the summertime because there's going to be a lot of teams. They're gonna have some salary cap issues next year. -- -- what do you remember about him when he showed up your 29 years old he's a rookie was the hot stuff then did people stepped back when he walked by an expectant of -- to become one of the great players of all time. Well he's certainly when he came -- Jerry DB -- all kinds of raw talent -- young kid I remember they just tried to maybe adjust to the North American lifestyle first of all but. You have to remember about you when you double the Buick there he was the guy that was kind of vacant all the -- term but you could just see him practice -- coming over the raw talent. What I remember above the most. At a young age was how gift that he was. Lower body down similar to a ray -- where you. Have a strong legs that big but they could -- from over he'd go to those dirty areas he had a great release. Great. Not for getting in front -- does scoring big goals but just as a tremendous release. And I think good god I could surprise some people age he's got some some gas left in the tank immediately the team adults in scoring. I think they're gonna be surprised to what they're good here in the Dresser when you read all the accounts of Philadelphia. One of the things they're talking about consistently as they got off to a bad start this year. Only because the injuries of course stronger being out again but also they think they really missed his presence. In the locker room and and like call. You know youngsters Jerry when they break -- Man I wish I knew now what I didn't wave back and just make a better player I think he's really matured as a person and I think that's really good show here. It anyway you can quantify it bury how much decline has Serbian in his games since his superstar status days. He's probably a star not a superstar I heard I heard that quote from -- -- belly. A couple weeks ago wasted you know we left here is a superstar he came back started to get the job done so. He -- that not below but he's definitely a top six or the National Hockey League and I think the other thing it does to this team. Is that it brings in competition then this this situation now for the coach either -- the do a lot of yelling not to have to say a lot of things in the press. He just going to be able to sit back and OK if you're not going -- top two lines. I got another -- -- the all the sudden the whole favor that want to coming here to play it could be a top six guys so I mean not only yarder coming back but you're gonna have bugs the out of him. -- to probably play next game to get Kelly in the -- -- the back before the deadline and probably Soderbergh so. Come over from Sweden so the team needs you right now you're gonna have some added depth and some at a competition. Come playoff start. If you're -- on what line do you play him with whom and -- he immediately -- first power play unit. I he's immediately on the first power play unit no doubt about that I think. I think you'll probably start on the third line just because you're starting to see the top two lines especially the -- lord -- rigged up a little bit. But I don't I don't assume. I just -- -- vision young Serbian populist third line type of player I concede Nathan Horton filling that role little bit better to dig a little bit more physical and and we've been talking about it all year that the area where the broad. In years after the biggest deficiency normally the role at all for life that you have to have that third line. The top flight hasn't been consisted of nothing great -- and you -- argue the Bergeron is the number one line right now. But I picked up third line is what really like to come playoff time propelled the Bruins and their playoff run back in 2011 was that -- Where you're able to the short series just roll four -- to come that should be physical will be intense. And hopefully I get some good goaltending go from there. What what if Bergeron out marry well I went. What does that mean to the game. -- hurt but that really hurt that up front he's the most valuable player because of what he does so many things we talked about it seems every game he's. Maybe not only is you've you've you've been around Jerry -- the -- of a lot but he's he is just a really special -- he gets he is very mature beyond his years. He's -- kid that. -- quite desirable bullpen both sides great faceoff guy quiet leader goes all in place. Consistently every night I think he's really brought a lot Marchand and Sagan. And -- top double. The ropes of work to say what Mark Recchi did here I think younger will also help over the fact that you've got a tremendous work ethic. Off the -- as well also. -- that he can describe it it's what those things that you really. I think you don't appreciate it that's opening things quietly that when he is not -- if he's on the line -- it's like all morning to Weaver missed him. Hearing the sadness in some of his teammates voices in the post game yesterday my senses that they knew that he probably spent some time in the quiet rules they they know what that injury as a while they may not know. How long he is out I think they're they are staring at the possibility of life without Patrice Bergeron for at least a short period of time. Yeah I mean I this type of speculation recently admitted mean -- the situation where we saw the replay it looked like that's what it was right. It with his history you have to kind of assumed that. I think he also hit the sadness because of the respect they have for him. And they're -- of the individual -- because of there's star status but the way they carry themselves in the way they play. Every night so hard and so consistently. Not only offensively but defensively and -- you -- -- the respect for the type of players around the league. We talk about the Bruins and every other city. Arafat leave it the first two guys they go to our Bergeron -- Europe. Edit when when you play with them Barrett did -- Wear full length mink coats and was he -- living that lifestyle already as it as a rookie. -- -- -- -- -- -- So they -- bring back -- That you -- that. Yeah I had no idea but it wasn't as great as it is now and I think we -- pick -- the review tried to get what you just couldn't get enough yeah that's true that this -- all but. Now he -- in there and he had the advantage there I think which is going to be over to the advantage is gonna have here that. Even those great as he was when he first broke it he didn't have to -- -- the savior of the Pittsburgh -- he -- the -- and all the other great players that want them in the cup teams. Back in the early nineties he was able to fit him but he definitely had so that your old fashioned duel which. I was so far behind becoming head on fashion but he was. He was definitely cutting edge on some issues. Obstacles and the hurdles for a guy like -- coming into a new -- -- trying to fit in seamlessly what are the what are there. Specific things that -- to deal -- Lot I think he's gonna first involved. Some outlawed defensive systems are a little bit different. And -- certain accountability responsibility though he'll have to pick up on battle that you'll be all that much different especially from his Philadelphia days. I think one of the advantages and again here that you -- come in here and NB a piece of the puzzle he's not connected up to be the savior here right. And you know what he could also just be just having his presence. Not only for short some of the young guys a little bit more of the work -- console for what it takes to the plating is ripe old age of forty plot. But also. I think just kind of being around where you're going to be -- -- to be very important the power play. I think just up -- that president is going to be good I think you're also a young kid you're good to see him. Go to support the Mark Recchi go to those areas that are not comfortable and he scored his goals they scored as many as he has for the reason you watch it on a nightly basis he is hard to move in front of the net because he's so strong in the legs. That he plays big in the sense that the big assessment can't move. But he's going to be coming in and I think the biggest advantage for him is you have to be a savior he's coming to a good team but he's just trying to make great. As a guy who was done at the age of thirty -- do you look at a guy who's 41 and apparently has notion knows plans to give it up -- this year. You look at that in amazement and wonder how we can keep doing at that at that age. Yeah I think everybody who has we'll shield us that this for the 1213 -- -- -- vs the point you always do but. Very similar to say. You know the -- or type of make of his career and he showed how good the players really are world class. And yet they may lose a little bit. You know on their -- moves a step or so but they're so intelligent we know the game so well. They're experienced -- allows them to do other things but you also see similar to what ray went through. You're talking about two guys that keep themselves in unbelievable conditions off the ice and that's also one of the reasons. -- able to place along and injury free for the most part you know we have. Some production problems here -- on the way but for the most part he's a pretty healthy. Barry with the recent play of -- but do you see a goaltender controversy on the horizon anytime soon. Now I I think that because obviously number one guy I think Claude just trying to to manage as crazy as mark has been April doesn't give you that much. More arrests -- down period. And you don't look to me is one of the great surprise as he's come up here do you give them great great goaltending I think it. Put disorganization in good position come playoff type -- should be well rested. But no I don't see any you know goaltending controversy whatsoever and that incredible luxury for a coach to be able to have that. You look at the other goaltenders throughout the Bruins organization they aren't very very good shape. This game goaltender has worked so -- enormous. Absolutely I was that they gave me he would GM -- Purdue that's the first thing I'm going after rhetoric of the goaltending equipment is far too big. It's really just take a lot of elements. The game in the -- back in our air. There was something great of a watching say and believe in going down -- block ecological we're going down that right wake yup and just written want to be able to score on when -- skate so fast that which -- the very tremendously great highlight. Real but -- you don't see it because the goal is it just too good they're too big and too athletic -- -- the equipment on top of them going down that right wing now when you look at that there's no. Plate to score political -- butterfly go to like two by sixes across the bottom right nation you gotta -- at -- Up in the upper right hand corner to score on so yeah I think that stuff is way too big and that's what the first Republican to change. Is that something the rules committee talks about and don't do anything about and why but I mean it would. Yeah they do I think it's a lot like in Washington when you try to get some laws changed the lobby group for the goaltender perceived to keep pretty powerful right now. If they keep talking about safety and injuries but the big the equipment is just got to control it's got to be brought back down. You know the other option is to make the net bigger but to me that what you're doing is taking away ice that -- you you really can't afford to give up anymore right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK guys I think it was going to be a lot of flooding has a lot of teams delivered so we're gonna keep playoff hockey very early. And a lot of it. Barry -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T like AT&T four GL TE.

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