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NHL Networks E.J. Hradek on the Jagr trade to Boston

Apr 3, 2013|

E.J. Hradek told the boys that while he likes Jagr as a player that he is not the cure for all of their offensive issues. He said that the Bruins need not look far back for a widely praised trade that did not pan out in Kaberle. E.J. concluded by saying a Bruins loss of Bergeron is comparable to the Penguins loss of Sidney Crosby.

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-- got a good idea what we've provides some well informed well researched well thought out analysis. Of the Bruins acquisition of the armory -- yesterday as the trading deadline approaches today and help us do that from the NHL network EJ erratic -- -- -- and Nigerian Boston are you this morning. Nor could very very well -- went out of his way last night after the game or before the game. The city -- is not the savior he's just a piece of the puzzle. But the fact is is fourteen goals and publicist for only six points has him ranked at the top of the bruins' leading scores which is the piece of the puzzle or a savior -- I think it would be the part that these days you're I think that you know -- different situation in Dallas is -- didn't doubt it what you over quite remote is the most. Very poorly. Invite your and it not within Europe some of that side -- you know about a lot of minutes for a guy. Who uh 040 years old I think it's situation -- in doubt that it could be. In a much better it was -- and certainly much better supported. Handled it within the outward besides you actually. I would think that he would fly in along side David Christian that -- -- And the Olympic and 2000 and it might have been quite yet on allied command. But you know Portland got to -- they've gotten better at local forward so involvement in doubt so. I don't think he -- -- the part of that statement for the. How much of a difference will he make on the power play because lord knows the Bruins need to fix that at some point they've not been able to do it for two or three years. Yeah I mean. You know what I'm about to become quite -- that you'd want you know a couple of that Paula Natalie who vertical well they'll be helpful -- out like that well we'll be better. No rap we're number one illegal anyway so you know I think the good news is that people don't vote on in that are on autism and -- it was -- It by the -- and -- -- -- and certainly we're not gonna help your. On the white you know I hate that they can be up there because we didn't in the and put wire grid iron. Come between -- and well reason it doesn't work out quite as we expected but certainly. It up at the you know besides that you experience I think there's a great chance of a problem. It's been fourteen years he ages since he won the Hart trophy and you compare. That yarder to to this yard what's the difference. Well I think the different if that is the floor you know Coldplay are now believed it. You know -- -- at that -- you know over a lot you know who wrote that put. The the first of the lot. I put little walked out to the war. With that they didn't believe it's faster. Certainly choreography you're not give up what. He's also Smart and you know he uses. You read the situation well I think could you know when you get the puck. You know into the opposite the public of guy -- that the bodies to -- -- very well they'll consider it around the net so. You know when it didn't didn't. Certainly he's not that's helpful player that he might have and what he was younger guy. -- certainly smarter and Larry keeps himself in great shape and work hard out of the -- vehicle. And you know to not step -- it was -- it still couldn't quite affordable I think. You know again what the iPad in the offensive zone and local phone he's not these guys so it's important that and make that the first. He's the winner probably carried the load more whose uncle called and that's what not but the bill he it would be more accurate. We'll will he back check -- play both ways as as clogged. Julian generally demands of his guys. I think that number will do you know -- and that I don't think that you know that got them dependent on uncle called them that the -- in Philadelphia. It's so important you know Carr played a that the ball went up at the point -- Don't -- -- are required in yeah I mean you got water on record about the Korean. We're content that the only thing that help -- win football we don't with. I would go near that we don't look one and present their bones are there that it's -- BP. Well but I'm hoping we. And I think -- what is up with what you're really close remembering -- underdog at that point then. A yard and let them totally insane in you know hopefully he'll fit in with their. We're talking with -- -- erratic the NHL network analyst -- was surely almost compelled EJ to make a deal when he swung and missed on again what. You obviously -- to -- -- -- and you know when it when you didn't happen did happen. You know you have a lot of his what was the next thing on the what was good in the -- I didn't. That was not on the -- a bit. What the possible because -- -- offensive group so. All the appalled by that you certainly want to have a pretty good you know poppy. Is that -- but I want to go out. And that make the big acquisition I think that was needed. You know -- come off but the player in the world would give law and not going to be in Melbourne and ended up and electrified our point currently in these guys and you know vote. Very much look Bartlett told that the point. Oh you know in the end he might be you know he might be well. But with you all aggregate -- felt that you know I I I think -- -- definitely yet a desire to make the kind of movement though. When we get when the picture in governor Clinton. I was gonna ask you may be some sort of answered is how much more helpful would have given what bin as opposed to younger you think maybe not a whole big difference. Well I don't mean look you gotta go to Albany. -- got -- that point that point -- important right now with single failure look at their offense you. And other targets adult and it will be -- and reporters like. They're gonna get there it will require a lot of it is important. You know -- -- -- -- more about grind it out. Physical you know back in and around in the -- by got a guy I want the -- But but not -- -- -- It's been quite late minority conservative -- -- could order the article forty but you know equal if not you know it it's not quite so. You know that yeah. It was -- out the a lot of different -- -- -- depends -- how -- particularly our yarder that into the group workload related you don't but of immigrants that you don't think it is that your -- guard commencement would require. And you try to assimilate them into your group the outlook so he didn't -- -- -- I did that about and to think that yeah regardless it's. That the off with they'll only -- regarded that would then again. Well what am what do you think going forward his younger planet just keep on playing truly can't play anymore he's I mean he's 41 any makes four and a half million bucks a year or this year and he's a free agent what does next year hold for younger. I think that there you have made about a -- appointed. And worked really hard data and it -- -- so productive player I think than people not that is sort of commentary and who -- -- -- but who are willing to pay it back I might keep it suddenly become -- keep doing the target defense. But other than he claimed that long to build productive. You think there's another move before the deadline today by the Bruins are upset about it. I think that might have won. You know more depth I'd move if Levi I think people that we haven't won Stanley Cup they're usually get them the value of -- you know their offense then. -- guy that. You can -- you -- you never have a sense because I inevitably get close. And and you want to work he would have been gotten a lot of thought I would imagine that -- didn't look at Udoka 3 o'clock in. There's Northrop and I think on a -- Better and 5% in the out there. You know -- give another option and it's been even at the music and. At Pittsburgh's winning streak ends when Iginla arrives amid do you think it all depends on Crosby and his health or are they good enough to overcome that at least you know for a few weeks. I think that the bigger picture for the primary grind out there and who would -- the two best part will be different I -- could put that -- the war opened Saturday. I didn't jump start that offense from the back and get the -- got a -- they get. -- did you make good first patent very competitive and and Paul Martin's also out and nor did get the same thing steady diet with the puck up the right. So -- you look at Pittsburgh and that's the one vote I wouldn't with women say -- Compare clock would have a good end up with a guy out there and that Clinton won the game and don't -- Let me put it in Iran's own war won't let them walk up the puck and the -- is what virtually crippled and so you know that it brought it you know it bought the because that's where -- They. They haven't done about it or not it was not caused quite a bit when -- and that diluted it was the with -- -- If both -- you know it is the market up front in the -- weeks with -- a great. But you know those guys that remain out that regard but I don't think that you get the you should carpet well no matter what they'll be up front because. A bit too much pressure on the back and so you had a lot but I didn't. In buffalo and I you know you look at that one law that are in a lot of it didn't help. The question -- truly bureau. And the about how that it's related you know when you got defenseman with pressure you know apart over. Your vote in the land -- -- and probably one of the. EJ final question for me out last night Bergeron left the -- having -- taken an elbow in the head we don't have any your prognosis on it yet but it appears that was a head injury in and maybe he's gonna cost. Compare and contrast the loss of Crosby in Pittsburgh what -- what it would impact the Bruins if if he's up for any amount of time. I think it's similar because demand that they could vote -- -- -- because of all our -- to the -- you know this quote. -- -- atop the league a while not healthy by the bought the numbers on the middle of the world it was great she did and between myrtle. And sort of equipment to go under -- but I think -- does so I think you know when I don't know. Accident that that part of wouldn't even though the Olympics that via the open your level the level that Sutton or been. And you know forget -- Seattle lineup you know that was responsible significantly. Who would all of that you know luckily they have a great either have a valid -- stated that -- move in the Miller apologizes to rub a lot of depth of that but aren't. I look like if they're they're -- about the part when I that you could survive into your forward. Music would inflate much more than he had. What it's all in Boston example that somebody with a -- that I UN because. You couldn't -- spot the people -- and move guys around -- don't have that luxury. It's really gotten quite good are we got on the back end. He's EJ erratic NHL network thanks for the conversation and information needs you we appreciate your time this morning. RA are there.

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