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The Guys discuss the Rutgers basketball scandal

Apr 3, 2013|

D&C opened the show with the shocking story out of Rutgers regarding head coach Mike Rice Jr. and the footage of him throwing balls and cursing at his players. The boys were stunned that he was still employed and that the AD was still defending his actions.

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You know yet at all how it's not going well. -- -- -- When the best defense you hear this guy is well it's not -- -- yeah well Kerry said dusty for crying out loud. Chance I don't think I think you misunderstood. My guys all gonna pounce on mine how this works. Becomes a kind of regaining a frenzy feeding frenzy -- that speaking of feeding frenzy at that self serving slob Chris Christie jump and on the poor guy. Then you get LeBron James and you got everybody's taken shots at him. -- we have to be here and you don't have to be fair fair and balanced their -- -- applicable -- -- with several it's an amber -- trying to be fair to do incarnation protests. That's. I think. I think it's -- -- you -- stickers the president paid you to see that video silly to just called. Us. I think. It's too easy honest -- -- How to efficient -- you wanna talk about Mike writes I am all for I would like to see him. -- cannibal island import -- I think he should be drawn and courted him in the middle of the Rutgers campus I think he's in no good respectable bully. Who. The only controversy here's why Houston how we still has a job out how he had a job. Five minutes after this AD. I'm his guy looked at that maybe the only way this can smell any better when Mike rice is fired later today I guess the question is does it make it till noon does it make until supper time. Written -- as trading deadline if they fire -- still have to go to sensitivity training -- but he gets to use the hot -- in the facility the -- -- look at our excitement -- our -- locked up with their -- with Eric -- gets to do that like what's -- what's the dog's name this is returned a -- return -- punt return. I can I could not believe we have accurate says it wasn't he wasn't slap on the wrist. He got a three game suspension 50000 -- fight and he had to go to sensitivity well and diminish the video this lunatic. Thrown balls again as heads kick them in the ass of the five players did mine so it's -- -- -- -- says there was no line out the door she gets a scholarship. A player. You know who's got everything right on you know on this team this program the sport the school is gonna run to the AD it's -- fire -- coach our technical I mean -- -- Bobby -- happen -- every Bobby Knight abuse. -- VAD and said he hit eight. He slap me in a big moment it's at least help. He's fired up right well that's not that's the last straw and when someone did raise their hand and say this is -- right. Named Eric Murdock what happened to him he got -- any pick -- -- Cash NBA guys you know he was. Had reason to be. Bold accepted no actually not ever gonna run of the gates crap I -- did I started to say the only. Only way this smells any better looks any better taste any better is more easily died just the bowl win he has fired at noon or three year five or sometime today. Is it -- imprint Eddie gets relieved of his duties as well has to be how does this guy skate. Dobbs this -- -- I I asked the following question. What changed. Between December 3 and there are some controversy about exactly when tempered -- the athletic director saw this footage and handed on the three game suspension. And the 50000 dollar fine but tell exactly what the only thing that -- changed. At Rutgers since that came to light. Hadn't it wasn't a big story AA suspended for conduct unbecoming a coach or something for three games the answer is. People found out about it yeah that's the only thing that changed. Doubt about it now there is this hue and cry to -- this guy by its thumbs and -- a quarter unit and do what they did the William Wallace the couple apart. That's fine but doesn't frenetic have to go as well by. It had nothing to do with the propriety of the as expressed in an all everything you do with the public perception in covering his -- I don't cold -- a find of but he says Burnett after an Andy after. He sees the video after given pre game he says his fiery personality is I deal. I deal Rutgers University I -- and I know this is his guy. In India hired him and he wants an engine that attitude. But the amazing thing is he saw all the video we saw and more and more -- all the video we saw and more and said that guy is I deal. I can't imagine being a Rutgers I can imagine today. You know what would -- accordion Ray Rice or Greg Bedard is thinking it is so embarrassing today to know that this year AD this -- basketball. -- -- -- -- on outside the lines talked about the hours and hours of footage that he saw that we were privy to my guess is the stuff he saw and heard. Didn't have a little outside the lines beeps when certain words were mentioned I'm sure he heard in its entire context from beginning to end -- frenetic assault it. And in fact you know the tape that I know you've been presented. His and is not a full representation of what goes on a practice is certainly is -- low lights. None of that behavior is acceptable under any circumstance of Rutgers and we have a -- standard. Mike rice waiver from the -- standard and -- penalized him for first offense to re educate him on the -- standard and I can assure you wanna going forward basis. That none of this behavior won't current if something -- within a sniff of it is to occur they'll be worse consequences when reevaluated this all options were on the table. On this week as a result of not only my investigation but. The independent investigation we looked at everything hundreds of hours of practice film. Not only to look at what you've seen but also a look at those incidents in context of full practices. So if indeed that's true the volume of stuff that he looked. How can call this well that was a first time offense over the already long period of time hundreds of hours hundred miles per person that -- I spent five minutes ago the video I saw eight or ten offense right. First time offense is bizarre but I I get the quote for you do you know if you like but it's beyond. This is after. The lines since when the AD levied its fines he made it seems that rice was some character. Actor of surprise this from Dana O'Neil on espn.com. Quote I knew exactly what I was getting and I still know what I've got my coaches with an edge. That personality is ideal for our program here in New Jersey. What is the athletic director after seeing in this little. Thrown balls guys' heads kicking them and -- column opened Ares. I mean Shelvin and push and grab them. Throwing them balls that went and not look at. I love that part you look you just kind of things and a little below. Coach -- the ball. -- we're realities of her daddy coming this year and this was in this -- fired right desires restraint deceive assess rise but it -- hard I mean what a way to say -- us -- believe that we -- -- fired these guys. This is how they think this is how they always do. But I don't think and I've got a couple people and its -- as a clear that he would defend the guy at a couple groups all they all do this don't don't don't don't get Bobby Knight. And I -- it. Like the crazy -- the good. -- -- cal Perry Rick Pitino these guys. You know whatever. -- of a -- India and field these guys who live -- college basketball great they do this now I don't think so no I don't -- did it. And eventually got caught on videotape -- Neal Reid. And that was the beginning of the end of of of Bobby and I still wasn't fired then -- well if it started the downward spiral. And at that point you've taken. -- gonna get away with this again at least not on video. -- Think about this this as I think this qualifies as a rhetorical question. Did two questions did it. Mike rice no cameras. Were videotaping his practices. Of course he did he used it to show the kids what he wanted to have done. What do you think. He has done. Behind closed doors in the locker room itself. Or other situations were cameras weren't rolling. Maybe you could say what it was just so -- -- lost his mind didn't make any difference to me into the cameras were there but he forgot about it. You just passionately trying to coach's -- you think of the worst he's ever done the stuff that's actually caught on tape. I think wall would be worse. -- Yeah. It covers that was when the abuse that in the female -- that time -- -- about publishing kids in the -- grab them especially the low block its -- album -- with more of the same grab lunch and I don't think punched in the face that -- -- -- -- it -- -- In -- CNET -- yeah he's off camera I imagine viewers said yesterday on idea -- -- about yeah I mean I be surprised what these stores. But the bottom line you don't need it you don't need them posting of this is more of the story yes eighty AD and would explain this away. There's no there's nothing. It was obvious we saw and I'm so glad we saw -- as Bobby Knight you're right he did it for years. Indians and accept -- a game like kicked zones on. -- -- was in practice she did seem to practice that eventually sob -- meal reunion you know that's you know that's operating read it. In the in the -- and feinstein's book. But. This candidate and you're right -- the cameras up right does matter and he just figures normalcy. He's the head coach he always has asked us. Assistant coaches -- watch this go one yet but what Cisco want and defend them and defend them. And -- syndicates. Paris -- -- -- again on outside the lunch talking about the leniency. Of a three game suspension -- 50000 dollar fine after watching hundreds. And hundreds of hours of abuse on tape. Well again I was the one people can can speculate on and I was the one knee deep in all the details in the investigation. And there was a first offense and also I figured you're cutting short what consequences that work. Delivered in this case there was a three game suspension there was total removal from the program for that period of three weeks. There was also tonight not for pay situation so the financial penalty was far more than 50000 dollars. And it also required practice monitoring. Mandatory sensitivity training and counseling well no variety of other things that don't end when the season and they continue wanna going forward basis okay I have -- going forward basis. No we have seen some things have done -- were were encouraged by. But this is not a situation. I don't appreciate any suggestion that we're taking it lightly because taking it lightly would be doing nothing and that's certainly not the case. I think the change. We're just now this is kinder and gentler after that out and it backfired completely -- this -- I mean he'd done the right thing -- still have a job and -- he's not gonna would you now. And obviously rice has never gonna have a job never a meaningless he has billion dollars and easy enough to be in the history and and -- probably not QB I don't know what OB BUB Gene Hackman. Go back to some high school. With six players -- Milosevic. Why did you punch that kid that he's a sticker ever -- and -- -- -- the amazing thing is Nebraska ever coached and Mike -- to make a movie about -- away and street somewhere but he shouldn't mean this guy. If it's a one time thing with with Gene Hackman it was a one time once he snapped the -- yeah Susan and I just snapping now. Can't make that excuse it was -- Aaron Ross Dunn and Robert Morse who can actually showed the rockers won they'd simply became just to say snapped and snapped a cell with. I mean -- -- -- -- and also -- suddenly we cats and it doesn't matter probably not that it matters but me neither one. Mike rice did not he's out on this you know what. If you -- better AD good AD. You know Tim Curley and the kimono like Bobby Valentine all right I don't have to get away with -- -- sacred heart the coaches and navigate away. It makes lock and Craig James kid in the storage closets seem like small potatoes that's an idea yet as just a little weight little punish doctors said he didn't want that should be bright lights yes -- -- We supposed to do is probably these Rutgers basketball coaches -- -- Alaska these guys strip -- and follow shots and the other guys skip the game league. Some retirement ceremony Kent State and now that I -- capital this oil -- I'm at and it's a bit of a stretch tonight and I say this with all due respect all compassion. Were victims of domestic violence but in this vein is not similar. That the white who was trapped in -- any marital situation. But -- kids and no place to go and no job and no source of income and really no no ability to get out of that situation. When her husband is abusing her. Artest gives very much the same situation I mean they are -- the white has nowhere to go to just sit there and take say. Supposed to tell -- the what I like to do like I blow the whistle on this guy like it way out of the school. No scholarship no education are labeled as a bad apple I can't go anywhere else are -- and -- transfer. Writes that when Neal Reid and his family and they want -- and storms Bobby Knight you know and and the sad thing news. 1718 year old kid can go anywhere but. In in the midwest he'd be steered towards India and for the great Bobby Knight right and for the next 45 years your life is now. And your -- he should be election well he should be playing as well enjoyment. These kids wanna leave my Christ that look at in the first dances insane. What they have to do it -- first find that a school right and even if they're good enough to get a scholarship -- have to sit out a year. Whereas -- -- like Mike -- complete or Steve Alford could leave and get the job tomorrow it's totally -- totally stacked against them the differences. Every single one of these guys probably kick his ass if they wanted to -- The wife he does like to mention it to -- she hasn't gotten you know once the guns away -- Might be able scary thing for these kids watch in this if it is to know Michael writes that came into their house right and recruited them and sat with mom and dad and -- to take care of your kid commercials this gets so many -- detergent to end the practice you think it was ever -- of this kind of edge this kind of volatility. When he was recruiting and sitting -- people's living -- -- how passionately he was colorful eat the apple -- emotional he opted out of the kids you know hole and you got to go to practice and it's physically abusing his -- hit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- adept at -- believe a coach rice is -- to come. On you it's a nice guy yeah I promise you catch me at your father and your mother. He was gonna take care and it was still little. Discipline no mom he kicked me literally kicked in the basketball my face calling me to -- -- for some reason -- -- -- most -- -- -- -- -- you know what there is there's only one side of this and it is an -- feels like a lynch -- don't feel like the gang mentality you know when Chris Christie's involved if there's some real. -- on the some real playing to the the mob mentality to pandering going on but. He's going to be fired today with the apron and he'd be -- tomorrow. And they move on I love the fact that he got caught as. 1010 years ago 152030. Years ago Greg didn't you know what you wouldn't get this video -- be no outside the lines in the -- gain. When they were dale about it when his name and -- Union in the dawn of an avid junior on their Manhattan. Break in the story the you know on the investigative report from he has -- I love when guys like this get caught and that's the beauty of this Mike rice got caught I hope I see him stacking shelves at low lows. You know on the road -- he he should never be in charge of even an Olympic kids in 1990. Eric -- have right now in this gallery good. Basketball coach if directors was say winning programming markets and Rutgers if Rutgers got to the sweet sixteen Rutgers was 8888 preeminent power. It be a lot more difficult for this to be exposed how strong. Applicable player with some juice you know like. With within the area -- there and vote and Benson and when they think and went in Penn State kid. Franco Harris right always can as a means some -- that would mean does that is there anybody. Roy -- still around I don't think that's toys that carry the same weight. That epic today's world is different -- in with indie rockers is in New York city's a ton of other options Indiana there was nothing going. -- was basketball and -- in 91 all the time that's the whole thing everybody would look at this and say bull his methods are working here right you're winning national championship -- getting to the final four you're Gordon tournament every single year you are in a winning program apparently whatever Bobby Knight thinks is the right way. To motivate these kids. Is the right way to motivate these kids because they were winning so that cured at all this guy doesn't have that cache that's why he's gone by noon today that's probably what he's gone by noon tomorrow. 61777. Point 7937 AT&T text -- as always 37937. Uncle out on this edition of Dennis and Callahan. At each erratic from NHL network you sort of the Adam shift if you will of the national hockey -- can help us readily -- situation what it means the Boston Bruins. You know I said there's no one out there and defend Mike writes I'm not sure there's too many people that criticize. Progress position on this trade. Because. He didn't give up -- -- I love all trades at minute especially trades -- going for you the chance to win and go for it. But generally balance which gave up and if they they don't make Eastern Conference finals that's the second round -- It's known enforcer and waiting as somebody and about fifth best right -- and the fifth best does that sound like. Too much to give a guy. By the way you know told yesterday they would not have won opening day. Without. The geographic Bradley junior they would not the Bruins would not have one last night if not the arbitrator. I'm convinced seems reasonable eight it's sparked them it it it it motivated all these guys to. And to think confidence to think scored to say you know this is an insult to -- that we need it's 41 year old score because we can't score. And look at the way Lucic played an important place fifty shots on goal yet that that tee shot on -- ships in the third start only. Three stars after the game. It should have been like. -- the first two stars were glued open was one of them right I guess it was a great -- Jackie Bradley Jack Jennifer Adams watch the -- was -- -- one and -- would be one to this teamster.

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