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Alex Speier gives us the complete breakdown of the Red Sox opening day performance

Apr 2, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder talk with WEEI.com's Alex Speier, who is in New York covering the team and has been all throughout spring traing. Alex talks about Jon Lester's performance and what he took away from Jackie Bradley Jr's debut.

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We talked earlier about her friend Alex -- he's on the phone with us right now and -- in New York I believe. -- in New York. I I am in New -- count -- -- are UN. Yeah I was gonna sit on June why did you leave New York once you're there in the series in over me -- -- drive out to the island little bit you know going to Montauk go look at the there's the seagulls and drive back -- -- Yeah I mean you know -- 880 trip are so to the mountains you know is in pursuit of any let's take it was probably eat. You always -- to get out of there right now. You know I don't know if there's a when I lived in new York and the Yankees lost there was an air of just a Pall hanging over that town you know because it's the city that never sleeps may have a hard time sleeping when the Yankees don't win. It might be hard for the Yankees to win a lot of games as they're currently constituted do you agree -- Absolutely -- -- -- routine that it doesn't really look. -- compared to what we've become accustomed to you know you go back through I think back to 2006. When Theo Epstein was talking about it super -- You're talking about the Yankees they were in that had. You know not only not only player perform near an all star level virtually every position they had back out to represented. You know guys who would have represented legitimate Major League starters on -- -- yeah that's just not the case anymore. They have a lot of financial that weight on their payroll they're capping their expenditures which makes it. All the more challenging for them to try to find. You know -- in to find those kind of critical replacements for the for the you know what and when you have a -- a number of injuries in -- out there and you know all of these huge deal that they've given out over time. All look like they make might start catching up with some -- that once -- -- the jury that a little bit about -- don't like Jim to extreme conclusions based on his knowledge you performance but. You know I think that yesterday's performance -- underscore that -- -- going to be bad money. Going his way it's already -- money. Going into Iraq for five more years sure there's a pretty good chance it's bad but -- doing its share yup or a -- it's not a big deal about party chunk. Of the next four years now. So yeah there's there's a lot of -- -- up and guys who made up -- -- much production. Oh sure you got granderson who's not play every got really about 85 or ninety million dollars worth of injuries on that team to sit there. As it's as it stands right now but you also have. 100 who's going to be really -- gonna pitch around with all those other guys out of the lineup. And I was probably the day that the most dangerous guidance remains in the lineup and he's gonna see eighty pitches to hit. With no Teixeira and -- Jeter were in no way Ryder granderson hit around him. That'll be interesting -- I mean I -- part of it is going to depend on how good you could do because. He's the guy Roberto have quite a protection in and thought that particular that you put had a fantastic expert I mean really receipts and in yeah. Claudia yesterday so. You anything approaching his 2008 to 2011 peak. Then that's a pretty damn good player recorder afford to know measure of lineup protection by. Yes I mean I do think that there. Yeah you're right it used to be that there were no reprieve when -- replacing that light up yeah relenting that you -- You know kind of revenue programs such -- A batting champion -- and Bill Miller batting ninth victory was the only bright out but that is the case anymore and when -- -- about. Print to go to their bellies and and. You know it looks like the maitre. It took a major deal in north and restaurants are probably democratic answer -- big league jobs and that's. Well -- weird. Yeah I -- a -- -- -- it -- unusual put a ballot this is not or pick a spot. Nobody got the only two RBIs for these depleted yankees yesterday so good for him my guest. But if it is a problem -- sabathia. Then forget about it with the Yankees now because obviously they got to count on him with his depleted lineup. That's again at least one out of five wins for them on a regular basis and that's what they're usually counting only the kind of money. They really need their starter would be very -- their you know their profit margin for error has diminished significantly. So they need to bat yet to be awesome they need Kuroda had to be what you've been for the last few years they need Andy -- to be healthy and really get. And then they have to find answers for the -- -- as well. I even as the chairman Phillips uses. You know it's still kind of trying to work his way back to -- Yeah there's they're. There there's an interesting dynamic going on the -- it yesterday they look like the Red Sox looked at the end of last year. They Alex's hello Alex Jon hello which they north Jon Delano -- right and ES sabathia there there's say they're not alarmed he usually gets up to the slow starts. Is that is that part of it or do you think that the velocity being down yesterday is that is that cause for concern going for. Well it. It it raises a yellow flag it's not a red flag yet but there are often takes guys you start to -- and -- -- -- -- That -- -- -- -- some guys straight up as you can pump gas site. We're glad you're firm and Jon Lester in in Detroit was working in the low -- really didn't happen it is usual. Mid nineties velocity. There been other times when they're in the case with with Lester specifically increased use you as well. So you've kind of you've used certainly wait until the weather starts to warm up side to see whether or not too -- years you know about it does the same by. He would of course coming back from from an elbow surgery and he also. You belt so he have a lot of mileage on that it's amazing to consider how many -- guy is flawed. Because you were the Major League starter Egypt when he and then when you add in the fact if you show some blocked the decline him I'm in recent years they've been slight but it. It will it's not implausible that what happened to Josh Beckett last year. Could be you know it's about yet at some point. Great fear in decline like that yeah from -- in terms of his arm strength. Actress is over over to use now I he's been such a horse but somebody these other -- they are those of us sabathia aside committee has big giant fat ass is that. He's -- he's not but it's great in April it up in great October. -- you -- July August September he's a money guy man I want my money on him every game -- is most months. But he hasn't been a great post season guy. And and he has been a great April guy so you know maybe that's what they're getting from him would but it won't -- to the Yankees. If he fails to be in old guy who's ten to twelve games over 500. Totally agree they need that they need to be a very very good team what is on the mound they need it departments should be performing. At roughly -- level areas there are no hope to hang in VA LE. -- -- -- against none of this talk you know it disparage his Jon Lester proportions say it was a dominant performers know but -- tell you what it was Workman like. When I've received from him this spring and let me know if you agree with this. Is that -- like -- a little bit of a different approach for him he's not being -- He's not trying to nip the corners go straight at the strike zone pounded it. All businesses looking to get as worked on early and and stay in longer -- -- -- lower pitch count is that accurate. It's actor but I think you'll be inaccurate to suggest that that was what I want to do in the past. Last year mechanically he wasn't there is is mechanic worker -- or command and control Riverside. In -- out of guys who you know. Who are having proper body a little bit which means the ball stripped typically either inside or outside in you know that it wasn't by design it. It was that often frustrated with themselves for most of last year yeah that's not take anymore his arm slot -- kind of back to where should be. You can be very very clearly that is. You know that is back -- is staying close when he coming through his delivery. Up for a longer period of time that was last year so there -- cult group that he is fastball moving. In that direction that he wants to do you -- blood. Attacking more than you know what we -- We get to -- last year about Sergio he had eight game which he punched out seven or more guys yeah back that he did that yesterday. It -- I didn't even against a really -- at Yankee lineup and repertoire picket signs. Right now I think that's something that might help these guys and you know this is a sub views and talked about a whole heck of a lot of vote is brought up occasionally. Is stressing a ballpark like Yankee Stadium. A pitcher Ken. Kind of uses throw to his strengths in it and throw a contact and let the guys at the fly ball when you know you've got three guys tracked him down the outfield. Who go get a -- Bradley made the nice catch yesterday. But all those guys have in their gloves a lot of outs and that's got to give the the -- the feeling of confidence as well when it comes to. Umpire the strike zone and and allowing guys to hit lazy fly balls. -- but I -- it is our most pitchers they won't -- Turkey doesn't dictate what they do how they try to attack opposing. Opposing hitters they assume that it. If it make a good pitch and get back -- contact. You know that. Typically the result is going to be now operate under the assumption otherwise they were to -- -- cases in the prior ire. But no I mean certainly you could see yesterday have you put out Bradley I thought I was an unbelievable play because -- -- -- position. So -- on canal. And then he took a -- -- ball as it. Yeah I'll admit it a little bit before and back was straight simple play yes not tracking the flight of the ball. Visually even know -- the -- are going to end up. -- then you know -- just you know you turn around that many had to make athletic play to make it very subtle adjustment to be able track it down by. It's unbelievable to have that skill that kind of you know GPS the order you are also -- And yet in head out so obviously there's tons of Atlantis is on there and is it true that he only played. And it other than this spring training before that a couple of games in left field as a freshman in high school. Yeah I mean is he's too good a defender to stick him in left field typically unless you have a couple guys were gold -- and getting -- -- right. In and so yeah that's correct you hadn't played left field since freshman year of high school. Even that was only a very very brief but rather than -- let's not forget the Jackie Bradley junior also had some quality time -- the catcher. Back in his globally today. Of course now you don't Griffey junior became a state Griffey junior because his dad played the major leagues Jackie Bradley is -- wasn't a major leaguer when does he become like cal Ripken just Jackie Bradley. I do know you have the DC Baltimore area I never really experienced cal -- without the -- in -- -- always. It was it would be part of you know just it just rolled off the top Al junior our -- itself. So I think that it could be awhile you'd like incorporate itself no meter meter run away. Yet there's going to be we don't want -- going to read any of these guys to go the way of Frank Sinatra junior. You know where there's just no way you know he ended up you know frank junior give me a chair while bro I don't know does that -- you that's the what the widest it's a kind of unwieldy with -- although syllables but. I saw saw that. But now it's it has a really nice fanatic Jackie Bradley junior -- others like. There's there's chaos. There's there's a mirroring quality of the -- with its status. All right yes yet the reflexive property you know what. The the thing about edge yet still got fewer syllables the Nomar Garciaparra. Oh good point if we're north. Well LaMont -- certainly you know -- we yes we don't know on your belt some bulky name so adding two -- in June with junior isn't really Q. So you got that tomorrow we get back this this stay off in between socks and shirts sucks for YouTube it. I like to see what things are good like -- game every single day but tomorrow you go balk calls going. And you know I got him pegged for eighteen wins is that a possible is that -- is that a good prediction in your view. Anything is possible Mikey we learned that from KG. I don't really I'm not really in the business of predicting pitcher wouldn't because. To me it pointless to try to do it just don't know. -- mean you know guys and have great years and then that was losing record all of Nolan Ryan predominant equity you have with the Astor felt. So I know I don't really didn't he -- -- hired seventeen by. You you'd just don't know what kind of run support a guy is going to get -- back -- -- -- I think you're right I haven't really gambit here yet in other words I'm not out of line -- that. Well I think that you know I think that he even look. Really competent that that it intersecting with Edmonton last year he was they'd -- it in a sense coming up spring training. He was just riddled with uncertainty about what he could do on the mound -- what or how are -- question. You know pushes back while you're on the road he looked at how it. -- -- -- -- That's -- thing was weird to them at that -- was clear they came in the middle of a really dominant stretch that lasted about three and a half months as he. So he bird bird and Jordan last year. You know three out of four months. He was one of the best pitchers in the American. If you're coming out of spring training yet and have the proverbial I have the site and all that stuff. So eat it looks like you educate all of looking up at -- and the standard. Out of the shooter without having to figure things out for -- -- -- there. Good Alex spirit WPI dot com will be talking to -- hopefully a lot this year thanks for checked and it. Are they are the calculator -- spears on -- New York.

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