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Bill Lee gives his thoughts on the 2013 Red Sox

Apr 2, 2013|

Mikey talks with his old friend, the Spaceman Bill Lee about the Red Sox first game against the New York Yankees. Bill gives his thoughts on the team, especially the pitching staff and what he expects them to accomplish this season.

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I guess earlier today when I was up on the job crossover between the -- and Holley show yeah and and they show. They were talking about general. Bernard dog or something and -- -- -- -- -- talked about the kind of dog it is tonight and I said that you know those dogs and have. You know you can tell which is which it is their face and which end is there but yeah I I laughed at that rises joke you know. The general treated -- so easy easy pretty sure you don't want these tees in your ass and are a threat. A picture of her dog it was so pictured on Andy's a -- obviously. -- -- -- -- -- Big giant teeth coming out of and they do look kinda scary. That I thought to myself man I feel. -- Timmy might Timothy my dark today got fixed so he sees on the opposite of scale egos. Chemistry that you don't you know there neutered. It's all lead dog is that popular areas says on Twitter page and everything I -- talking baseball tonight and and it's my pleasure -- to bring in the space man himself bill Lee on the phone are coming back from cattle. Yeah. They space -- Why why did it come back why did you come back -- green and got to go to court backed -- going to be even. It would have been well I'm gonna go -- forward O'Brien and -- -- by my house guest of vets know Vermont has. It's not -- that we -- extension during. That's always a good night for some people thought hey bill would you -- watched the game yesterday. I didn't -- -- game and getting a recap our and the champions and Peabody and that. Just -- by the rendering plant the old -- from Kodak. A where they take all the old courses and majors and horse ever bet on the that's what you remember Ray -- and film. I just killed your dogs foods. -- -- -- -- -- So what's -- are you haven't you didn't see the game yesterday but I know you know what happened because you more than anybody else as a guy 125 lifetime against the Yankees you you know what happens in the every terrorism. They've they've they've got to have the quick with the -- but it's in good. You know they said they were gonna do that may be at that and everybody well. You know I mean Millar and then -- he walked guy but he struck out Seidman and -- they were right Roman Bradley had a great game. You know Leo owe it to work. Worked out got to walk so I mean that's unbelievable. Or. So that's a very. Good. First impression -- -- good start good start. For these guys start it try to put yourself in Jackie Bradley's place I mean I know he's not a young rookie like in nineteen or twenty AB's too. You know he's it was his first Major League at that bill and -- he's in Yankee Stadium facing their best pitcher. And he worked -- tunnel man like when you're -- you're kind of like already screwed usually. Yeah you know. And defense off the top pitchers take everything you know those are just gonna go out either way -- -- took somebody got the break in that. You know he's been treated like a rookie -- about that's for sure. I think you were you mention the pace of the pitchers. I -- it it certainly did defense appreciates it when there's no not a lot of screwing around out there on the mound. Where you kind of go right back to business after you get the ball back to look at -- again the site and keep they hitter. -- away from thinking too much about. What's coming next but you're meanwhile your defense if you if you take too long they they counted they get into a little bit of a funk. Yes they do and that's why quick temple has always worked it worked for me. I I who worked as fast as anybody -- -- hot you know and I pitched eight inning complete game got a lot on Sunday. And marquise it would become an all. And I -- games start at eleven men I like it body Oklahoma won 52. In the house exactly 2 o'clock. Because this -- a fast pace. You -- today. Did you look at the picture all the -- guys that ought to go oh mark or did you have a faster pace -- burly Mark Burly. Early good. That's exactly. When you work that it doesn't get the Jets are at stake. And then you change speeds that you -- what's called a cardiovascular. Moment where you actually your heart rate. Matches or Olympic -- -- particularly complex. And then minute you know. Like ignorant and here and read a lot of great game at at -- -- -- that. I hit it I have a super bright. And I emotional or brain the other day. You know I do have a super Brey did a great pitcher but it's still amazes you market. Now market -- but about the fight them beat them light and yeah that's the for a elevation to Clark that's we're all familiar with the front as the last week it's saying. Another -- the third one -- what about slowing down is when we -- and the Cleveland that was our job like the pour out. You guys got -- Yes and it the last. Last words forget him we can say that on the year and I don't give up. -- yet but we take take me through a thought pattern okay just -- he had a batter but let's say that you faced on the Yankees. And he comes up to the plate what was running through your mind let's say I'm -- give you a hitter all right. It's Reggie Jackson what is your thought process as you get rid of -- Reggie Jackson. What he'd look at -- Democrat right off the bat like Romo break -- ball -- take it. Barrett from a basketball and see how he reacts that usually he swings a little late. Invented this school the latter on -- run that ball it ought -- And I don't let him extend his arms. I struck about a lot that a -- get to two and you're rated -- drop dead and dropped curve ball out of it striking about the same today didn't they only got two strikes. So yeah he was the all time strikeout will be written it in other words for each hitter you have a little like a a note -- in your head that tells you what you gonna do -- in what order. And by the way the -- the catchers get all that. Yeah there's a market that's what's best and it usually work but yeah you know somebody has bad days some guys that bad it. If you kept pitcher based on the mound corner of the rod in back. It's somewhat more -- because -- trouble. You know now we get a fresh new start the Bobby Valentine era is over everybody I think is pretty clear in the fact bill that. That he was -- kind of an idiot in the wrong guy for the job. But this fresh start haven't Ferrell back I have indeed dead weight gone you know the people who were kind of slowing down making his team seemed sluggish last year. How do you look at the American League east now -- this Red Sox team in the improvements the blue the Blue Jays have made and so forth. Well the Blue Jays have the best team I think on paper but then they they make a lot in Europe -- the north but they put up over there all. And I think you know if we -- state by -- and stayed there and then. We got a lot of money it is Bentley -- -- if we can pick up some really key guys play that statement that will be there and that's the way you're gonna have to play it this year okay. Now about this rotation because this is going to be soak -- as we -- Lester is what he's been the past. Then your number one guys find. But going down the line up -- Colts Dempster Lackey is giving your Lackey idea how do you look at the starting staff on the issues team. Guys like he scares me. You know my body's got to do and he doesn't throw it good coming up a surgery that the other guys -- a little motion make it for a while Dempster you know or -- that -- strike people not to -- -- auto club should but calls -- always thought. Was a great competitor Smart pitcher pretty guy or somebody looks like formal ya did read -- on DL stint yeah. Everybody is but you know we get -- he -- lower body. The organist yeah I was like hold up and everything else but that they all all the way they can and they're all healthy and things look good. Yeah I think things will be okay that because you know -- and again this assuming Lester Lester was nineteen and 71 year and you know if he can do that again. And that helps a lot in and in a division worried looks to me space man. Like everybody has the capability of being around 500 if they play each other eighteen times each. I think that. They ought to looks like that's slump open or and it's going to be at our -- at the end that's what you want it to everybody excited that he'd -- all excited the only yank. He's got a 114 million dollars a dead weight on there and there's a picture I guess all of -- long Walker's right now and I love it. New Yorker Magazine has tomorrow what wheelchairs and walkers. And I hit it on the comparable it's believable because they lost everybody -- lost four guys that are -- keyed their offense a particular. That it's it's the worst I've looked at Yankee David that's been around for a -- for a long long time and a Red Sox fans are counting on them not to be good this year I think in order to get themselves if they're going to be well over 500. Now what are you going to work out. I did that how can they give up -- Russell Martin what happened there you know what to Pittsburgh. I know what I'm Russell Martin is a great clutch hitter -- break auditor quick release huge baskets and yeah -- I think you might and might. Had to do with his 200 batting average -- he had some clutch home runs for Muster -- -- is -- batting average is real -- And realized I liked him I still think he's going to be fine yeah should be a primadonna but you know but I what -- -- You know it they'll probably shut that I happened there will be some new drug that'll let them over there. Yet clear just rub it in two years does that change between your cheek and gum. -- up and I know what are you go to the very out for a -- champions are having dinner. On the champions in Peabody you know -- -- they've got me there are between leader right now many eat here them again and bright and the Colts go to Montreal tomorrow I'm doing quite short Montreal. And then I'm coming back garden Thursday. I'll be down here on Saturday Sunday and come play in basketball. And now Monday's opening -- amble up without Lewis muscular. Yet now that the the night before you got you over the house of blues function and that and he'll be around Fenway on opening day. Yeah -- -- -- -- opening -- I think also blows is that after the game so but I'll be around and not caught your aka the. Yeah I'll bossier Monday at the ballpark for sure and of course I -- mention of folks now we got their attention and on May sixteenth there -- that roast their roasting me and you're going to be there. I found out today the big -- going to be there. I and a bunch of comedians that we're gonna have to have some alcohol. This works -- -- require. -- this works for me all right well my best. Okay men in my bested -- -- see you next week. Okay all right ceiling basement talking it was from month has been off the plane he's knees out -- an active life. Yeah it's good hey look great life and a lot of people on the new Yankee fans still hate his guts to -- twelve and five against the Yankees and but a lot of the Red Sox fans still love his guts because he was twelve -- against the Yankees is that's my -- works that way up same reason.

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