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Jaromir Jagr is a Boston Bruin: How will he fit in on this team? Response and reaction

Apr 2, 2013|

The Bruins didn't quite land their man in Iginla, but made up for it by landing the runner-up prize today in Jaromir Jagr. We look at the acquisition, how much they gave up, and what line Jagr will fit in with on this Bruins team.

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Red Sox a win yesterday that's a huge story but the Bruins have made themselves a deal we think. I don't wanna get I don't wanna get fooled again he called that again -- the I don't want rebel George Bush fool me once. Shame on me pull your little won't get fooled again well I'll say this. Bob McKenzie said he can't bare floor. It is gospel Bob McKenzie is your -- -- after. Bob are you guys not to throw until Bob McCann -- some guys in the media public everything that they say everything. That Bob McKenzie. An Adams after him maybe. Trying to ordinary during. And there's no local people you'll believe it all cost is only it's only these national clearinghouse is for information -- right that's which after his right he's our national clearinghouse for information on top every you ask him a question he's not he's not wild about giving his opinion on anything. But he will give you information -- clearing. How's it actually you were not you -- not the final child of parents. There's a love child you didn't know about. Your parents didn't tell you that I am here to break the news that the location after I believe whatever he says. Bob McKenzie says the deal is done. He's got the compensation for it. You're not gonna be too disappointed and unless you were real big time hockey head and you felt like nobody under the under under the age of 25 should ever be traded. In any sort and other -- they did any of that they did not go crazy Leonard Garment coding that you're just turning and that is the deal -- McDermott Cody pain. And a conditional second round pick in exchange for 41 year old army or younger been playing hockey in the NHL since 1990. With a brief stop where he left the league and came back you played overseas but in been in the NHL since 1990. He's a plus 275. For his career. He's a religious repeat that number -- pretty big he's a plus 275. For his current -- is an outstanding team he had. Has any split on some great lines he obviously got to play with LeMieux in the he's played on some great teams and some great lines. But the talk of him being a defensive liability may -- will be true but it has not badly -- his teams over the years because he's always been such a great offensive players played with great great two -- players it's always a plus 275. -- -- -- this year he -- -- minus five with Dallas is -- -- player as of today but in his career plus 275. You don't give up as much as you would have given up -- again -- which makes sense. Because he's what six years older. And you're probably not going to re sign him for next year the way if McGinley had been near you resigning him -- to -- you you'll -- to get a 35. -- 41 yarder making about forty half million dollars this year so really gave up to you you think if if -- scouts. Have told you all the right things and if it plays out the what you think is gonna play out. You have traded to fourth liners. For -- doctor -- -- -- a fighter and in pain and according to two people you talked do is may begin to grow into something but it's a long way from right. Now -- now here's the the thing we do. We do know that yarder will come in and from day one. From day one you'll. Tremendously helped the power play. Here's what we don't. -- first line guy with the Boston Bruins if you -- lined up -- the Bruins beat the third line guy with the Bruins. We have heard the downside of armor joggers daddy's little -- -- it's got to. High opinion of himself and he -- you just read it hey give you look at my stats Mike -- Up plus 2750. My career don't put a guy like me and a third mine and as we approach it that way. I know that the first thing is you're right he's he helps a power play. That's the number one thing is that he is immediately on your number one power play unit and he makes that better -- six power play goals this year I think what -- leads the Bruins -- three. So immediately. Unless there's something so all. So catastrophically. Wrong with his Bruins power play that it's systemic ticket to be fit right even when you -- are more players that -- right right player a great tour -- wasn't -- the political economies of Third World nations and Africa and you just there's nothing you can do to fix it it's just so screwed up from top to bottom it can't be fixed even by bringing in the right guy -- Yeah I I think he will make the power play better just by arriving and by the way we're gonna hit some Red Sox stuff here very very -- this is not just to -- Wednesday be bouncing back and forth with two big stories Bruins obviously with their trade. For the army -- yarder just a few minutes ago waiting for that to become official. And the Red Sox obviously winning on opening day yesterday they did something and score eight runs in a way Michael that I thought was some unique. And it is a very good sign for them this year -- with that is coming up here in just a couple of minutes but just to finish on the Bruins deal. I don't know yet the answer your question but I think he's on your first line right off the back. Art world is in a first line run off the bat then on your third line I would guess would be Nathan Horton. So if you look at Nathan Horton to use the third line guy we had this conversation before. I've mentioned how important the third -- you said no way no how it but that was before before. You got that you just gotta burst of ingenuity you gotta burst of of of just open mindedness music and the third line doesn't have to be what I've still have to be -- -- what I what I've said it has to be there could be something different here Boston if you look at it that way I I think. I can see it if can wing Chris Kelly comes back in the good news was he was skating today along -- -- equates hopefully to return is not too far off. -- Chris Kelly who by the way makes this team significantly better. I mean. It's not like with the all the injuries the Celtics have suffered or you're watching him last night without Rondo without Garnett without pierce without -- -- Without -- I need to come on had to state what to do. Of course this is not the team on Mercury most of you want first three you said. That's only -- right. That wasn't that the Boston Celtics and I know guys guys wearing a Celtics you'll be wearing soaked uniforms -- -- -- -- we're not the boss and so whoever they were they didn't look particularly good although they give a little run at the end credit to them. But but Chris Kelly is not about. He -- still lay a eight when he's in there he changes the complexity of complexion rather that third line. And makes them two ways without them in there with Beverly and -- that third line has been hopeless. -- shifts back to winning in his -- -- of its Horton who winds -- playing on the third line with them. Look at I think you have. You have the makings of really being able to roll to roll three lines that can -- score you have to like. Right. Yeah a lot of things about this like about this deal first vote composition which we talked about. There wasn't one ghosting is an odd man I don't know what can we really afford to give up that that's when you held onto your top prospects you have your top draft picks. The other thing is an and I don't know. What the affect of this will be. But to hear David -- today was a little timid talking about the deal. Now I -- tell you how about -- yarder but I'm not sure I have this thing is happening or not but David crate she was four years old -- When your armor -- came into the league. Great she said yes he's like he was my hockey idol. At the posters of armor yarder on the wall. There they're both Jack and so they're talking he's talking about. What the the impact of -- has been on his career. When -- they played together is that even possible that play on the same line. Jogger and encouraging good that's one. -- interest in interest enemy the other thing is disturbed reputation that we talked about over and over the doctor has been has been described. As this. But nominal one trick pony is that accurate. And it and it it is accurate how does he get along with the guy who -- one trick pony coach Joseph. Clearly he his strength is his in his hands and in his skating and in his ability to put the puck in the net right. Clearly he is not a defense first player the question is is the defense so bad. It's gonna be detriment and that's -- point to that plus 275. And -- Michael in his career his defense has not been problematic. He's been on a lot of winning teams and he's been on the ice for a lot of goals and obviously he's been out there for some goals against but it is not been such a significant number. Dated dated counter balances all the good he brings to the table now. As first actual personality. Whether or not he buys into the situation Jack Edwards was -- on Wednesday he said this about the potential. -- bringing in younger peers the pragmatic problem with acquiring locker he's a moody guy and he wants to play a -- I mean he wants to play. Big minutes and maybe he wants to play. Big minutes situations that Claude Julian would not be comfortable with him playing and then you run the risk of -- -- He's definitely get a fix your proper plan in some brilliant. Brilliant puck handler super strong in the pocket he's he's a tremendously gifted passer he's gonna be in the hall of fame. Based on his attack -- talent that's only gonna help the Boston Bruins the question is can they get him in a rotation. That fits include Julian system. And keeps him. Happy to regarding the top two -- -- -- of of the -- -- the way you want to finally prepares himself the way he sees himself now is Jack Edwards last week you guys can jump -- -- 61777979837. As the Bruins acquire the army or younger are you copied does this fix what ails them does this give them that jump in their step Michael that they haven't had to. The last couple weeks well looking at the AT&T -- -- already some people are not happy. Texas -- is no better than a joke right now. He's Brett Favre at the end. But another Texas says -- on the third line that will be good sneaky player on that line. The difference between Hammond and farm is that Favre played at the position that everything runs. Write a quarterback at the end is it the quarterback house to be the focal point of every -- nature that position. -- army or younger plane rightwing. Not everything has to run the -- the right wing here packers' line. Right he can be more of a one trick pony he can beat the guy at the end who can just do one thing it and still have a level of effectiveness you can't do that as a quarter. The quarterback is every bit and let's say it's an absolute disaster let's say. That trickster is right that the he is a joke he is the Brett Favre of Reich wingers. And he's just terrible. What did you actually lost. Haven't lost at this is say this is a gamble that your very comfortable with you haven't put a lot up for this he got you traded a nineteen year old kid. It was a fifth round draft pick for being Cody pain in Drake you traded at 23 year old kid who played three games this year. In Italy McDermott. And you got -- armor yarder. He could help you or could be Abbas but he's a -- what you love what -- -- just fine. I'd even strength and fixes your power play. What -- -- -- nothing other than picture power play and alternate important to me one -- teaching to a situation where they're actually competing to get -- to the first line and they do wanna master plan off wing situation that the possibility. But what if he does nothing more than -- is the power play. And doesn't hurt your first what that's all adults is that enough. It might. If the Bruins just scored on a significant number of their power plays Michael and nothing else that there was no other change. Other than that they scored more often in their power play would that be enough for what they gave up I think I would say it is and you've also helped any time any -- cued up situation to get into. Yet another -- Which can help. Oh by the dozen of -- much in the plan -- help in the -- -- -- -- 61777. On 7937. Foam external light up your your comments on this street -- wanna dig into his Red Sox thing -- as they did something yesterday. That was in one word I think impressive somewhat unique. And should serve them very well throughout this regular season they're going to be competitive team that's in ninety seconds alcoholic W -- There's an old sank in Tennessee and arson attacks are probably Tennessee this sis boom he wants. Shame on. Shame on you. Before we can get fooled again. -- we're not getting fooled this time it sure seems to be a done deal we're just waiting for confirmation from the league the army -- yarder. Is going to be a Bruin. I only -- Cheryl in the Pittsburgh Penguins are reaching out to acquire the guy that spent watched the first decade of his career there in Pittsburgh. Playing when Mario LeMieux yeah army -- yard will be in Boston a funny one. Considering. Now think -- one of those guys -- when you go to the garden you hear some of the most negative things said about him of course he has always a daunting target right all changed are you prepared to go to the garden and not scream obscenities the -- area -- Of course now if you're defenseman it would be it be more difficult chains like. If their case who ran. Suddenly became a -- right there might be tough for you because you think guys you know the drama Wayne. He can be -- at times I think he's pretty good player. But it might be tough to change. Any -- the man and a Canadian. -- -- -- -- Yelled the bottom so he was god God's sovereign right to the soft and blood -- It's like okay well -- Like Ulf Samuelson all the sudden comes the Bruins that Claude LeMieux were so many -- you truly hated because he was a rat that's -- -- or whatever just during this isn't that this is just a guy who created because he was good news on the other team and it was fun to yell stuff. I think it'll be at the very least on. It's the army Auburn -- it's a -- second choice and we'll see what happens to get second suspect still I mean if you asked me you know who would you rather have on the team who would have more of an impact on the Bruins. -- again horse armor -- he go drama but -- -- to give up significantly less to get them and I say this you know we know we sort of laughed about park how -- leaving like whatever cares -- park cow ski. That I thought the pass of the game to set up the goal in in in the last game in buffalo and if there's more of that lurking beneath them. Well all right maybe there's something to be seven pornographic calls here -- second six on 777979837. On the Bruins they treat for you or me or younger the other story is the Red Sox and and Michael just want to get -- this topic started as well. And that's Red Sox scoring eight runs yesterday which is nice and obviously any time the scoring runs you figure they can have a pretty good chance to win again. I like the scoring eight runs yesterday without hitting -- home. It's not gonna happen all the time and they are set -- to hit some home runs obviously with Napoli in middle Brooks in the middle of their lineup when they get Ortiz back. He should be good for some pop as well. But if they can score. Or 56 runs without without hitting a home run. It speaks to the way this team has been built because it's not like they were bunting and stealing and hitting and running and ordered it didn't manufacture those run right they got on base they were aggressive on the base paths once they got there. And they have some timely hitting they found ways to score runs without needing to manufacture. Without needing to hit home runs -- -- -- can do that a 162 times. But if they do that more often than not that will be very good thing for the team this kind of -- And to me is that you're right. Not hitting home runs you don't hit home runs you score eight that's pretty good was even more impressive to me. Is how many pitches that they saw and they go hand in hand though. Look ultimately. Go to the ball park where you want to admit it or not like to see homer. The -- dollars. Moments matter their -- in them days -- -- you wanna see a display of power and threw the ball leave the I hate it when my team get all of their runs at one time I hate the thing is I hate on tonight I try on the -- college are the worst umpire when he does that. It. Ultimately you wanna see that. But if if you see that many pigeons. Doesn't matter lineup. -- the guys who can hit anywhere from ten to 25. And you're getting on base at the clip they got on yesterday you'll be fine absolutely and I think talking about the pitching staff. Having mentioned the guy get a note don't wanna give you later that was sent to me and Kenji you you -- That puts him in some pretty elite company that I -- you went out to their families yesterday that you are. Would you like to be something else. I would like it to be your car and I would like that but. I do wanna go at the accurate pronunciation if it's not you aren't be so easy. Particularly Arnold wrote that I'll remember when Daisuke first came here it was Daisuke guys that we learned how to actually pronounce his name -- the the U was silent. So did you we are where you are either way I'm OK with it if he's as good as this one stat shows Michael Oliver -- January -- on every once you know everyone is they spell his name right Fred is in New Hampshire for it gets started today insult. -- Well not good -- It. Act very angry why the one guy I didn't wanna see in -- -- beautiful younger. This is not a Merlin jacket this is the worst trade and I -- surely he's never made. This guy you know. Back checking in Czechoslovakia. But people that award because this guy doesn't know what back checking in at least he's not only saw. He's a liability how -- you don't used to have a problem -- -- can't even get gotten that that kept its own scored two goals. In the mindful you -- them the right I had. But he hasn't been that in his career that's what -- Fred again I I understand them then reservation with him. But he's well he's he's -- isn't quite the positive player for his career he's not a minus planner. Some of the bulls split at a point in my -- and we don't want tonight. All he's going to -- that went. -- I wouldn't -- the Bruins sweater that they -- a two way play out this might be the best thing to get. But this is used immediate action and could be without fault -- the don't play like it. Fred Fred Fred -- on the market a lot of albums so why did he do he drove -- popular radio please just calm down. Get a drink water it's okay now thread. From New Hampshire it is. One of the biggest Bruins fans out there is an extremely emotional guy. And I think we check and went and -- as. We check in check in with him in a week. Will be column and if if he had the chance that the yarder for a game or two ago the if there's still Czechoslovakia and -- -- -- -- -- -- changed Czechoslovakia -- language either I think it's two different -- right in the Czech and Slovak. The Slovakian language. Yeah our Mary Oscars come at a Boston that trade now and. Firm -- McDermott Cody pain in a conditional first slash second round panic. It's a second rounder that becomes a first rounder the Bruins advance to the Eastern Conference finals this year so that's the price. They -- to the stars in order to get back in 41 year old score and that's exactly what he has great hands as always found a way to put the puck in the net. Never known for his defense always known as somewhat of a soft player may be fairly maybe unfairly but regardless. He does not in theory it with the Bruins have built here. If he was 212530. Years old. Michael this is probably not the player that they would be looking for because he would be heading. To try to change him into a -- Julian system guy. But at age 41. I'm sure there even gonna try to change I think they just kind of build around him and say look we do our thing you do yours fix the power play the puck in the back in the net. And don't screw up too badly in the defensive end. And will be just throws a nice to have the -- one more move to make I think is that any sort defenseman maybe even two they may need to defense. So they get you get yarder in the get a couple of defenseman. -- -- mark strike still available -- -- -- strike could be Dan Boyle was a few guys up there. -- come away with strikes don't get to where it was striking younger. Ifill -- the Bruins will they certainly improve their power play at that point if you're gonna add mark -- who is who who alone would improve their power play. Injured and we'll include Jeremy or younger who will loan would improve their power play I have to imagine that that would go from being back for the worst to being. If not a loss for them at least you don't really have Howard you matching up with the king of the block. We knew that when you have those guys because that's what it comes down to and you make the conference finals and you're taking on the penguins theoretically. How are you matching a but the pairing with you take your chances. With with that firepower with those -- I don't know that you're gonna become the favorites over the penguins because you've got younger because you've got -- whatever puck moving defenseman you're able to bring in. But I like your chances better than I did yesterday before you -- those guys don't you. Don't you like your chances better now with jogger and an add on join Al Dorismond apps don't you like your chances better now than you did yesterday when your team look like the Walking Dead. Looked terrible. Over the weekend they played fifteen minutes of uninspired -- lousy boring hockey. And -- ten minutes of good hockey. And fortunately that was enough to beat buffalo tuna ice on my Bobby Valentine after I bought right media that's there's where they played lazy uninspired lame boring hockey. For fifteen minutes and then fortunately put together ten minutes in the they weren't such a deep hole that they were able to win that game good for them you know what -- inspires them to play good hockey might be enough. I wanna hear Peter surely. Talk about maybe can't get into the dirty details of a felony here and talk about this draft may -- It looks at -- -- says the draft is not as strong. As it could be I'm not too excited about where will be picking this is not the year to have. I I guess we can get we can get -- we don't have a first round pick this year is not gonna kill us for the big picture. Maybe that's why he included the first round -- but I look at assuming first tropic forgot was 41 and -- in the last year of his contract and you're not gonna sign -- to -- long term contract. That's pretty priced by the way how much does -- really have left what does he look like at this stage in his career Richard -- to host the 133 in Dallas. We will talk to him coming up at 435 to get that perspective of who he is. At age 41 what he's been this year your call 6177797937. As -- army -- -- arrives in Boston marks and reading your room salt and all. I tell you -- -- up. -- so much it was in the -- its release so heavily literally grabbed. You can strike or work the it worked the first time I got a joke like I've -- training for Dennis Wideman and unfortunately some people took it's seriously so don't even joke about such things mark. Now that we'll do so I didn't know what the problem mistaken. -- have to be the least go against or at least that's on the property and look at the paper front. Hump that we. -- -- -- It works I'll play that the recently correct. Okay okay already -- I keep that this finding that defensive breakdowns I mean that every team has that people at this mine. We need to global approach cannot swivel. So I mean that the best that does not about a -- and diplomatic good -- getting -- I agree with you I -- and now they may -- he may. Be responsible for them giving up some goals but you're right the Bruins have allowed 75 goals this year as I'm looking at it that is lowest in the -- There's couple teams that 76 and maybe they've got a couple games in hand but but -- at 75 goals. Have allowed the fewest goals in the league they have a terrible power play. They have a pretty good defense system it it's horrible to awful some watchable if this doesn't mean nothing. Other than just improving the power play is that not enough right there. If it doesn't nothing else. Right -- -- and that but that's what we need to do with court local police scored both of our defense played differently if we have the lead and not going there'll there'll into the third period. If -- have we have the lead than our defense played a completely bad. So it's it's I mean I I can't see how this is a win win situation. Yeah it was about something earlier and I probably at last I should probably -- him last -- -- the worst. Dead last in the league in power I should probably know the answer to this but I don't. Someone said if yeah -- yarder texture on the ATP text. Gummery tiger. Gets hurt. In the Bruins make it to the conference finals. They still happy to have the first round yes. Even though if he if he gets hurt in his third game as the Bruins. And the team makes it without him. -- -- Yeah but that's that's the price of doing business but no it's not the price of doing business if the guy didn't help you get there and a first -- the practical business but I you don't get to know that I hit and this is by point. Don't my point is. Can be. A conference finalist without armor doctor -- article. If the other way I don't look at this is a second round pick look at this don't help me out public and got to look at look at the first round -- You hear you were giving up a first round pick for the army -- younger and they cut you break insane paid by. Look -- the first draft pick if you don't make it to the Eastern Conference finals if this goes south on you. We'll turn into a second. Given -- great. On a guy who's 41 years on a guy who has more goals than anyone on your team great on the number one goal scorer now and your team. The number one scorer on your team and you supposedly had a -- sale of -- fail. Give me a disk now nobody says about my cat it wasn't bargain when he finds what the fires -- means were clearing house -- -- getting rid of every so we're getting rid of everybody doesn't mean that we're given him away for four -- hit it pretty much it does mean now it means were restocking for our future. That doesn't mean the Dallas past all of sudden turn stupid and just start handing away players for nothing they don't would you teams are beating on you army or younger you're gonna give it to the highest bidder. And -- -- with another team getting on -- and one. Is interest is gonna I wanna do this or use. Your own words against you. Last week. To week now. I said you. Act so all expected -- rally play god. Others -- rally as opposed to note that relationship drama get McCarron -- supposed to know what race -- I was going. -- -- didn't know what the competition going. And I understand just one other team to go out there you don't know what the other team don't normally you don't know up but surely doesn't okay well you know. I don't know you know I guess what there was another -- Offering a first round. After -- You gotta. You've got you if you want yeah armor yarder and a first round pick. 441 year old soon to be on restricted free agent go ahead to -- we will figure out another plan to get ourselves and. In the conference by nastier by -- doubt Obama can finals is -- your guy -- call him ask him find out whether or not remedy a you know this inning he knows everything and you'll believe it -- him -- excellence evidence that 7979837. Hello Roger in -- run here -- I know I got a couple of quick point and then a question. First of all all of -- -- the -- not every even from Pittsburgh. Even scoring like crazy because -- -- a lot harder. And Mario -- here and what you guys could score -- -- I know but I point you're there. What it would mean the -- yeah. Increase. Yeah -- you know and organ. In the attic. You without it becoming a playmaker and help -- I think it was I was about suite which hasn't got a point. Won't make a huge. Oh public don't go for a little. -- That all but. Albeit. At all correct. So you -- properly and -- pit stop but. Six or so so essentially build around him you know he doesn't need to fit into your system you need to fade into what he's dealing aren't. Well we'll see if that happens. We'll see if that happens with them but I was more excited as you know at the star of the show I was more excited when I thought it was pain in McDermott. Any draft pick -- a second rounder. For -- yarder. How excited about that -- -- difference between first and second round is significant completely changes your view yes a complete and it's not let it. That's not a total difference because if they don't make it to the Eastern Conference finals it's still exactly what you thought it was going to let me ask you. Do you think that's unusable then you look at a first round pick a second round pick different no I don't understand that that's that's that's the difference and that was -- tough for you to be stated that that this is not a good deal instead of -- A pick and twenties vs the pick and fifty's and sixty's yeah. I think is a big difference. So. And surprise surprise the prices rose as high as one Iowa court. I'm surprised or you know after all -- I talked about in terms are so good right when I die it could be that out so well. There's a different the difference in price between this and again my. Is that -- you get the opportunity for this to turn into a second round pick if you don't make it to the Eastern Conference finals. And he instead of giving up two prospects that are both what in your top ten you're giving up two prospects that are nodding your top to keep going. There's also a city. Kennedy was an autopsy for -- -- CD next talk RW yeah.

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