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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 4.02.13

Apr 2, 2013|

We touch on four topics we wouldn't have gotten to today. Today's focus... Kobe and Shaq compared to other teammate rivalries, would you hire Pitino?, and Matt Flynn.

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And and he sold in at least poor and the floor board are all four. Fun cleaning. -- -- Actual -- we'd still continually. And what's really -- Guys want to look up. All right the lakers will be retiring -- number 34 tonight Kobe and -- buried hatchet after years of feuding supposedly alcohol -- Call -- me out a -- -- reports. That is why is getting divorced what is the most venomous relationship between teammates ever. This might be yet. This might be at this is this as a way of their guys. You know he he did his little freestyle that Kobe ratted him out Kobe did rat him out. Now I don't know that's the reason the only reason he got a divorce. But these guys when added publicly. Calling each other out they had to be separated. That's the reason Shaq was traded to the -- Miami Heat. They continue to talk about each other. When they were no longer teammates who would acknowledge each other -- That part. There was that yeah I would say I would think that's up there now I can't remember maybe you guys care and there was some baseball players saw. Who were on the same team and I think he had a wife swap. Well there -- some football there's the football player deal with the quarterbacks Cape May now own and somebody else's dating is ex wife for ex girlfriend. Some like that I can I don't know about an ex wife swap. I don't know about that. -- effort you know -- old Yankee lefty. And Tony Parker sleeping -- Brent Barry's ex wife like that ignited. Deny. There Jason Richardson thing that was denied to get those a great room right. It was real. I called intimately. And the fact that they're trying to pretend like it's organ is not Ramirez in the other 24 Red Sox right before he was dealt away. Manny Ramirez in each of his 24 teammates in the week or so before he was a -- of Paris and Kevin Youkilis that's a pretty good one prominent Delonte West. That's. It's certainly not a single. Rise to the occasion by but. Brendan Donnelly. And who was the guy who we absolutely hated when he was in in with the angels who ended up I'm like on his name Jose Guillen -- -- who got two guys this ice to each other -- we can't wait to get eroding chair later and they are always threaten each other. That's legitimately. You know you bring that up then there's the -- isn't it a service and is that if that isn't sure. Yeah yeah -- -- to share. One. But your rights better -- and Jeff Kent and got another those guys on the part of. All. -- by this point we've all seen the Kevin where injury from Sunday and it is surely gruesome know what you know about Rick Pitino were those tears about the players' chances to win a national -- -- -- and how did. Well mom I'm Derek I have to -- -- there are you and so little Ricky so -- got a problem would you know. Just a little bit the guy stayed with them. He stayed with him at the hospital to make sure it was OK. And. What is your real question -- can't be your real quite -- knowing what you know about pitino if you were heading up UMass -- the DC would you hire pitino to rebuild your basketball program. Yeah I would and I'm not a pitino fan I would never hire him at the NBA level again clearly that was a mistake and and and what he did it. As and not just not just on the court but off the court to the Celtics organization. It's such a mess and really a shame for the history of the Boston Celtics but upon you master BC given to how far those two programs have fallen from the heights they were once sat in and you can debate just how high that really was. I think they need something to get a chance to get one of the hall of fame type coach is and what he can go to all fame and being named that way today. Today is that when it comes out the hall of fame voting will come out today but it -- -- hall of fame level coach with all due respect to the guys coaching those. Programs now they're nowhere close to -- got choked up there very very sorry. Well the I would hire him with some parameters get a shut down all the Italian restaurant and say you cannot be in the -- after hours because you wanna talk about some things. Off the court. It wasn't just what Rick Pitino did at the pro level -- -- the college level to that indiscretions. That he had in Kentucky. But if you if you were if you are charged with turning a programmer. And you need to win quickly. -- not hire Rick Pitino even if you know he told Providence that he would be there forever and he left for the next I'm -- that indiscretions -- Year and though as been pointed out he tends to. Talk out of both sides of his -- and I'll have a problem if you tell the truth. A problem becomes ought to test if you light becomes ought to -- future imagine. Providence. If you if you if you got -- opportunity to hire Rick Pitino back you go back to the final four you well. If you Boston College. And you are looking to make the big time is that something they're looking for Boston College. They've never shown that they're actually interstate in the big time is certainly is a basketball school there sure they have. They paid like it. They paid they paid their coaches pretty well. -- think -- OK if you look at the big time why would you move on from Al Skinner. I don't know -- I don't. I mean how the market but but but they moved on from him because they wanted to go somewhere else they wanted to go -- the topic go -- Soviet. If if you want Dan if you want the best the college basketball has to offer and -- -- -- not that I'm not a fan. That you'd have to hire. -- Matt Flynn has been traded to the Oakland Raiders after one season as a back up in Seattle raiders coached him sound like in -- to match job and Aaron Rodgers. Having started only two games in five years what do you think about -- -- -- -- -- Don't talk let's set the bar pretty high for the -- now Matt Flynn. I'm sure. He'll be a -- like he'll be better -- it'll be better for the raiders than Carson Palmer ones. But to compare him to match job. Is a pretty lofty comparison considering who Matt Flynn has right now but to compare him to an. MVP in this league. A Super Bowl MVP I don't think he's -- -- top five on quarterback how he's not actually saying he's as good a player he seeing his situation is not unlike there's where he sat for a long time behind hall of fame type of players. Just like Rodgers was forced to see it for a few years behind Brett Favre. So was Matt Flynn forced to sit behind Aaron Aaron Rodgers and then later lost the competition to Russell Wilson. Who looks like he may be part of the future of these great young quarterbacks. In in in the NFL what do you think expectations going to be now -- and -- you think people's I don't expectation is that he's going to compete for that job what do you think it would it probably but I don't think the expectation is that he instantly turns and Aaron Rodgers a match are reading that quote what do you think that nobody -- cancer. That compares and done -- the head coach says. You know if this is not dissimilar from the match jobs situation or Aaron Rodgers threw to him so what are you thinking you mentioned two guys. Give -- only if you if you don't want to actually listen to what he said in just wanna focus on the names. I mean if you actually listen to what he said read what he said he -- their situations have a similarity there are not unlike each other. If you just wanna focus on the fact that he -- two -- -- of guys that are better than him at least in theory -- -- but I don't even know if they are better than him because it never got a chance to watch Matt -- play in regular regular season games we don't know never had a chance to see him play regularly we don't know -- -- is better than we don't know -- we -- -- -- -- -- to. It would -- oh well Drew Bledsoe for -- starting over Tom Brady was he better than Tom -- turns -- -- Tell you that when going to be better than Aaron Rodgers in fact my gut and virtually every shred of evidence would tell -- the opposite. But until we get a chance to actually watch him play in a game. A market to make a judgment say that the guy stinks. Let's wait and see -- -- is now playing in in Oakland with that kind of lousy team I don't expect much out of them but I'm a big believer in giving a guy if you think if -- -- form for a reason and you think he's got talent at least give -- a -- -- you declare -- -- -- Job or Rogers didn't get beat up my rookie quarterback cancels. Okay. He was the seventh round pick and managed to beat on a second round pick as a rookie aren't you'll have -- that I I'm -- informed I just don't think it's a you try to manage expectations that was a poor job managing the expectations from affluent. -- And the AT&T question of the day Jay-Z is now -- -- in those agents. Should agents be worried about Jay-Z and other celebrities getting into the agency game I thought that they should be worried about them getting into the agency game it's that they should be finding guys like that partner with Jay-Z is not going out on his own if you read the stories partnering with CA which is a huge firm that employs tons of big time agents. The -- the baseball World -- -- still gonna have a representative. Under or -- -- the who who will deal with his dated a baseball stuff I don't see Jay-Z sitting down to deal with you know the details of how to -- a good you know being. Being released over the details of super. Two or anything like that but it's see it's a form of recruit. And if he's got a partner with CAA my guess is that other big firms out there we're going to find people like him in order to help lure in young player I think it's a game changer quite simply. I don't know how Jay-Z is going to be in this but he did partner up with a big time agencies in the CAA. Is an all rookie to the game and maybe maybe he's got Boris comes back. Was somebody else I may because that was supposed to be if not I believe with knobs on Hollywood before that it was. Jay-Z and somebody's cheesy and not as what it -- -- after that I should say. Here's daisy and and then there was a rapper who should have been challenging daisy now but it -- at least it was okay -- -- -- the -- DeShawn Stevenson made that. Connection -- said. DeShawn Stevenson challenging me is like somebody challenging a -- anyway I think if you are Scott Boras you come up with account. -- -- that it could it really could affect your business if it if it's got Boris he actually finds biggie. Like Scott Boras is the one -- know -- -- he's got a lot of time and keep funds aren't so let's talk to easiest proving his point though his greatest later I'm not a businessman out of a business man and this is exactly right -- let him handle his business spam. No was amazement about opera based when he returned from from being in the being in the clergy or whatever it was someone's home and the wife swap would. It was Rick Manning -- Dennis personally call real yes I've never heard that way back when they were both members of the Indians that's what the up next those salt and Ali get a big time run on the editorial page of your former paper Michael how come that's -- -- -- W media.

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