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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/02/13

Apr 2, 2013|

Welcome to town Jagr, how's that working out for you Iginla? And hey look, the Yankees DO suck.

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And you won't -- said god I don't. -- -- Manchin now finalist negativity that's in this town -- -- my job with a song can holly. Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- now might die the -- go to the Colombian we've phase and maybe don't really we saw economic. -- do you -- AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone android phones either one. -- brought you by AT&T the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage in New England. Those Bruins have acquired the army area out here. In exchange for a first or second round pick depending on whether or not they reach. The conference finals pleasantly McDermott Cody -- both on their way to Dallas anywhere we got Mike doesn't. Walk on the baseball these things -- Mike Adams called -- I think our vacation. And -- message. Pastoral you have to work a lot not a lot of nickel late night trinity are paid by the hours -- get a salary. Just a salary bottle -- it's a good deal probably the highest figure here. Per hour now just over just overall husband guy here just bad not bad not bad work if you yes. -- -- Maybe. Every spread from walls there is always good yeah people -- here and Barbara -- And also it could have closed surely. Let's talk and a few days and let's see how Kuroda looks tomorrow. Let's see how Andy -- looks on offense looks bad welcome. That offense looks kind of sickly kind of anemic it does looks like -- spring training they look bad. So let me there was -- the whole big red shock absorber bags that are already well -- -- towards game. I might get him back then I was very very -- I would have never Red Bulls. -- -- message how well Yankee fans and humility that's not a combination that I'm used to hearing together. Don't buy it I don't think -- you know -- being a humble bunch now. When did you hear that a little -- that -- blowing up the Wimbledon yesterday because they have the cold remedy -- -- -- What are well. Well maybe definitive way and then the bombers but they -- -- -- globe -- quoted a bit all over again. And the message so whenever. Just wait. We've got a sweetheart do you have you take two out of three tomorrow ministered -- years as we can -- Now all did take two out of three from the Yankees you're still upset about losing one game to a new got a sweet home. For these. For these statements to really tough to. I don't wanna find it weird that you're angry red but I and I laughed and -- -- they actually played. Evil empire -- Star Wars and very few working royal. And -- When no one wants to be the evil empire but didn't Larry -- drew them a favor ending the great coming -- as a put down. But then had like a great nickname. The evil empire. Coach you want to have embraced that. I'm evil makes no sense on the -- and it just makes no sense. The Yankees aren't evil implied that you can't just -- They got off to the other side and call someone else I mean that's like a rubber you're -- but why -- you -- once -- do that when they wanna be the voice what they are whether they want a beer or not he can't pass that off seven years later. They've got to do and it's been critical area of Joba -- before he threw first pitch turned and fired the ball toward. Activities it's. And definitely I'm I'm happy the he was distract realize a mustache you love that bottle all that must. Good god love my job nice. You know what job as -- areas today and that was pretty high forty point five. I'm assuming it'll come down over the course of the year but still gonna -- still -- his waist -- Going years -- he feels -- some people are ready before dead 21 win yeah I think it is I do -- they're just called school. All I wonder boys didn't have the goal here you guys today that alternative would hope they -- -- got to broaden your viewers to. -- both holes Baylor. All we have is doing well eighth grade -- -- of his career. Waited for so long -- -- on the board did binge. Important if -- and if that doesn't need to get hit first well my only drama that is. Maybe second ballot this tough to get out the first dollar IR Visio couldn't get but I think second ballot he's got to just need to get a hit first or is it okay for him to not just get walks and -- and make the hall of fame without getting ahead. They -- let me tell you -- even the most diehard Red Sox so we'll never make it comet as stupid. No one will miss the old Yankee Stadium that's not my -- dumbest thing I've ever heard on the station. I didn't say hello message that I just said well it's not like it's not like classic ballpark. Because of its construction. The way Fenway or Wrigley is it's classic because of its history there but I don't think the building itself. It was same sort of dead didn't really dare I never felt that I bad it was you know it was just like a big stage just felt like something important yeah I know you walk up to their buildings at. Something important is happening here. But only because of the history there and only because of the dump that's around -- -- history it is not part of the actual building itself never felt classic doesn't feel. I don't I don't feel like baseball is is being deprived of something. Because Yankee Stadium -- part isn't part of the charm of Fenway Park the history of Fenway Park yeah but some of it is. The look give it to feel a -- the angles of that the uniqueness of a lot that doesn't fly because if somebody tries to make of Fenway. You just look at and say this has not been -- is and the Fenway knockoff. Right right so if not. -- you just take that look if the combination of those two things together luck if I'm wrong I'm wrong I'll buy and won't be the first time today I'm looking after a couple of text messages here at some of these. Glen Murray stats from the early two thousands 35 goals 44 goals 32 goals in three straight years than 2428. Feel better score than a game credit for all all all all relent on the. I've personally thank the good thing that we didn't make that trade with how great. Because apparently filed always hear nobody can help throw good enough about -- -- can live global farm products everyday we get this right populated. Think you'll notice that I know it's it's always think Gilman can get enough. Forced to -- -- -- -- and -- M of snow until a deal enough they're still not right. Major opening game loves our distinguished man but -- Pittsburgh Penguins are working elsewhere. They were Crosby and I'll take you don't cover what cowboys without playing long but I didn't -- -- -- you guys do they live -- called city. The ultimate goal always the blues bit nervous. And message. Rabbit a patio and doesn't do wrong call of duty incompatible systems. -- condemning kitchen just. He can't -- sediment that's not a MCI and we have three euros to around for free PlayStation -- so let's go to the clubhouse and play. Don't explode but hey what's actually I would. Hey hey good to describe it is. How ironic is that if you are broken up his fifth bid when the boys got to play a good karma guy when you want to vote -- They're always good he would come back to come between boys -- yahweh Ben yeah they're a great hockey player of the zero weeding. Dude I got up and I. Back isn't normal we know he's got hit in the face about -- centigrade that's trophy can be held responsible for -- misery in the face of the pocket book pretty nasty. They -- -- big make up guy he still I guarantee you that pretty delicate wholly different creature. Without Dwight -- Boyer that they don't -- we guarantee that. And after that I can guarantee your best I can get -- -- -- using her presidency I can't -- Up. Sounded better Webster's says is better than what I am -- historian and so we sort out all you to strike at will roll roll -- best and I was wondering. In other related news Kuwait -- it is very related. But did you see -- yesterday. Just tears yesterday sunny and pleasant to. Oh -- are now I found it difficult because I just kept thinking I wonder which looks like without her make up my attitude as you would look like a different earlier -- that's how people behave let me tell you this I don't think they'll want to know he didn't. Now once you -- -- wish general oil happy birthday today since your. And the subject in the haven't now talking about the women anomalous uranium how many give her own time on her own time page and not get we can't be during -- not gonna give her a piggyback happy -- time too long -- -- -- once -- -- -- -- that. Players reportedly -- -- more. That was just for gender she's good fifteen certificate never get -- what more -- more I don't know I don't have enough kids. Case I figured a good question why you Wear underwear yep well look at your results three days snowy after. Don't be afraid really -- myself where you before the but -- make it quick doesn't mean it's not about -- really didn't appear to go so a lot of data are Puerto Rican -- What did she did you -- got a better how can you smile on my -- to show me your bonus feature when they hit one -- -- speed bump on the streets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have but not go out of the way and make them be trying to destroy a bathroom but I can't play anyway. Drop off go back over the port speed bump put my head -- the people I come from the damn oil well in the -- Door are breathing a little fire break -- all biblical proportion all available might -- a crowd fired up -- Kraft bowl might well. Only want to put towards baseball these three boys Bob Bob and I realize that some guys but yeah envelope in my life into the -- that's good light truck naked from the waist up. Why am I -- your legs. Because they had a -- game just open a car felt really good old Leo look at them -- -- the -- college. Now the guys today at that question well creative show snowball isn't the right. And Mac experts right I approve Clinton's. They get that does that is that the -- that from the cutting room floor of hanging over some very high volume that start you know it's you know you don't rush don't believe it's -- cause I am sorry. Don't believe you -- them clintons. I believe that don't Al -- You don't go on national TV and brag about that quite well brokerage. That's just the people don't know about bonds today. Second bet you have -- that would let Victor Babbitt -- -- -- -- -- -- Bradley Effect that you -- you feel that Tibetan very suspect about a lot that the barely run. And match. -- side about Jackie Bradley junior he was everybody was excited that we saw all the shots Jackie Bradley spam parade through everything else caught a foul ball he hit. How -- that -- Jackie Bradley doing an interview with -- -- we just Doug Flutie -- other states because the ball starts. -- short Jackie Bradley was thinking during an interview with god -- go -- -- didn't have run this make up -- the -- -- different person is different creature. Not bad Jackie Bradley had a now -- can't get -- great here and feel everybody is also a good drive there in the locker room because I watch them breakthroughs. Got to come out there -- things that I don't police are here in May at some point this he smoked. -- well well. Congratulations on becoming the highest paid glory hole in human history. Standard message. I won't -- into Oreo. That's such disturbing quote next door let's throw that hey I did a did a podcast of minicamp today did our first podcast together. And now a lot of Tony Romo conversation on the upon WEEI is it up dead if not a will be there when you don't you don't you don't have a name for this -- I always I -- suggest to call it the -- assault. Let his name go first and apparently that's a big deal around here is don't say you're zero. I didn't I don't know he had a good name for and I'm sure I don't I'm sure people come up -- -- called Gloria. -- -- They were could show you it would cover up your ball would stick it out. Good good good -- Anderson that -- beautiful home -- but that is the whole -- on. What other job all nationals have to do especially secure I don't. All right there you go that is today's might -- brought to you I. ET NT the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. Most forgy coverage anywhere in New England are and I and given it up for the Glen Murray guy texted me AT&T text -- 37937. He was right. Marie put up some pretty good numbers I still think younger is a different kind of player and excited to see him -- not tonight but in the next game. He will play with the -- answer the question -- next we'll do our best. To answer that guy's question among our most embarrassing moment plus years 37937. Salt and Holland W media. Sports -- Seven WTI -- -- -- tell you can TI dot com.

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