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Curt Schilling, Red Sox Hall of Fame, on Lester and Jackie Bradley

Apr 2, 2013|

Schill joins Mut and Merloni to give his initial thoughts on the Red Sox opening day win over the Yankees and the start of Jon Lester.

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Butler not a three point seven WEEI a little off day today for the Red Sox back at it tomorrow. But a good start if -- Red Sox fan not just because of the result but the way they went about their business yesterday appear Sox fan. The energy's got to be exciting T and joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Of the ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible. One of the face of the new baseball tonight crew seemed everytime I turn on ESPN. Curt Schilling joins us Joker but little Dario. They show listen now I don't the slot to get to -- -- game all start starting pitcher Jon Lester because Leckey kind of grind it out. Five innings with two pitches but fastball location got into a little bit of a jam got out of it limits the damage and -- some what you thought of of Jon Lester. Well I I saw. I don't know that I would feel any better about anything from that game article about him. I thought he had exceptional. Committed look at. This was everything you hoped to see from Jon Lester at some point during the season I didn't expect to see yesterday. But but I I talked about it all -- the spring. I thought he had I don't put a lot of numbers and spring training -- lot of weight in the numbers in spring training. With the exception of some things in his numbers are put a lot of waited too I thought he looked exceptional spring. Everything he did yesterday made me feel good there and I thought. Bet you yeah he would -- to have seen him have a better -- album that he's been noted the considerable dispute with injuries and still got. I did a lot of professional hitters that can work counts and I was so impressed what he did yesterday and excited about what he did you see how that came out. When you say impressed -- back to last year now this year -- DC a much different pitcher -- minded -- -- yesterday. Yet completely first up tempo get the ball get on the rubber throw the pitch first thing the first. Well first used to having your defense played well behind you is to get the ball and throw the ball have to all be in or around the strikes on. Right right I always kind of jokingly refer to -- BP which is not competitive it is that the pit the fastball first itself both some good bounce of the 55 seat. Or the two straight -- all the bounces you know ten people on the plate he he was the guy who in the past the he would blow to many votes. -- too many of those because. Either way he was blocked -- -- being he was -- give -- some -- should never see he was still mad and help our purpose promptly. Yesterday. I didn't seem any problem if any and and that means it is a very big change. Both mechanically and mentally for guys are targeted are done everything -- sort -- exciting. The shelves no big story that was Jackie Bradley junior we've we've talked about a four weeks leading up to it out. A would have liked to have seen him get off to a start AAA you know the pressures of week one open threes one for handguns. They -- leading to a little limited experience and at bats. Late yesterday though he can't deny the impact of the game what your thoughts. I was wrong I was I was what I said I thought they were making a mistake but I also that I caveat everything -- at the other thing. I just beyond that by -- with a jumper -- those guys are better than I do in the work that I've always heard about him in the I have everybody that I talk to baseball. That has seen him since -- global one word everybody uses as president. He has an amazing and and a and a kind of a game take over present. And I saw yesterday from the first at bat toward owed it to walking. He talked -- one that pitches in five at bats against the left and -- that's won cy -- I don't care from a -- perspective I'll -- -- -- -- it was yesterday. You don't that your little you don't go into the into the typical -- not his old self when I -- -- You're going to Europe recently in the about the I thought that I thought they -- asserted Tripoli which are I think might have been in this week on my part. But B I expected him -- yet. Broken and I didn't expect to block their run out there opening -- into a couple of in the game only -- -- do it but he did he was -- -- to meet one of the determining factor in the outcome of the game on both sides. He's down 02 against sabathia works a walk in his first Major League that item atomic credit for that -- -- Heavy on the spot in terms of a comp for who we looked like cool now we're my job -- -- And it's not that he'd just -- worked a walk -- was how he worked for that would be impressive thing to me he went -- And it it's clear that pitchers one of the books on him is that they believe they can beat him and -- and try to -- the -- I saw last night that was. Harper. The -- that tried -- they think Bryce Harper which was. So let beat down and in which you don't need a lot. Because what -- certainly have a -- but it was clear to me after the first about it that sabathia went back to that spot in one over that its global -- But it's just that he didn't just. -- intend to adjusted. Month to month week to week. Or or over the get better game to game you just think about what I yesterday what I thought was -- impressive as well. Real thing too was how he impacted justice speed on the base has beaten up play out that that the Sox three more runs the play in left field. Now what happens and David Ortiz comes back they say listen Nazis started in my opinion is the big leagues you the best player you stick around Ortiz comes back and he's playing well. I I I hate to see them send him down just for service. I imagine that that's what happens like I don't know I don't know I -- I don't thinking. -- We tend to get excited -- -- he hit that early in your personal -- you get excited about things small sample size and beating opening day you're called for in September. Let's let it play out -- I think he's. Going to be -- big -- -- I saw yesterday as a pitcher knowing how hitters they can go to the plate. I was incredibly impressed that -- you know what that lets you play proper cup which I think it was going to be longer than people think a lot longer than people think. And I think he's gonna get a real good chances and let everybody know -- ready or not and and that's -- with a -- and it I mean it's not a series it's not a week. It's it's a 162 agencies and I've said it's important if you look at the red sock it to 200 games even as they can on the call. But is it -- 38 games in the spring but it went to 200 gain support of what interrogators opportunity. Curt Schilling joining secede in almost every night on baseball tonight in terms of the attitude this team UN -- a -- talked about. Having a team that Alex does care who enjoys the game -- enjoys the way to go about their business plays the game. -- cliche but the right way I felt like yesterday Jonny Gomes slides home that makes eight to two and jumps up like they just want the World Series I take that. As he really good sign for this the I'm making too much out of that play in that effort yes I'm. A lot out of it I because I thought that every shot of the dugout every shot. Of the players and look and I'm not that does not to disparage anyone or anything or situation. I didn't see anything yesterday the reminded me of last year nothing. And obviously when you're winning in -- -- and Yankee Stadium everybody smile that it was -- but it was different it is different. And I knew coming in I thought the book Brian Butterfield a very my closest friends in the world I think what might probably just might be approachable time. I've talked to him in my pocket John throughout the spring training. I knew things were gonna be different they had to be different because. Those two guys -- person that will demanded to be different I didn't know how different it would be because the players have to buy it. Yesterday's poll made it in no uncertain that the players bought him. There and I don't know what that means does that mean they win 95 when there was no it's a long season but I do know that. It's going to be a very different year here. And it's all that's going to be a positive. Guessing that the two were talking about a deal last year in spring training I think a lot of guys came in May be in denial you know that there was an issue of last year was just a fluke and maybe was -- that this year from the manager to the new guys to the rookies to the veterans everybody has something to prove after what happened last. Last year look at that look there's no reason the -- what they -- what -- demands that -- -- the plans to announce that it. Now what about that that that's fair or right or wrong whatever that was the way what they want him on it in the -- How much say you're helpless I -- that's on the ownership but it everything started on the wrong foot last year. And -- I might get people -- it was I thought that nine other attempt problems that happened he made. He created your doctor John academic problems in the media. At that much I -- and and I talked about this and and these people that know me know I have probably as much respect -- -- -- -- -- Baseball men I've ever been around in the game and and it's for one reason he communication about an indicator of better. If anybody in sports and do anything. And in baseball not to me meant to baseball team 99%. Of your responsibilities. Communication. It's not x.s and don't -- a bench coach for -- -- -- a pitching coach doctor pitching staff I think John's more involved -- that in most marriages you have a different approach shelter until it. You're job is to communicate with your point our players. And put them in the best position to succeed and I think he is an exceptional baseball minded doing that and it -- yesterday it was kind of started seeing what it's gonna -- And wanting in my elect make him look good to -- bullpen we -- strength this team and while and I think -- from the same page here -- nothing like power coming out of your bullpen. Throw strikes didn't strike -- late. I hate. It's like salt spring training I didn't -- part of the reps are. I heard you know hey they've been put together double header and everybody like some more people talked about it is we're not just -- -- he was a guy that they want to get -- block. I want to -- what I saw yesterday I didn't expect. And and I was. But it hasn't blown away by -- bite. Power on power on power everything that Bryant looked -- Miller probably the worst of any -- start. And he still came out and did it kind of what they needed him to do would also hadn't gotten. If he find the strike zone this is -- and -- and that everybody else has been building I don't remember. In the last couple of the Red Sox having 56 power arms in the and I remember him having. You guys here in there and never together but every -- brought out yesterday was a strikeout pitcher. And that hopefully after the sixth inning when you're working your pen and out of the game unique swinging their arms and everyone wants. And they grind out bats yesterday got good starting pitching great bullpen that was the best of the Red Sox -- we don't on this delighted pick NB a playoff team this year if they went 7980 games to fall short. What's gonna be the reasoning in my what's the weakness of this team in the rest of the way. Here in the symbol we talked about these that it was funny because as we got to spring training which are talking about the duke blue I think. I think if there's any team in the east that -- run away with typical win 95 predictably agents. I'd be potentially could be the only team that can actually win the division by ten games these are talk and operate they're gonna pit. I don't know how much they're gonna hit idol I think -- score runs but I'm not sure how much to talk about the oral I think they're pitching as far better than people think. But I'm not sure offensively how consistent or how how much output you're gonna get from them. I think the Yankees are the ones in the cannot win the division I just think that they've been decimated by injuries I think it's going to be an incredibly challenging year for them. And for me and and no pun intended the wide apart from you direct talks. Because you start to think about the team any sort they can about the offense were built very. And Pedroia and now this probably junior hit all the hit the problem that the products around and certainly about the pitching. If Buchholz. This is legit and and John as we you'd think he has a Lackey comes back but end up in the team that that he can win the division that nobody was talking about in in March. The agony speak of buckled speculates -- tomorrow night because. Just the last start that I saw on spring training it is it's spring training when I see boxed out the command is two seamer in the lefties. To open up everything else and how we can attack hitters. This not a -- -- 200 innings but it can be a scary 185. Shall return. For me it's never about anything below the neck it was and it went in most gifted athlete I've ever seen. For me it's always about the above the neck is that it does is it does he wanna win a Cy Young. It does people want to assist you wanna be a great big league pitcher and -- it's not. I played with a lot of guys who were were -- pitcher in the big leagues that was that was the ceiling I wanted to see -- want it. Because committee if he if he wants to be the activists. And that's what I want it all my pitchers -- I -- -- -- them all the wanna PDA. And be hungry go after it. If you want to beat the best pitcher in the game you'd think that it will contend for a site on but I don't know how much want this there and that was always the question for me. Her last one for me said you don't put much stock in -- spring training stats what about velocity what about sabathia yesterday the report was. On the guns they out of the stadium 92 twice great is that a concern in -- first starting guy not getting -- the above 92 more than twice. The two things that I care about spring training from a pitcher starting pitcher respectable or velocity and innings -- I need them the -- beginning that they need to be ready for the season. And I wanted to -- -- spring training bounces around getting ports and I -- suitable -- start to pick up. Knowing full well that from the I don't two to four mile an hour once the season starts. I think I think Colin is a different pitcher that looked sick I think probably -- customer what they they are what they are now and are very different. BP I don't know. By two got a chance to talk to him at Lincoln spring training and I was asked about the B opal and all the stuff that goes around that. I think he was trying to get -- that mentally and and and feel that he's okay. If you look at the workload if you look at the gates. You know everybody. That there's a straw the breaks the camel's back for everybody and they they -- that you either got hurt and their daughter they changed. He may be at a point where he's changing he's gonna be big and don't -- -- -- But but I'm not so sure that these. Mid upper -- guy anymore and and that they cannot find it but but that's the if you look at what happened the holiday and spring training you to look at what happened moments from last year. And that -- as someone who went through this all play in just the last person -- usually figure it out and no it is the person it's happening to. It seemed different what I think you may be I think you don't think you have the 96 anymore. He has picked up that and you have to put the game plan together around his stuff not the stuff he wants or the -- he thought he had. But the stuff that he -- and that's a very hard thing to do. Kirk great baseball inside -- we appreciate onto busy -- baseball tonight the -- talk to you soon -- Curt Schilling joining us on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LT. With speeds that the ten times faster three G it's AT&T rethink possible -- mixed up. And changed up the baseball tonight crew a -- out easements and and a baseball. -- a big part of it and he -- been out all over the Red Sox over the Yankees on during spring training if you missed any of that have by the interview available online on demand. At WEEI dot com 6177797937. More your Red Sox phone calls on top of the hour 1 o'clock. The governor a little bit hockey what's going on because. How to trade to me and raid in time the trading deadline tomorrow in the NHL Bruins have made one yet that's one -- one hour.

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