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Jaromir Jagr traded to Bruins

Apr 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to the breaking news that Jaromir Jagr will be the newest member of the Bruins.

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-- -- near the why haven't the Bruins jumped in the trade conversations yet not learned ID 37 WEEI but if you believe. The Czech media. Bravo. That they had made a deal today we're waiting for confirmation for the Bruins we've heard this before. Closed at what time is it all this is 1 o'clock not noon. So it's 1 o'clock -- an hour later they thought they had again one of multiple reports are saying yeah army air yarder. Is going from Dallas to Boston not sure what it's for. And we're waiting now what the deal is going to. Entail. But -- out to the Bruins are getting a score negating a power play peace in the army or younger. It said it's your Boston Bruins. I think it's gonna -- it's done. Now for. Again it's -- should we should we wait given what happened last week to make sure this thing is official I'm sure that if you're up at 11 o'clock the other night. Was it Tuesday Wednesday night on James Murphy of ESPN Boston just confirm the deal he's working on the details so yeah I'm -- younger is coming. Your boss number ten I think that. I think it's good that they needed something and give up on the power play. You know I know weeks aging players no question about it but still productive one you know right. As the -- fourteen goals and twelve assists already this year in Dallas -- always forty years old. But I think he can help them there's no question about it but his -- to have the speed that he once had but did that I think this is a good move. Only only find out what they gave up for a little offensive player during -- probable get we'll get to the -- that. The reality part but the fantasy world this guy comes in here and immediately. Position your power play to be better than bottom third in the NHL he's a power play once a specialist. Bottled up that but he immediately upgrade your power play you've seen a budget for guys at their in the bruins' power play units. This guy does a very few of them do which -- scored a pretty high level even for forty year old mean he is six years removed from. 123 point season he's nowhere near that player anymore at the state but. He was an old beat goal score a -- point accumulative for a long long time in the NHL. The Bruins are not getting that player today what they're getting as a guide and immediately upgrades their power play. And makes them make a better offensive force now you mentioned the you mentioned the price. In their multiple reports including one at a Dallas. It says it was two prospects any draft. For Yani -- today well that is we have you know if that comes through and ends up being Coke or ends up being. Some of the only prospects we've talked about like one of the goaltending prospects. That's a pretty high price for forty year old rent it got -- get a free agent we got to see the asking price. You think that. You said. -- -- cope with Jeff. And a first round pick what they -- of regular would be good fit for the yarder I don't know the players still a good fit. The prices too high yes that's different things is it no matter what they trade to get him. Joggers a good fit for. This team and helps them on multiple levels if it ends up being -- taos ski cocoa and a first round pick. Even a conditional first round pick like in the -- Easter deal that was made last night it's a fourth round pick it can be a first if Calgary. Makes the Saint Louis makes the playoffs. So it's a conditional. And those two players that's entirely too much for straight rent it sorry it is doesn't change how much of an impact he can make over the course of next month plus the playoffs. But not ousted capsule for paid that ends up being in that -- with gamma. And -- -- still said he was towards the top of his game with with younger I always see. Easy apple what he wants -- six years ago forty years old. -- expected to do everything is the specialty player it's just get -- the power play you know we're not won a third line. Well and all Timmy. But some guys around. And I think -- play younger out there with somebody at the speed of high AA it's summon that third line to get those change. In the outlet they needed a shot in the arm they needed something -- if you -- rank -- or not. That's got no goals you know eleven assists that mean he was he was out there were talking about him. B -- yarder guy with experience who is still productive again fourteen goals twelve assists he still get it done a guy knows how to scorn us that they need. The text response initially. -- be described by me as completely sarcastic and our region couple. -- -- Gordy -- and unavailable pretty have a no trade clause seriously. Obvious trade would have been great twelve years ago. -- was great during the Reagan administration. This just in -- inside Brad Park. The initial the initial response it is wholly sarcastic by you guys on the AT&T text line at 379837. Outlook to know what to think. As April -- and it will be sarcastic 617. 7797937. The phone number 617779798378. -- to -- -- that's a -- or not. On the eighteenth detect my 37937. How many -- they had so far this year it will probably I should 1413 twelve assists appetizer for the Bruins team lead in goals of so we're -- -- talk about his age in the impact. He does have fourteen goals to put some towards the top of the Bruins. But cost itself is now the most interesting thing because the aptly impacts them makes them better offensively. What did it cost them if it cost from the deal that would have been sent to -- gamble for -- that's way too much of a price to pay. Yeah we had a week ago two weeks ago from from Jack Edwards said with salt and holing the afternoon. The Bruins got -- decided to bridge you're not and it's not built that out of context to me was. They wanna get involved in a trading deadline with a price it is prices are ridiculous like on a high end. I'm retail store and look at the price tags holy crap I I I like that but. I'm not gonna pay the asking price for that it feels like that is with the subways the trading deadline. It till yesterday. A -- Easter defensemen he talked about additional first round pick defenseman mark come Dari. And goaltender -- -- Barre that was the trade -- at Saint Louis had a son Adam equipment. There's like oil rose Gergen and on this thing I look at top ten prospects for Calgary. Actually for Saint Louis and these guys are barely on the fringe there they go to daddy's breakdown of this. A puck daddy points out that the defenseman is a puck moving defenseman that a smallish guy who is NHL all star but that's been about it. There's a 26 year old -- that are not play the NHL before. So I look at the deal and go if people Easter. Part cow ski cocoa on a first round pick is that the same exact deal. Alas Calgary really liked the school and ability it's not -- when a goaltender Hillary if assumed I was that's it not gonna happen with a musical particle 126 year old Swiss goaltender. And over there plane. Yeah I mean I did check heavily. Good day man is Null please lord. Think for Texas says this ridiculous -- -- -- to -- -- at the front office and up. -- For -- to -- -- I would you know you look at that you know he's got a couple years left at this year next year left in this deal with. He's got that we talked lawful bought a lot of bulk of this is this the peace that they needed and we talk about defense and and currently we look at the defense a group they have right now no question horny -- back. Eagle back a month and a half and you look at this team everybody was healthy. Good debuts an upgrade -- defense yeah. They needed another forward another top nine guiding needed that desperately so maybe they look at him Quaid. Will be back boy chuck will be back -- -- boy -- in and in Hamilton together. -- a -- maybe you parents and and had a role they went healthy this team still needs help on that third line they need another guy in the got to hopefully hopefully it works out Texas says regarding the trade know yet. Not a beach. Boy -- way more sarcastic negative on the steel in the AT&T text only knows beacon score. And still can score fourteen goals ties the march on right now he can score in mind at that he's a Providence we get your reaction to the Bruins apparently. For rate -- a a couple prospects and he picked requiring -- your younger today Anthony Providence go had. I like it and you want to know I think Mark Recchi -- -- -- that veteran presence in the locker room wanting -- younger you're watching the penguins there all that. Is one of those guys -- good golfer but that still -- get off the ball though -- was happy Harry you know what I think it's the guys in the locker room with a lot of these guys need for a veteran -- helped me turn that around a little like. -- that you -- -- some injuries right now all I'll steam and yacht you know what you yard sale along like them. This you can be dangerous. Dangerous. I still think bill what went healthy expect these guys -- technically to come back. -- that's what they were short you know they could use the veteran presence that could use a goal scored -- he's never been a great. The parents of sports on housing fit into the system to be some adjustments there. But I I think it's a great thing you know I also I think David -- she talked a little bit about it earlier -- really know why everybody was kind of after room. -- and he's talking about you know -- The ever idolize. -- countrymen that your yes it does Hillary didn't elaborate. He's asked about yarder thirty seconds later this is before this all went down. I don't know why it was asking me that is he traded here and he had new plane off the appeal LeBron tweet earlier -- at the stars decide to trade yarder and it. Boston was the front runner. He then went on to say -- the best for a long long time still the best -- right now it's good to see in still doing well at his age I had posters of him when I was a kid while. He was my hockey idol. And that's all I've got that from -- yeah. Do you put you put the of his idol on that first line with them -- ball down and Nathan Horton who. George lectures and try different different combinations. Be adjusting to put -- you with the -- score. The gut check sports report wanna give him credit Roman is -- Said less than ten minutes ago confirmed. I yarder is a Boston -- great for agree for the team younger and his agent Peters the bottom. Confirm the trade to lie is sport dot C easy which is sports site and the Czech Republic. The chart right Yonder in actual be great pit bulls beat the same language except for a and able to have different James Murphy and ESPN Boston confirming it is well. The question becomes what did you give up and we all agree that team needed a shot in the arm. Needed help in the goal scoring area and need help on the power play well mr. -- and LeBron what he would give up hearing the trade call and yarder. Could still be an hour away we all know oh we don't have a trade call I'll. We don't have a -- call we don't need silence radio silence is Peter surely put it all -- finish this thing off. Maybe the best text on this the best sarcastic -- on the eighteenth -- -- line. Signing younger is like banging Shannen Doherty wouldn't cool back in 96 now it's just disappointing it's that generally erode Madonna. That went to. 6177797937. The phone every can text that's on the AT&T text line 379837. PLO bronze a whole lot. -- call can be an hour away James Murphy ESP a Boston dot -- reporters saying it's a done deal would -- what. We army are jogger is coming to the Boston Bruins jury action to that and who get the start net tonight -- to the backup of the starter that your calls ninety seconds. Yeah -- and I did check heavily. Good day man is no means lower again. Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Boy eight ton. A ton of Shannen Doherty defense of the woodwork. On the eighteenth tee decks 537937. What's the trade just -- that we don't know what the trade is yet we await for the details but it appears younger younger. Is headed to the Boston Bruins in the Dallas Stars we don't know for one there is a report their prospects to a home. Any pick appear LeBron ESPN. Is reporting that the trade call could be. About an hour away we get your calls them out at 61777979837. The -- decks on 379837. A -- you'd be surprised but. All the confirmed that it the Bruins skate that and hunt Anton who build and first guy off the ice you'll get a start eased up the first on this year's gotten back to back start to base the way he played. I wouldn't call -- a more gold and a -- also said yesterday it makes it pretty simple. The way they're both playing. There's there's sort of playing equal overall. And that -- play the guys play a little bit better if you wanna say -- -- well look better than -- right now I'm OK with that does make an -- on goaltender. But I do like the fact the ball back to tonight play the hot hand as to which again against the Ottawa senators on the Q will start tonight who don't open over -- back to back -- I think it's it's you could say as the early stages of a controversy if you want. Couldn't you know I mean you know it's that see the latest thing plays out next dozen games. If there's a 57 split and one -- -- performing the other -- this Tuukka Rask right now have their cachet it there's no question about it he's your number one guy. Or does not think it'll play -- to the to the -- is a great goalie but I think we're in early stages of it let's see outlets sell this thing goes there's nothing wrong with that. Call their push yourself now the promised the last time would open the onetime adjusted up back to back starts right last the period. He'll pull that's -- first up is give up three goals early in a game against Toronto -- believe. So it lets him put a few games together you know back the back is difference of going out there every fourth -- they mentally. -- going out there every single night maybe that's the next step for him WEE guided text about the deal it's not official yet don't get me excited bleep. National writers of the Czech Republic habit. Your LeBron says trade cult of the -- Bruins have not confirmed anything. It would be about kind of jump in the trade market because before we're gonna talk about this. -- -- while other trades that have been in the last 24 hours -- -- to Saint Louis -- go to LA. The -- from Philadelphia was now I can't pronounce the solid Eric goes to Anaheim. Kansas goes to Chicago Leopold over the weekend went to Saint Louis was a second defender they asked they -- edible Easter. -- a -- last couple of days. Punt skins goes to Philadelphia mean ever trades everywhere in the NHL. And the Bruins and the regular thing fell through just sit on the sidelines of the question was going to be when they -- bit. Lou we've both got to got do something I talked about defense on parent looked like mark -- is not going to be available from the islanders between now want to clock the moral. They gotta do something and it is at the tip of the iceberg -- -- to help a two pronged attack one guy an offense one guy at the that they due to wounds. I'm OK it's not going to be again a lot. The point yesterday we talked about this was there's nobody good enough to say. They got back at -- -- -- I thought that we don't know the -- is now little would you expect cope with Jeff kind of taken off the board here may be a lesser -- Jordan Iran. Would you be happier with that Toronto Murkowski if you told me it was part taos ski and Chiron -- -- how they -- runs out -- -- the -- hear about on Thursday. But he's a rookie it's mode whether real peace in this one or easy peace and another war. Carol I bought into cocoa. My guy Kirk glued key who does the Bruins prospects and completely bought in on Coco -- want trader for anybody and I -- is not seen him play. But looks like at a future first or second line guy. I don't wanna see that I dealt parental piece I'm sorry if the spark -- game kerrobert tells can Boehner vowed I'm more understand. It's the same deal that was in place for gamma we will send the Bruins overpaid for younger and so are you just will. Many thought they had to overpay but that'll be an -- Texas no matter what it is a good deal for young -- now. Which depends on the price what he gave up. Now they went a couple of do with cap really don't care what the price -- -- pretty steep though to Colbert and a couple picks. You get back to that deal and you say you won CEO -- you don't make any bones about it gets six power play goals this year. You know -- the Bruins have as a team. 8:14. -- not quite as bad but still dead last in the NHL thirtieth in the league and sharply gold with fourteen goals. He's got six. So is he the the answer I mean. I don't know it seems to be a system issue you know they brought in a few guys they try to budget new guys seems more -- system but he's definitely somebody ticket that'll help. 617779793. Sevens the phone a -- text us. On the ATP text line 37937. Als in north and ever on this up pair Bruins opposition what's up now. -- -- Is the thing without knowing what he'd been dealt for a disseminate that the people that automatically anti army target name I think it's a bad idea. And into the U prospect that I would be -- senate they -- -- to get him with. Your article radical left behind but I can deal Coca live at one you know going to -- not paired up with two parents who are -- night you know. So -- -- eleven you know our house is something in the third round pick her conditional pick some time. It was the depending on how deep they go in the playoffs. But -- I think jargon of the six top legal -- the -- on this date in March after the Bruins and then the two talked -- Goal scorer but it probably let up on the spot on the -- what you think I mean that's what one you know another hotly Bolivia the game into this game. Well Sega is only got three Marchand at three to get six totals every cent. Yes they combined the art gallery of the embargo to do combine. You know -- it -- that's what the playoff -- -- get -- Nokia get our power -- and play that game to beat the. You know he scored one of those. He's going to them that statute that the difference between winning period and now when he -- -- -- self. I mean it's it's that you need and he's gonna help a lot. It'll be interesting does help from a goal scored standpoint and they'd done at this is the move they made on joining us on the ATP out on our own the GB -- Covers the Bruins on W. WE -- congress at the garden. A they put them against Ottawa. I don't abroad to not confirm this yet but appeals like PG -- they've made the move. For younger yard let's talk about the player do you think he helps the Bruins for playoff push and a Stanley Cup run here. I think he definitely -- recruit them offensively obviously and I think that year bowl most importantly perhaps who power play that. Have been searching for it does for a long long time your back -- Marc Savard they get it out yet but Tuesday. -- which is pretty incredible because they do have the personnel. Take care of it hasn't happened so. If there's any guy coming give -- the boot of the options available if you are here yarder I don't love the overall it. In it bought that I'd assume he'll play on that top line with with scratchy in the -- you see what happened in the past when they get been. On that right wing in place so important and when you put a guy on -- got all the opposite field the world but. Maybe it -- the -- degraded to a player. I'd like to allow more -- scores so we'll see that -- that happening but as far as getting more offensive punches without -- Peter surely could make so. The -- -- going to Dallas switched it seems according to a couple reports that the conditional second. To prospect. Now we don't know over the prospect carpet forward but assuming they are -- shippers that's pretty good deal for the Bruins because a conditional second. Really look back in the -- so you might as well there it. Is Jackie Bradley involved in -- trading. I don't go there I'd feared that it is. Yeah the -- are equivalent of party animal or a series nobody yet to move the -- who Yahoo! would be the guys that having. -- the chair for example you know army will be the prospects that you would not be happy about this deal. And cook what's I would kind of think twice about this deal the fact though that it is a conditional second round pick or at least the current report. Makes you think at least one of the guys have to be kind of something so it sparked hope you guy that goes in the deal. Media so the other guy. I mean. I would assume that the prospects wouldn't be on that same level as -- -- -- -- -- but you have to consider that -- -- also reportedly offered. In the deal per credit Barroso. -- he is the guy that moves in this field but but we'll see. I'd I'd really have to think about how much like -- -- which have what you got -- look at Coca have. It's such a big question mark in addition to just being a a Russian player which you never know where they're -- lie whether or not they -- HL mine. -- about he tried BHL this year and it worked miserably or so. I don't know what it kind of it it's kind of a wild card with with Coke which but. I would I would think twice before moving in the hopper per rental look like a younger. Bruins beat writer TJ VWE yet dot com is joining us our Bruins for the on the verge requiring younger younger and figure out what the the players going back -- we don't play the power play DJ put on your Claude Julian you'll bald cap for a second where does he play. -- what line which is stick him on to start. Idea I would promote that offline. Is currently in you know -- teach. Like I said. Before a vote when they get played on that line. I I mean I don't worry a little bit about what that does that line up correctly but. David tricky is needed a goal scorer all year who worked -- and Lucci took part of that on -- it's hard to -- on. Rarely have people been on the same time they were early on a year and since then they've kind of taken turns showing up -- not showing up and out of the you belong scoring drought for both of them which each going its PD or point. Turkey has been there could this year that you needed. A guy you consistently put the puck in the net I think it jogger is back I certainly more so than I need the other options available so I would put him on the outline. And kind of the other big Joker. -- for five games and see whether or not. -- -- I would say unwillingness but certainly reputation of not being degraded -- checker in the world. The bad and the continent that doesn't keep him there and all that think about the domino effect -- you pretty -- -- important. On the colorblind Orton. Been a guy who's over the courses career that you don't. Kind of struggled with motivation at certain forward without validity in it or would that give the -- line. Some kick that it happened at all these eagle Chris Kelly outlined just been terrible. From top to bottom -- though mediate putting or in their candidate -- Belichick and the answer is putting important their kind of on the -- he doesn't do it. Arts assuming this gets done it's an offensive player should they be done DJ should -- -- to be looking for defenseman between now at 2 o'clock tomorrow. Yeah I think he should. You looking for a defenseman maybe even another body on offense I know that you've got characters dog and coming in at some point we think if whenever that is is -- -- -- Revolt but he's certainly not a difference maker opera I think it should look at a maybe another body offensively but separately a pop or dissent and tight end depending on what the brewers have given up. Patients still have the ammunition to go out and get a -- straight from. From the islanders. All the man on Twitter he's sell all about the Bruins in Nashville on ABC DJ underscore being text -- able talked at the guard. I DJ be joining us on the eighteenth the hotline is try to figure out. Will this will be done today is there a trade call set for today I -- DJ offensive player except. And I got to look at the defender for the Bruins and you -- if you were to get a guy like strike. You know he bring him in here. At the very good defenseman and a guy that can score goals and yarder. To witness this team's stance pressure Sidney Crosby Crosby out indefinitely was he alone he's 0461777979378. TT -- -- 37. 937. Bob and Tom and all your phone calls until salt and -- at -- here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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