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Sox start season with a win

Apr 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni recap to the Red Sox opening day win against the Yankees, the play of Jackie Bradley Jr, and Jon Lester's start.

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Our report get into explaining how the Red Sox are not gonna go 162 and now. -- Jackie Bradley -- not quite eligible. For the baseball -- try to do that between now at 2 o'clock retires first you would just say goodbye to. One of the truly good guys in the business Steve Todd tried to -- this out and I mean. You get this business and you guys would agree that the name names but not everyone. Is the good guy off the air that they seem on the year there's a lot of you more -- out on Terry's not. Jerry's not part of that group but dare -- say there's certain statements about this industry quite frankly when he got. Well -- DO. You get into the business and people want the same on and off the air in a lot of cases Steve Jobs you're the producer of the morning show's been around for fifteen years. Is one of the rare cases where he's a good guy on the air kind of goofy but a good guy and he's as good guy off the year. And now the station that shows canals miss him going forward and I think eagle will be -- far -- -- only. -- That's such judge's -- -- introduce Lou too much anymore. We -- we absolutely love charts he's meant the confidence of the station we wish him all the best it's. I wonder what it feels like two more on their alarm goes off they'll be just if I can get it in time W I can't get the alarm and I thought he forgot it often just goes off because -- -- laughs off. The -- Right. Like a meter did it do mean that's. That's a tough -- No question about it but he used it was one of the best in dealing with those guys each and every day's gob bless them all that's the hardest part to deal with John and -- and now many hand. Who's a -- himself. Before our six hours today to count and he gets the good luck and has so. So sure how he doesn't. They're out there that are good in the mother Shipley and Chris Curtis is in the house now yeah he's he's gonna take that the race he's he's far artisans ditch now taken over which has me worried. Two things number one. It's good in some ways it's good for us boys you know lie document no more stalling that's. All skull and guests on the show we can assume a -- booking guests for certain time crank it up jelly. I want shot at a waste -- is getting gas for a certain time. I have no more fear that that guests might be out between six and ten K Kevin -- are back on the -- That's what positive fearful but he beat on the W you know. I think if they Curtis is a -- -- -- now you never know all all. -- It's a deal -- at a bus early tomorrow now here's the or note here's the other and it's good. Is all these people come out of the woodwork on the ATP excellent 37937. They want charges job Texas says I needed job. What is a producer do. Any spells do here she spells do. You he is call flight perfect -- is a -- job -- -- tell about as good as job that you Nagy and stitch only the only what is a producer do. -- or feel it there. So congratulations as the judge -- he'll certainly be missed around here but -- our guest list -- baby. No more worries about chick in the website with the -- -- one ever guessed that it Steve Jobs in. It got one of -- free and clear at least for the time being. Said yesterday and you looked at me funny happens everyday but this specifically said no team in baseball needs opening day. What the Boston Red Sox in 2013. After I saw I stand by that game that effort that results. Is exactly the elixir. This organization easily as they try to wipe away. What happened last week and a -- -- trying to say now have to watch the weather played I don't actually I still don't a little strange that. -- you made it sound like it would do or die. It'll I didn't they'd lose it well except for you got it Wednesday one that everybody goes back them. The same feelings if they win everything's changed it was a good script there's no question about it. You know I ethic last there aren't DB after the game intently said something and it was it was gonna. Well I watched this game it felt looking in at the take a shower afterwards. Meaning like last year when you watch the Red Sox she just didn't feel dirty again just that help in my watch and with this team and and last season in September. Last night it felt good. It -- clean. Nicky watched this game and you're like okay this is this is welcome back baseball. Like this is what you want now that Yankee lineup. OK let's let's I predicted them to go to finish last. And I'm not saying that is a great lineup as far as -- standards goes embarrassing. Lineup. But that doesn't matter because of what this Red Sox team needs needs to accomplish they went out and won the ballgame it's opening day. They did a great way. We added it's it's one game of 162. It's the New York Yankees and CC not having any of his stuff. Yankee -- that's not very good but it doesn't matter. It it felt like baseball was was played the right way and Republicans spent a long time since you've seen I. I thought that from beginning and what tank -- that is pretty pretty true. And you asked the question yesterday you know it is happening more than wins. Again like yesterday is more than -- I point to the -- one of the game. -- Jonny Gomes scores from second on a basic. And you would have thought that that was the go ahead run in the sixty -- of a marathon against the Yankees in the middle of September. Not opening day. And there was something refreshing about that there was something. These guys actually looked like. And yes -- they won the games that's part of it but they look like they gave a crap about the game golf all around it at first slot little hook slide and the way you react the Boston Herald that in the third picked at third page and the picture org almost on the Rick flair. After the run it like eight to six run lead. I get it it's not always going to be like this but boy that's a really good start to show that much not just effort. But intensity in that game attic fans are looking for that and not goals of the eight -- sort of summed it up for me. That these guys are more into it they. And they get more and it's a much better feeling overall he had opening day a year ago and I know John Ferrell Bobby Gallup has huge part of that but just the way. Late and -- right about at a lot to do too with some of the new faces I think that down a Mike Napoli obvious -- for five seem accused tick off the fastball -- -- That ball to get in -- filed some good pitches back. Opening day in my alert about Mike Napoli not really aware about defensively first in overtime but offensively I think he's gonna hit. It would look at the other guys -- ever but it criticizing Victor Reno. Right SI dot com Eddie pole with a majority they're -- -- it's a victory they'll be the biggest free agent -- We talked about it before. It which which deal do you look at this offseason and say well three years 3913. -- four per year. What -- -- for a great defense steal some bags. We'll shield us from plays out. Big RBI to a lot of RBIs two runs scored are a couple of RBIs rather Jonny Gomes gets cup what it's like you mentioned before. Ladies out there it shows up playing defense and in three hits on -- campaign and leave the infield still push but be excited at a Smart baseball play up. And then you get the kid. Out of left field. Right -- before we get him coach you we are comes in five pitches thanks a comment generate comes in not a close situation but still all of a sudden. There's in 97. That we talked about spring training closures let's remember happened spring. Coming in -- third inning fourth inning early on coming in the fifth inning sixth inning later spring goes guys don't come in ninth. Please go crazy walked out that and get up and you get ready for ninth inning. Journalists not there velocity is way down rhetoric comes in bowl 9697. Bailey. I consider him a new guy right because -- volume lashed out here -- yes so it was the new guys. That fresh air right just a breath of fresh air on this team and it started with them before before it left field. Rock and 44. No word yet as if they are really gonna wave the -- say got to retire and Jackie Bradley -- an -- of the whole thing while he still play. Based on what happened yesterday now we know this shows that if your fan of the show. They show what a different approach in the morning guys did. I thought the Jackie Bradley junior should not be your -- complete eggs a service time. -- talked about him maybe not being re not that's about being not being ready. But I don't want to put words you about the the hundred bats -- will little Brusca teleport -- the pats are to get out to a good start he's played one game the Red Sox who won and now. There's your pressure changed at all about Gelman I changed my general impression of one game. But I'm not gonna see your NC didn't affect their game there's no question that he did it was it was beautiful to watch. You're talking about it -- Think they really realize. How different this kid is. By the way he played that game yesterday the calmness that he brought for twenty year old Kate -- point three this month playing at the levels that he played at. The that the things that he brought brings to a game right defense and base running both played every level. Doesn't matter your -- ball great base runner with instinct play defense just doesn't matter they play. You know with the approach at the plate drawing is walks but with the other two wanna start with. Because him beating out there's the speed alone beating up the ground ball Gleason is right second base. It is not just the speed it's that things you can see permanent base past the instincts. The secondary leads balls and hurt him getting a good -- standing on second base or maybe got a doesn't have that kind of think the debate -- won't be getting the extra base. So was the jump. It was kitten at the speed itself. And -- created three runs between doesn't get the two RBI single Droid doesn't get RBIs to a RBI single. That created three runs. And -- defense. I'm very high level I mean this kid played center field test any help fill these position to play center field did you get a true read off the bat. When he -- -- in the corners left these slice in the ball -- a hook in the ball lot of wind up there. Very impressive catch I love the fact deeply shallow he's taken hits away and conference single -- debate on on the ball. Huge impact on this game is no question for one day. You deserve to be -- big leagues in the impacted this game and help them win again. You don't -- general. -- much -- changes to one game. Yeah I mean in my my server -- arguments not changed other than boy if he plays like this. Is can be virtually impossible the finals when he -- this year -- -- you. You can say 2019 doesn't matter -- -- be sarcastic about it was all he wants but plenty of family. -- -- to weaken -- -- UN Leuer not the server stamping is garbage well. Yet this year it probably is -- being cart because he plays like that with that intensity that flair for the game that patients which will get you. Let's send him back -- if you do you're gonna have hello I am basket in the Red Sox fan base. They're out of it and probably spoil -- this makes it will because Rodham we're gonna find -- twenty days minor league level -- got a golden ducks. Opulent nuts laughter -- some -- there's a place -- could it and they try to bottom twenty days the minor league level. So why it is not change we said yesterday now they cheered you play the guy you made your bed now sleep in an appeal the Boston Red Sox. 6177797937. The phone a beacon text -- On the -- -- -- 3798371. To get your impressions. What you saw opening day -- -- -- not that one of 162 opening days all out. That's why it's fun especially here in Boston when you get that -- performance he beat the Yankees. Who looked miserable yesterday 6177797937. The eight TT tech slide is 379837. Ought to get rewarded Jackie Bradley junior in his day in general put that first at bat. I'll get to your phone calls as well money -- Waiting 12 pitch. His first big they get back here it is. Great discipline because its second homes it first and how much leaderboard. Bradley drew ten walks in spring training the best pitchers in the game. Perhaps he comes to the -- The 22. And a little bit low again make this a plant. On a pitch just off the plate counts. 32. -- -- They hold the pitch they walked him -- -- a wayward ball for a lot of it back. I'll walk by Bradley loading them operate Iglesias. He was behind 02. And three really close pitches he talked. And I also think is an indication that sabathia right now is just not chart. Two walks in the inning. A fastball that's been sitting around 89 he doesn't look quite like him so. They hold the pitch walk gave -- this low and away the ball for a lot of mid back. I'll walk. By Bradley loading them offering Iglesias. May first at bat on the nervous scale one to 1010 being just out of your mind nervous and one being calm cool collected where were you in your first at bat. To. The surprise. Yeah I'm pretty relaxed. Like this -- they -- Every bad name and -- over you know to me -- the worst that happened. I heard the call from Joker stick Leone yesterday at first at bat for Jackie Bradley junior -- you heard him early today. Which DNC it's not -- ID 37 WEEI getting all your reaction. -- to what you saw opening day of the Red Sox including Jackie Bradley junior. We've probably. Some level better than advertised when he think about what happened in that first at bat. He's down 02 against one of the tougher lefties in baseball. And he's able to work a walk in that situation. I added there was at least one pitch. That was as borderline as borderline get strike first at ball and was able lay off. Make make the argument should've gotten a call but to have that patience. In that situation your first at -- Yankee Stadium family their beyoncé there. You get an opportunity at that age you won your job in spring training. We would have that patients out of that was the they talked about -- running you talked about the plane left field to me that first at bat. Was the most impressive thing Jackie Bradley junior did yesterday to lay out those pitches -- to work a walk. Acted not well new rookie at the plate yesterday for the Boston -- No it did not and that's that's impressive thing with him I mean you saw all the all the little things that dispute talked about right plate discipline. Speed base running instincts and defense so -- everything was on display. You know in the opening day you know you took. We look -- come out of one fastball way take a slider action his first pitch I think he took for strike and then -- the -- of the two seamer down and in and that was the pitch that. Yeah actually warm out a second back to back to back and get a swing and all were so. That's the only thing you saw that game yesterday said okay. From a lefty two seamer down and in now be -- that this cutters and varieties are a lot that was -- pitching didn't handle. Under the net very impressive for a kid to go up there and knowing it of these been nervous tractor -- attendees that it too. And that is. I don't think there's anybody that's ever had an opening day in the big -- would ever say that anybody you know it's always 910 through the roof. You know out of body experience -- -- no wait a rat he turned it. Yep deeper DP just wanna swing the bat for get a cup match a first pitch and you wanna get up they're trying to get hit that first pitch. Not Jackie Bradley the patience he showed not a 12 slider down away or away off the -- Great take surprise it -- him up you know right sabathia got umbrella but still the kid doesn't wary about. -- -- the great things about plate discipline when you're not concerned. But hitting with two strikes. -- already ahead of the game if you look at Jose police to get three hits. I think he's afraid it would too stretched to the -- because you get two strikes expand the zone starts Blair and everything Jackie's not. And that's a very extract extremely advanced approach. My approach is not get to your strengths and put you know I like doing -- -- pitches. Some big enough I don't wanna swinging to try to get myself out. So I'm environment you know even if it's fear that it. I just not a word. And you know not take anything that's the thing you know you didn't think it's ahead like that. You know he's taken a particularly good news coming out of prison. -- and the other thing too CC sabathia and guy he didn't have his good stuff you know velocity -- and recovering from cleaning out his double -- in the off season but still last year. I think only -- laureate who walks after it -- -- to. All year wall to hitters. -- two counts on and went on to walk them all year. As just it's impressive that you stay within himself he didn't get outside of his approach with the nerves are going on for opening day to face ago Alex sabathia. Very impressive. Tickets say enough about the April and as the game went on right I mean hadn't gotten hit by parties get on base beat by frustrated with that one back of the box and went back to the pitcher. And get himself on base they're too I mean just the just the whole approach of the the feeling there. And of being -- game in that spotlight Ali that it was even more than expectation I don't as a patient and you talked about the the patients he showed you know last year over the course of -- of CIA and double -- He walked 87 times struck -- 89 times that's that's pretty rare for minor -- right -- that's sort of a plate discipline there discipline excuse me. I wasn't expected to see I expected as you guys whenever issues expect the guy try to hit a seven run homer. And I think that's. Bodes well for the Red Sox and bodes well for him because he's willing to and at first at bat stick with what made him such an intriguing prospect -- minor league level widget boy. Only two more strikeouts -- walks and high and double. That's huge I crazy or might peck when they -- Kuroda on Wednesday. He's back in their -- and higher in about a quarter. Right because he takes a many pitches up 26 pages in total yesterday tied for second most of the Red Sox -- Brooks finally Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Against the righty. Could -- be up a spot or two because ability take those pitches. And set things up in the bottom of the -- I think what they're searching for news you know against -- and hear your victory -- and Gomes -- slot against lefties is no question but I think against lefties. You know we heard. Against Friday's rather we heard John Ferrell during spring training -- that being not a could very well its second against. Against Fridays because they like his baton left satcher. I expect Jackie Brown would be in second morning. Against Kuroda second and and you should feel comfortable ball that is because of his approached the plate now now we'll see -- this thing plays out. But I would expect it right now why would you put -- out there against -- so that was before. Jackie Bradley came in equation he its second against Kuroda allowed the -- -- and what I've been a big step 6177797937. The phone a beacon text us. On the eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Get all your react Jackie Bradley junior. The Red Sox want and I'll start chosen Norwood he's up would not Lou 937 I joke. I don't. Which nobody checked -- re trying to in the outlook thank you -- we go from here. Well we don't guys in the morning do just turning to do what we saw yesterday from him. I want to continue minute -- let go out. At Fenway Park yes actually flew out to center Kansas City my official first apparent. That's a group would have gladly do lunch and he made it pretty good catchy what treat and I -- go home run the other double. It -- Internet yet. Have a -- let me Jo-Jo -- let's put up quite a bit. What are you -- -- just talk about -- game I don't at all. A sudden a one game I mean I still I still feel the way I feel a bowl with a decision that they may -- the impact -- -- six year. And a Mac champion idiot Nazi impacted that game and it was impressive Joseph he didn't have a hit. -- had a huge impact in the game would you agree is that oppressive in itself that he didn't even have a double or triple or homeless and still. I think everyone's talking about the impact he had based running defense is up 26 pitches yesterday in his first major league of bad games he's -- Well I think he'd get out right but you guys are a little over the top. Okay thanks. Got a TO. -- it's wrong I'm -- called over the top. What the hell is going on today. Were called over the top. On JBJ -- just one handymax -- yeah. Down Iglesias had a hundred Lester when he went five the bullpen faced a horrible line up it's the Yankees ahead in fifth. Awful day awful opening day for the Boston Red Sox the team is miserable. These guys are a waste of money it's just one game -- knock it over hyped let's just stay miserable. I want this -- mightily to start the year and even I admit. That he was terrific yesterday not give -- him and think of how rare that is I think it was the first the first rookie. Since 1990. And I forget the guy whose name as I apologize I mean you spent all and twenty years who has had three walks into this -- game -- a Major League level has spent the monkey as a Red Sox fans you spent the last seven months of baseball. Being miserable. And embarrassed. And just look at shaking your -- go what the hell in my watching. The this is just from top to bottom. Just -- that this organization. They won one game I still don't that -- gonna win 95. You know I was I was impressed that the way they won the game there's some good things. Can you just enjoy it. When you spent the last year and a half pissed. Yo just enjoy it one game -- that guy you're never gonna get back thanks and I apologize it was not 1990 it was the year 2000. A rookie reserve for the twins that any -- And they know this guy -- RR Dolan did for the twins wager at first to draw three walks since then as a rookie. It's pretty impressive if your baseball fan -- if I'm home runs but think about the patience that it takes that up and down 02 under which you'd be. In your first spot it's against sabathia mean Mike how cynical as that caller after the -- is not TWO. Is that gonna deal with all your people still not -- wanna get some level excitement about this Red Sox team. 61777979837. The phone number eight DPX line is 379837. We continue. The gauge your thoughts on the Red Sox and Jackie Bradley junior and -- they want to know one at 162. What -- 937 WE yeah.

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