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Red Sox LF Jackie Bradley Jr. on his major league debut

Apr 2, 2013|

Jackie Bradley Jr. joined Dennis & Callahan to discuss his outstanding performance on Opening Day. Jackie said that on a scale of one to ten his nerves were only at a two at his first at bat. He told the boys that he celebrated his great debut at Applebees in Times Square with his family.

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That final hour Dennis and Callahan. Inside radio here we decided to try to hook up with Jackie Bradley junior this morning. Returns and we big time superstar and refuses to take our calls a couple of years from now on his level headed and I am right now couple years please make like twenty million dollars you'll take -- phone calls Jackie joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LT league according Jackie how aria. Hey when you consider signing in 2019 we consider signing a long term deals and with the Boston -- -- we need to know. As your first Major League opening day is something you probably dreamed about since you were a little leaguer was what you thought it would be more or less Jackie. It was better definitely better. This but I mean you don't you don't really know when you're that young and down. You know I guess actually I didn't expect -- Be able to start with the big league team right away. I mean just excited you know around and the amazing. What was the moment yesterday when you sort of blink your eyes and said. Yeah I'm in a Major League uniform on opening day at Yankee state what was that one moment yesterday Jackie. When I heard my name called and number you know get on my teammate. Not half than nick congratulating me and I looked up into the stands and at the armor ban him. -- -- in my -- yeah may first at bat on the nervous scale one to 1010 being just out of your mind nervous and one being calm cool collected where were you in your first at bat. I knew. That doesn't surprise me. Yeah I'm pretty relaxed got like he just. You know take. I'm every bad name and we get down to me but the worst -- can happen. You know that to me was the most amazing thing is down -- in your first at bat in the big leagues anybody's going to be anxious. How difficult was it to lay off the next four pitches. Very because you know -- Mather -- you want you know swing the bat -- show what you can do. But I'm also I also wanted to you know stable my approach and you know work them a little bit of that -- he's such uncertain how. Did you think you beat we certain that you beat you throw to second base or did you have to look up at the up to see. Because that was the second biggest moment draw on the walk was number one beaten throw to second base was huge did you know he had it. Aram I didn't you know I -- -- I was really close about it could go either way I honestly. But now I'm glad I was they'd been -- we get in there. Jackie took the two pitches that -- -- borderline calls I was surprised personally. But the umpire didn't ring up the rookie in favor of the superstar veteran pitcher review little surprise that -- bring up. Com. Know I wasn't I guess it's my my number went down about thirty point you know he. A couple of Glendale. A little bit go from 7444. Though I mean -- we would -- number that's when they start -- yeah. A real passivity for to survive -- -- -- good right yeah yeah and I can ask about numbers -- -- because I can't we campaign real hard to get to number nineteen. He told the spring that was your number Fred land Fred landed one and only the great Fred -- and -- to you it made all the sense in the world did you try did you. Ask for -- know who all how are Horrow has -- so. If he would have given up but did you tried to request that. I did not request it. And FL I feel -- my -- You know it's better -- in house. -- happy it would have accepting. Whatever number they did give me. I've been a way to keep in nineteen in the pitches. -- locker room. So you're gonna keep 44 forever like you'll you'll women you know when you leave as a free agent in 2019. That'll be a number. I don't know only though -- like nineteen is because I mean it's a birthday and I might I can't get 42. -- right in we've got to go to that event. Exactly what is your approach your maturity your your even killed nature come from -- always that way or was there some moment where you like you threw a fit and smashed a helmet and your dad decides said no more of that. Tom Knoll yeah I've always been you know a part of me is just my personality. And I'm just being able you know put things in perspective. You know just so blessed to be able to you know plated. That game and a high level. You know not really much get to me just because at ended days the game and I'm having a lot of arm. That was your first official game in left field the announcers always say comes up the bad different differently it's harder. To gauge to judge the ball did it feel that way. And and was that why you may be -- you didn't get a great jump bomb -- nosed ball. Is it definitely. I'm different and you know -- -- is different on the way to travel and move. I think get a good about an old book that is the Bradley hit attitude that you go you know heated towards me humble and down. It -- happened able to you know give back there in time make it had. In house plant in normal bet so I guess I got to him a little more stagnant turned. Expect to play every day. I hope so coming -- only. Bet too but. You know if it happens it happens I'm just enjoy and take it in our land and see what happens. It Jackie other than the coaching staff who has helped you the most in the spring training -- sort of taking you under their wing and what's the best advice you've got from that person. On. A -- did a whole lot of guys currently around. You know it's been you know from from pitcher's arm and I can go downhill lie or one has helped me and contributed and I guess trying to help he learned. You know how things go you know poppy -- Pretoria. You know Andrew Bailey. Andrew Miller having just guys that you probably expect even though there. You know you look like if they it. It is a position player in the apartment you know every one at thirteen and a lot of -- you know trying to help me out as much as possible because they've been through it. And it gives an example of something that that may be David as the veteran or or Pedroia as sort of -- you know the that the facto captain in the heart and soul this baseball team. Might have shared with you to help your growth process to spring. You know it is coming out. You know just you know being able to you know sit right -- You know protecting each other. You know on the field their date did they know they know the players a lot Morey I'm it used to seeing him on TV right but they can just being healthy on the handle. You know certain stuff about certain players and know how to go about your business the right way and I'm just being able you know listening. And I'm not necessarily be heard. Right off the bat. Coming got to earn your -- a little bit. I'd other than teammates. What's the most eye opening thing person that you heard from a -- where. -- record -- that you another South Carolina guy. Anyone else. Found. And there's there is the big orange. Thought in my freshman year and how -- you know on guard -- It's on the National Anthem. NN just up the -- and gain on the baseball game. In a girl watching -- him and how would David Price. And you know he was in -- regret. And the army had yet I would J. D. Drew was well. Yeah and you know he was also sent his congratulations. And nominated as you know otherwise good to hear back from people -- -- -- use that. Hey Jackie we spoke with you in spring training and I don't have your your previous year's numbers in front of me but I believe we talked about the fact he played like a 12224. Games at the end of last year you felt you were little bit worn down what can you do this year in anticipation -- played more than 122 games. I would expect. They would take care -- a lot better you know eat eat the right things. And you know. Just try and you know. Not tire myself about you know that I was known for you know doing a lot of you know ran around and stuff -- -- and BP. And just learn how to you know manage that maybe I cut down where I'll do that. The so called powers snagging. You know maybe once or twice this year he's. You know every single day right. -- you celebrate last I assume you probably went out to dinner with your parents -- that -- Yeah yeah it was great we are one up to Times Square Tom. And just hung out and -- not my family has never been -- Times Square in the moment and so don't want the big sea bright lights had offered. And I think we are one -- Applebee's and just you know just I was ending came back -- you know right now. Did you ever had never been at Times Square mom and dad. I don't think that I mum Auckland aren't. And little cousin is -- my brother and parents day. How did you manage to gifts. I demand to get a big table like that and Applebee's today did you drop and you know to tell where you work the. No not only to -- right on in there and battle I don't know they'd been that hated practice -- directed grown up. Not as soon I grabbed my mom maybe you -- always redo -- if it -- -- clean it and say you have a nice legible autographs. Right beside a lot. Yeah quite a bit to cart rookie cards. Hopes of. Yeah Jackie congratulations on a on a great great start and I'm glad it was even more than you dreamed of as a as a little guy will Ford -- opening -- back -- -- Lost off for the record you're willing to discuss a long term deal to stay beyond 2019. Sadly I hope I'll go out and that's a good answer beat good luck check you'll talk to down the road thank you.

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