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Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports shares his impressions of Jackie Bradley Jr.

Apr 2, 2013|

Fox Sports lead MLB reporter on Fox talked with D&C about his impressions of the Red Sox Opening Day win. Ken thinks the Sox are closer to to contending than the Yankees.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan 6177797937. I think we need a a sane and solemn. And controlled voice of reason -- to calm us down after opening day yesterday who better to do -- than -- Great Ken Rosenthal fox sports are good morning John -- here how are you. The morning but I must say it's an honor and become. The guest on the show or before -- Jacqui Brett that you're. Yes it has -- Actually I think a doctor Charles Steinberg plans on having -- Jersey retirement ceremony on opening day on Monday at Fenway Park so that would be -- for value -- a -- -- that Rosenthal. -- Just -- so we get a straight here he is they wouldn't won this game without him. I know -- role. And and it's up to historians like you experts walks like you to tell me the last guy. To do have such an impact with the didn't hit. Great point and it doesn't happen very often but he showed up at the -- till yesterday and I gotta admit -- after reading all the breathless coverage out there are all spring and seeing them only. A little bit I was sort of prepare -- The unimpressed because there won't be that good an act like that good but. He shorter maturity. On the field that is rare for players -- coming back -- to arrogance about yet. Catching me in left field because of course that's in the position for him. There and base running. Obviously just working hard but it's refreshing to street so. There are a lot of things like about him greatly exceed yesterday and encourage it complain -- the wait plea yesterday -- not swinging big. He can be useful guide then obviously the defense is on parallel. Will -- Us succeed or fail based on their ability to take advantage of small ball situations can because this is not a slugging Red Sox one of the we seen in the past. Solidarity. And in my view that they will succeed or fail based starting rotation. Because outside gladly. I wrote about Bradley today I was tempted not to because the -- and in the way they deployed the opener. Was so impressive. That it really intrigued me and the way these Bailey a one hitter economy back with an hour. He showed the depth that they have now. It's against the Yankees lineup that was basically. A -- line up -- liquid -- it but. It's the same time they do you have weapons out there and that. Obviously -- the scene and can be a real -- And are very effective strength. Even with the starters are not as good as we think because you get for instance OB with Jon Lester for five or six innings. You can do some things out there and let it be better obviously he's a full security Lackey at all that that should she but. The bulk and watching the bullpen in action. That was very entry. I use it now worse shape obviously neither team I didn't even I don't remember what you predicted. Pre season on this Ken may be can let us know but that was in worship New York Boston who's closer to get back into contention. -- -- bought and I have not like the Yankees all market -- charts. Force and the yankees' trip but the Red Sox. In my head you can get surprised interpretations. Now the reelected yankees or worse shape. And I felt this all along -- they obviously reinforces my feelings but. Well actually here is CNET is saying we're gonna get I have on the strength of our starting pitcher. Will compete and strip are starting pitching -- I don't either starting pitching or same waited eight Q now at two in the name of paper are really good but. CC is getting up and here's what the velocity drop yesterday at me for not that -- feasting. We have Kuroda and had an issue we'll read your older group. Often -- group and I -- -- -- into the whole season without major disruption. And we've all heard the company line almost since they began assembling this team in the offseason that they're gonna bring in good guy -- Good chemistry and enjoyable bunch of guys who care about each other and they're gonna get rid of the dollar -- club ousted. Has that bureau been the hallmark of this team for the last couple of years we -- this up close and personal. You kind of watching it as a distant does the eyeball test tell you this that they did different kind of baseball team we're looking at terms of those things that I just described. Yet but it means nothing -- Serena camp play -- and play it almost can't play and those types of things chemistry into tangible factor there important. But not important if the team is focused. And that is the real issue in -- last year obviously they had a lot of issues. I would like CNET team with our our Terry Francona -- -- -- -- the -- of bad guys because problem and he was a player. The problem was. Much more so about -- and -- who did you check with that club that said course yet there are some guys that. Perhaps could have been charting your lights but don't put up -- proper at a bank giants kept a notebook eight chickens are. As the exact San Diego though very few people pay attention. To meet the real issue is perform and if you have performance and the rest will come but. That's going to be keeping Victorino. For instance can't play in the victory over the next guy bought the aperture. Did you think in the offseason did you think that victory you know Francis was a good sign -- that makes sense to you in the off season. I understood that they did. I didn't serve like all the -- and Victorino. Is a guy that. It seemed last it would settle in decline in my thought the World Baseball Classic experience but the same. Obviously they played fairly well but that -- -- in the a lot of money spent just seem like a lot of money. The same time they have a lot of money. And they want the draft -- that was their mantra no losing draft picks for the way they went about it was at least logical. Did they get the right players well I mean we've seen. -- guy that they're also transition year for them as they wait for Bradley junior. Bogart if somebody others to come obviously broke that might -- earlier but. They're going to be better down the road and some of the players at their side and our bridges to the players that ultimately will be fixtures. Can we just just into the conclusion that they really don't have a hundred RBI guy they don't have a guy the weeks to drive and is that a problem a weakness here or is that normal in the post steroid era. Something that you want and yet -- -- down by. In your -- back in the -- so -- -- because there offense without him is not. What I've bought and short and -- yesterday was quite effective are that you are you at all times. So. Ultimately say that there are achieved back in it and go find somebody perhaps. That the deadline. By. Director. And it's a concern to -- How much of an albatross with the contracts the lengthy contracts have to share and A-Rod weighing down the New York Yankees it's something. It is distracting is that something that is permitting different -- what the wanna do for front office standpoint or is it just it's just the elephant in the room that everybody's aware of intent to anything about -- Well -- desire to get under the 189 million dollar luxury tax threshold next season is something that. Is well documented. In Vietnam era one inside the thirty -- -- -- 22 it would be a lot easier to get to that. Threshold that says those contracts are part of their reality and all the plot to get rid of A-Rod. He's only been avoiding contact all the possibilities. I don't know that any that is actually gonna happen aren't -- going to play much anymore so. When you're the Yankees. Basically if you Brian cash you're saying okay here's part have. What I have news network where you go from there it's not a sit. Is sitting around every day you know through that we have Iran -- it should stop the way it operates. As far as you can tell -- from what you've been able to find out how hard or how deeply into that did they investigate the ability to get out from underneath the Iraq contract the biggest. Do it profile literally or today's date -- really try hard -- -- it was not not gonna happen. They went through the -- before jumping up and remember. That the income what's happening. And I don't imagine they look too deeply into the request and to me and I know a lot of people. Discussed the question the actual possibility -- it happened. -- he doesn't play if he can't play again. And -- will insurance kicking and all that and people so that insurance fraud you know play here in particular route again but I don't know that. And that probably is kind of their hope that we have. It is progressing and it was reported today not actually present any other way. So say I don't expect. Over the other times since and I'm really intrigued to see whether they actually come back in what level it was back. At the other end of the year up proficiency. BJ's or raise which one are you. Outweighs what -- raised because. I'm mostly. Inclined to withhold judgment on the -- actually -- important. And it can be an anchor when you're making predictions but team like that. Team like the Marlins last year it seemed like the doctors left and they made you trades. Put in the last season's. Yeah -- -- on the -- and I love the gate count I look -- I like that don't irritation. Basically is being really good even Melky Cabrera had a good spring but. The same time. You're slapping together a lot out -- bring in new manager and it's just something that might take a little while for they jail indefinitely until at all. The rate on the other and we don't have to pitch. They've got Longoria about for a full season. And they just will find a way to at least compete and that's why I picked that first unlike most people prosecutors and they are any number of where it. You got you've got to Jackie Bradley junior finishing second in your prediction for rookie of the year behind Aaron experts from what you can you must've done this before yesterday's game right. I now are in -- -- Could read blatant keeping guys. Scouts and players. In spring training we're saying electric even better than Brad and I think the reader so that is for the physical specimens. It is maybe more impressive and yet -- -- spring as well. -- computer or say it's one game yesterday and we all too well on the one game because there's an off day the next days and those who screwed night's game. Of the season but with Bradley the thing is what it -- yet it was all spring and there is. As it's just before maturity to him that you don't altered -- young players and the other thing about and that's kind of fool. Older players like and they like them because -- quiet and respectful questions. All the things that you wanna hear our young guys and -- truck of one of the restaurant guys yesterday was describe him. And that you know -- all of that pretty rare audio player today so let's look a lot. -- do you think Stephen Drew I mean obviously as long way to go one game all the typically cius can win the job and and drew would be a very expensive. And utility guy leaving me an expensive platoon guy. Would there be a marker would someone want him and nine million bucks. -- -- -- Of course want to get to -- like 31 two months overseas and they're extremely developed by. In science -- -- and they didn't sign in with the intention. Typically it would be that guy here. I would say don't through -- healthy -- he'll be the guy by the Israeli prime. It certainly you can develop a little bit up and -- to beat Troy Tulowitzki. But if you can become. -- useful and support. Certainly next year. And down a lot line you have interest in -- it and obviously both are coming into the picture as well. -- -- for the weekend again. Detroit. At Detroit excellent good. You're talking baseball with the as always we appreciate the timely information Ken Rosenthal -- -- conducted on the -- to Rosenthal -- talent on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Four GL TE.

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