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Brad Faxon called in to wish Chach goodbye

Apr 2, 2013|

Longtime caller to the D&C show joined the program this morning to say goodbye to departing producer Steve Ciaccio. Fax also threw in his Masters pick, Lee Westwood.

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Page saw the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE golfing friend Brad Faxon joins us -- fax good morning. What do we all this honor. Well at night -- -- he liked by everybody else is doing and I got a text of rare text from -- count him. That's what I was doing in the -- me he gave me this kind of surprising. Not to blast that. Yeah firing of firing him is it true that he's gonna become a full time caddie for you backs as he did such a fine job and are for the open. -- say whoever they keep them is my. Hartford open emeritus -- Backup back up -- Now I'll look at the tournament's first strength -- this guy. You know he would drive down after work and you guess which is no easy thing to drive to suspended six attribute to them. Many coming -- on the first he -- seventy pounds around seven miles up and down the field. What kind of a mini crowd yet little cult following their. And never complain and then on the eighteenth fully it is traditional drive. Flights and into the condos on the right. That the -- and we have to wait another year to play again and. And did you tipped him. Yes or group a -- yet you got -- jobs. You may well DX I recall. Got couple dozen -- -- that's a pretty good -- out the X sixty bucks each. -- And that he would ultimately guys in the group were always asking questions about you two guys. And when when you talked -- Touch off the air 'cause he would call you set up an abuse what do you say about us when he said it would John Maine. Well the words they usually can't I wouldn't use on the radio yes you know is a better man and a voice -- I'd also consider -- he's just tell the truth is the kind of made me worry a little bit. It's it's just docket this is a -- to call it that not that much you know rambling some inane comments in your -- while your on hold a hard hard to live and so -- it. -- -- -- And let -- talk. Not he would say you know you go on at 705 and he'd call me at like 650. To start complaining about all the things you -- Yeah I mean -- duties now. I saw what caddies make your shots constructs is looking for work as of today he's fired from the job he's looking for stuff to do what -- make. Caddies -- on the PGA tour like. Driving -- cart for the seniors like. Oh well. A drive and that definitely dreamt it yes yes -- your caddie dry that one day less rent. One day less yet. The end of the two programs please shine -- that. Telling -- you know real caddies on the PGA -- making 15102000. Dollars a week salary. And then 678% of the players -- so. You get it got to the top twenty on the money list that is making a couple million bucks and to put 253 immigrant. I'll giving Stevie is kicking themselves for. Breaking up put tiger is he doing okay without a series. -- My guess as the tigers closer to the 6% in the 8% in the cheap bastard that he has right. I think tiger's world you guys that actually just phases. Caddies street salary for the year it doesn't do the percentage. That a god. -- in trouble with the facts originally did did he talk about that golf digest interview talked about how much tiger paid him all that -- historically it. That's true plus. I think when anybody gets more popular you know you remember what started to recover. Yes yeah I don't know him on our show delegated that. He hated that went. It puts Armas started doing -- -- grip and stuff like you know Joseph Cobb commercials until its value or Eagles they were but I always go competent and Connecticut. Yeah what I want to this letting them -- didn't -- on national public course legitimate. While. You played with Jim and I'll pay is tiger playing better than ever is that just hours and week. We can't can we say that to me because he's -- looks like. The favorite to win against her and win every week right now among overstating it to say he's playing as well as ever. You know I wouldn't you know it got -- I have this big got about whether he's gonna get to eighteen and under direct. Remember way back when in 1997 when tiger came out on the. World stage and started saying I'm playing good but I don't have my a game and you know he's still winning and. You know years ago Davis Love and I -- -- tiger and that's what this is 1996. Feet one in Las Vegas into the defeating Davis in the playoffs and. 877 little Italy police if you -- sense of what this since he beat everybody not gonna have many friends and -- kind of smiled and I don't really care but I have anything that is sort of feature. I got girlfriends. -- it is so. John doesn't think he'll make it to eighteen points does its fourteen point Ortiz right personnel that we know -- -- hijacked so for more active Jack as a -- yeah it was yeah. Yeah no but I think you know he's he's playing so well right now and you put him I think you the last few years when he said this. This troubles -- been with chipping and putting more than that then how he took the ball you know he's got a ball -- the fairway everything done. Now he's playing this kind of controlled state because it make these practice swings like these trying to get a cut it held every time. And I don't I don't think he's as best he's ever been but I I think he's good enough that he could win. When this masters easily. I've -- your liking your -- a little more these days I think you're a little nervous. Yeah they don't know I got like. How old -- how many more years is -- he's 37. Well Jack what have more at 4610 more years or less. I think easily you know but I think he's so motivated to get to this state he could play Italy fifty -- and you know one of the most impressive. Record tiger hasn't nearly one he won bay hill for the eighth time you -- Torrey Pines to the eight I'm. And you know Sam Snead had that record before -- when the Greensboro terminate has but he didn't win. Is eight GE O toll was 52. You know tiger is thirty like cities. So it's a ten more years as forty more prize worked -- she's helped a lot of and Ozzie keeps spit in the platelets within the Toronto doctor does witch doctor in Toronto that that's the key. Yeah. Tiger the fields backs all of you choose. Well I'm taking I'm taking the field talking about tiger. I cannot think this is going to be that I think orders. When the masters and and break his run I think we've I was fourteen or sixteen Americans living in a row. So we have one more term in New Orleans and and I'm actually gonna work the Golf Channel down and studio with your girl Kelly Tillman and doing some in studio -- to. I got back on the perimeter trying to cut -- -- and I thought. Yeah it is yeah a lot of good -- that he could be your producer full time. Thought they go yeah. We like your caddie your your bill yes gopher right he could be like Ralph for Howard Stern you know can do your air Jamaica bring you coffee drive him. Clean up after your new dog the big the big the big question facts is do you need -- granite. You know what I'm thinking that this building something that is Chris. Deployed as a guy that -- number it. Joseph I'll probably get. Are right back at about -- what would you next event. Right after the maps as we have to return on the -- and down in Atlanta so. It's a fun few weeks work with the Champions Tour they called -- the -- -- that we get we get out we get worked pretty good right after the. Bad Atlanta country club. Note TPC sugarloaf -- Greg -- you played all three in Europe. -- -- Altria broke yup aren't caddie to break you just call Josh -- -- a loop where. I can name give us a -- we did a lot we will I don't we'll get to you before the masters these give us your. You for your your guy I. Like -- Leo. And most guys. Like nobody ever picks and is that only have to spell it on the rice announces ballot all pronounces. By dark horse pick is not really dark horse but. I think Lee Westwood -- breakthrough -- -- -- -- them. -- don't go to the bathroom floors and. I'll go to the -- -- got a new puppy yeah. Top. Cut -- thanks I'll I'll be down between Anna Chakvetadze -- this for a fact is on his way out -- particular facts -- got to admit it thanks buddy Brad -- the AT&T and AT&T four GL TE -- your -- Also want seven to -- don't -- dog would be damned good dog to the dog. Talk to the doctor. Understood what was decided they knew we do I don't think we're gonna make it to -- and fortunate and Seattle are gonna drop the gloves here. If you think that -- let's hope amid I would love to see. Finally Te'o-Nesheim illness and hang in the event and because we may have fisticuffs are intimidated he's got his coach -- so I -- which sweat that is not a -- like 10% tougher race error returned. -- -- --

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