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Breaking down the Opening Day win for the Red Sox

Apr 2, 2013|

The boys broke down the breakout performance by Jackie Bradley Jr. in the Sox Opening Day win over the Yankees. Who knew a couple walks would get the entire city buzzing.

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Like a little inside radio stuff right behind the scenes stuff yet people like that interest yes they do that. Aren't so we start with that here's how sports talk radio works this is that a nuptials of sports talk Radio One 01. We take a ridiculously. Small sample size. We assign a completely. Illogical value to it and then we reach a completely. Unfounded and baseless conclusions. That's what we deal and that's what we are going to do today he sought 26. Pitches. In pie plate appearances. He is the first player in 89 years of Major League Baseball to have at least three walks and an RBI in his Major League debut. His hustle all the bases ignited a four run second inning and oh by the way he made a pretty significant catch -- left field. Crop could no NBA accused of Iran or 21 game one win. Mostly because of Jackie Bradley junior and he already earned his -- because you said well -- impact right games I will impact what. And nine I you know you can talk about coming up with a with a straw argument make exaggerated hyperbole all you want. They don't to win this game when Daniel -- and left. He got it man and. I would disagree with that but that's -- you can't does he was -- like I can't -- -- -- he -- he was great yesterday he was didn't have a -- -- best player on the -- he was the difference now I'm not saying Ellsbury wasn't that -- frantically -- wasn't difference but. The different indeed the alternative. As we just cuts for the past six months. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cha -- but wouldn't get to that the most impressive. Moment of Jackie Bradley's debut to yesterday -- very first there's no question this to -- things and I was trying to decide which was more impressive taken those pitches in the first step have to go on out 02 right. 21 of the top two -- three left handers in the game. Or beaten for the second. Beaten the throw to second doesn't happen now I was Whitfield. In I had this planned and obviously John did to me. On to team up a new and Andy and -- and that's fine. Now that doesn't even Knoblauch's. Sees a good patient hitter. Left side doesn't -- that he doesn't meet that hero -- doesn't make that catch and I don't camera Bradley timed it wrong and came in with a step. Great catch gold doesn't make that catch. It'll -- wasn't laughed and nodded as the -- now doesn't make that catch. Nobody. I don't know who else might mean considered it left field at any point if if Bradley didn't. Maybe you can talk about eight runs and him not being the specific difference because eight runs were scored. But did he not set the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But Bradley was great game yesterday. If not -- played he would have played as well as Bradley in the Red Sox might of 142 that's nothing but -- law was. Great great great great amount of loss -- might have been a whole different game it's a bad day as. It's a bad day for me to sell you guys and may of 2019. Where I'm at -- and let it out I'd save that for a -- -- like over five correctness crap yet Perez and by the way. You didn't deny that this is a possibility and I know some guys. It's it's even likely that might come a day where struggles with a fall on the raced to pick up those twenty days whatever it is. In August or July that might happen so he can hold out hope. It's like well it's you can you can have bull that right isn't bigger guys going to be sent time soon now say that you're ready you hope not mean he looks. That's what we've been talking -- -- I told John and it looked and was and it was so it was rock I said he is that you know the term old soul yeah it is a Major League so yes he has unusual. Unusual patience at the plate which gets. Every Major League team not just the Boston Red Sox in New York Yankees every Major League team it's a -- that the a lot of young -- would pay plate discipline. For eighty. Will be pretty. In in one minor -- years single August and then. 430 overall enemy off the charts or BP. That in the first inning. Is not unusual that's -- yes that's what he is he doesn't have the power of of Trout are certainly you Bryce Harper. But he does have unusual plate discipline the and he will keep the line movement to -- -- Franco's old expression. Anyone won't get flustered mean is that the most impressive thing is most surprising. In that it bat that first at bat. As he watched pitch after pitch that the umpire didn't -- the -- -- CC sabathia. Sure CC sabathia but that was about it but would we be saying on what -- we say -- if they did -- -- -- a -- could say it's -- wasn't ready over -- -- that's it for two servers for the -- -- useless and to be and that's bought or chilling BC and what would -- -- -- -- that's a different argument -- digit figures a strike don't go to go to like it. Sure -- -- ideal time to swing at a slider right itself them down and away in the dirt even -- he did take -- -- up one right one right. Which just surprised tiger says Texas is a difference in an eight to blow out apps. It into different flow -- I wish I did they -- likeness -- the player of the game and works. The ZI Purcell our game job which are stuck with -- Clinton should have first -- run back on the field that we are proud they should do if they did I would. Absolutely -- Iglesias. Mean what I would pick. Bradley over places. Over Ellsbury over Lester and I would give all those guys credit they all had good days good opening days but. I feel like pierce -- idea -- -- today Caribbean baseball pure -- because I was fascinated. By a guy. Being the star of the game of the game. And now it's had to see it to believe he did not getting it he was the best player. The best players he had the most impact he made the difference they don't win of the win the game but they don't come. Close that this eight to -- But agree that she opens it in numbers them to a subtle takeaways for my money watch that game number one John Ferrell was apparently listening to me. In spring training when a city got to get off to a good start yes is -- that its last two years it has not happened last year Lester. I didn't count I I kind of like programs now lost count -- it was not it was not close series comes after an inning it was like three LA LA to over thirteen also under sixty and I think goes under -- it was a lost count. I think yeah but the so much -- I would give -- and credit for this a lot of credit. The celebrity shots like you can do this every give us I mean doesn't have to be huge darling you know. Always elect but we Martha Stewart apple hour. Matt Lauer why I think Mayor Bloomberg stuff and his Reagan faced another typical hypocrite. You know my elite eight fraud as well what was stuff in his face I -- -- guarantee it was carrots -- Was that we and is -- winter I think it was popular with lots of coconut oil and butter on it was junk food Blake I think that elephant was stuffing his face off in June in Kansas City Gerri have a lot of celebrities no but I my complain usually with the Celtics and our crowd shout -- -- put the lakers. Next day you read about all the patriots were at the game in this. And and you know Donnie Wahlberg and monkey able to get a shot and you never see them and I don't -- -- make me like Hulu plus magazine Leah Ramsey will ultimately. It hit a get out of there get to look at it to. Ervin Johnson the third a -- Yeah. They got Bobby -- a -- you got it Martha Stewart always there -- -- Bloomberg forget about bottle it was really a source ultra huge hit chipped it but she was emigrate to -- they -- -- -- the -- -- president -- that does is famous title. Behind him yes Regis Philbin yes. An -- and an -- that's is that as this time Barbara Boxer must bits so yeah held a -- -- is always will celebrity's half as pseudo celebrities and you look at the ticket -- that guy. But that that took away the federal consensus and Cameron yes -- -- Is also the celebrity game. Opening day in New York we should've taken the church and the Donald didn't collect it redirecting that now they seem like they were had an issue there and depicted -- -- probably go to the same you know. Would -- -- who does Botox plastic surge yes I guess so I would imagine he doesn't apologists I've been there awhile now the same hairdresser that both of locally there. Regis courses like. 85 come right up pretty well a credit to lose whatever. Are so that's that's my first take away my sector that bit that John -- took our advice from spring training and decided to get off to a quick start. The second is this is very subtle but I think it's meaningful. It's meaningful based on how they have assembled this team and the cast of characters they've put together anything strike you about the eight run scored. In the Gomes from -- -- ocean after -- scored exactly sure that was not J. D. Drew but I know it was not. That was not Carl Crawford that was not -- Gonzalez that was not anything we've seen in recent memory. Does it impact anything -- sport -- all. Probably not but does not speak to the exuberance and the having fun and -- -- sure if you saw. Dustin Pedroia is long sit down with Peter Gammons a whole thing was about it's time for us as a baseball team to go back to having fun. Peterson like we were twelve years old in Little League and you mean like high school and you mean in college graduates -- absolutely we've gotten away from that. We've got away from the ball park and enjoying each other and trusting each other and just play a game and ended up. And this is where the cynic. Like men and says you got to win and have fun and that is true that it. Did drew look like you have involved when he won -- you being. -- purposely cynical to say EC -- do that at the emotion in Nazi geez for now at least it's a breath of fresh air this is exactly what they were selling us. In the office right might end right if you gonna go 500 and that probably will if you're not gonna make the playoffs and they probably won't. Yeah. It's better to be. Exuberant -- do it this way right. Then to not be and again they made the playoffs in J. D. Drew in locally have on the made the playoffs how is OJ -- to us and Josh Beckett didn't look like he's having fun you know limit the playoffs and known in Bangkok on was -- Adrian Gonzales. Gimmick -- they won games. And there are guys there make him eighteen when he many years who didn't look like they were enjoying each correct. -- that's like you know Ervin Johnson the third thing but you know they -- -- Had a friend. Even Lester looked like it was like doesn't smile almost look like you respond as -- Johnson the third look like the long lost talent can be. Person was a fifth Telecom beat a B it looks like Tracy Tracy organist it. Pakistan. Is that they can get added -- that delivers the talent that these guys said you know what we only the fourth teleconference. I know this -- there are there are four notable particularly sinking which he had errors yet two were killed or so so so each day. A the biggest yet every serve you -- -- they have access via -- collateral damage in the two tactic now listen to pack bundles it was a Dora the Explorer Kokomo all iced -- especially if she -- without Jeanette is this is a Glock in two with a -- -- -- but he. They they condom from the show you -- Egypt the third Ervin Johnson and Johnson's on the bottom but he gave the person to -- you -- He said you know here you know you have my purse I gotta go now smaller -- -- is essential such a satchel. We'll get to as you elect will get it to -- -- get to it but but. You actually write a Catholic Lester I don't know if there's any hope for him but there's certain guys say they are teetering on the brink of actually and -- the the game really care go to enjoy yourself and we saw last year with even a guy like Pedroia who plays with some joy had no joy and I know this sounds so believe it sounds like you know. So elect James Earl Jones -- field of dreams. Like Ellsbury in Iraq and know whether he's having fun or not most the time right but. I think he'll I think he'll like the guys he plays and that helps dejected guys like it would J. D. Drew. Did they like playing with who Adrian Gonzales to -- play with Beckett now. Pitches. Meaning they followed him and they like him personally. But let me lackeys -- the now on the on the -- -- he could enjoy himself here yesterday have a good time a good team the good time with his teammates. And mean. It looks like -- Gomes you know playing with. Victory you know victory you know he Bradley gently with Bradley Iglesias Iglesias right and I guess Ross. We'll see but the it looks like playing with those guys could be a lot of fun to do is him and win more than -- -- I. Pose the question John -- guaranteed that they would win more than they lose can you enjoy a summer of baseball should throw 81 and 81 out there. And they failed to make the playoffs. Ten maybe a palpable baseball team. -- may be an enjoyable baseball team to watch it may be a likable team that wins and loses every other day -- -- be. Fun to watch if you don't think they're going to make the playoffs. The Internet just yet but if yesterday's any kind of example of yesterday's any kind of small sample let's -- any illogical conclusion. Yet to that is yes. That game eight to two and go home when he scores a second run jumps up and down is clapping his hands and problem crazy maybe it doesn't play as well see yesterday. Simply a likable teams that don't make the play those campus certainly had a few I mean you know in the eighty's yeah. It's hard to do with the 88090. Million dollar payroll. It's come down it's 150. -- don't look at Victor Reno well I guess maybe you did this public victory announces that guys make thirteen million a year 39 million that's an overpaid guys do you. But yeah I I think -- -- thing goes away it's my money shot him his money -- -- -- J. D. Drew noted oracle which is due to talk about this current cast of characters. I think it's going to be hard for it to go away with. Victory you know it's easy with -- Napoli it's it's a one market -- real threats of one year to bargain. And obviously don't look at it that way with with with Bradley -- Iglesias or middle brooks' young guys. I think. Maybe Lackey does it go it would -- because you know he's that that one year at the end for minimum -- of his injury -- death. The bargain -- now they haven't thought I don't know too good question I think it's unanswerable can this be likable team. And lose. It all depends on which guys. -- -- -- really bad this year for instance it has the same attitude and it's a long summer and around 500 that's stuff I think where people up but they play games like this every once the wild win one lose a moment. They have the right attitude after last year this was like every this is the antidote to bail them this -- these -- exactly what they needed except that -- picked up pace little three hours and thirty sevens and around. Look you know slept well last night. Yes he's -- and this is what the scrappy underdogs should look like right 617779737. AT&T -- one has always just 37. 937. Major League Baseball this is Joseph does not o'clock who like to talk to after seven nights sleep on. What it is he did yesterday job -- him. -- -- I guess that it -- -- what they get beyond team to watch just because Kevin Youkilis is on that -- you know what. If the question yesterday it was going to be of who's got the better you -- such a yankees who's in better shape yes I thought the Red Sox were better shape I I think so more today look at -- guys like. Chamberlain or Travis Hafner. Who's -- for like five years or or Vernon Wells I mean if you're I'm telling you by the end of this year. Regis Philbin and look his age yet these people might not their their watch in this team and you -- just seed in their faces go this is going to be one long depressing year by. By the all star break rod might seem palatable. Might -- somebody that you might actually cheers filled -- we're gonna do today we're gonna take a ridiculously small sample size we are going to sign a complete ideological value to it and we are gonna reach completely. Baseless and unfounded conclusion on this year's Red Sox team Ken Rosenthal joins us at 8 o'clock Jackie Bradley junior. After every night to sleep honored in New York to play today. Ernie Banks yeah I played today yet taken. He's got the perfect baseball. Attitude and outlook disposition -- even keel long term you know patients know not to high not too low. That's why he belongs up that's why he's gonna stay up because he's he's a baseball. Pollard -- and -- principal entities without giving away we're gonna have a special -- color later in the day for a reason you'll understand. At a different time. And I guess we should probably make the big announcement. About -- just failures and as to merits and he got a double figures and now something has to be done about it we'll explain that we get back.

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