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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We need to get our rhythm back

Apr 1, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: We need to get our rhythm back

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So so -- presented by Lexus continues from Target Center in Minneapolis Celtics and timberwolves fifth game in seven nights. These are this conversation seven days in what -- but I think we all wanted to you know once a month ago. -- When the response personally pleased and sides -- -- -- Harvard Pilgrim Health -- Harvard Pilgrim Health -- count us in. Management bought into -- yeah. 32 degree days ago we thought the Chicago board tough and that we are going to -- -- world we're Smart. You know -- government. Well played all right last night as you were sitting here in your office on the you know on laptop news last night's game in York and we've been talking about that accident three point defense and second year as spectacular as it was more in the first -- them 30% shooting when you look bad night. When three point defense then what's the net with the first. Well the first element of drew penetration. Which the cart -- to dribble the intern. And in the -- side Politico which was atrocious last months ago when you put those two UW and have a bad night. This may have to make you know and they may tomorrow. They seem to make and it's funny because it's only noticeable you normally do but didn't last night when his chance to drive again in the Balkans back out. There's an instinct to think about shooting but it is 810 seconds on the shot clock and of Smart guys to use shot -- Yeah I'd probably be watching him I thought they did a great job moving the ball and that settlement. The other reports -- actually had a three drove the ball and got to bed at three. On that photos on the other hand were the exact opposite of that we are very impatient offensively. And that's where it focuses. We've seen what happens when KG not playing one game and up all of this will be his second with a big thing when you take that piece. Do you need to ask that question. I don't need professional you mean -- -- -- Where you can give me. My job and you'd say -- well parents. A lot of well play making ability. A lot of I think you. Other than that that's not much. You know -- playing here tonight this is an issue that he's not your problem we've been discussing -- anyway. Last night in Miami starts the game early in the year the whole NBA's got to witness. What do we do about fans. Bye to it's impossible you know you're in this by you're trying to win games what what do we say to our customers to our fans win. They come here tonight after Boston comes here wants this year owners Kevin Garnett Rondo ones that -- what we say. You don't say anything but you hated coming in 81 go home this is the personal -- -- a -- Our chairman vendor rather than -- so there's that we could have done about it. Having said that it's still it's awful when you see kids dressed up and Garnet jerseys all over Minnesota today. They don't get to -- -- -- and I think that's that's to -- It perfect worlds with -- nine games last. How many games how much time you have your entire team back available together as -- or. If you were locked into your spot right now at nine years ago would you be perfectly happy just winning game one playoffs without. No I think you need to play book we made -- at a tourist knows that so we do. I just think we have to get our rhythm and acting going going into the world. Bulletin of the Celtics that we won't see tonight we have to see Ricky review yet and this is one of the players that you do come out to see because he is. A lot of fun to watch obviously still if you get better as the years go what's the first thing you think of when. Playing against him you are from coaching against him for the first time. Well I'm looking forward to cinema itself watching a lot of room. You got to try to control. Is Boehner. -- mean he really has the team chemistry and he's a great delivery of the past one time one target which a lot of guards -- That's really impressed. The opposite Ricky Rubio it is monitoring some success in this league no one knows anything now. I imagine he likes it that way that's efficient that you you kind of get there but what if this is one of the great coaches I think he's opened. Really do -- justice. Worn everywhere. The EU is you're right he's just kind of does this thing go home that morning when nobody is it to reproach but you know people -- -- thing about me in its present in this room. Yeah and your off camera as well. On -- arrested well they proposed that some vitamins. Vegetables next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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