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Red Sox beat up Yankees in Season Opener: Response and Reaction with Salk and Holley

Apr 1, 2013|

The Sox beat up the Yankees 8-2 and Salk and Holley talk about the win on opening day and take your phone calls.

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Tool. In the end lamp that Steve -- has to go back back reaches up acts. When it was it looked like there was no way was going to get to those that reaches up and makes the Jackie Bradley junior looks just -- -- left. The Kindle line. And that there. Oh ye of little faith mr. -- Didn't want Jackie Bradley junior on the opening day roster. Wanted to wait a few weeks see what happens -- get ahead. And yet that's about as exciting debut as you can ask for short of actually getting hit. Let's and I wanted to do well happy forming got a three walks in the does Jackie Bradley junior talk you look at this game are many things take away from it. Look at the bottom of the lineup -- seven walks from the bottom of the lineup. So in a part of that is CC sabathia was off his game he's their race your race was pretty good but. He wore down a bit after 96 pitches to -- any -- you can get that kind of production even know Jackie Bradley get it get that kind of production from the bottom line up going to be doing okay. Well I got production from the top of the line up to it makes for a good day as the Red Sox win it 82 opening day 61777979837. Will be your outlet to talk about this one and a lot to talk about it was not a -- back and forth type of traditional Red Sox yankees there. But the Red Sox jumped out to a lead early. Gave up half of -- and then just kind of went on to cruise in the late innings Joba Chamberlain despite having what I will declare the sweetest mustache in the game automatically opinions that things are criminal I think it's awesome. But do not even try to knock what you -- chat they got I think is gonna have its own show on the on the yes net I would imagine it either we'll have its -- Twitter account. Already has its own it's humbly ask you that looks like for every -- he looks like Fedora from super troopers office. What does it mean what does -- -- here because I've. I'll tell you before before 1 o'clock today to -- before 1 o'clock to. Before this great opening win by the Red -- Felt a little something from Red Sox fan its pants it's easy to say -- in December. January. Even march -- marks late march he did say. I've lost my faith in the Red Sox I'm not rooting for the team anymore. They're an abomination. That something beautiful about opening day. Whether you think the team is gonna win 75 games and maybe you still feel that way what do you think the team has something special. Well you tell me your baseball for annual Red Sox fan -- to two at 1245 -- 12581255. How would this is what it's about. It's. -- a call BS a lot of that course anger or remorse on going the way you won't see me anymore I'll never devote my time my energy to this team. Shenanigans that is that is straight up shenanigans nobody is going away nobody's gonna leave the Red Sox because they're mad at them over short period of times Boston. I mean I would hope to god that's not the case this is Boston. This isn't some random baseball town where. I'm kind of in -- kinda out I'm kinda in and kinda out you might be mad at the ownership group you might be mad even specific people in it you might not like the way they handled things but the into the data stolen Red Sox there's still the team you grew up with there's still the team you lived and I went. For your entire life so when you see them you're right Michael the moment you know they -- out to come back you get excited whether you mean to -- on. And then when you see an 82 victory with a whole bunch of different heroes with some of the young kids and some of the new -- new people. Playing a big role -- how the ball and that's not talk about heroes in this one the bullpen gave a one hit four innings you're you're if you're in love. You in and out of -- very quickly interim -- caterpillar yet. I hated Andrew Miller I love affair I don't like him come and and walk in the number nine -- in the leadoff guy. But that he that he had a couple strikeouts -- himself back on in the right direction but the bullpen overall given four innings. Against the Yankees lineup that's not exactly the 27 version of that team but still or even 2010 fair enough. But still awful four innings one hit for your bullpen they don't give up a run you'll take that every. Patent and something else of course because it's opening day because this -- start yankees. Overreaction. Will be the word of the day. In the night. And the morning is just the way it is so the Red Sox had lost -- to two you'll he would have -- that's just the way it is you tell yourself that it is one game but it doesn't work that way you see Red Sox yankees. And you see a six run deficit you have a problem with it on the flip side Red Sox yankees. CC sabathia on the mound. And you come out of that thing with an eight to two win and use the Jackie Bradley. Make some plays you see Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury makes some plays do some good things here in your fired up about it and as you mentioned the bullpen. And I think I think the pitching staff. Is going to be the strength of the team and you look at it for for the Yankees -- All season long I don't know what the Yankees got I don't know what we're gonna finished in the American League east. The last thing most American League teams have to worry about the -- A way to score some runs if you're decent team to score some runs. I think the strength of the Red Sox this year is going to be their pitching staff. And we saw we saw ahead of it today even though you wanna see Jon Lester go more than five. 96 pitches and his first start of the season that's about what to expect -- start. Bragging you know push up to like 110115. If you need to. But on a day where neither guy neither ace of the staff had his stuff and this is what you wanted to -- And especially with a day off tomorrow you can go through and use your bullpen and get four innings from them and it. I don't have a problem with the way John Ferrell and -- pitching staff I thought it was perfect tonight or today rather and and the Red Sox. -- come away with an 82 victory and that's a good thing they're going to be if you story lines to focus on obviously the bullpen is going to be one Jon Lester is going to be another. The bottom of the order I think you bring it up perfectly would be the third and specifically Jackie Bradley junior the debate as to whether or not he should have been on this team to start the year. It indeed really in the last few days and it became obvious that he -- going to be on the team to move on from that and then what did you actually see from mom. You never hit in the game he ends up going over to -- scores two runs drives in a run. Walks three times but the impressive thing more than anything was just the poise. If you could tell instantly watching Michael that he did not look overmatched overwhelmed the he certainly looked like he rose right to the moment had no problems being on in Yankee Stadium in front of that crowd on opening day. Facing CC sabathia nasty lefty and saying that's not a strike. I'm not gonna swing and. It's not a strike and I love that about I thought it was interesting to how -- Joseph Girardi approached him and -- and in all defense. Of Girardi made the intentional walk there at all you know there's there's not a lot of information right now you look at Jackie Bradley. From spring training. And you're looking at the scouting report from him for what Heidi in double -- ball so it's not a lot to go on a -- that was pretty curious though. -- in the seventh inning to seventh inning got runners on first and third you got Bradley at the plate Girardi brings in the lefty. Of that Logan to face Bradley. And he'd already walked twice. So you bring in against your best lefty. I don't intent but he twice mr. best let you bring in a lefty to get them out would have pitched to one and that situation what I would have done and only get three -- today. Iglesias. -- and I would put Bradley on intentionally loaded the bases. And then play for the double play and go for the double play ball there. And obviously that didn't happen get opera. So like. I and an out and agree with that strategy that may -- down the road they have more of a book on Jackie Bradley I don't I don't -- differ widely used. Going to be in the in the business right now of intentionally walking a -- in his first game. You know I mean I get what you're saying he he had looked good already against sabathia showed that he had and I but he get to have hit I mean I I I don't I I guess I. I would see any doubt about those but it was got a better idea is that kid in his first game you think. Bradley give a better chance to get Bradley out -- have a better chance. Getting out. -- I I think you brought you might have a better chance getting Iglesias open at the same time it. Why put an extra runner on base why make it even more difficult for your pitcher at -- one would load the bases right. I never like load the bases -- don't have to force him to throw strikes even to Iglesias sell off. Michael he had -- your -- on the -- had a problem with it and have a problem with the -- did it either way it works out for the Red Sox they go between 8226177797937. Good opportunity for you guys to get involved here with -- assault -- WEEI Bob we'll get a started in -- I've. There or was going on out there right now you know as much -- -- like to talk about -- Jackie Bradley GP curator. Off you know -- you know pulled out a questioning others like it. Jackie Bradley should be in victory what are right now I -- not only here -- back and -- -- that in the first inning. -- the whole thing out but a subsequent. I made an impact -- without as reported a human impact without getting hit among those walks. How were impressive and -- catch him in the -- really that was it was a great blank. Sure Brett Gerri now this current operation you take that and they and it's finally true. The key to -- you record it or. -- -- -- -- Had a Honda it sure looks room I don't know of these sock they should look like. Other divisions going to be tight get used to it hold on for this this entire division. And the people were. Predicting 98 -- -- five wins for the blue jays. Calmed down at that this this division is going to be contested is going to be tight all the way through mid September. Is. Question for people out there -- Michael I think he started in on it is it is if you're angry or upset if you -- Despondent but it's sort of mail and call or part of this -- or even any different or a different heading into his Red Sox that the -- problem for difference. Do you feel after watching imply another one game is not going to make a season and I hate the whole reaction new look of glee season is on pace to hit six under. And I don't mean that just after watching them get after it. After watching them hostile after watching Jonny Gomes take in extra base and end up scoring an extra insurance run at the end after watching Jacoby Ellsbury. Run hard out of the box and turn a double into a triple yeah just because he was gone in the and the Yankees were little thing a little bit in the outfield. After watching -- very good guys they take eight walks in the game. And and and Jackie Bradley junior has the real -- Three more of them for Saltalamacchia peeking get that on base percentage up from the 275. Range it was -- -- -- at 350 yourself. To go with his power all the sudden you look committee the -- starting catcher. It is that is an offensive help and -- hindrance in addition to just the power that he brings so. Again it doesn't it doesn't mean that any of those things will continue but can you not watch that and be filled with a little bit more hope that maybe you had yesterday. And and also -- third to piggyback on the Saltalamacchia -- having 350 is too ambitious for the on base percentage. But you're right it's got to get out of the -- I'd even take 32325. On base percentage for he has -- that his highest career in the is 351 yet he goes fishing a lot. He goes fishing a lot for. I that in sliders goes Eagles for splitters all day long. And curb balls -- really get in trouble so but I think the what does it mean I think you know what it means talk and the cumulative meet today. And a baseball fan. You can see Larry Lucchino and Tom Warner and John Henry and anybody else that you don't like or anything that you've heard. Is not gonna take that away from your view of you out there who actually did. Maybe -- yankees fans now. Maybe your Cleveland Indians fans now maybe you were no longer. Watching baseball was a phrase you lastly though reasonable people that reasonable people can -- people are still there. There's still there and they like it and look at this you look at this lineup today. And I obviously it's miss and -- some punch without David Ortiz. The -- get used to a 012 with -- bearing victory in some nit picking things here you can look at. It's in the leadoff triple from Ellsbury that's all about -- -- follow that up with Victorino. With a great deal of -- All you need to do is. Put that ball on the ground in the right place and you bring that run again. He swings at the first pitch he sees is that it's pitch. And then you come out of that he's gonna come out of that inning you're up 42 at that point don't know what's gonna happen about it inning with no runs. Frustrating at its roster -- but but on the other hand Victorino who I think a lot of people myself included I've been skeptical of goes two for three with three RBIs -- -- All right data -- didn't go well he's gonna drive in three go two for six every day you'll take. Yet they look pretty good right field to mean you look at this this outfield. I don't know this is how was going to be for a long time -- their plans for Jackie Bradley is is the debate over -- here. Here is different now it does armies and for what you think that he made the team because. They really like them it's cut open and it. Maybe they like it maybe made the team because there was a vacancy with David Ortiz. Or maybe you're gonna make the team anyway. So David Ortiz comes back and even have to worry about it. Johnny and and that is that John Jackie is going to be here. Going for he has seen the last of my -- I I don't know that Ramona commit that. But if this is the outfield. It's a pretty good defensive outfield only thing I would do is I mentioned this before I would just flip flop Victor Reno. And Bradley. With a little more experience and no he hasn't -- gonna have my appear. You might -- play right field he's got the strongest arm meaning I want to -- all the more. Before I commit to anything like that too but what is he gonna be appear for the rest of the year Michael if he's armed at the on base percentage stays near 600 yeah he's probably not gonna go back down the batting average stays at zero. He's probably not going to stay up so time will tell on him it depends I think what he does during these first few weeks there were some good news Jack McMullen I saw. The article today saying that David Ortiz will be. Thinks he's turned a corner. With the keel and and and will be heading back towards playing sooner rather than later so the kids got a couple of weeks to try to prove himself. And mostly what he does during that time 617779. At 7937. Joseph was in Wakefield Euro soccer -- They end -- I'm OK so I only got what -- in a market. Up but one thing I've noticed about our. Just just today and in our -- even they almost never swing at our pit under in the hole all we wanna get out the pitch count up. But when it first hit it right on the middle and then. And you take it your own one then you write the next Richard the strike your -- to wonder why not translate at Patrick restricting you know is coming. I guess first of -- -- complain too much about their approach at the plate and they were they scoring runs -- GCC sabathia early in the game so I I don't wanna spend a whole lot of time complaining about it but I think the answer to your question. Is while that can be frustrating on occasion. The bigger it's about the bigger picture it's not just about that one at bat it's about looking at baseball as a nine inning game instead of -- at bat saying. Who with the worst pitchers in the game. They are the the middle relievers along in middle relievers on most let's get to him and if I can if -- -- higher out CC sabathia or or whatever starting pitcher -- and get to the fragile bullpen arms. I've got a better chance to win more games -- there. Here's another we're looking at a Joseph between Jackie Bradley. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia today you know many pitches those guys such as the two of them two of those guys. -- 55 pitches that I think about that now it watches wing had wanted to just go out there and swing at the first strike accusing. Well the flip side is you can get. Is it those guys can -- fifty high pitches. Are you would take that over the possibility of maybe getting something good hit and and taking advantage of it. I think Victor Reno did exactly what you wanted to do and look how that worked out sometimes. If it's just a fat pitch right down the middle you got a power guy up there. Yes and can't take your chances early innings but -- struggled -- it's a fourth or fifth inning guys just really trying to find it. And he's able to roll the strike one down the middle. See if he can repeat that. Because you got a chance to turn a game around and get that starter out of it. Any idea patients at the plate as a team concept is playing eighteen game is supposed to an individual. RAF maybe your bat may not go perfectly but if the team commits to it it should help the team score runs in general. Okay well so. Say they're taking pictures are they are we play all all we acknowledging now now eight. Now why -- those things that you're quite the opposite. The idea of taking pitches really is the opposite of that it's getting guys on base and then hit the big home run -- on base percentage opposite small and has as this -- -- -- Get -- -- -- you today in today's in today's version of baseball where teams don't have a whole bunch of 3040 home run guys. I don't know Pedroia and Napoli middle Brooks and Saltalamacchia. In the middle of your lineup and they got him on his back and it sucked it may not be the most powerful lineup in the league but that's not nothing either. What did a little while Buchanan obviously one game there is no Campbell that's right arm but. I -- middle brattle that you can expect -- over -- round I don't think you can expect happily I don't think we have. And he's thirty home run -- -- let Ortiz comes back and played over a hundred games. I would think all those guys are capable of it doesn't mean they're going to do and appreciate the phone caller I mean it. It's not about the prediction game of what they're going to do it that the middle of the lineup. How some some pop and is not luckily we can go old school woman this is this is nothing new Earl Weaver talked about this Earl Weaver wrote books about him back in the day. Waiting for the three run homer so it's not necessarily get that the three run homer but -- load the bases and you have Jacoby Ellsbury hits a double to the gap. As good enough clears the bases so why. Give her three run homer but you were able to clear the bases -- an extra base hit I don't think this is. Gonna be a small ball team I don't think they're set up that way it doesn't mean at the bottom of the order with -- Iglesias where that occasionally with a with a player like Victor Reno can handle the bat that you won't see them bunt. But I think it is if this team. Works walks works counts. Gets on base. Uses some of the speed and they do have a fair amount of speed on this team Michael I heard the I heard the bold prediction segment today from -- Lou I want a much predictions I thought was pretty good with that they could steal 150 bases you didn't see that part of their game today. But he did see them take the extra base a couple of times. Increase improved aggressive base running. I think this team is gonna find ways to score some runs and and they certainly showed that today and if they pitch the way they did. This afternoon especially -- bullpen. Wc win more games and analysts -- on 77797937. -- your phone calls after the Red Sox went eight to two over the Yankees on opening day it's a happy day. Here on -- and Ali WEEI. In a looping line drive to right field got a base hit here -- the right around there each euros probe most of the top Ellsbury scores or immigrants now. Well yeah any time you get multiple guys on whether the aggression us which. Jake's going strong about you know chain him up and a couple of key sponsor forgot RBIs from both sides of the plate and that's certainly lightens things out but. I even when you look at what domes that against right handers which you know that's one of the things -- we're gonna continue to monitor how he competes against riders earn an additional advance. Today it was a very good day. But clearly it was Red Sox win their opener 822 with a final over the Yankees they score four in the second one in the seventh. Tack on three in the ninth they only allowed two runs in the fourth. As Lester faltered and then finally got himself out of trouble the bullpen. Nearly perfect allowing just one hit four innings of work they were. Stars. That group of them between you Tara Miller bay leads Iowa and the -- hand in hand coming in to finish it off in the nine. You know it's funny what -- like about a from an offensive perspective here Michael Mina were about and he just -- Bobby. Bobby Valentine's -- mobile read that tee in fifteen minutes if you if you have yet this year or C would Bobby Valentine said about Boston's funny it is funny you get a chuckle out of it will read -- -- fifteen minute. Don't like -- I liked about it today Michael. Is that they showed they attack on crooked numbers right they can have the big inning and two of them one in the one in the second and then another one in the ninth. But also showed that when they needed one insurance -- on I know they failed what was in the fifth -- sixth when Ellsbury add the leadoff triple but they were able to get it back an inning or so later in the seventh. When they needed one run when it looked like a close game that was going to be two or three runs either direction they found a way to do that to a. Like that about the -- well yes and that was that was good by them but evidence and it is really gonna come down to which you mention last you mentioned the bullpen and the ability. To trot out a number of guys and not lose much. I gotta give you know -- Made some mistakes here and many mistakes here one thing he got right. Was Andrew Miller and Jim Miller with a high draft picking never worked out as a starter everybody tried to. Try to make him a starter. That really wasn't the role for him he has found a role. As a lefty out of the bullpen who still as you mentioned he still has some control issues from time to time in a very good season last year for the Red Sox. And he's quite a weapon you can use them out of the pen. Yeah we are it was a great pickup for them. And we'll see what happens with Hanrahan did not have a great spring but a couple of years ago in -- spring for the pirates. They'll -- the best seasons he had in the major leagues so we'll see what happens happen I think and let you wanna. You wanna be skeptical about the -- -- this year or have at it it's one game. But if you wanna be exciting future here's your opportunity to be excited after one game there's nothing wrong with that you don't have to be cautious you don't have to be tempted. And to be glad -- very exciting it was going to be -- predict our world series' -- really doesn't -- where it's -- to be a variety of how you're going all the way that I -- what was -- -- -- quality you can there's other fur collar guy -- -- -- -- you're allowed to I think I think -- should be excited. It's opening day it was a beautiful day out it was it -- like spring today and the Red Sox and I'll beat the Yankees clobbered the Yankees in New York in the Bronx to set themselves up to win the first series of the year like that that gets me excited 6177797937. Might. Is in active and Mike your -- assault on ballot until 6 to 7 o'clock after we're gonna go an extra hour teach your phone calls toxic Red Sox baseball. Will be until seven which means no Mike up obviously in this segment where it normally is. I'm doing it's the question jerk and an hour later at 645 Micah. -- I got trapped in order until late trowel a goal but aren't I'm not allowed to know exactly what you're saying. But it did not have to be aggressive here there's let out to be aggressive because they don't have that aren't better. And you need to hold you meet aggressive on the base paths or president to play a good article and you can't record low got a lot of regret there. Are we got a lot of contact centers. Hope so we got our our business you know you can't take a lot you can contribute that set the plate. That they you have regrets not agree taken that -- bay street trying to create opportunity we have certain -- -- -- taken at a base you know. Have a yard you know Mike there are some some guys let's call -- -- J. D. Drew approached or some guys were patient. And you get the feeling they're so patient they don't wanna swing so -- they're they're patient but there's no aggressiveness in them. And our guys like Napoli. When he's going right -- -- gets into slumps but when he's going well. He's a patient guy who absolute wants to swing and swing with aggression and swing to a power yet it. And at the same thing the same thing with Pedroia to -- Pedroia hasn't been known as the big as a big walker. Public caught accidents and you know an aggressive. Bride is what our problems will play a deployed into it you've got him an order where -- below out your order. It is -- -- -- a single angle maybe double headers and little to the top of the lineup apologetic BitTorrent arbiter contact at. Have your Mike up like elephant in the room is small ball. No resentment from a small ball we talking about not a guy over steal some bags now I have a -- not a candidate. I hope so that they don't slide a -- -- grant a player award more. -- -- -- I think it's what I was today Mike which is Jacoby Ellsbury running hard out of the box is so into with a triple instead of a double or or Jonny Gomes in recognizing that that -- -- -- Was barely paying attention to take the extra bag I love that what I don't wanna see I don't wanna see this team -- -- I don't wanna see him giving up out there most. The most precious commodity and I don't see that at all and I don't think we're going to either Jon Farrell's -- well I thought I -- appreciate our I like. Joyce in traffic and that's again the difference between being aggressive on the base paths and and aggressively calling from Bob I don't think it's aggressive to bond. I I don't look at it now now that's not to say in a tie game or down one run to get men on first and secondly -- nobody -- That I wouldn't like to see a -- to get second and third and one out trying not to run in without -- hit. I think that the -- certainly has a place in baseball but that doesn't mean I wanna see it over. News not now Mike said he was in traffic today so -- come -- thinking he's in traffic because the -- to work on opening day. Now how do you guys how do you guys divide this up here because I know. Where the home opener a week from today none of -- going to work. Not going to work. People are gonna go to a game. Actually be inside the ballpark in those we're not inside the ball park. -- go around the ballpark they would drink a lot. They will be. They'll be watching the game they'll be calling in sick there will be taking vacation days -- days missing in act -- missing in action whatever it is. So but how about opening you don't opening day when it's not at home. It is not a good -- doesn't feel quite yet if I go to work today. A day off today today's a listen to the radio your office. Yeah but next week next week is it take the day off day today is a listen to your office and you know when -- cube. You stick on you stick on the game when he -- -- it that's -- you do yet 65 to 75% of people. Not be working. Are we forget is that title Sunday I know people are working as it pitchers they have to work well a lot patriot day anyway. Patriots who doesn't yet patriots day is great a holiday that only William Massachusetts right -- and New Hampshire. And I have to think -- -- but so you get summer masters. -- -- just kept. -- -- -- Live Guerrier got -- courier it started patriots they've already holiday and opening day home opener to just -- out just make it a -- every answer to that holiday. Look at -- accurately can they derail holiday it was -- made up holiday on steep Patrick bank and soak in soak in opening day 6177797937. Keith is in Bedford -- assault now. Arian. I'd like to make two quick phone. One my -- -- that the guys -- -- calling from their phones who didn't even watch opening day. And have so many strong opinions. Not a surprise but okay. About something that they might be totally informed about it on. Com I'd I'd like to point you I'm Bradley OK I think these next Eagles. And I've liked appoint who is. Is played. Patience today. And in getting pretty law. For an opening in the and -- are beyond a watchable game. Everything looks really good to -- onslaught. But dumb I think maybe people -- appreciate it at the plate maintenance late cases -- -- It was pretty darn good today that it is no doubt about it is the end of the 20/20 six pitches Michael in five plate appearances does goal for Tubal one of those two. Was a rocket back up the middle bounced off the pitcher into being thrown out but the score runner got to run -- -- -- cities the next what. The knicks -- he's going to be -- deal. -- victims of identity of the line now asked -- McCartney. We have a McCartney flair to -- he's well spoken lesson that's been asked the question about the best deal with the -- -- the best deal. It's my car. Plows broken through that -- my -- -- it was Atlanta. -- and people like the under the radar and there are people door yet but that that group is trying pretty hard. It's great this -- a question from my keys of people's free if you say joy and by the way there's no wrong answer to who's the best -- is already go all four guys play an important role -- wrinkles are -- it had a cancer wrangle with the you know what that what the yen is important at the end Ringo was playing his instruments and anybody in the group. Like on on Sargent pepper Ringo Ringo is amazing. But regardless viewers in torture tried. Yeah that's a little hipster this angels and there's no wrong answer not well I consider the rockets and it's wrong it's just what it says about yeah which is that your little hipster. Jim is in his -- -- your counsel now. Yeah hey I was actually -- you're gonna have to keep. -- that looked at what he meant by saying no abruptly with the. Joseph I didn't hear -- first just get any Bradley -- I was hearing that right. Bradley -- like what herself in the Balkans and and the skinny top. -- You should it there yeah a little bit. Overlook I have put you back on -- their -- maybe maybe get into I don't governor showed your phone doesn't have a new show what you're doing we appreciate our way you know who may or may not love the new show a guy who certainly has some awfully negative sea -- -- things to say about our while our our wonderful city. That would be Bobby Valentine Michael's gonna redo the quotes you got to hear their necks alcohol and warrior calls and W via. I thought early on establish strike zone particularly the bottom half of it as he went into that one long inning in the fourth version of 34 pitch inning he -- he did -- didn't break. And soon how much as we hope to see him start the year off with a solid performance he was able to do it. So I I think some of the things that he. You know demonstrate and establish a spring training took in her back. And I I think what hurt improbable that inning. For the walks the walk the Saltalamacchia in the end they won't was probably to Bradley. -- when he was to have him he couldn't put him away. Which you know at least we have -- stand double play depth and leads a lot of things cleared feels shorter and a sense of they hit some balls through the hole so I thought it was the walks with a -- They'll do starting pitchers. John Farrell talking about Jon Lester -- and Joseph Girardi discussing his starter CC sabathia both lefties. Went five innings but Lester allows just two runs sabathia. Allows for the Red Sox bullpen perfect from their does not allow a run and -- four innings not so much for the Yankees they -- on form for the Red Sox do. Against the Yankees and honey your phone calls today's we go until 7 o'clock 6177797937. It's -- Hollinger WB yeah I'd -- it. One other little. Little piece of news Greg sneaks across the desk today if you were missing Bobby Valentine today you won't allow you he would not allow you to -- just tell us no he was not missing the Boston -- Grandma come and get tremendous the second is hearing that John -- -- Reminds me that we're gonna start our weekly interview with John Ferrell this week I believe it is oh Wednesday at what time guys is it. 230 to thirty. On Wednesday outcome here. Every Wednesday 2:30. I am I am serious and Bobby had you on last year Bobby do an interview with Steve derby. The one and only Steve Serbia from the New York Post. Yeah me in Serbia has a Sunday QA session. Bobby Valentine said the -- all of the Boston media ever wanted to do was prove that they were tougher media in New York. Help me everywhere with the same brush I think some of those guys are absolutely terrific people. And a good group of them are absolutely horses asses. -- unprofessional. Lazy and should not be in the business up here in my opinion appeared meaning the big weeks. Bobby continues I had one guy never talked to me the whole year. Because he said to me he didn't like the answer I gave him in spring training. It cover my team the whole year -- and I think the New York media knows more about baseball it is more professional out that's -- So this is that everything from a story and boston.com. -- overrode -- and silver writes that. On the DNC show today right here W yeah many hand said he added on good authority. At the reporter never spoke to Valentine -- comic. But I -- it's not like Bobby has more. It is more than Islamic atoms to get a problem with a lot of people. Went on to say that is comments about Kevin Youkilis were blown out report on yes have misinterpreted by the outside world. While outlook I was not here last year so I didn't have the opportunity to truly experience experience the Bobby Valentine. Being William. He can be right at times there I think there are people -- they try to prove that they are tougher than anything that goes on in New York. I don't think that's completely over the top is that it was that little Brothers syndrome I think there -- people who would say that about Boston they're probably not wrong I think that's. I think there's an element of truth there. But the idea that he was the most professional person in that traveling parties server. Are you go back and read some whenever I mean we all know the -- right time I don't week. Hear about -- tips it and how many of the players don't like him or about Jim Leland. And who's upset with -- aliens pitching moves this is absolutely. Ridiculous but I think it's good dramas so let's keep the ball rolling. I got -- payment up though he got paid off at the end. I thought they pay for a silence clearly they did not know they paid for him to go be an athletic director and do some work it. Do some work it in new York and yet because he continues to head shot at the Boston media had a shot -- David Ortiz. And a shot at the team saying -- think Connie Mack and the one with the Red Sox. So maybe they just paid them. The states I'll -- anybody if you would anybody think that his comments about Kevin Youkilis got taken up one at a proportion the moment the moment he made those comments he should've known everything that was gonna happen and certainly when it was his pick the players on his team reacted as strongly as they did it. That's not the media overreacting that's the players on your team I was up being blown out of proportion that we talk us it would keep coming back -- this race. Reasonable people -- So that's your answer reason he doesn't make that we as does not in the middle is not very similar to be reasonable people and -- and fortunately for you guys. Having many of you agree it's great to have a fresh start -- would John Ferrell do and and his second stop or in a second stint as a managing first. The first opportunity. To a year's. Mixed results I mean Toronto. I don't know if anybody predicted them to be. World Series winners or even division winners when he was there like they're doing right now. But I think they've looked for some baby steps that weren't apparent under John -- Will he be able to be improved here. I think what modest improvement. Over his Toronto days still be happier with John -- -- he he's not going to he's not going to edit and create the lightning storms certainly the program Ballantine created over nothing. I mean that's the thing that always gets to me about Bobby there are times when -- when a manager I think it's okay to blow up someone on your team but the idea of coming in game one blowing up Kevin Youkilis spurs' effort of all the things to do it made so little sense to send him back so far. I don't accuse every able to recover from that Red Sox. Moving on past that. Then they're done and it's all of that is in the review your suburb for you to think about in the next minute or two. Was there anything John Ferrell did today it's your second -- or anything John Ferrell did in his managing debut with the Red Sox. Where you you set yourself -- time. I don't know about that -- give you my answer also take a whole lot more your calls were going one more hour here on salt and Ali. Up until 7 o'clock it's portrait in 937 WEE. Red Sox went Red Sox win they are one you know not only did they win but they beat the Yankees in game one of the season they get off date tomorrow. And then another good pitching match up on Wednesday Michael Clay Buchholz against Hiroki Kuroda. Win now when you won the series. Get a chance for a sweep. A good way to start the year doesn't put them in the playoffs. It doesn't mean you start jumping up and down. But it's it's nice to start the season winning as opposed to losing him. If everything we keep hearing throughout the off season around spring training and up until today is about a clubhouse that is closer -- A group of guys that is more likable. A team that should regressed back in a positive way towards the mean. And pitch better than they did a year ago bullpen that has the chance to be dominant in an offense that can scratch out some runs on 82 victory opening days pretty good way. Start I'm gonna say this does mean something. And adding that the instinct is to say is that. It's a kind of tone it down a little bit and -- it doesn't mean anything it's one out of 162. It's a long season on and on all the creatures. It means something for a couple of reasons. I'll give you 22012. And 2011. The start the Red Sox got off to a -- six. In in 2011. In 20121002. When teams are pretty pretty bad start in 2012. As well here's the other thing. There's so much -- was so much negativity surrounding this team. Before. Before the first pitch of the season. This is -- small antidote to that. Off to a good start to play baseball means you can't be negative and that's right we'll play baseball -- -- -- your -- -- event today. And then you does that you'll be forced to talk about what we do on the field. You're not gonna be talking about a collapse. Not going to be talking about. Oh and take advantage of these opportunities they lost in extra innings you're talking about a solid start from Jon Lester. You're talking about -- I love this one about hitters in baseball a professional. Debut for Jackie Bradley junior three walks. And a great catch in left field and army and you're talking about. 82 win over the team that you hate them. So it means something. It's it's finally good to see if it's good to see it is good route to be able to talk about baseball. Pitcher talk. -- The Beatles before trying to figure you're the best -- or or the -- that is most beloved it quote The Beatles you know camped. You know can't be bad that they start off this way -- as you said. Push away some of that negativity give us all a chance to get excited about what they're able to do and for longer than just the ten minutes before the game actually begins. Lester pitched well not great but well. Right I mean especially the beginning he saw flashes of that dot that dominant version. That he can be a really being that eighth he didn't have a after he lost that somewhere along the way right what it was fourth and and and and never really seemed to get him back although he got. The -- -- it without major issue he he did not look the same. As he did early in the game took -- for start number one. So often you see that from an ace pitcher early in the season doesn't look like he's going to look by by -- -- exactly exceeds yeah I'm sure at the end of the year CC's ERA will be somewhere around 33 and a half. He'll win a lot more than he loses. Will be top five top seven Cy Young guy but today didn't look like getting. You asked him if there was anything a second guessed from John Ferrell and there was a text message here in the AT&T tax line 37937. Just wondering why he went to Andrew Miller after you hard got through the inning before needing just five in five pitches to get three outs. Later on in in the season maybe that's something I would second guess game number one especially considering that it didn't lead to -- run. I don't know that's not something I'm too worried about if he's if he's not trusting anybody to to sit down and get back up again yet that's fine. Now way to manage traffic of oh win when Andrew Miller came into the game -- is facing 89191. Or I'm not one to. And you got to think about -- the matchups as well. I mean look at it you can't be as simple as lefty righty what are Andrew Miller's numbers -- those guys that he was facing at that I'll bet that factored into. 61777. On seven and 937 Rick is in Maine Rick Euro -- now. It regretful. And -- -- -- in -- When David Ortiz come back objected Bradley's secure route -- I would go to this car go one of those two guys depending on what happens during this time. And the like I don't work there are usually rhetoric -- an option keep those guys are or -- all of them. I think your first all depends how all three of those guys play which I think and here's the other thing here's the other thing I know. David Ortiz has been encouraged in the Red Sox have been encouraged by his work out lately when you expect Ortiz back under us. I don't I don't even believe anything that I hear on these updates and David Ortiz -- -- expecting him to be back in May. I don't expect and be back in April so. He's he's actually got a month to figure -- to figure maybe no longer run maybe I'm -- a mistake on top I had made that. The other thing Rick is those things have a way taking care of himself Friday by then somebody else is hurt or somebody is playing so poorly or. You're juggling your lineup around for some reason or another just it seems like often those things take care of themselves before you need to make a tough decision. Did you like we saw from Jackie Bradley. Aria. Which I would you don't make it just is not back but -- good to -- -- three walks is patience the late catching may. -- pretty poor people. Yes so what on that text line mentioned the negativity are in the second guessing of John Ferrell. You know why. Oh why did -- you are not come back after five pitches and Texas as we sat for long -- skip when I was a long inning. First game of the season. You know why. Bush and why am I take the -- let them let her get out there without. With a positive experience -- in in his first outing and then -- somebody else a shot at a plus you don't have a you -- have to play tomorrow. He can use as much your bullpen as you want today knowing that everybody gets today off tomorrow it's another reason you can use and -- hand in a non save situation late in the game just to give -- the work. Let him get out there let him get its feet wet as a member of the Red Sox and you don't have to worry that your burning him for tomorrow. And also you wanted to see how we did in a non save situation. -- sense since we've we've. -- hell we we were all reason aids aids especially as a nation when it comes to baseball as seems like but in this in this special patient age. We've gotten used to close are saying I I can't I can't do it without some serious situation. I'm just not gonna pitch well -- I gave up a couple of its regular a couple of home runs but it wasn't a save situation. Henry hand today not save situation -- pretty. -- three up three down no problem 61777979837. You feel a little better I mean if you were one of the people call on the show last week I rate that the Red Sox were dropping prices and really what you words upset about everything that's happened over the last year -- -- Does today it doesn't mean it it erases any negative feelings of sour taste in your mouth. But does it help. Does it help to see the team come out there and hit the ball does it help to see them come out there and pitch well and see a bullpen that looks like he could. Potentially be as dominant as it as it could be. Does it help to be able to -- team that seems likable and takes pitches and -- around the Yankees on their home turf for -- I would think it does. It doesn't mean that you buy in a 100% and I think -- -- of the playoffs and your fully on the bandwagon. But certainly it's better than the opposite are certainly it's better than the other possibilities they -- couple things -- One right it's it's it's all positive. But I have a couple how did you feel. -- number 36. For the Yankees. -- becoming you. Have any. Odd feelings. Eddie. In the hospital and you I'd feel better if he had also had Joba Chamberlain. Out rocket after got a -- next if he -- have my got a mustache that -- -- you feel like that is the budget that the best mustache going in sports. We were talking about -- is that it could you liked the the hockey coaches mustache right who was that the Winnipeg coaches mustache somewhat -- got one of those guys that sweets that you'd just sister and I just got to get up on this one is good though I. Especially on -- because he's so big he's -- apology he did even in the Yankees the Yankee pinstripes which can be swimming. -- had it not for him at all you just said that big goal slogans face. I think we'll give. So he sought. I think that I did yes. I couldn't believe it we couldn't believe it and laid it just tells you how positive that's -- -- -- -- forty -- -- cut him some slack he's got a sweet -- you're you're looking at the game and it has got so lot of -- That it was more like come on -- -- must ask one more time. We know the Red Sox are gonna win this game it's an impressive debut for Jackie Bradley it's an impressive debut for the Red Sox as manager. For John Ferrell. Looking pretty good and Shane Victorino to but few mustache like real close they could've gotten up close and personal as frightening. This front -- just -- couldn't disagree with anymore it's -- it it's a mustache that that doesn't go with that person. It's like somebody else's must what do you know absolutely -- is that sort of his thing sort of jovial white trash can. I don't know who is not like the the persona that he puts out there. I think it's exactly what he's the guy who got injured jumping up and down on a trampoline in the market exactly who he has can -- market that the middle absolutely stick with darker haven't got it together branding 61777979837. -- your calls in ninety seconds salt. -- after Red Sox win their one well on W -- -- one pinch. It on the ground -- slowly up the middle of ricocheted to canal have to throw the first well but he gets Bradley and in to score from third -- comes will little books. Going to be an RBI groundout score at 143. Bradley gets his bat on the ball and picks up his first Major League RBIs. We get help and we get help -- and he's looking for good celebratory song that we can play on days like this. How -- what what the right kind of celebratory song because of this is being kind of played out now obviously. There's only so many times you can hear it SE. Got a new song now what's that Bryan Evans on AB CNN that at Fenway aren't really bothered some people. But I'm not on us and our -- -- gone by it I won't. But I finally saw that video this video which -- Bryan Evans at Fenway now. Video we got a lot to I have to yes -- -- want to. Just four. She Oprah just for the -- conversational purposes okay -- emailed to me. It is easily find it I don't go in does go on boston.com I don't want to I don't know that -- work. You don't want Jolie is William Shatner is the umpire. Art. They're trying to make. This. Spirit is they're trying to make this the new thing. I've ever loses to. Bryan Evans do who has Bryant. Is not a neighbor Bryan Evans and that is. Yes that's is an okay the commercial would Jim Rice. Where it says that -- that the guy right yeah where it says the thing that threw. Right must -- great player and where you sit down with them -- Really. Good. -- -- -- -- I can't wait you run into Jim Rice I know. If I don't think you have phrased it the right way to avoid rife that -- brought somebody who teaches kind of hold of that. Or your watch you know and I election Davis and open it. So maybe 30 -- fighters -- box now it's complete death threats -- maybe -- Carolina without careful sponsor. These are excited about this because that he has to be organic that's the -- got to be organic it's got to come from the ever see them again acted like today. I think it today happens. More often than not -- you can take it at this is how it all started right atop a streak started getting care about the streak when they start. What you cared about was not a good team in 2003 that those who work. He had a great team in 2004. And then you had a hangover in 2000. And lot of promise to know six -- the real hard no six point oh Bartlett beverage or -- -- got -- entered. -- team that was the bridges that wasn't the project. That was the year they refused to make -- move at the deadline because they -- the next year they were going to be well I mean you know they didn't necessarily call -- the bridge here but it what I know how hard I disagree with -- what happened was. I think if my memory -- -- to be wrong and that thing Varitek got hurt right after. There were there's a bunch of jokers like -- -- but they had the opportunity to make a few dealings he might trade some of their kids and they said no we're not gonna do that we'd like what's coming up with Lester Buchholz. -- -- Pedroia we Ellsbury and they said -- keep all these guys not make a deal with the deadline and they kind of fell apart in August and September. But then next year one with a lot of the guys it really been part of that bridge the 2000 Pacific you can take all the stuff. Can take all the stuff -- whether it's. You know James -- -- and at the hardcore. Doctor Charles brought in had the whole John Williams -- -- feature all the steps you can take it. If your team is once the player that -- mark when -- -- 95 games. It's part of the fun is something you can make fun out if you're not into it because you've still got baseball. Now the problem was last year. In the year before. Get the song. I like beer in your team actually. Falls apart in September. Historic collapse and then 69 in 93 last year. You're really you're really frustrated by -- the corporal stop because you don't have a good baseball and that's when it feels manufacture you can't manufacture. Desire you can't manufacturing love for a team that is not causing you to love them because -- baseball playing ability to win it and then everything else becomes sort pitching in on it instead of feeling manufactured six point 77797. 937. Red Sox win today Allison is in Cambridge. I don't think -- I want them. Howling wind and you organic -- the beginning definitely welcome back and I think it'd be. That's a little hipster. Sinatra. -- president George Harrison you don't want something with a bad. It's still little substance that. If if. Which is hipster with that sort through your mind Red Sox wise balanced. I really reliable and I'm not talking about last week -- line the -- preparation has become just the person that's not gonna -- out. And basically the reason is that it seemed he was critical of the -- September Atlanta I'm a citizen caught some didn't just different to the have to get. But the bipolar people even if the rest -- the organization didn't contribute to that. They could've gotten -- haven't -- it was amazing went to a terrible with parents. Is trying to to bring in new manager Dan Harrington who -- this for many years is consistency and we're gonna let him -- and that -- And -- the flat bench Harrington picked their manager and everything will be totally different. I think that makes some sense. It. If -- if -- felt like everything was on the up and up and it was just a clean break from the past. It is important continuity in just happened to speak about baseball. And that's just like humans -- glad that it has been following it. I don't even want to say his name and the person he couldn't afford -- as a manager I wanna give -- attention to me about it that's what he wants. How -- it will be the president talked about many wonderful problem. I think well to those who wait a minute. It is about a two separate things. How Long Will it be before we don't mention his name anymore made it weaker two weeks. It. In at a serious conversation on the they'll ever be a serious conversation about him. Here. But how long before it stops talking never. I wonder if it's -- your right Ellis just doing it he never stopped talking. Simpsons episode when that when the billboard signs come to life. And I want to look at the -- I know I think the road that you stop and think we need to go away you don't pay attention drawn to the media doesn't pay any attention -- I was gonna happen about it. Not gonna knock out out of their quote they're too good to -- and unfortunately I appreciate the phone -- absolutely but that the quotes are too good from. Today's quote responding especially when you kinda have a watch it and realize. Just the absurdity of the things he has to today. Given and you actually watched occur and just this giant bowl between act in the world that he is seen as. Right exactly and and anybody who was around him and take the media out of it. The people who worked with him whether they were players wearing that same club house war. -- members of the Red Sox organization. Saw a lot behind the scenes in and saw the story changed three or four times. It would -- in the same conversation. I think they really know what's going as possible to Travis Hafner to. It was well it doesn't just we're gonna ask me no I was gonna ask you that I was gonna ask you about another might not like he's Travis Hafner -- guy as he looks small -- middle of the order guy. I just asked you this because -- -- for five today with a couple of strikeouts but where do you stand on Mike Napoli had a caller earlier exit. Other -- -- just don't have a thirty home run hitter Mike Napoli has hit thirty home runs and not -- at bats. Not many plate appearances in his career you've done it once. And it -- -- end up wondered and for an eighty -- ninety plate appearances. You by Mike Napoli as a legitimate. Middle of the lineup guy where's -- been nice luxury to have number six number seven hitter with some. Depends. That answer is there's no such thing as a simple answer that question anymore to hide behind is a legit number four hitter in 2005. Now. Absolutely. In the previous version of baseball that we watched from the mid ninety's through the mid 2000 is no way is Mike Napoli -- middle of the order part of the order hitter on a really good team the drug -- the -- the BP ED year the steroid your call for what it is. Mike Napoli has. But in today's version of the game I think you can win with Mike Napoli intimately order. If you're probably not going to be a bashing team you're not going to be team with that with that within that can hit a lot of home runs. But -- Iraq for many of those teams anymore. Yeah one of those teams is in Toronto kind of think everybody's excited about to run well that's one of the reasons they're excited about Toronto and you look at the lineup. And you've got a good combination. It appears a speed and power. It in May be Texas was one of those lineups that they lost Josh Hamilton lost. -- now and we'll see whether or not Nelson -- is getting on that team all year after being mentioned in the by Genesis deal but I they Los Angeles is one of those. Other than those two totally what other American League team has legit pop edited in the middle of their range isn't it strange we're talking about. Red Sox yankees. We're -- the Red Sox right now are not one of those things can be different in a month maybe they do is go on -- a power surge. But the Yankees. The Yankees with their with what they're injured guys absolutely not that team now it's a different story granderson comes back. I had a schedule or on schedule. A-Rod comes back and look like -- If Teixeira comes back give their home run hitting team right now. That's something you feared and imagine that that ballpark. Which is just built. Four for home run hitting that wasn't -- what at least I'll speak for myself it wasn't a concern of mine called. That somebody's gonna knock you know god turned his game around by by hit a couple of home runs for the. For the Israelis. Not a timber on annual that not even in this -- and it was a two run game and knowing that can -- was always lurking in that lineup that was absolutely concern month maybe -- -- open. -- -- Suzuki not so much who harder than I am doing it may -- Not really different version of based on now Mike on -- that that's why you can look at it it's there right if you're 345. Is Pedroia Napoli -- Brooks -- that doesn't necessarily. Remind you what it looked like in 2003 when this team led the league in scoring. But that doesn't mean that it it it's not a decent middle of the order. For 2013. Is it going to be top notch -- but combined with what their pitching staff should be able to do and combined with the one part of this team that does have a chance. To be -- leaked. Are you -- that snacks alcoholic WV.

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