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Red Sox starting and winning pitcher Jon Lester postgame press conference

Apr 1, 2013|

Jon Lester spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Yankees on Opening Day, 8-2.

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Now what do we. It's big minutes. Obviously llama action -- -- -- Be on top then 10 instead of you know going through whole road trip with a win again so. Big for us come in here and and Allen were talked about yesterday I was just trying to get on a roll them. Set the tone early force. Yeah I'm FL good had good fastball. Command -- cutters today. -- really have anything else it took me till the fifth inning to. To get a feel for a curveball or changeup and you know just really had to battle. We just my fastball cutter so. With that being said I'm really pleased with with the outcome of it we just those two pitches so. You know this is good. This is also most guys and a great job coming in. You know Miller got a little bit of trouble in trouble in and bales comes in their bills mountain. Does a great job -- You know there's the -- secret job as well so. You know us. Austin see those guys is going to be a big part of our our team this year's those guys in an American of our bullpen. -- Would've liked that both -- really hit. To go Fowler you know popping up roll over it was -- a pretty good pitch just. You know he did a good job of of keep an -- so yeah I mean it's. Plus I think one out with bases loaded two bronzes. Not ideal but you'll take it. So it was just it was good to get out of written and get on -- the next one.

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