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Red Sox Manager John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 1, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after the Red Sox beat the Yankees on Opening Day, 8-2.

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Yeah you compare it ended up. You talk about -- and for us tomorrow. What we thought coming in spring training had a chance to be one of the strengths of our club and -- and as each guy came to the mound today they demonstrated good stuff they threw strikes you know Andrew. Loss of strikes on for the -- first hitter so that he faced with so. You know. Barely comes in probably the the key at bat in the game with with Youkilis gets a key strikeout and and we kept moving on with the next guy -- it was good to get a number got some confidence and they want about north. Yeah I you know with the exception of the exception of the -- -- that fourth inning where he threw 34 pitches. You know I thought it came on the command the strike zone down but the lengthy and things start to catch up to more open after 96. Plus pitches after five felt like. It was trying to turn. The game over the -- but about John you know he he he did Ben but he didn't break in that two run -- put to him. I think more than anything -- a good starting point. -- We try to get injured through that inning and when you brought I'm concerned Andrew Miller threw that inning and was very proud of Auburn Gailey back. We wanted to Miller threw -- And if he would finish the inning 123 -- would have started the eighth but with. A closer one inning mentality. I didn't want him to come back out which would be I think foreign for him. Of an up and down and felt like acumen whose job fell off of -- that can jump out there and a lot of good at bats deep counts a number of walks and Jackie Bradley and you know three walks today. But -- -- about -- authority you know we have a lot of good at bats up in the -- -- it was good to see Iglesias uses small game with the push for an. But probably the key to that four run second inning was Jackie beat not to throw to second base and not only extend the inning but. And give us a chance at put up record -- number can count -- to catch. Well you you get to Upton situation with men on base and can always drives the ball deep in the left field and I wasn't an easy play in and was replaced so. And Jackie impact the game and number -- it. It's. Very good base runner you know you you can take foot speed sometimes and put aside with the instincts and I thought -- staying on the double play and -- -- -- You know -- Logan was another key moment but the base running was very good. I think we're opportunistic we took some chances with the attempted double steal. Even after all all the you know -- you know read that play all the way hustled for rookie -- game. And throw strikes. -- them. But what they don't want to do over quite spring training is the report with guys and for he'd -- you understand what they're checkpoints are in. You know once he got his arm slot back up a little that he was able to keep from -- ball across the plate was glove side and we settle down get some big strikeouts or condone. And Bailey comes and -- great job against Agassi it was but. You know one thing it would -- British commander -- become I think he's been able to make some of those in game adjustments. As he's transformed into a very good left and reliever.

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