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Red Sox OF Jackie Bradley Jr. with Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish post-win

Apr 1, 2013|

Jackie Bradley Jr. joined Joe Castiglione & Jon Rish live from the dugout just after the Red Sox defeat the Yankees on Opening Day in the Bronx, 8-2.

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While Jackie what are they bureau or road you don't lead they get to be productive a great catch three walks and RBI yet. -- -- Have to agree been able to get out there and show what I can do and also have -- mainly their support me. And we also got a big win today. And you let it sink in a little bit is it a bit of a blur Yankee Stadium Major League debut everything that goes along with it yet finally sunk in order my name call and you know just excited about. You know the whole event here and you know what I think we -- here. You're -- really set up to have more runs that inning rally -- would -- sabathia all went through to support your approach you know colleges you know he was Nixon. Really get pitches and I was trying to see something. You know not try to chasing me being I'm definitely gonna put me away and I don't they don't work the count back in my favor and you know happen elevate a fastball on that. Knew wasn't on on you know two seam action that -- Your center fielder by trade you're playing left field how much of an adjustment is that it. Are not too bad you know outfielder Rome that I feel like I can play every single position out there. And you know just getting used to the angles on the spin on the balls. But I think it's going pretty well -- -- I -- the catch you know that was hit directly over your -- that right very tough for our field. Right I mean like outside directly off the bat. I knew it and meet Andy V so it's not awful but picked a spot where I was going to be. Ring to it happened I look up at the right time. And I'm there was gonna -- them. How much of that is experience and how much of that is instinct and natural ability. I'm a little bit of both you know always work on that there on the PP time. I'll take my stuff the ball and the gambler react -- tough to despise and it's not a -- it'd last me. Roster they preparation pays off friend. I got a couple of days to outlet it I suggest that sink in before or. And of the -- -- -- think yes there are congratulations Jackie thank you so much Jackie Bradley is Major League debut. Getting three walks a great catch RBI a couple of runs scored in the Red Sox -- ready to to Asia.

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