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Dave O Brien, Red Sox PBP, on Opening Day 2013

Apr 1, 2013|

WEEI's Dave O Brien joins Mut and Merloni to help preview the upcoming Red Sox season.

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He's back in our lives Red Sox fans Butler and ID 37 WEE are. The great jokers they will tell on -- summer about Shaw's. But all sorts of stuff. Alongside John -- alongside the great Dave O'Brien. Who joins us he gets set for opening day Red Sox and yankees love might beat the heat -- become a a signature part of our pre game for the pregame opening days talking to Dave O'Brien and the eight heat the hot line. The feel like opening day in New York today Dave is warming up for baseball one. It really doesn't and it's a delight to be equity another opening day 2013 about to begin in. -- I feel like open that's special opening -- in New York to be honest with you because. -- the hustle and bustle that kind of like let's -- -- You have that feeling when you step on the sidewalk in the morning and it's nice it's going to be in the fifties today and and you know mostly sunny and beautiful. All we were talking about this team you know in the year and a half of this organization as a whole has had. Is it just about wins in your ball with this team in changing that perception or do they need to do more. I think you need to do more Alou absolutely hit it there and it talked about that phrase over and over that people are sick of it. But their -- to be like -- Team. At least in New England to do you you've got to feel like they can win they can compete. But I don't want to care about what I wanna hear about them being an athlete because we can't that's more in the Red Sox and everybody else practically and that's. In your team all summer long has new Englander so. We want to get a bit about the public good people that you know that the -- element of -- it. But also -- guys -- -- -- at a charity function and do the right thing in either right thing at the right. How much of an impact -- the manager have on that the field maybe you're talking with fans -- John -- comes in. Off coming up in -- drama quite frankly some things you heard when he left there but he seems. He seems more steady and got he had last year can he impact how fans feel about this team in your mind. I'd say that -- an understatement that he more steady than that Bobby Valentine in this respect that went on and comes into the club house and -- something. I think everybody believes. That's the way it's going to go there's no wiggle room here. I love the black -- -- John Farrell and you know he's at the but you look to and the guy he's as what -- -- I don't think there's any equivocation there. And I think that's the -- and part of the equation that there's any trust open. And there's a lot of -- Terry Francona that it's not gonna go outside of the clubhouse. It's not gonna go outside of the managers up this and and I think for professional athlete that's a big big deal. You know over a lot of the out of the experts -- -- ESPN MLB network they have this Red Sox team fifth in the AL east and I'm wondering. It eat when you leave spring training going into -- he said while dog has got to rebound or awful then I think that there were created some depth in spring training. With some of the young arms with some guys that we start year and -- DL. Where do you think that this team is right now because I think this pitching can turnaround has a lot of talent -- make a big jump and new people don't expect. Well you know back the original Floyd Little the losses. That you in this division getting a win win the division. I honestly think in the American League east -- -- Could be. And the Yankees on the Red Sox perceive the league now I think that people look at that added that 856 win that can win is that -- can get that the case. And in the pitching the starting rotation for every one of the club and division. -- to be better than expected and its -- That far superior the last couple years and I think it's going to be I think that every night old model that it will be better than most people. And I think that going in spring training coming out of spring training a lot more hole. Watching Jon Lester watching buckles -- -- week. The commitment that Lackey. All that extra guy that Ryan Dempster or. It could just 200 innings I think you get your money towards Ireland this year. And that's where it starts with the media like the rotation I like pitching will do it yet. Keep it to their. Old it to be as Lester was so disappointing last year COLT has been in and out -- Oakland greatness beaten up deliveries and stop barking -- really light. And I think will have any value impact on on how did that rotation as. Talking to Dave O'Brien won the voices of the Red Sox here but -- 937 WEEI you'd do that rotation. I'm with you gave it its offense 13 out like a look at this lineup today NCG middle Brooks. Isn't as good as he was one -- last year and Ortiz takes a while to come back and Mike Napoli is banged up the middle of that order. That's not a typical American League -- middle and an -- the order for the Boston Red Sox can that be enough even with good pitching in that rotation. I don't know I don't think that's -- -- a question and when it comes back a lot of teaching award and it went in that. All is going to be able rotten when he does return -- the lineup -- -- I think. The Red Sox or the score one in different ways I think this team will take chances. On the basis will be more pressure first -- You might consider that -- -- far more frequently. That they have in the pats victory -- stole thirty bases last year. Ellsbury we hope we open Troy Aikman is -- reason to put guys in motion with the reds and you're gonna have to create runs in -- way. He's in for. But I thought to -- will middle Brooks all -- shall see we only got a sliver of -- last year before the injury. He hit fifty home runs he can charge -- -- -- the bumpers and grits like the look at both for the -- or differently at that like with the 2013. Over would you stand in the Jackie Bradley decision. This idea I thought -- For defensive purposes a -- it was a really Smart move because of march. There are tighter this year than it's been a long long time that that's going to be tremendous. And defensively you've got to -- those guys up now you've got Bradley left to do the best outfielder in the and -- -- -- political blood -- victory total goal right but a pretty good outfield. You know you can have a hard time shooting anything through the air all the proper proper is going to be. Little field and he turned out to an absolute is that took a look and can play like me and caught blocks little -- at Fenway Park and stand at. I think quickest for defense reasons I love that move. I didn't think the -- it would be as disciplined at the plate is or in this boring. But -- also holed out he. You know that one -- That spring training in -- AC CC sabathia. For Indy. You on the fourteenth of march so we'll see how does today it will -- a -- -- that record excitable and to keep. I'm excited about watching Jose Iglesias here beginning of the year and in the 2012 Red Sox season was an -- unequivocal disaster but he did see. A glimpse over the course of what twenty games or so -- the places defensively. I think if he can show you something here. At an even -- the -- a place for small time by Stephen Drew when he comes back you talk about defense up the middle a Glazer is Pedroia David that's a pretty -- darn good. Double play combination the kid is as good as he's been defensively opened spring training and a short time the Major League. I agree and you know in center field Jacoby as well fully healthy. Can just slide -- get it to your your record straight there and I love them defensively. Offensively he looked overmatched he looked like he can knock about it and a year ago. You know -- QB Kaman and did exactly that took about a week from the middle and last summer. I was like well you know if that makes some sense in the -- craze it once it made little sense because it just doesn't look Major League ready with the bat. He looked bigger to me it looks stronger he looked like he committed himself -- -- not -- that happened this year. Like you've got to get. That he he -- hit a rookie team and help the Red Sox in a situation. All the good that want so -- hell with this lineup he's got to be able to grab a couple of and on Sunday. Overlooks this bullpen I think that it is one of their strengths mean to still. You still have to question -- and I guess coming from Pittsburgh or team out they're closing but if not there's still other options out there. I think that's their strength and this is where the big improvement I think can come with the stars can give -- some innings. That's exactly right it sickened and six in the game they can get some opening game -- your previous secretary. I don't have questions about hander and it seemed a little more frequently. Covering the lead for history and without a couple of pirate teams. And he's immediately stuff that he is he'll be with that slider that he was here and he did not have a I think -- great spring you know that there's maybe as well yet to distraction here. -- -- a horse he's got a lot more Papelbon and then he has some other guys and I think it's good that. -- -- -- wherever he went stands on Jonathan Papelbon keep in mind he was terrific closer for the most part the Boston Red Sox especially. And see in game that -- and this is the real deal. He's gonna get a lot of work ethic. I think he'll get a lot of work -- see right away a good -- American. He said the American League game once route 85 wins no runs away with that you feel like there's a team. Make you make a pick your -- feel like on paper the team that has the best chance at winning the division this year Dave. The American League east. You know right now -- got to go Baltimore. And I think people like -- is only they can win and isn't any one run as is that you want a year ago or -- -- extra inning games. But I don't think they have to witness many. 22 in the division I sought in there and really -- -- -- Ottawa and this season to go Showalter had a lot to do that. And I think -- it's a great great season for -- that I can go crazy like at an extremely to understand that but I think it's going to be very tight division -- to be able pitch. I'm not to keep them in the hunt. An -- because these people eat on each other games. Do not at the opposite team for -- in the least -- Portland -- going to be pretty low for 8586 what does that. They great stuff is always look forty here give back on the radio senior on TV it's opening day the real opening in the with Greg. Apologies to last night with the Astros and Rangers this is opening day break to get your take a look forty here and later on today. Afternoon baseball looked exactly Little League it should be thank you guys look for. I don't of the voices of the Red Sox Dave O'Brien joining us on the ATP -- AT&T forgy. LT he was speeds at the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. 6177797937. At the phone a beacon text at AT&T Tex point 379837. -- -- your phone call it is. Mostly baseball that we come back when duel little bit hockey. Because I heard a couple of calls today and read a couple of things where. Like the number one goaltender position for the Bruins all of a sudden up in the air mix and the Bruins next.

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