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Bold predictions for the Red Sox 2013 season, with a Game of Thrones theme

Apr 1, 2013|

Mut and Merloni make three bold predictions each about the upcoming Red Sox season.

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And we're going -- He's -- Fifteen. As a nice job Nixon in the game at drones out today just what -- ID 37 W -- ya. What you think of season three episode one last night game drones you plant locked and loaded right now. We got to get a month some of these shows not what was it called game with drones on HBO now we've that we outshot them -- shouldn't. We -- bait dog is it a good bit windy you mean now it just art. Not the season three but -- -- give HBO your -- On your iPad to get HBO go and catch up on all that the two it was like twenty episodes total but it doesn't like to play out -- a plate. National. -- -- on the work that's right seven days we hear that your the next month. They went nearly takes ill legal pad next Saturday morning goes guys did you -- this and flips the page over. So watch an episode -- to be about an hour forget just speak again yeah. But lose bowl predictions for the season you guys are -- to give some -- -- -- already is well it's for example techsters at that ball prediction. Will that Brooke stays healthy. 31032. Bombs 125 RBIs wins the MVP at the bowl prediction about this year right -- Miller XP in the MVP yeah. Absolutely a guiding us it's all that there have to be realistic they could be unrealistic. Whatever you wanna do. Let me get my first -- and the year. Not they'll Mike Napoli lead the Red Sox at home runs he will hit forty. Home runs this year for the Boston ma. Career high -- thirty -- ten more and launch. Forty home runs this if we're -- trying to play a lot more than it has in the past forty bomb Agassi beat Michael Napoli. Mind. By June 1. Alan Webster will be in this rotation. You know not Felix to brought out of it does it hurt them in camp in shape to catch up to him. Now Webster will be what are your top three. Pitchers come playoff time in the rotation. -- that it and other less direction buckled playoff Don Webster will be your playoff rotation. Yes. Wow. I'll make the -- even better Ole crap that is a bowl youth movement prediction. Alan Webster 98 here it comes comedy is I'm mixing in the -- -- predict what are here texts -- Connecticut says John Lackey. Will be the Red Sox best starter -- constituents says he can be fifteen and -- -- -- 133 whip. I'd sign up for that right now. In my second bowl prediction last year of the Minnesota Twins. Led the American League with a 135. Stolen bases as a team. The Red Sox. Will steal 135. Loss. Basis the year 2000 there is healthy Jacoby Ellsbury -- barely back towards seven. That that is what garrido is going to be near forty and I'm 110 right to every that you guys -- bold statement. That Ellsbury you'll stay healthy -- your life. And Alec that -- -- a 159. Games this year this team doesn't a lot of bases they want sold 9 o'clock continue with my youth movement okay. And say that. By August by July -- by July. Added to the post season you're starting outfield will be Jacoby Ellsbury Jackie Bradley and breaks prints. UBS start welfare as the gun won't heal -- -- what Israel this is like this is it. Forget about -- -- this is the guy that yet Jackie Bradley went crazy. When you look at the last couple of years he was a first round pick in 2010. In eight ball 2011 -- 30306. With thirty bombs. In a ball IA last year at double a 29617. And 76. He got a taste of Tripoli didn't succeed. Kind of like well little Brooks didn't at the end of 2011. Priced -- is a guy that I think will be when he is starting outfielders with Bradley and Ellsbury. In the youth movement and it continues as the season goes on. One of the green monster will be a vault in the bio Genesis scandal. That's not that's that's two things that -- that now up my last one as this. At the end of the season we'll look back -- who played shortstop for the red sox' Jose Iglesias. We'll play the most games of any player in Red Sox roster shortstop and it. Many more than Stephen -- By the end of the year Iglesias. Will lead the team in -- start to be an average. -- that might be able it is average bet you'll. You'll think gets pulled up -- -- is the start Mort shortened even groceries could happen. And -- predictions that they've got guys that can steal bags. -- once step for this play buckles who wins Cy Young this year. You'll you'll be in the discussion. And you'll win it. Last year 189. Inning. And he beat up season still -- via a 189. Innings. 29 start career highs in both categories. That number bombs the 32. And after tweak in his hamstring ten minutes into spring training in -- work out when we questioned his work ethic and everything in the off season. -- buckle to be the best pitcher in the American League. He -- evolves. The two seamer in the lefties Cole did in his last state whose last start that was on NASA. That Josh Beckett to -- Marino lefties when you see the guys ask -- flying out the left the idea. He throws five guys that pitch. If he can perfect that it shall make you become part of his arsenal. It continues to grow with this kid because now he has that's -- cut them in with a cutter he can go changeup away. He can have that type of impact and a year of course -- is an issue but we forget. 129 innings a long time last year for the so if he stays healthy is it 32. They -- to win the Cy Young American League texture says by April 2 Jackie Bradley -- the Baseball Hall of Fame. As a football predictor really -- is tomorrow or as a kid have to prove all the off day jetting to -- -- out gotten enough to prove. Texas that you guys are out of your bleeping mind as we all predictions. -- we -- a -- Lou 937 W -- always 72 games. We just keep rolling out of somewhere around there 75 for me about Jim in the car he joins the show not -- 37 WEEI what's up Jim. Hey guys they figured they don't Jim my bold prediction. Is that the Red Sox red soft and it's an educated. This is my old prediction. Is that the Red Sox win the World Series John Lackey will win the war. I have 215 when John Lackey. A young or a whole lot now we now ours are now where I'd -- in this series and drinking today I'm not like -- minutes what we're doing here. -- I checked it Bradley yes. These kind of set a bad year for hundreds. Candidacy and -- look. A World Series -- gentleman. A World Series. Another one. -- just barely could spend five minutes nobody can beat the Sox. The -- the American League that question. But. I like. Like it I feel like we're kind of in the belittled SNL skit when they -- on the Chicago Bears letters. Didn't -- vs dot god did -- The -- gap. Red Sox vs the rest of the league who has more wins Red Sox. John and I have just got a bowl prediction we'll get a mall and hear Johnny Dario. Are -- it's up to John. And a pretty easy prediction right here at the very old. That the Red Sox take over for the pop thought this year and I attempt to go over 500 seasoned Politico laughed and AL -- So -- the Red Sox move the Pataki and just play games down there. Well you don't go to school in Portland they did it take -- for the popping outfit via Portland team up it's still I wouldn't mind. -- a rebuilding year. It it can be yeah it would be interest to write what at what if you know it at some point years could you just envisioning. A game in which Lavar and ways catching. You know polices its short middle Brooks and Bogart's -- at the corners with the joy yeah Ellsbury brands. In Jackie Bradley junior. Did you -- think about that all all nine guys. That would be best be -- wasn't that the -- -- the data and the it was a Theo said it in. And I tell you what the scary thing is is that you know extra -- say some liked that couple years ago it's a joke right because in of the guys. Down the AAA level. But. Mean how far off -- -- you don't injury to a -- volleys. Mean really middle Brooks Bogart's goes out there needs it and 350 AAA in in in June. If you look at -- saying about guy we need some pop -- -- because. David hurt Colmes is hurt we get no pop in this line -- whatsoever maybe Napoli is out now. But you have -- attention to kind of really bring up some guys here this year I think you can see an awful lot of from the word of the of say that the bad -- some modeled on the eighteenth -- daggers -- -- book was that dream of resort first yet. Was that NB a lottery -- is everything Pedroia who said they shouldn't they would want that was they're -- the only -- Redick. All homegrown talent. -- and support me and a starting rotation. Wanna you wanna it let's say Bob Dempster and Lackey for Webster -- -- -- it can be tough to pupil and north page become a starting nine. Of all god let's not I thought it sets out early -- that unrealistic now the think that you know Brent stick balmy outfielders you go through during a season. Mean right now you're looking at Victor Reno and Ellsbury Jackie Bradley and Jonny Gomes is what he is the left field. You who's the next guy Daniel Nava he lost Ryan Sweeney you who's the next guy the next guy's -- Sprint's most likely. You know Mitch -- maybe a travel guide that had been around forever expressed might be the next guy could very well have battlefield. The hardware we all know where he has. Now we all -- lower -- sees as an opening day and middle Brooks. Bogart would be the long shot because he's so young he sold raw you -- get to see him much spring training could use the World Baseball Classic. But he's the one guy that that's a -- July he's just embarrassing xxx. It's not that far off not that unrealistic bowl predictions. On opening day 2013. God's gonna suck the play those back. 61777979378. TT tech slide 37937. -- -- half hour away from Red Sox pregame show. Your phones until that your expectations on this Red Sox team we asked the question out of the -- Is all about wins without winning you back is a fan and have to do more than that what is that we'll get your phone calls until the pregame show nine B 37 WE yeah.

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