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Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan previews the 2013 MLB season

Apr 1, 2013|

Yahoo! Sports national baseball columnist Jeff Passan joined D&C to preview the 2013 baseball season. Jeff told the boys that this was a season of reckoning for the New York Yankees. He added that he thought the Shane Victorino signing was among the worst of the off-season.

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Our project passes league baseball columnist Yahoo! Sports co author of death of the BCS the definitive case against the bowl championship series. As a graduate what of Syracuse I guess you probably have them winning it all your bracket right Jeff. Did you go about my round of thirty. -- -- have confidence in the anymore -- you get the wheels locked up by George built dice. Of course they're not my guys go -- and you know -- -- like it's our relationship with Syracuse because they're sports information department treated me like crap in college so once the people who -- matter are actually like -- and reform. Until then until then they're just they're just kind. They treated you like crap on the videotape you while you were changing which wasn't. -- confident. That is to -- do you ever gets an accurate statement to say. It's more likely the Yankees and Red Sox will finish last and next to last then first and second. Oh yes definitely yeah absolutely amazing about him I happened I haven't finishing fourth and whose fourth whose -- I have yankees portrait success in both of them marketed the terrible you know united at 69 when Red Sox seem like last year that. Absolutely correct that's correct 500 this year I think at the Yankee 500 on the dot. But I could absolutely see those -- flip flopping here. And it's just it's going to be you'll leave your years and it's going to be backward year and you see it more and more important guys getting bought out at freeagent. They're creating years before they hit the market so -- Lander. -- -- in a blockbuster. -- You know with all the Sanders in the news -- it again and again and again. And the needs of the guys who yankees and red X in the past used to fortify their teams right -- and now that there's no the you know now that the reinforcements out on the market I mean look like chuck Sharpton. Probably the best free agent pitcher this year and it's either of these teams that and it looks like both of them could have starting pitching issues. They're gonna have to get it from within as opposed Korea are. Just given the age of the Yankees the injuries to the Yankee news. The contract with the Yankees and blocking Iran Teixeira Pettit Rivera all that the case that the Red Sox going forward with some youth sort of you know coming into the system now Jackie Bradley junior -- in some other might be more while the crypt attempted to right the ship in the next year -- in the Yankees might -- Unquestionably. And the Yankees have some prospect. Now. Tyler Austin. And makes Williams are gonna -- two outfielders to. Should get shots -- jobs in the next year Q Gary Sanchez. A young catcher at 121 now who raped. Pushed aggressively to the system and has responded really well at all stops that there's not a whole lot of pitching in the system. That the Red Sox on the other hand have an impact players -- one of the best prospects in baseball I think. Bradley has been. Oversold and that frankly is a super superstar win that the talent is. Just not quite there for that but it is going to be -- really do it everyday player I just hope he doesn't fall victim to. That the media -- that can. In -- on tape player in Boston and New York when your rights to great fanfare and behavior Jackie Bradley -- -- -- everyone needs to get that. Jackie Bradley is not the savior he's not going to in this team. From 75 win team into an 85. Maybe it's solid players for -- I think he's going to be good player directors I've. Mainly because of the defense and Satterfield the bat not -- on fire. He nodded and force seventy in -- season not at a ball game or two point now you have it. Or or or not seeing the emergence at least superstar here overseeing a -- that have some injuries and the only reason that the kids here is because he'd be very. Now probably you know very well and I have to -- penalties up to speed. That the difference is. Bradley may be able to say it helped -- could be in it and there's a lot of value and saying help sell. If he can stay healthy. And play at 90% -- -- I take a you know hundred regular 5560. Unions. -- 90% of felt -- rather than what you can potentially get from Salisbury. But don't because Turkey. What did you think of the off season moves well overall from Boston. Jeff Victor Reno Napoli Gomes. Dempster Hanrahan. Big picture did you like the moves it to look like little. Little bandits on on a broken leg. More the latter -- former you know -- there is frankly it was pretty neutral. Like Napoli. I actually don't mind Napoli at the original contract of course we did know the injury without. What apple what Napoli candy I think is is -- -- is the sort of thing that -- without bail -- days ago was giving two years ago I used. You know barely had Major League contract in the past -- -- -- victory you know holders. Arguably the worst free agent deal the Nazis and it's -- yeah I like chain victory like what he brings to the club with the production just does not commensurate with the dollars. And grants. It you know look they have -- relievers were they could have gone. Whether Andrew Bailey where two dollar whoever it is -- forgotten. A closer from within but I don't know that they gave awful lot that feels so. You know better of that magnitude matter Dempster. It. Ultimately see what. From the Milwaukee would with -- route being patient and wait it out of course -- could see. That happened. Dancer thirteen million it's only two year commitment. So I don't mind that too much but. By and large I don't think that bones weakness in contender this year now that they were. Intended is sort of hide them over until these kids came or purchase instantaneously turn them around splatter them I don't think it's work. Well I think it's a little bootable -- trying to do ball I mean obviously it's rebuilding year bridge -- that you bring Hanrahan now one year deal. And he'll probably leave so I don't know I guess to Toronto and home win enough we enough to keep people interested. Well while developing the young guys and Jeff I'm looking at that opening day payrolls right now I think USA today has it today. Yankees 228. Point eight million. Far and away number one and I got the roster here too and they got Vernon Wells. -- in fifth today they probably will have Lyle Overbay starting at first on Wednesday. Are they a bigger mess than the Red Sox and how do you see it. Plan out with with Jeter almost 39 with -- with Rivera 43 -- forty. Mean is it going to be just -- one injury after another and they gonna play -- trying to patch together all year. Yeah I mean. Look this is like the reckoning with the Yankees -- we have seen it coming wore a long time now and the hope in New York was that they were going to be developed enough prospects to deal. That hasn't happened. And because. They don't have the reinforcement. From them. And because as the free agent market is changing these days in. So many guys know that the money you can get. Reciting long term deal in he's in which -- club. It's what 8090%. Of what you might get out on the market -- guaranteed because there now with someone with whom are familiar. Because of those changing dynamics. It affects the way that the Yankees to distance and I know they're trying to get under 189 for next year but it's all well and good but it. -- it's it's going to be V it was weird looking Yankee team win. All of these court guys are gone in whose lessons in Arctic and no history. Of problems and can no leaves the Nazis. Then there's the core of your team. Let's go over the only guy on long term contracts that are Mark Teixeira at first base. Alex Rodriguez at third base. CC sabathia -- starting pitcher. And is that can no -- Boras guy. -- know it before. Would be appropriate to the broadcast Jeff we were discussing the state of the Red Sox a year ago. And we were talking about the fact that Bobby had already you know tossed a grenade in the clubhouse and things going badly you have a theory do with your mind. Generally speaking not Bobby Valentine but generally -- -- most managers how many wins or losses -- managers responsible for eighteen hundred's 62 games scheduled. And congress apple. Directory two or three maybe and and could did not make the case. But let's let let's put it says let's put this place I think command of really good manager kids we knew. Three or four game hot and I think really practical really bad manager can you kept. And I think in our our play was Bobby was worse than that there was such a toxic. Nature of that clubhouse and everybody was going you know in 25 different directions that it might have been more than 25 game because multiply they quit on the guy. Yeah yeah I mean. All you want from your manager is stability. To me that's the thing a manager in Major League Baseball somebody who's just there. And able to like you have your special guys like Joseph Maddon who recognizes it is pretty unique. In mapped I think that what he does -- Culture. There are too -- culture of the Tampa Bay Rays news. Just additional I mean he he brings different -- that clubhouse and around just say that. Because -- waiting with -- -- is doing this long before. In the year -- law by. You know the year before I think they won 66 games before they broke out easy it is just different type of guy. Bad manager on the other hand almost that -- -- peaceful when you're a bad boss you don't wanna go work when you don't wanna go to work you have to go to work. -- bad attitude about it. Now do as much obvious productive. There's pride on the line is money on the line -- get all those things but. That the toxicity last year lose -- evidence and it it was. Eight disastrous situation like he said. From the beginning of the year got a better only got worse. But a question for -- Jeff which member of this Boston Red Sox team holds in their hand. The overall fate of this team no I know one guy can't do that by himself. But it was most important have a great year to help the Red Sox would be more than 500 is -- an Ellsbury a middle Brooks Pedroia up. Ortiz Hanrahan a Lester or somebody else. You know I think probably -- very. Just because when he felt he we've seen how good he can be and how good this offense to I was gonna say the tour but I think Pedroia is always -- Pretty steady -- itself exactly and I don't think middle Brooks has the ability to -- superstar I think he's just to be very cute everyday third baseman -- -- very can be one of the ten best players in the American League when he's healthy and -- and he's got create and -- about the the benevolent dictator is gonna get a hundred million plus dollars to play as well this year. These -- French -- passive in the league baseball columnist Yahoo! Sports always appreciate talk of baseball would -- -- enjoy your day we'll talk to down the road. Well I don't want her -- pass -- the Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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