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Examining the Red Sox on Opening Day 2013

Apr 1, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk started the day discussing Red Sox Opening Day. The guys weighed on the team's expectations and the arrival of Jackie Bradley Jr. in today's starting lineup.

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Happy opening day it seems to me Jerry and mr. minimum. The Boston's three active sports team for the all due respect to gas collegial -- sort of -- new York state of mind. What an awful last night Celtics lose at Madison Square Garden by the -- the agreement fell just another three. And that Jackie Bradley junior era begins in earnest in the Bronx this afternoon and beyond ironic. It's far more likely. But the Yankees and Red Sox will finished next to last and last in the division. As opposed to first and second which is a much greater chance of them finishing next to last at last the first and -- Absolutely yeah I think it's absolutely impossible. To finish. First and second. About to -- to these two teams. If fascinating battle for the base you have the events of September and -- by the race in the plane each other you know one team is. You know 78 wins the other team -- is a set -- and -- and their and their fight to the finish. Maybe that. That be better than -- in 8181 and just kind of wondering the wilderness yes in September but. It does begin it it is amazing to them look at it that I'm saying. -- Ben Francisco. Here's the designated hitter for the 190 million right right Bronx bombers. Kevin Youkilis. He's a big acquisition cleanup. This right. This. Is hitting cleanup. And coordinates points out the people and on the Yankees don't know where they'd be without you could say he is like. It's the most important guy coming out of spring training camp and duke. -- he leads their list of additions. By far Kevin Youkilis Vernon Wells. And he Travis Hafner Dan Johnson Juan Rivera that as a pathetic can meanwhile. And and you know what is it hard to bully when you look at the look at the Red Sox that anybody. Could be less. Forgettable yeah formidable that's a good word you could be more pathetic yeah in the Boston Red Sox. Heading into the season because the resolute as we know -- And a rebuilding reloading and don't papers here it's a bridge you say average here at best -- the bridge human opium rich couple years but. You look at the yankees' legacy -- -- assuming that they did that come back with less. When you need and rely on a more all right more hurt guys that we have so Rivera is just going to return to form coming off that knee injury. It's. -- Rivera. Jeter. -- -- -- -- -- your parent that Rivera a -- vital Koch's right right. There are all older older and granderson as a brokerage and -- -- those could and I don't work out in the old hurt right -- that his daughter but he will be you know he will be. It is true Kevin Youkilis injured opening day cleanup and which is what pathetic -- hand as disease associate I don't know I've ever uses orders from him the morning. Which is about is it on us and sought out jeez did you really doesn't wanna be in the -- -- you've banished him. It is quality and there's so he -- he can't find the blog news or reducing or pretended it was my decision pretty soon on us and he says we've got to bring them back in here in the big chair -- -- particular attack don't speak English spoken to. I mean we've just done you know it's reads six -- of Red Sox Yankee chatter I am asking which is a more pathetic development opening day development form of the two big team he used to be the course all the differences. In Major League Baseball just I don't know for four years ago. Kevin Youkilis is your cleanup for the New York Yankees Vernon Wells Asia five people that are. Playing left field Ben Francisco. Who I believe last year had four months and fifteen MB. It to forty is your DH. Or come. Jonny Gomes is you DH. Jose Iglesias who won AT last year you're starting shortstop. Or Mike Napoli. A catcher is playing first for Boston routes which which you look at and say meaning you I would say where else. Aren't so saddle us -- wells is starting in left field and batting fifth. For you New York Yankees I would too and and Gordon needs breaks it down with a his New York apartment -- and who's got the edge it's pretty close in the various positions that the Red Sox have more edges. Against the Yankees and you think as the Yankees and so bagged up. But the Yankees to hold the engine and pitching ultimate goals over Francisco. H -- -- got I -- -- against lefty gives -- some hope but. Is -- gonna DH again tomorrow or Wednesday when the face Kuroda and face the question -- in his go to your right -- DH. I mean against right handed pitching is Jackie Bradley is obviously. -- left against everybody. Superior talent. They're running out it's funny I mean obviously he has. -- but as much as I have. That there really wasn't a decision on Jackie Bradley was there I mean he just took it out of their hands. He'd made it impossible. And he wanted to leave that behind yeah it's impossible right now today we're talking about Daniel Nava and left. And and Bradley and would you Tripoli. With commitment it would say say that when the right thing which you would you wouldn't feel right it would feel like the right thing. Not America not to go by numbers not due by spring training he's done enough to be on this team is and I cannot -- party can't and to have this one question fell before the game and the cherry and whoever else is available maybe Henry AB. Larry would be do you think you put the best team on the field. As the progress -- the -- Or Portland or wherever that we're gonna send him. He that's not the best team it's just not the best team. You would just have to go to Kirk's argument Satan nine days or eleven days nine games is worth the price to have him for an extra can't -- it went say that the they made audiences that they can't -- naked and off the record. In public compliant. But you can't flat out today which save money 2090. That's so cynical. Here's what I'd like to since they have made the decision. Why it was necessary what was the shell game what was the entities. But they waited until they were almost. To New York in the air on the planes at Fort Myers yesterday I was gonna ask you would have to -- I was in hospital on Saturday Sunday game he break out and they don't make the announcement and they get on the plane and two thirds of the way to New York City. From from the fort. John Ferrell walks down the I'll. Tells Brad take its headsets off pause the movie I -- some of its value starting left field tomorrow immigrated pretenses ya know kid -- that. Well I. -- -- some I don't know they pretty character up the number over and skip. It's a good question and I was here Friday. House. Traveling over the weekend trying to figure that one out why. The do you think you create Basra opening the only possible thing I could think -- and I don't -- that this is the case is that maybe there was some trade percolating. With a number of guys coming this way one guy going yup that's me that's the trade circulating to give -- left fielder and right that's exactly down no -- unlikely but that's up so other than that I don't know what else -- the reason you're relating to trade have been all -- -- I don't know what got us double edged up slightly from the get a decent left -- left -- left -- a moving -- maybe movement has said David -- I can't do that to Brent -- -- couldn't. It would and he got to -- -- and I know you're as cynical guy look at say this club money and try 2019. Trying to. You gotta admit that wouldn't goal for well look at the eve of opening data say our best player in the spring I'm most excited our future. Our future when -- put off for a couple weeks it would not play well special Houston Astros running out to a big lead Erica you can't. You can get that runway -- a letter run away from the Monica and but. Again look at that lineup. You want people excited and I know they're excited about half price hot dogs and their -- -- vote -- -- reduced priced beer. You know Mike Napoli plan first and Gomes he play in DH and Victorino plan right now -- Nothing if if you got an outline if that -- which says you look at that Hugo. I mean and it's. It's a baseball decision -- -- a lot of sizzle decision. -- -- But it's of a baseball decision I think they could afford the fee. Would they've done this we didn't play so damn well in the spring. That has created the social new blood new young kid different kind of athlete but it's not because Crawford never was which are not saying you know he had a bad spring but. He's an exciting player -- future he says. Just lost his way -- all right you know they said now which you turn and he kicked the door down. About this thing about a year ago from now Bobby Valentine had already screamed and yelled at my Kabila's during a drill. In barest the player. And then got called in on the carpet by the ownership and says it and told. That's not how we do things around your body. It was only another week to win -- -- said that's not how we do things around here body Beckett as I recall a year ago. Was still turning over seat cushions looking for the snitch. In the clubhouse routed the chicken and beer guys up yeah previous September. Carl Crawford I'm pretty sure was re having one injury or another I've lost track which one was with the wrist was -- the knee was that via yeah I get there again what was hurting. Had begun his rehab tour yet which was fascinating where one weekend he was in Portland right and the next week and talk and what makes -- -- Florida and it was -- was in Mass. General bomb -- -- was at Fenway and the inspector Portland it was mr. expense just fly in that slouch. Around. And -- and Gonzalez was in the process of asking shop back for the owners. Old numbers we could column and rat out the manager I mean a year ago it was already turmoil as opening day approached. Yeah -- and we already had already Valentine was losing that wasn't -- way. Directing the attention his way -- and by the way we get news I got news from -- am this morning because Bobby. While we have that quote Bobby talk about the Boston media. First questions Ortiz who he speaks about specifically you know that's for sure we will be answering I know for pretty -- this word to on -- hand I don't know I don't know I would like your readers or read the quote first this is Bobby Valentine speaking to the New York Post there's no audio that we know law of the third is we'll find find it. But he he's asked about the Boston media and he says quote all the Boston media ever wanted to do. As proof that they were tough were -- tougher media -- New York. And I don't pay everyone the same brush I think some of those guys are absolutely terrific people. And a good group from our -- -- horses asses who are unprofessional. Lazy and should not be in the business appear in my opinion. I had one guy never talked to meet the whole year. Because he said to me he didn't like the answer I gave in spring training he covered my team the whole year. I think the New York media knows more about baseball and is more professional. -- -- obviously a and I don't think it initially it's got to be you know award winners are us or some other radio or TV person but no he says -- in every guy -- everywhere on the road with them all year. And -- my first instinct is -- cosmic stuff exaggerating because that's what he does right. Just -- those French tourists with the Ambrose that he ran over knocking them off his bike into a -- you need bullet though many mated to the gamer eskimo vote. You know any number of silly stories -- but inventing the rap for Crandall but. You have this on good authority -- Yeah the one guy who didn't talk -- all year because east didn't like an -- game spring training was whom Shawmut gathered at the John McCann but I'll also say in John's defense. I was told that Sean did speak to Ballantine tried to smooth though. And it didn't work I've -- you know. You can. Give his opinion come on -- John Sutton that too. -- a professional. Feel like I'm getting used to do desperate things that target if you probably like bought unlike Bobby you probably listened that's correct and work work it out. But -- hold a grudge I guarantee about at the camera is totally different version of -- That's my understanding I would believe McCann is Valentine's just make stuff -- He's gonna do now on New York. Which is getting in New York assets and why he's doing a Sunday morning post game shows -- also him doing radio stuff and that's auntie Agnes. He's also the F electric dissident director please visit -- he's a -- right now we in the office schedule that volleyball unanimous just shows you again all we heard about was how savvy downtime was at the media I. I don't know anybody in Boston. In the media who sits down before they write something -- says boy I really have to move at New York media here. I -- -- is reading the temperature and tried to prove they're tougher. And -- enemies never considered. -- that he but he citizen some kinks in the Boston media's recent. Yes he's right about that but it's not horses or -- who are right unprofessional wagering no question not in the biz know started out that daddy is right I'd say about that you unnamed some named Kirk. -- Let's take it IPSec -- but he's looking at me like he has an answer for what their lazy. Unprofessional and should not be in the business trying to think who is the epitome of that when he says that. I can't think of and should be the best I can think of anybody that extreme I'm missing somebody in every position on the -- people it's important I don't agree that the columnists the stunt guys relate. I guess that that that's stretching but there are some guys who. I'd I'd say Bradford spears and they got that little Olivia that's usually what you do now but today and we know you just kidding but it didn't look Alba. I mean given the Oregon and the -- by the people above -- -- well you can't make money your fellow dot commerce anymore -- combination. Told us to the culmination -- we do. Are you allowed to. Make fun of hosts know. No no not that anymore I would do that -- terrific here. -- absolutely not. It didn't stop you last week we're talking -- -- -- the other mental edict yes is that right up very well yes. Are out -- Friday votes -- -- you were your passion people. Apple cut -- right right some people don't understand that some people exercising I'm excited that I'm excited -- -- days maybe that dot com these dot com -- just takes and so way to Syria Hinske and yet inside Newman and would fit in there. They're great. They operate all -- I cannot wait a year on the jury to hand not wait. What it is important -- you get what you ought to have Jerry. Yeah I think it's like it I'll read everybody after the game -- all be great always -- around dog. That's ridiculous can't wait to hear is sultan Ali after the game to the break it down pitch by pitch looking for half. Well that's not enough emotion. I was -- arguable buying a new us -- 177757937. Mom I have never. Over in my life. Seen a notable sports video. Scrubbed from the face of the Blogosphere the atmosphere of the Internet the YouTube television ESPN CBS as I did. The injury. The global cardinal yesterday if you didn't catch it originally you real hard pressed to find somewhere. I can find it but to take off YouTube I think. Well it's signed just -- then sports -- in the big leagues but I mean you could find it if you want to look like minded yeah somebody asked Dale Arnold Lana on Twitter. And what do you think cases haven't seen -- and don't Clancy. Could you do that every night I watched this you know it goes via the horror movie knowing. I watched again and again -- all the reaction of the crowd. And the coach and everything. But. I have to watch it if you do have to watch it I was gonna sit here compared to thighs and and and and Marcus Lattimore and you know Willis McGahee without. Washington there is that compares. Sure others. -- -- I mean I just sat down I just came back from dinner with mom and brought violent and it just got to turn on the TV they were speaking of reverential terms of shall waiting for the replay to take place and they never did they did never -- -- guess obvious. Journalistic editorial reasons. I have since seen it in and what was an offer I didn't look at it twice 6177757. Might -- Again to see the bench obviously that's -- that reaction the bench and then the coach and and the players on the court it's like 45 and we really see something wanna -- Now announcing that they saw the Australian -- so I don't see it but he actually bought it you -- up the Tino wiping his tears yes. Well little like a -- as such here's a albeit some wiping -- I thought I saw -- and institute and whatever Manama knock the guys had to be tough. Yes see and hear that those. We're people who was you could hear this else I'm in traffic off. I think it's even more bizarre than there was no one else involved -- -- with Lattimore and McGahee in the -- -- there's a defender. Yes -- never seen an injury like this land basketball. That's for sure oh Texas are on human hand what's this all this praise sharing upon the dot comers -- And on the on your colleagues on the radio side nest and great April fool's joke salute him not his illness yet he's not. He figured this is not. Roger Sherman will join us to talk Red Sox Yankee baseball the 7 o'clock hour just passing in the 8 o'clock hour your phone calls that Tbilisi Callahan an opening.

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