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Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Shavlik has great instincts on the boards

Mar 31, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: Shavlik has great instincts on the boards

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from Madison Square Garden so what's the next final meeting. All of the regular series between these two are front of these businesses -- conversation with a head coach doc river brought you by harbor no health care. Or no health care count Austin before it's Friday and the fans really got a huge energy boost out of it. Was it. Nice to have -- Rondo on the bench in locker even in the state he is in even briefly just to see him there. There was good to see him I think guys and -- see in him you know he's put them a lot of time. On Pensacola and just see him around that's always great for room. How much communication. Which you like just to have with a player was completely away rehabbing vs night. Much you know I discard Ross -- textbook. You know listen they're doing their own thing at this point may have to mean it's obviously. Part of the rehab that that we have scheduled form but. For the most part register honestly out of the way you communicate on the don't think about it. An interesting point about Paul Pierce it is strange wrote an interesting point chief sadly I don't I don't really remember this many but it. Obviously with a -- went down the assist numbers start to pile up for him but you made the point after the game that when he looks to be a pastor that's what gets dropped more. Yeah I really does and when he just plays in -- -- aggressive score he still tell that they're gonna help him and he's gonna create. Easier passing lanes by being in the -- score and I think that's what he did the other. There's it's staggering number hear about is the consistency I think players like Paul the easiest ones to take for granted when you watched him every night. This is fourteen years in a -- he's averaged eighteen point two game Kareem Jordan Karl Malone -- And that the only guys that wouldn't. That's crazy and and you would never put all right we would that most people wouldn't and the a lot of it is it's just that -- last. Is this fundamental -- you couldn't watch. It is -- affirmative below the -- then the next thing you know he's he's hurt the team the other team by scoring 2530 ports. That's why Tommy Italy the officials don't consider that we atlas reflected in trouble from -- it's you know who was it was a fun night obviously for Shavlik Randolph and see what players can and can't do and when -- and -- team but what can get overlooked. As what they bring to a locker room how they fit into group and that we can't see from where we are to guard from our spot one thing we have great hurdles that complaint. No I was I I you're missing the point I'm about to make the opposite point. That we get a great view of the bench and so I was able to sit and that's a backwards comp comport that's your interpretation -- -- I can't IQ of some of the -- try I try to beat you not a true why don't beat you on the for. After -- on this. My point being the the bench reaction to that what Shoppach was doing in the game on Friday. Was just indicator to me that he has sort of fit into this group they were so into. Yeah it was great to see all the guys jumping up and down and cheer Foreman and -- career. Where you see players to governor but now for office Reba. And yet they were doing it for seven that was great for him. But I do believe music player that really needs to feel confident and comfortable to be a good player and I think that helps. For example the ball there's certain guys the ball just finds them but the house to be something in common with the players that saved it about is just. And intelligence about the game was just no -- be extra effort all the yeah I think it's all about the disagreements and having guys. Just like in football there's certain guys always come out with a fumble for the interception. The two separate tree over an instinct. Or at least for those place. And I think -- there. JR Smith as crazy numbers this week come off the bench that first story back to back. 330 point -- the exits were to -- we need to use it angers us I'd like -- names you'd react. What's interesting about him is that people think of JR Smith as a shooter Steve Novak is shoot JR Smith -- He really is he's always been a score. I thought early in the year fell in love with the shooter and that's when he starts struggling. And now he's back to being eaten them better score by doing the driving runners in that opening didn't file and in the shooting -- That's the head coach there there were a lot of people outside of hardcore college basketball thing to do Kevin were once an hour ago that has all changed right now. We we were watching the game at that come into the square garden as coach a father a player. Stepped on the -- thousands of times don't look at any moment. Knowing the risk of how much of that is ever in your mind is any of those things can be -- the. Well not as a father always. As a coach is in your mind some but when -- reporter -- -- about it never crossed your mind you're just playing too hard to have thought about anything like that. And I can't imagine what his parents went through when they saw that legitimate whoever the -- went through and teammates to do that that was -- injury. All injuries are that was that was pretty. He's got the sports community rallying behind him now the entire sports world so -- -- -- is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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