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Alex Speier, WEEI.com, brings the latest on the Red Sox prior to their season opener

Mar 31, 2013|

Alex Speier talks with John Ryder about all things Jackie Bradley Jr. on the eve of the prospect’s major league debut. Alex clarifies the rules surrounding the outfielder’s free agent eligibility and thinks Bradley will bat in the lower third of the lineup in his debut.

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That's right John -- of equity here we roll -- up until 7 o'clock and always have to be joined by the great Alex beer. Check out of course on WEEI dot com and for everything written it as well on Twitter at Alex appear happy Easter out. As dog fighting in Jackie Bradley junior we know is headed to New York. And will be starting in left field tomorrow. You like to move. I think it -- they had to make he he just was proved that he was. You know which is far more talented to be ultimately -- now that. Same dynamic may not exist when David Ortiz and I'll do it again because then you're talking about you know a guy whose side you're you're you kind of need to get Jonny Gomes in the lineup. As a left fielder. But in in -- repertory considerable drop off from Bradley Effect. You know what the alternate would be starting in my car as the DH or something. Then you start to get a sense of of like Jackie Bradley was the clear move of the citizens and you know he was shockingly didn't spring training you know what has to do any business being got impressive in their first. And in their first regional expert training camp after one full professional season. He was tremendous defender delicately approached. Very consistent validate their bases -- you you really want it away but I've never is that it's up before. Yet now than they heated debate and a constant chatter has been about service time with a Jackie Bradley junior but -- view you as you point doubted him pointed out to me in the past that. Nine games twenty gazed out of the AAA level and also is rob Bradford posted back on March 22. As well that that service -- they shouldn't be an issue. Because it's as he states. Spend a total of twenty days in the minors and any of the next five seasons in that necessarily in that order in order to be of freeagent. In 2019 instead of the eighteen so I guess. It's an issue but not a pressing issue right. -- cut issue look there's a chance that as a result of this decision in the Red -- are going to lose a year for a -- -- For Jackie Bradley junior there's a very good chance they won't that help find those twenty days weather this year or next year or subsequent year. In order to delay is free agency from 28 between ninety. We saw them do that would Kevin Youkilis for instance. Who got the shuffle between. It originally you can at a time when he was Major League ready. In 2004 for that matter. But if they if that happens -- the reason why after it -- -- -- is that your server side because they needed Jackie Bradley to be a competitive team in because it. -- contributions or were important enough fourteen. It's sought out as being in the middle contentions that it it was willingness. Have. Trudge on in -- that your it's ultimately they're willing -- you know there was if you look back concert. -- -- begins a batting a lot of what's your guess tomorrow. Lower third yeah it's first of all beat you to that he has sort market medalist in the pitcher. Against elected president even though -- great ability during spring training. -- to have a really good approach and guys from both sides of the plate but. They are very mindful of not wanting to be not going to put too much pressure on him out of the gate it's important bit. He be given time to kind of gritty as he assimilate into the Major League and so. You don't regard you know you don't you don't say okay we're going to college golfer. You know these three weeks or waiting for David Ortiz to come back or however long it is and -- its second during that time. The best way to to get his feet under him is to put him in the bottom third of the lineup to just. You know let him focus on on having because having good quality yeah. Maybe getting on base that's you know that they would like to be a good job based guy. And go from there they don't want him to feel like -- Taylor has seen to be opposition in the batting order that where he's going to be in the. So we agree there because earlier on when I was asked about it. I said probably you know possibly the eighth spot maybe the seventh spot somewhere around there. That would be my guess as well now let's see what you think here I was mentioning concerns heading into this season and -- all the talk about Jackie Bradley junior and I can understand what has dominated. Discussions but. To me I still look at this team and I guess in and so many of the teams Alex have this concern but I feel pretty good about Lester a buck colts I guess is just her ability but stuff flies a terrific and also entering his prime. And actually have a feel to me anyway that Lackey will be somewhere around 500 -- game above her game under. With the four and a half to four point seven ERA I guess my question -- realize it would Ryan Dempster adherence to Brian that third and fourth spot. And in Ortiz is abstinence well they have enough will have enough from what are your. Concerns. Well that's that covered a pretty like this it is looking at rotation in the lineup yet in in in -- So interpretation. So why is everyone looked really couldn't spring training like you can just. Some of that was function of pitching him. A great park for pitchers and jetBlue. And so you know you have to take you have to take a former political result but. But we'll let her look like well up averaged regionally starts about important building. In -- -- the rest of them. You brought has populist -- he looked like an above average starter equipment whether or not he can be efficient enough. In -- be an above average contributor by. Down the -- -- -- things you've been dominant against the Yankees so for yes so I you know I -- -- -- an average. So Butler -- slightly above average starter or slightly below -- start right there's a range of potential outcomes there. With them directing that you're pretty confident that there's an average to slightly above average. It's starting pitcher there and -- Lackey I didn't think there's a bit more uncertainty we don't know really -- is going to sustain their but you know -- -- slightly broader. I would say there's a range of slightly above average. To you know there is downside is probably a sudden what -- -- and others because there's this huge element of -- -- But I think that they can go -- in terms -- average to above average starter. Equity market position to contend. If any of those guys get injured that becomes a little bit of a concern because they don't have any prove it in depth on them by they have got interesting outside like -- -- Interpret the lineup they have an unproductive quirky. Great question I think that corporate what they needed to go Jackie -- junior they are mindful of the fact that there are you there without some thunder so they wanna be a really really good defensive team. To try to kill as many opportunities as they can. For the sort -- -- and that may well be quickly he has in Jackie Bradley the opening day lineup which is kind of unexpected configuration by. It's but I think that they have the potential to have it be the -- some look they have guys liquidity you know who have. Considerable power -- -- Napoli these guys can -- all gently so as you know -- monster would you. But you can't expect -- -- eighteen bombs and let 300 plate appearances in Oakland which is you know -- the heat pitcher's ballpark our blog. And in the American League as those -- which can be extra hat goes be more compelling venue for pitchers by. Are they bad guys do you know that they still have some some even in the absence of quirky. But they don't have the you know they don't have the kind of you know just. Devastating murderers grows so. I think that they can be talking more competitive certainly from the line of input that they work over the course of the last. 65 or six weeks the last few. I -- they can make do I think it. You know in 2007 for. Not stretches where they were without. Without Manny Ramirez would you -- without. Steve Dorsey they need someone to step up -- mediocre it maybe could Troy maybe. Immediate middle works exactly but any one of those those guys. I'd be a force if that happens it will be. And about Albert Diop and into the not 81 of the top two or three in the partly. Up a great synopsis there and well first I actually have questions off of that answer with the may be is a lot of maybe is in there. Now I'm -- I think that there is is definitely some potential. Middle Brooks Napoli. And Gomes and some of the guys you mentioned but his centering around those three as well. It -- to go with the bad the bad portion is is there's some strikeouts in that lineup with a couple of those guys as well. So Garcia yeah you know there's there's no question you know he's -- it will metal boxes in Jarrod Saltalamacchia. -- Mike Napoli doubled aren't necessarily looking to shorten up in you know in shoot. Single right center fuel or something they've they've recognized very -- -- from just. You know being up Thursday. Smasher in there's going to be some strikeouts by. With his -- is well you you have pretty good approach your -- on base guy you know it you're such a striking operator also drawing a pretty good number of walks. At times when you're not making contact right then you know that you still have something in that's. Part of the reason why guys like now we like -- or appealing to the Red Sox. Because -- -- the demographic of guys -- can hit for power but who also a utility to get on base even when they are you know even when they aren't making contact. Where there could even be predictive strikeout as well as high as they drive up that pitch count right of course. -- Sure I mean you know you'd take a strike out any time over a you know over -- first pitch pop up Burke grounds out. You know double -- are right now as always you have a great article -- -- over it to did more talking his job -- with Alex spear of WEEI dot com. To mention the Red Sox farm system and kind of parlay it into what you previously tight about with a pitching rotation now I know it's early never once healthy but. Would be that guy it's a -- went down. And with -- injury it would be Franklin Morales or would they end up going in the minors to a web stirred Taylor rose to potentially year. Well morality is a ways out here quick -- he morality and so I mean they're very good I don't really think the -- become. A rotation depth consideration and so these. End of April are more likely early -- maybe. So you know I would take him out of the equation -- seven. Is kind of the first line of defense in many respects. In that I think that he would be that guy. It in -- short term injured because. It would do little -- rush for a guy like Alan Webster he called up I think what stirs. Is the guy who scored the opening the year AAA who represents kind of the next line of defense behind the seven. The guy who by the middle of the year look like someone. Who could have considerable healing in May be be mutually ready let the guys that pitched above double so it's important for him. To compete on a regular basis so that we can work deep -- games at the AAA level before they would consider him. Four -- for the rotation regular -- is stretched out yeah. He is you -- -- fire kind of like -- a good month for sort of build up to the point where he could be considered as a starting debt option. Steven Wright has more room to go in terms of tripping over a consistent pitcher Geithner ignored talking about Chris Hernandez. Is actually somebody who could relatively early in the heat and position themselves as they are as a depth consideration. He's let's -- just froze. Kind of I don't -- a lot but it doesn't break ninety mile an hour but nonetheless. Nothing new frozen straight in -- -- -- really could -- -- guys it's a -- -- system. So -- someone with a great minor league track record great in college track record. Who could be a real consideration for earlier than those -- higher ceiling prospects that we talk about. And you can catch Alex is on Saturdays was down on the farm show and it course it. Sunday some sir Alex of course all right -- -- WEEI dot com you can catch the podcast to find it there. In the article we've talked about this discussed this before many have. You know -- -- didn't lose to all these different prospects which is really true because they never really had that next wave after. Especially terms of pitching. After Papelbon Lester and Buchholz and probably one of the reasons while the people don't mention -- why they've taken a step back in recent years. Yeah unquestionably look last year they set themselves up for almost through what can also be deemed a disaster at the start of the season. By virtue of total inability to maintain a productive pipeline starting pitchers. After they buckled that the -- are coming up by the Justin Masterson but you know that being a starter elsewhere so those guys aren't there was a big gap. It was a really widened when John Lackey went down. So because of that -- that's -- making one expensive free agent disastrous -- Lackey to. How to you need to -- you need to create this. Kind of you know in -- cities these Orton the starter last year through the competition and it worked really well with too broad. Was an important step forward further homegrown pitching pipeline but it was a certainly -- last year they ended up having considerable consequences for both their rotation. In for their bullpen so it's been a lot of times they've. It really had a wave coming. A broad starting pitching depth Billick was having that now -- not all are a broad and all prospect. I adapt to guys like -- -- guys like Della Rosa those guys are -- -- prospect. A guy like -- Varnado liquidity in double A could have considerable feeling Matt are also what you don't play another guy who potentially high healing. I could be ready for the rotation within. Let's say Europe I -- to -- -- like more likely Europe Africa guy like him. You have I like Henry Owens who court Eastern Europe IA. Could happy huge healing at the six foot seven left hander who has incredible strikeouts stopped at the lower local miners. So what you look up and down -- you mentioned Craig Morton looks like a very bad. Partly the back in the rotation will be opening the year don't play. Up and down the system from high AA all the way through all the way to Tripoli you have guys who are in trusting him. Probably in a member of the project as legitimate big weeks starting pitchers down the road there at that kind of accumulation of starting pitching talent. In some time it's been a pretty well. Time for -- I mentioned my areas of concern. Maybe you could bring up a couple of areas for yourself and and and positives as well this red sex is they open the season mark. Sure well I think that clearly the bullpen should be before they have the best. You know really short game which is going to be important for as I like instrument transition the American League. -- article purple the basis of the dialect Lackey probably needs to have his work well managed and because you know it department and efficient so that's the strength I think it. Potential step forward for middle. Middle -- -- extremely promising player. In. You know I acting pit area of concern are getting to there are so many new guys coming in there's a lot of elements uncertainties. We we have no idea what they're not Shane Victorino. Did well -- -- what an aberration or whether or not that was. You know what they're not that was an indicator of precipitous decline in the coming. We we still kind of have questions about. The decree which Mike Napoli is going to be able assailed he'll remain productive and those -- -- very promising for him. In spring training that they -- issue I think -- you that you it's huge I mean make no mistake dramatically different lineup it is that some senators with him. Although we don't really know how healthy how productive -- equity when he does know because you know look look at a guy like Ryan Howard whose production last year coming up. Coming up Achilles surgery. -- -- Pretty regretful that it practically -- -- -- are they ever so I think that offensively you've got to hit the nail on the head. There're a number of questions about how very Qaeda or. Reform. From the pitching -- important you can prepare you know the question of how Lackey will come back. How Dempster will adapt in what they're not too -- is going to be able to take the next step forward because last year record number of significant building block for him but he needs to move forward or Red Sox. You know the Red Sox beat three really good starting pitcher given the opposite they have if they wanna be in -- position to kind of hold their you know all hope eroded in the division's wildcard picture. So they need one of those three guys whether he brought. And indeed they are using the -- be up in -- in -- be awesome. The big one of the other trees -- to be really good work as well they wanna kind of in which they have the actor Eric airliner that could be somewhat since. Agree on all those points will certainly when it comes to pitching in that next guys stepping up. Other than western buckles now can you ever member probably not would have to go back some time the team the opponent they're facing hardly anyone there are some but. Predicting the Yankees to even get into the playoffs where there be awhile corridor with a division. That we brought up areas of concern but that team is littered with areas of concern -- Yeah error that I mean wouldn't talk about U market you know what Dick Clark you may well be backed by the end zone by the end of April I would. I can -- your -- outlook. Is probably better purpose here than it is from Mark Teixeira for instance. -- you know that's that's a whole lot of uncertainty because even if he returns. With a wrist injury like that you have a lot of questions about whether or not. I would not -- to be able to come all the way back. It's -- the same orbit the core she's added to require surgery in 2008 but you're the best burger you're after the after he suffered -- In that orders are not you know not having a rod. For all his flaws that that's a pretty ticked at the lineup even look at you -- him at least replicate the production that you give them over the last couple years. If you -- to LT but you know they say they've been ravaged by injuries there lineup is -- best for the first month possible seasons. Isn't it you know guys who -- filling in where. Our eyes are obscured don't have -- earth -- you have a track record but there's several years removed from that track record being at its peak level to the point where. You're just felt that there are able to score runs switches and say to say about the Yankees but it's kind of like. Robinson you know it may be due collection -- dark ride like a lot but not bad it's like. What happened years so. Yeah. That the Yankees have it great you're uncertain that he didn't even -- -- you know at some point. -- you know at that support the clock is ticking that you put it at some point it simply -- it's not easy to -- gave you don't have yet you still. You know you'd still be happy to call your number one starter. Who knows how -- -- has in the tank you know eastern great. There there's a lot of questions. There's certainly is now last question for you Alex in terms of wins and we've heard it all over the place with this red sex team -- -- have that and and if you don't mind me asking what do you have taken the AL east and no it's a real -- up and try to figure out one through five of the area AL east is is difficult. Short I wouldn't based on the based on the current. Current construct of the team are -- there are indeed it slightly up by order. So I think that the -- interpret them and that they you know they look like a kind of 85 which would he. And as we know I can you know that that while respectable outcomes like you -- to say it would be surprising it was a minus six right. I wouldn't be surprised by 9192. Wins that would be that's part by 7879. In bed obviously you know they make the seasons change and go from -- figured out. Your record be shooting for the higher the -- at the lower end of that. In terms of the alias I at a certain point I just loved the reliability of campers or addition I love the fact that those guys. For years I mean it's freakish but for years they take the ball every five days I'm. It's uncanny how healthy it is part of that is because the -- Young guys part of that is because they bury -- -- program in place. The ability of high quality starters into -- reliably healthy starters to -- separates them every other team. You know the American League east including the blue jays because I think there's a lot of questions about that rotation. How come together and then Al all the pieces it. With regard to newcomers even -- it into the -- -- high ceiling in the division I I still think that there is they're there and if a lot of. Well thanks you know what earlier on I did my predictions Alex on the year and I had the Red Sox -- 83 wins maybe 8384. I Tampa Bay winning the AL east. So I guess well obviously I would soaring rhetoric on -- I know you're listening because no one else's so. -- about it but I wouldn't want it short orchard golf course not one however is ever one is especially when I when I previewed -- -- now I've got -- and again. A deceased the -- was always I appreciate the insight in the time spent on this Easter Sunday out. Aren't great -- -- -- used to Alex Alex spirit WPI Danica. We take you up until 7 o'clock now it's time for you on the phone line 6177797. -- 37 you can text us as well. At 37937. Those text messages -- to -- AT&T forgy LT EAT and T rethink possible. We will be back here and love to get in a Red Sox baseball if you look at Celtics basketball to be up against the knicks at 730 but the pregame show at 7 o'clock am taking you up until. 7 o'clock. And also if you wanna get to the bronze her as well and you've got the trading deadline coming up in the NHL I will take -- 92 break -- -- be back with more.

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