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John Ryder reacts to Jackie Bradley Jr. making the team and starting in the opener

Mar 31, 2013|

Multiple reports from New York indicate that Bradley will make his debut opening day against the Yankees. If Bradley is ready, Ryder believes this move is a no-brainer.

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Well I'm sorry to disappoint everyone out here on this Easter Sunday moral Gomez. Has not made the Red Sox team. That's right let me repeat that moral Gomez. Will not be on the Red Sox team for opening day. They'll be Jackie Bradley junior. They designate Gomez for assignment by the Jackie Bradley junior and according -- all indications will be starting in left field. Winner will be in the batting order. For tomorrow's opening day matchup between the Red Sox and the Yankees -- wanna get into plenty of baseball -- others has been dominated the Jackie Bradley junior. Discussion here. And if he's right he's ready that's my idea viewpoint on it. And I think it's imperative or insects get up to a good start that has been the case. Over the over the past few seasons and Jon Lester getting off to a good start we'll see if some whispering trading results transfer. It translate into the regular season along with Clay Buchholz and one to get really into this red sex team we see him going in terms of wins that round. Now somewhere in the eighties meeting mid eighties. It said 83. The pastor -- of the planet -- show stick with a -- around there I do I don't think they'll -- the policies that -- is still too many question mark so many things have to go right with a steam I do not have the Yankees making the post season either. A before I make in my way out of here at seventh and I were a man I -- opening day is tonight with Houston hosting Texas but really pretty much it. Opens up full slate for the most part -- most teams with a couple of exceptions. The moral or a Major League Baseball so no one I'd love to hear familiar to what some predictions it's fun. Oh well as we gave you ready for opening day tomorrow afternoon in the Bronx and we see the Red -- severed amid like EU could say that the Red Sox. Finished first second have a wildcard spot. That's not completely out of line I don't think in this wide open and topsy turvy American League east but he could pick almost any team in the -- the funny thing is the team that. Most people or taking in terms of not finishing the playoffs have heard. The Orioles in the mix severed Toronto they've been out of fashionable trendy selection be at the top of the American League east Tampa Bay as well I've heard. Haven't heard much about the Yankees are overly -- the Yankees to either finish first in the American League east or really in the -- current. -- pretty much everyone else yeah I'm sure there's a few out the year. That if the picked New York to be in the mix. For the wild -- -- -- tickets on the predictions in the Boston Globe today did shot is seeing him as wild card team and I hear it too much about the Yankees. In terms of the awhile -- so many injuries and so many question marks in fact. For 95 win team I think that the Yankees probably a more question marks -- the Red Sox. -- -- It has been awhile since these two teams finished near the bottom of the American League east. I think the last time I believe the last time that ended up happening. Was 1987. A double check on them but I checked that out recently and I believe that was the case of that. That's so long ago that's when Milwaukee was in the American League east I think was Toronto finishing at the top Milwaukee finishing second -- -- long ago that. So Jackie Bradley Jenner have no complaints about it deal and especially when it comes to -- service time. This is a while back and give this information bush while he was on. And according to rob Bradford article that he wrote and posted on W he had not come back on March 22. Bradley makes the opening day roster which all indications are that he has -- starting in left field. Tomorrow. Need to spend a total not necessarily consecutive. The of 120 days in the minors and any of the next five seasons order make him eligible for free agency after 2019. Instead of 2008 team. There we did some predictions for Jackie Bradley junior M as a rookie of the year candidate. In the American League. Not only will I get into some predictions across. All the different divisions in Major League Baseball give -- my MVP cy young and rookie of the year ex -- -- I'd love to hear from you on that too. But -- Bradley junior my expectations are. That. It's it's really tough to gauge but I think at some point -- probably struggle maybe not right out of the gate who knows. Now it's tough to gauge doesn't have a ton of minor league experience but. I think eventually probably Major League pitchers will catch up to Miller and his traits a little bit more -- probably struggle -- the Red Sox when David Ortiz is and that's really. You know the the interest in part of all this is when David Ortiz is gonna come back Tuesday because right now on -- -- -- and I was thinking about this as well and as mentioned that. And her collar on one of the -- -- -- segments with butch and I agree with -- what what what are the other options here in terms -- -- Ryan Sweeney who they ended up letting go. Jonny Gomes who's a DH really and it will be DH and -- game but even though exit. He's an outfielder. By position he's really at the age. What -- the other options here in terms of the the outfield. And starting Daniel Nava so it's not late it's not like a situation like the angels for instance where you have now Mike Trout and Peter board Jews and Josh Hamilton under one of these teams is -- tons about field and outfield depth but this is a perfect opportunity I think especially. Well back in the old days guy -- a job out of out of camp and that's exactly what happened here and there is an opening for Jackie Bradley junior. And is showed poise I also think he's a guy that won't be destroyed either if he ends up getting sent down. Now. Seems like he has a lot of poise and seems like a confident kid. In terms and he's going to be 23 year note and a weaker so. Elegant nineteen year old kids so. Doesn't seem like you be absolutely destroyed confidence wise if he's struggled or went down to the minors I don't think that. Many expected I don't know what he was thinking in camp of course is gonna try to do his best and press but. Was he -- it was going to be part of this roster I'm sure that you're probably try to think that way but that many others in the Red Sox organization think he was gonna florist to this point. Then he added David Ortiz injure remember back when. When that apple would Ortiz were only expecting a few days may have come back and then I haven't seen him a lot. So when does he come back to a full. How is it is it in May at what point in May. And though in that. And what will Jackie Bradley junior do be doing then -- the Red Sox are in the mix and it's especially Bradley is playing well then you keep them up for the economy. So that's my outlook on Jackie Bradley junior and -- dominated conversation today and it certainly like to get into baseball Major League Baseball. In the American League east and everything. Involving baseball with the up -- -- seven certainly other topics to discuss including the Celtics were an action tonight only a couple more wins they wrap open playoff spot. As. Not after tonight's game against the next year old he be nine games remaining for the Celtics in this is an interest in game I'm really looking forward to this game because that's a potential playoff preview however. I don't know how much you can look into that. Would Kevin Garnett being out. Of action. Knicks don't have their full complement of Tyson Chandler and a Maurice got a Meyer who they -- saying that they expect those knee problems to be back for the post season so. Will see in terms of you know the the match -- tonight. We'll see after all the tock on Friday night after that huge game Shavlik Randolph that if they can -- -- Smith has been going crazy year thirty points or more. In his last three games including. In a win over the Celtics earlier this week. So this is a potential playoff matchup although hopefully for the Celtics -- This will be a lot of their trotting out their of the playoffs because I still am concerned and I think most Celtics -- should be. When it comes to Kevin Garnett what he'll be able to Gaby in the post season. I I'd love to see this match because I think the Celtics match up better against the knicks they rely on the three so much. Don't turn the ball over Todd. But they do rely on the three quite a bit -- they can have shoddy defense at times on the perimeter. But I still think even of Garnett is helping you would probably be a grueling 67 game series against the knicks but I think that they. Would have an easier time getting past New York nothing's gonna be easy but an easier time getting past new York and say Indiana with a gigantic front line. So a big game for the Celtics a big game for the knicks. As and the knicks right now are rolling. The knicks have won. Seven straight looking to make it eight straight while. Indiana has been keeping pace they've won four heroic -- the pacers have -- in front of the knicks were the second spot in the east to a big game for the next big game for the Celtics. Right now in Atlanta -- one the other night so there right now in the fifth spot. Chicago is a game and a half in front of the Celtics. For the six spot. Celtics are done with the bulls don't -- again to wrap up the season series against the knicks tonight with the knicks with a two games one series lead that series but the Celtics right now -- -- three in front of Milwaukee for the eighth and final playoff spot just nine games ago so I think the Celtics would Milwaukee's tough schedule they've dropped seven out of ten. And Milwaukee does on the tiebreaker over the Celtics after winning three out of four early in the season but. I think that -- Celtics will at least be the seventh seed if not -- succeed might be tough to get up to the succeed but. Seventh or the six seed and I still think probably though. New York will finish that third spot Indiana in the second spot it's all jumbled up after. To that the Celtics will either be in the seven spot in the six bowed their -- make in the post season that's that's a no doubt heard she is whether there in the seven spot in the sixth -- Where the succeed who they match up against either the knicks. Or the pacers in the first round of the playoffs I still feel like and of course everything depends on Kevin Garnett. But -- near a 100%. I still feel like the ceiling for the Celtics is the Eastern Conference finals. A low -- absolutely stun me if they get knocked out the first round either. This team has been extremely unpredictable this season and I think when it comes to the playoffs unpredictable but I still think. It's important for the Celtics players not just to think are right Ross said. Let's just you know that once Kevin Garnett that gets back that's our savior. And will be fine and -- -- just flip the switch it still like to see him play well in these final nine games. Especially guys like Jeff Green continue with some consistency Jason Terry -- legacy had a huge night on Friday night against Atlanta -- to see him. Should the ball will be better. House makes better decisions on the road in the Celtics have struggled on the road there just thirteen to 23 on the road while -- -- have been really good at all. It was a really -- edition of Kenyon Martin anyone including the Celtics had the opportunity to grab him and he's been starting -- Sadr and playing well at 35 years old. Some character issues in the past with the clippers but to me it was more -- I mentioned those and there's been some a lot of different stops and so -- that has showed up with a Nixon as a former teammates the air and Aerosmith and Carmelo Anthony but. It was a knees but I that hasn't seemed to be a problem so far of people watching any of the any of the games that -- he -- and play with the knicks here we get in that Brunson action as well against Buffalo Sabres -- they need to win. And thankfully for them and we know there woes in the month of march in March wrapping up today. Bruins have struggled in the month of march and they're doing that yet again. After that just -- loss to a team what they have three to for Philadelphia team going nowhere horribly flat second period for the Bruins yesterday. They've now fallen behind two to nothing in four straight games have lost three out of war they're -- foreign one in their last seven. And they have also lost five of their last six road games after the 31 loss. Two Philadelphia yesterday so the -- looking to bounce back some good news Thomas -- not available for buffalo. And he's been terrific against the Bruins. In fact I would mind we have all this conversation -- moves I'm sure to be a couple before the trade deadline coming up. The year on April 3. A defenseman that puck moving defenseman abroad is gonna -- a puck moving defenseman -- -- Thomas can ever -- Are somewhat better course it was a big move for cab related didn't pan out. Pan out in the championship winning season. Or is it the a lesser move in terms of defenseman the puck moving defenseman is like the Red Sox shortstop in the patriots secondary. Just a revolving door. We'll see if they finally can I get that answer that I -- Doug Hamilton is a pretty good one but more experienced guy in terms of doing that right now. And they -- really just need a win here at buffalo because the Bruins have been flat of late. And. Your beat tiger butcher of the cross over butch -- mentioning the as Sidney Crosby injury big blow to Pittsburg winners of fifteen in a row. Right now the top -- in the Eastern Conference. Hard to imagine -- at the beginning of this lockout shortened season that the ten wins at this point no one thought it probably ever without while and they still have an opportunity to do it. Chicago would run away with the most points in the NHL this season but. Right now Pittsburgh is more points the Chicago 56 to 55. And Pittsburgh with a top spot 56 point Montreal at 49 the Bruins currently sit in the fourth spot. In the Eastern Conference playoff race if the season word and today and of course doesn't but he always. Make that mention we do is sportscasters of the season was to finish today the Bruins would face Ottawa. In the first round of the playoffs so while the month of April which is upon us pretty much. Would baseball starting out you've also got the bronze the Celtics which both will be in the post season which is always a nice time. -- ceiling I still think even when all this turmoil not adding a gala this Selig to me is. Still a Stanley Cup final Stanley Cup finals or buster I think for this team right. And for the Celtics Eastern Conference finals hate to say -- well we don't see it but. Outside of Miami. I don't see anyone get into the NBA finals in the east. And so many of -- can be after the games and at other points well they wanna see the Celtics matchup of the Miami Heat. In the first round of the playoffs -- -- be careful what you wish for a wonder if that thinking is and I know a lot of people make your we will let's get a while the Celtics are fresh. Well. I think you try to wait and see if something extraordinary happens which had a late prison Chicago knocked in about the -- around the plants which I don't think what happens or there's some injury for. Dwyane -- of one of these key members. Just Canada -- wait and see but I I think part of it to his. Service from -- sports fan's perspective. It's so fun when the Celtics match up against the Miami and that rivalry. And as it's always. Entertaining when those two teams match up -- hoping it happens again and most kids are. All right open for -- quiet on the -- Lindsay guess a lot of people have their Easter dinner right now but if you're traveling backer on the road wherever the case. You can give us college 6177797937. Text has said 379837. Here on this Easter Sunday Alex -- will be joining me at 6 o'clock will be breaking -- baseball -- him in the Red Sox in the Jackie Bradley junior move. And I know that tiger has been dominated by that we get into that but. I think there's a lot of other -- -- -- In my Jackie Bradley junior Lester buckles how important there today and I think they'll be pretty good this pressure Lester my question marks lie with. The mysteries to me well I'll get into the mysteries -- this -- this Red Sox pitching staff. And really the other. I area of concern for me with a Red Sox 6177797937. And you can text is at 37937. Jackie Bradley junior could be very important of the steam but I think there's some more important areas with his team all discuss those coming up in ninety seconds.

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