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Butch Takes a Different Approach to the Deal that Could Have Been with the B's and Iginla

Mar 31, 2013|

Butch brings up the Bruins and the let down that was the B's reportedly trading for Jarome Iginla and then Iginla reportedly choosing to go to Pittsburgh instead. Butch says as much as that hurts, maybe it was a good thing that the Bruins didn't get this rental player. He goes on to explain his reasoning.

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Being patient with these. These tips is one thing in a full season being patient with them in a compressed season when you have to have this rest and recovery time. It's difficult for you you still have to be patient as you know you trust him and your players -- they're they're they're good team. We have we have to be better and name and a number of areas and but I mean work. We're getting points and we also know that the enterprises. Is after the regular season here's what I think I think that. Pitt and god bless them because I like -- share in the whole group there. Pitt has has been on this amazing run. And we've you know we've been in and out a little bit lately weren't very good team. And I think you know as as the wind losses in the last couple days and that's how coast. A very refreshing. And unique press conference in my opinion. And history of Boston's sports this past Thursday with the Bruins GM Peter to rally stepping to a podium and talking about the deal. That he thought he had made for Jarome Iginla that was never made I would love to hear your thoughts about the get a deal and all that goes around it. At 61777979837. Has been a lot of talk about it this week but I think looking back on it now. That there are. What. A month there is a month ago in the NHL season. Roughly what a playoff start beginning in May. Com. And now he is a Pittsburgh penguin we have seen the penguins do this in the past mine -- and others and win a Stanley Cup. Their team that people want to play for that space but but that press conference was unique and and -- hear your thoughts about Iran and dig into your mind and think about the history -- the Bruins. And all the Boston sports teams and deals that were made at the trading deadline or maybe not made. And some of the things that happened six point seven. 77979376. On 77797937. Or tax on the AT&T -- on 37937. Offered dimpled texture says which when you talk about these kinds of deals I think of Mark Teixeira. That was an off season deal too good and Alan Tom whose team won the World Series two years later. The Bruins missed out on again other practices I think cameo in east stormed the locker room start throwing trash cans around and let them all know they are disposable. Okay. It's my emotional reaction. On -- history. Let's look at some history some deals that were made the Boston sports scene that that work -- -- stay with hockey right now. I'm rich heavily and Chris Kelly when they were picked up at the time you like OK what do. Big party -- the -- when the state can't write a deal that they didn't really resonate. At the time. Bruins history. Andy Moog. For bill Radford. And a second round pick. That was 1998. And those -- and after arena mobile went along with Reggie -- form a solid. Goaltending tandem may be the best 12 in the league only problem was he -- deal with the late eighties early ninety's Oilers. And ironically bill ran from the Oilers ended up beating number ones in this finals. So it wasn't a bad deal for the Bruins they got to want a goaltender. Bomb that they added to the mix. Com. Probably I was -- from an article clearly this is on one of an article that talks about the ten best. Hockey trade deadline deals in history. Ten greatest NHL trade deadline deals and they talk about -- hosts with the penguins they talked about. The Blackhawks -- Tony -- -- the photographer from the other perspective the Rangers were looking to acquire a few pieces. Those pieces in the being Brian Noonan and -- marked a low. Armed and help them win their first cup in 54 years Tony amonte he went on to the Blackhawks but. They traded -- away and got some pieces like Kelly privately. That help them win the cup that year and of course ray Bork. Many 2000. Ray -- treated to the haves. Any ray Bork -- his company have won a cup and got them to do what some of the deals that teams stayed away from. A much lesser. Out in 2009. If you remember when the Red Sox acquired Victor Martinez. And they traded Justin Masterson. All the talk then was not a Red Sox and the Yankees and all the talk was around Jermaine Dye. If you remember. And the Red Sox acquired Victor. Excuse me there was 07 when -- start -- talk from Victor Martinez in the Red Sox got on the did not make a move. He's won the World Series. A year. Again I'm not saying this is right or wrong I'm not -- the Bruins didn't miss out on -- again. I'm not saying that Pete Fisher relic for for the Lubbock got sat at a press conference on Thursday and -- we thought yet the player. The deal was done and -- we took our guys bottle and -- talked about the names of the guys that we're traded in a deal that it wasn't even may. I'm just asking is it possible. Bruins end up in hindsight and feel that way today. Better off without make in the again would be if they pick up somebody else that has. A different impact 617779793. Cents. I'm Eric Gagne in 07. Today's day I will I'll continue to say the deal was made for the right reason. He was a veteran reliever. That at closing ability by the way this some great comments from Francona. And -- in the book and the story. About when they traded for Gagne how they drove over to apple bonds house. Told him they were acquiring him and how Koppel I'm still gonna be closer but it. Kanye was being brought into -- for the bullpen but think about -- they traded David Murphy. And Kason Gabbard liberal talk about Kason Gabbard where is -- today. For Eric Gagne for the right reason -- he was insignificant on a stretch maverick was a liability you can argue they won the World Series. And and again. Who's to argue you could argue that just making a move. Sent some repercussions through that clubhouse that they were serious about winning and help them win even though Gagne didn't really help them physically went. -- four on the Nomar deal. I mean the Red Sox played seven almost 800 baseball after they made that deal. Where Orlando Cabrera Doug Mientkiewicz that instrumental yeah. Cabrera started producing from day one of their first game Minnesota Mientkiewicz. And pokey Reese came in his replacements. And all of a -- team that was bad defensively became good defensively in the late innings and -- by the way to pick up Dave Roberts. In that deal too -- when you look at this again one non deal. What memories does it bring back for you. On the Boston sports come I think about it there. There are plenty of them over the years techsters says. By the way. 617779793%. His -- you'd like Colin if you like it taxed it's 37937. -- Sports Radio W yeah text -- -- -- when the Red Sox stayed away from you on Santana. Throw in hindsight. You on Santana is on the shelf again with the Mets. I think this is the last year that deal. Army has not been worth the money. Like Roy Halladay it might be seeing this year finally. All those years of 200 plus strikeouts in 200 plus innings. Caught up with -- -- arm and it didn't have been worth the money. If you remember the deal at the time the deal. -- -- tenement table Jon Lester was the linchpin. Supposedly. And others that we're going to be in that deal. So sometimes the best deals are the ones. You don't make textures which he gave Roberts was a separate deal was mr. mark yes -- but I'm just saying it was a move made at the deadline added in there. I'm just trying to refresh your memory about things that happened that the Jermaine and I want is interesting too because if you remember we forget I I kind of forget at least in outlook mop. But you remember how long we talked about Jermaine -- get Jermaine -- gadget thing -- put him in right field put him right the that was or sent. I was going to be missing -- big battle right in about an -- right field. He was gonna help the Red Sox in 07. As it turned out -- -- Red Sox in 07 split time with Coco Crisp. Jacoby Ellsbury ended up being in one whether it's our two best players and hitters down the stretch and -- sat. I mentioned A-Rod texture reminds probably wasn't listening Texans as Alex Rodriguez yes we obsessed. After that hey drew. Grady Little game that whole offseason my goodness. Kept refreshing refreshing going to the Internet. Coming in here. What's the latest with the Iraq coming to Boston the deals were done remember. Nomar was gonna be treated to the White Sox -- was gonna be traded. From the in the east spring training and do damage control. -- Nomar. Some of these has nothing to do with again -- but it is somewhat analogous. Would -- -- were made -- weren't made. So that's out there on the table 6777979837. Now for this year. Think about. The Bruins when they come to the playoffs as dale was leave and I asked them they gonna make a deal he said several in my opinion. Beacon school months and that. Or what dale said he thinks a deal as you mentioned this morning for clos could be done shortly. I'd love scene get Ryan Whitney house love a local guy coming back I think can make an impact. For those of you old enough to remember you might remember when not Bobby Murphy. And Craig -- came in from the Olympic team and give the Bruins a boost. Heading into the playoffs and edu and Beatty. Was 88. Nam but again just your thoughts let's go to -- land -- long time no talk Oreo. Do you duplicate these it's. I want to make a few points you know and that is what you look forward to. You don't. You know on the I tend to follow that a lot of minor league guys -- Really interested in what they have in mind this is the most talent actually have been thirty years. So you agree with -- bed sharing to -- comments to Alex beer. On WEEI dot com says this is as deep desire system top to bottom has been in a long time. I bet bet. I mean I remember when I go home back way way back when he had the race in -- the same -- to triple -- -- -- -- to end -- -- more recently they had to -- lawyer and -- in the same infield at double play. And they had a string of pitchers come through at one point with Papelbon Lester pop culture at all by those who were kind of one office okay. Right now this system is. Very much loaded top to bottom they may not have a single play equal any of the one ops. But is very likely end up with. Of slop better flow of talent than they've ever had because there's so much -- So let me raise whenever we get you want I do want I mean obviously did Jackie Bradley things out there so let's start with -- -- do you believe. What type of major leaguer do you believe he's going to be what you Jacoby Ellsbury yeah I as an example. Paid him to Ellsbury double play Ellsbury didn't have that much time and double -- meters Bradley. Rating down off of -- -- what I saw from them in double play forced to choose that take Bradley also allow. -- primarily for one very significant reason Bradley's defense is dramatically better than else there's a much better jump. Much better -- now. OK as a baseline or -- priest or more of which he'd give him a modest advantage. And here I see no difference. At double right now Ellsbury had one year which dramatic power in the big east. I never expected it. If I thought he was a consistent 25 on one guy -- Israel's security edge I don't think a year it's. So alike agreed I think Bradley's as good an offense currently have hit and Ellsbury and -- dramatically better defensive. What is your thought is someone that so passionate about Minor League Baseball when you look at. When you look at trial when you look at harper when you look at Bradley when you look at Buster Posey. AME -- seats teams rights to try and do whatever they have to do to get that service time to go beyond another year to me it's Smart business. It does fly in the face of competitive baseball at that time -- -- at a time in baseball gets my direct question users -- but we have determined based on now or 22 year old kid. Like Jackie Bradley like Mike Trout like Bryce -- can make more of an impact coming up than ever before. How well I don't know if ever before barked at the fact is that some of these kids are extremely mature at a young age that illustrate the Bradley once -- When he was in high school playing legion ball. Bradley never swung at a pitch -- had two strikes on him the music being very simple. In high school we know what he wanted to be and he noted he was not going to be out rejected security on one colleague here. He was going to be at center fielder ideally bat lead off speed pitches to get on base. And so he said you know -- I guess that learning right now with the strike zone is how to work pitches how to work the count he did -- in high school now how much you look and you approximately. Right let me jump in again -- two things one is -- you can stop texting folks -- -- -- at a a misquote it's not Bobby Murphy was Bobby Joyce and Craig Janney who came up with the Bruins then I'm Sandra Bogart's is the one and rightfully so. Who's not getting a lot of talk about the -- for Bradley -- is only twenty years all but one night and again I haven't -- there -- so maybe I'm way off with this but. I remember all the hype for Hanley Ramirez he hasn't been able to stay healthy I am starting to feel similar with Zander Bogart's is that an accurate statement -- Not have very different plays and Ramirez towards very much a kid who played at a crowded there weren't a lot of people around and it wasn't an important game. He floated I'd never seen -- float I mean I think physically. Ramirez was slightly more talented. But mentally I think -- it's a -- -- -- handling Americans. Okay Matt Barnes Alan Webster and ruby deal roasts are they all gonna be major leaguers in your panel absolutely without question went up when they're. Baylor -- works as a starter out of the bullpen right it is it some more about socio this year rolled this Chapman like him he's got that kind of stuff -- I don't think he's that good -- but I do think he has a big time power and I just don't know if he can maintain it over 67 innings but. Certainly -- I mean physically he looks he looks like a clone but told local lawn and a lot of the action on his pitches. You know although Cologne didn't have to ought to be changes that -- -- -- can't hurt the teenager Martina is Benazir to. Absolutely but I mean I mean web -- I mean baseball America rated him as something like this 73 is best prospect. I mean that shows you how delusional those people -- baseball America or not. Seven be better prospects in them in a minor league and wedged it there may not they might not be five but it certainly uncertainties. And who's Matt Barnes give -- -- come terrible major leaguer that what he could become. No no no he's very differently because I didn't bought records did he doesn't have different NASA and you know -- ability to low grade like particles but I would I would say he's dead. That web step potentially is an aide -- air raids. Ed Barnes is potentially. Maybe just a tick below that not a lot on a good team bind if he's fully developed and he's not there yet but he has a good chance to peacefully develop. Pines is no worse than -- -- -- -- probably the second status and that's not a good team obviously. Ought to jump he -- could be you know that the topic rotation guy. So ram up against the break one final point and he wanted to make supports him one of the final when he white community. -- in the very low minors who lights are on paper and high schools from the state to Kansas. He's as good coming out of high school as Jon -- was. And I saw last aren't they coming out of Washington. I'm gonna give -- -- on nickname might not gonna columns special K the reason for it as simple as a last name school -- KUKUK. I'm just watch British kid I don't know if you back the year at Greenville and blow away or at Lowell in rookie policies it'll. Folk she should make a trip and go up and see him -- -- right now as his slider is is. About as good as you can see from anybody and it leads. Re happy Easter nice talking you. Okay that's raised from one.

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