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Butch Stearns Previews the Upcoming Season for the Red Sox and the Rest of the AL East

Mar 31, 2013|

Butch talks baseball and he's ready for an exciting, unpredictable year. He discusses his thoughts on how the AL East will shake out this season and how it really is any team's division.

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-- have -- Springsteen just finished in Australia. Did -- just come back for him for like a month. Raising Europe right now hanging out at six the forty -- 64 years old. -- be this September he 63. Crowns and around. Hang out playing rock general for eleven. Yeah. I'm six foot 777979837. Ralph happy Easter and thanks for hanging around. It's my pleasure to have piece of -- YouTube of you know keeping your victory acute heart the stream problem you have -- the old church -- -- -- -- particularly -- solar capabilities. Elevate their trump -- -- in this industry in our little porch. No pure right now in their conviction that really an elite -- you know hopefully we order a world apart but that they. -- the club that you'll see poetic guy who had ordered a guy who -- -- -- no -- Not gonna Patrick critical critical that the physical we're looking quickly -- pat and I. Shot but I carry -- full point six million dollars that will put in your reasons. Google pulled the same amount it Victor Reno and angle with her. I'll think about it you'll -- the angle of the collective club and I don't like now. Especially dismayed because that he'll now approach and really that's that's what what looks like it's gonna calm around the start. You. I mean I would say. I would say this Ralph when you say you don't like this club. What don't you like about it the most I mean for. -- -- Here's my point here we are the night the baseball's about the store moderates are to open the season tomorrow and Yankee Stadium. All the money and all the signings aside that for a fact whether victory was worth three is 39 million. In his -- the fact that if Napoli was -- that money despite the fact they got five forget all that. When they hit the field tomorrow. He -- -- like watching this club they strike out too much of that -- with a brand of baseball you don't want our lord don't July. Well here's the thing you know first of all it seems like we got it up with let's -- -- where accurate or not. Rallied at the right action at eight. Electoral plane left at an air PD beating third out of number -- you know. What should as an -- of any kind between Ortiz Victor Reno old and -- I create absolutely -- for those that for the money and make money. I'd love Napoli. I think in record BA coach -- conditions so you could look at what are you good -- it open would love. At a low -- first out or are you would hope -- -- -- But -- -- that that's an offseason argument I mean they're here now so so -- year. Because that would -- enemies you don't like this team because. -- could have done so much more in the offseason could have been smarter. It could spend it English not we're not going to be that good defensively I don't think anybody thinks that right now I do not think. Product did you feel I won't think Greg spoke real happy. Well Jackie Bradley if Jackie Bradley is an everyday player. And if Stephen Drew is helping your everyday shortstop and it even if he's not ethically -- or Syria -- was the backup right. I wouldn't say they're not gonna be good defenses that are going to be bad defensively. -- The -- is that it was a unit we can't. A lot of money to expand if you want to spend it open positions with -- that could wait -- which I love these. I love having a real would be that -- -- -- -- field under would. Be. Play that wall where -- your heart broke the law we all -- for -- Oh we also like eat at it would leave the garlic welcome good football. It'll it'll go with a well you know he's not it's -- market what the (%expletive) all that or problem. It's much it's -- and struck out everything that we really get a guy I think -- able to put it pretty. Good rule. -- future go to guy Whitney or sitting in the wind as he -- -- -- that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wills. I will save this Ralph thanks for the call from the one thing about signing Josh Hamilton would be a risk and it's now the angels dress. But there you know when they when they made the trade with the Dodgers the historic trade. And dumped the salaries and whatever. Else came along with -- beckoning Crawford and to a -- Munich Toronto. And aging Gonzales. De Los staging Gonzales back. And that's hard to replace. Had you sign Josh Hamilton. You would be looking at Josh Hamilton batting third. In your line or fourth. I mean Ellsbury victory a Pedroia Hamilton. This whole lot different than an apple. Or even a piece. Ortiz and Hamilton around there is a lot different than Ortiz without. So clearly that would have been a difference maker but again there's still some questions. With Hamilton going -- sold to -- what about not liking this team. I am clearly in a wait and see situation right. I don't like his team compared to some other Red Sox teams either. I am around them I don't know about the personality and his team. I am intrigued about barrel as the manager coming up for Bobby Valentine's. And one of the things he has going formed by arm and in addition to the fact he's been here before knows management. -- structure can deal with not going to be a surprise for him to deal with the you know and clients on the field and get ready for baseball game he lived through it here. He's just head guy announced -- the lieutenant. But I'm intrigued by Farrell and you know when do you know what hits the fan how he's gonna handle things like Francona did it or he's gonna put his stamp on his team I was gonna help them win. But but when it comes to the season all bets are off. All bets are off any five of these teams can win the division Tampa's got the best pitching the jays have the highest expectations and rightfully so. But what they've added. The Yankees are not the Yankees anymore the Red Sox are not the Red Sox anymore I would say the Red Sox to a lesser degree. Not the Red -- any more than the Yankees to be fair because the income coming up playoff season. But they don't have -- they don't have to share they don't have granderson. Start to -- a lineup is not this. Their pitching is better than the Red Sox to start the season but that could change quickly. On any Orioles come. Did he gets a body into -- I have great respect for I think Dan Duquette and the leadership team -- Buck Showalter. Did a phenomenal job like shooting Adam Jones is a budding superstar Robert can Jason and -- help last year. Is that an aberration a lot to prove in Baltimore. And then. Yankees Baltimore -- Toronto. You know so who knows what's gonna happen. On the season my question Q is he started to show is what are you looking forward to when baseball starts tomorrow. When you look at the lineup with Ellsbury. Victor Reno. Pedroia. Napoli. Middle -- Saltalamacchia. Gomes now that Iglesias that was the starting lineup yesterday. It might be the starting lineup tomorrow and we'll give you the latest on Jackie Bradley coming bit. When you look at David Ortiz not healthy to start this week anyway. Stephen Drew not healthy for this week Jackie Bradley in the air but not anointed every day yet. What are you excited about what this team. When you look at their depth chart. Arm I would debate and argue that top to bottom from Jon -- down to -- Hanrahan. Then it's a pretty solid group of starters and bullpen. Lester Buchholz. Lackey. Dempster -- brought a save this is a swing guy could be a starter and then in the minors. We had ruby de La Rosa Alan Webster and others. You got. You know seven starters you go deep. Mom and then the bullpen of -- even though we switching leagues. Easily as your setup guy who's been -- closer. To be healthy the addition of Koji Ouattara. And say this is our Andrew Miller and -- mortenson -- gonna start she's mean that's a good. At least on paper are good -- so. Who knows what's gonna happen.

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